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An advanced guide on how to search on internet, because there is more than Google's white box :-)

An advanced guide on how to search on internet, because there is more than Google's white box :-)



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130220 how to_search_online_to_validate_a_business_opportunity.pptx 130220 how to_search_online_to_validate_a_business_opportunity.pptx Presentation Transcript

  • Course #2 – Search online to validate your Business Opportunity Specialized Master International Project Management - Business Planning - January, 29th 2013
  • Agenda!•  Introduction!•  Designing your research!•  Collect data: online research!•  Appendices: tools and sources! 2!
  • Agenda!•  Introduction!•  Designing your research!•  Collect data: online research!•  Appendices: tools and sources! 3!
  • Opportunity evaluation ≠ market survey 4
  • Interview experts … and potential customers ! 5!
  • Don’t underprice, esp. on a new market 6
  • What is the issue ? • ConvinceBusiness investors • Define Marketing market potential •  Assess Survey willingness to pay 7
  • Specific research tools for each step in the marketing process 8
  • Qualitative vs quantitative research • Methods: face2face, • Methods: invivo telephone, internet, observation, focus mail, email, mobile .. groups, individual • Sampling:striclty interviews, desk random, quotas, research, … representative, panels, … 9
  • Agenda!•  Introduction!•  Designing your research!•  Collect data: online research!•  Appendices: tools and sources! 10!
  • Infobesity anyone ? Not new!Sources : COPAN Systems 2006, IDC 2008! 1 1 11
  • How can we manage and mine all this information ?! 1 2 12
  • The web is dead, long live internet ! 13
  • And it gets worse with … 14
  • A new type of content has emerged Social Location Feeds sharing Mobile Contextualized real-time information 15
  • The solution: search, filter and zoomMaps / graphs / clouds and faceted search 16
  • What are you looking for ?•  Market data: –  Size (volume, value), evolution, … –  Segmentation•  Competitive data: –  Product/features portfolio –  Positioning (price, image) –  Marketing strategy (advertising, PR, …) –  Sales strategy (distribution channels, promotions, …) –  Quantitative data (customers, visits, fans, …) –  Financial data (P&L, Balance shet)•  Key information: –  Value chain & business models –  KPIs and costs•  Influencers & experts: –  To collect data 17 –  For your communication purposes
  • Search strategies•  Increase the signal / noise ratio by: –  Improving the focus of your search –  Improving the quality of the index•  Keyword based: –  Synonyms: identify them using thesaurus and rebound –  Clustering: semantic or taxonomy –  Keywords generators•  Search and surf: –  Let serendipity (and instinct) guide you –  Index / bookmark / tag as you navigate•  Start from a fixed point and radiate: –  From a website using links and backlinks –  From a person using Twitter•  Multiply sources –  Different search engines 18 –  Competitor research / survey companies
  • Validate information•  Use Wikipedia as a starting, not final point•  Paper vs online, books and newspapers vs blogs•  A fact has a source, a collection method and a date or it’s a hearsay•  Facts can be checked, but opinions are also valued•  Ask an expert (offline or online – Quora)•  Check online sources: –  whois, about, history,… –  Factcheck.org –  Rumors, hoaxes and myths : hoaxbuster.com•  Separate influence, e-reputation and buzz –  Indexes : Klout, Kred, … –  Popularity does’nt mean activation or engagement –  Balance reach AND affinity 19
  • Watch how it evolves•  Set Google alerts•  WhatchThatPage, FollowThatPage•  Google Trends / Insights for Search•  Create and filter feeds: –  Create a RSS feed: Ponyfish, Feedity –  Cleanse a RSS feed: Yahoo! Pipes, Feedrinse 20
  • Agenda!•  Introduction!•  Designing your research!•  Collect data: online research!•  Appendices: tools and sources! 21!
  • Start with setting your expectations Time Quality Scope Cost 22
  • Where to find whatWeb pages • Google • Google Customized Search • Google news News • EuFeeds • PikanewsDeep web • Telescope • Copernic • Slideshare, Scribd, Issuu Specific • Flickr • Google Advanced Searchdocs format • Pikanews • Vimeo, YouTube 23
  • Apply a social filter: curators Real-time news Organized content « Newsletters » Events Pictures & infographics Tags Définition : curate: /’kyuoŏ,rat/ [verb, transitive]– select, organize, and look after the items in (a collection or exhibition); from Latin cura, meaning to care 24
  • Curation tools •  Twitter •  Pearltrees •  Scoop.it hashtags •  Socialcompare •  Paper.li •  Mindmeister Organized Real-time news Content « Newsletters » •  Storify •  Pinterest •  Delicio.us •  Eventifier •  Flickr groups •  Diigo Pictures and Events infographics TagsMore at: 25http://socialcompare.com/fr/comparison/curation-platforms-amplify-knowledge-plaza-storify
  • What about SoLoMo ?•  Geo-localized social information from public feeds: –  Twitter –  foursquare•  People network: –  Linkedin, Viadeo –  Societe.com –  Pipl, Yatedo, 123people, Yasni 26
  • Exercices•  Google Advanced Search –  By date –  By file type –  By backlink•  Google Customized Search –  Google Marker collaborative indexing –  Search•  Slideshare•  Twitter advanced search –  By geographic radius•  Linkedin advanced search –  People & Companies –  Signal•  PageRankStatus 27
  • Agenda!•  Introduction!•  Designing your research!•  Collect data: online research!•  Appendices: tools and sources! 28!
  • Quelques liens pour aller plus loin … Additional links in French J•  Guide méthodologique, pour chercher de l’info http://www.iaat.org/telechargement/guide_methodo/ collecter_info.pdf•  Outils de veille, moteurs de recherche http://www.outilsfroids.net/ , http://www.abondance.com/ , http://www.actulligence.com/ , http://www.inter-ligere.fr/ 29
  • Key secondary sources•  IT research firms: Forrester, Gartner, Jupiter•  Opinon and market research: Ifop, OpinionWay, TNS, Harris Interactive•  Market research dedicated organizations: Pew Internet Survey, eMarketer, JdNet, ElectronicBusinessGroup•  Software and hardware vendors: ATG, IBM, Facebook, Microsoft, Axciom, ReturnPath, IDC, Google•  Audience measurement: ComScore / MediaMetrix, Kantar Media, OJD, Mediametrie, S.M.A.R.T. Report, Irep/FrancePub, ZenithOptimedia•  Mobile advertising: AdMob, Distimo, Hitwise•  Industry associations: AFMM, SNCD, AFM, IAB, SRI, DMA, WOMA, AFIC, UDA•  Consulting firms: Deloitte, Ernst & Young, Oliver Wyman, Morgan Stanley, Booz & Co, Capgemini, McKinsey, Bain, Grant Thornton, KPMG•  French public administrations: DARES, INSEE, CNC, ARCEP, OIV, CREDOC, Ministère de la Culture, DGSIP, OVE•  International public administrations: OECD, OIT, OMS, Eurostat 30
  • Tools list for online search•  Search engines: Google, Exalead, Yahoo!, Bing•  Faceted / clustered search: iSeek•  Directories: DMOZ•  Multiple search: Graball, Metacrawler, Boardreader•  Metasearch engines: Copernic, Telescope•  Bookmarks: Delicio.us, Diigo•  Graph analysis: Touchgraph, Google Browser, Bluenod, Facebook Graph Search•  Whois•  Translation: Google Translate, Reverso, Babylone•  Thesaurus: Visual Thesaurus, Lexipedia•  Companies: Societe.com, Infogreffe, Hoover•  Academic/research : Mendeley, Google Scholar•  Online audience stats: Xiti, Alexa, Google, Compete•  Crowdsourced feature comparison: SocialCompare 31
  • Social media tools•  eReputation: Klout, Kred, PeerIndex, HowSociable•  Realtime: Twitter, Topsy,•  Monitoring: Trackur, SocialMention, Radar.ly, SocialBro, Google Analytics Social Reports, Datasift, Traackr, Beevolve, Shoork•  Twitter statistics: TweetReach, Twittalyser, TwitterCounter•  Management: HootSuite, TweetDeck, Dialogfeed, Viralheat, eCairn, Radian6, Adobe Marketing Cloud•  Geolocalized tweets and twittos: Twitter advanced search, Twellowhood, Localtweeps, TwitterLocal, Nearby Tweets, Twitaholic, Tweography•  Mapping geolocalized content: 4mapper, 4sqmap, Tripline, Memolane, Sna.pr, 32
  • Survey tools•  Simple survey: SurveyMonkey, Zoomerang, eSurveys•  Simple polls: PollDaddy, Doodle•  Advanced survey tools: Qualtrics, QuestionPro 33
  • A short bibliography to go further …•  FIELDING Nigel & M. LEE Raymond, The SAGE Handbook of Online Research Methods, Sage Publications, 2008•  MAC LEOD Don, How to find out anything, Prentice Hall Press, 2012•  PORTER Michael E., Competitive Strategy, Techniques for Analyzing Industries and Competitors, Free Press, 1998 34 34
  • Contacts!Amaury de BuchetAffiliate Professor ESCP EuropeStrategy, Entrepreneurship and InnovationMob : + 33 6 60 44 0412Contact : adebuchet@escpeurope.euTwitter : @adebuche 35!