AdDuplex Windows Phone Device Statistics, October 2014


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A look at the Windows Phone device ecosystem as of October 2014

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AdDuplex Windows Phone Device Statistics, October 2014

  1. 1. AdDuplex Windows Phone Statistics Report –October, 2014 October 27th, 2014 Compiled by Lijana Juozaitytė, Matt Lacey andAlan Mendelevich
  2. 2. Windows Phone Statistics Report This is the newest issue of AdDuplex Windows Phone Statistics Report. Windows Phone 8.1 surpasses 8.0, Lumia 63x is growing everywhere and new OEMs showing up in more meaningful numbers. Read on for all of this and more. 2 October 22nd, AdDuplex
  3. 3. Data Source Thisreportisbasedondatacollectedfrom4,647WindowsPhoneappsrunningAdDuplexSDKv.2.TherawdataanalyzedwascollectedoverthedayofOctober22nd, 2014(UTCtime)unlessotherwisestated. Wehavemadeeveryattempttoconsolidatedifferentreportedphonemodelnamesundertheircanonicalretailmodelnames,butitispossiblethatsomeoftheraremodelnamevariationswerenotaccountedfor. AdDuplexis the largest cross-promotion network for Windows Phone and Windows Store apps empowering developers and publishers to promote their apps for free by helping each other. AdDuplex was established in January 2011 in Vilnius, Lithuania. As of October 2014, more than 9,000 apps actively use AdDuplex to gain more visibility.
  4. 4. Windows Phone Devices Worldwide October 22nd, AdDuplex While still the most popular device, the Lumia 520 dropped 3.7% this month and this is almost matched by the “Other” category growing 3.4%. The top 10 is still all Lumia’s. The 630 continues it’s rise leapfrogging the 920 to third place. The 521 slipped behind the 710 to fifth. The rest of the top 10 remains as last month with the exception of the 800 replacing the 820 in tenth position. 4 NOKIA Lumia 52026.9% NOKIA Lumia 6257.2% NOKIA Lumia 6306.4% NOKIA Lumia 9205.8% NOKIA Lumia 7104.9% NOKIA Lumia 5214.4% NOKIA Lumia 6204.3% NOKIA Lumia 7203.9% NOKIA Lumia 9253.6% NOKIA Lumia 8003.3% Other29.4%
  5. 5. Windows Phone 8 Manufacturers October 22nd, AdDuplex Unsurprisingly, Nokia continues to dominate with almost 19 of every 20 Windows Phone devices coming from the single manufacturer. HTC and Samsung have a small monthly increase while Huawei is slightly down. Despite still only representing a tiny percentage in total there is a strong relative increase for the “other” OEMs. Up to 0.08% from 0.03% last month. 5 NOKIA94.99% HTC3.17% SAMSUNG1.15% HUAWEI0.61% Other (10+ manufacturers) 0.08%
  6. 6. OS Versions –Worldwide October 22nd, AdDuplex As predicted, this month WP8.1 overtook WP8.0 as updates continue to become available to more devices. Almost unexpectedly though we see a slight (1.4%) increase in 7.x from last month. 6 Windows Phone 8.146.7% Windows Phone 8.036.8% Windows Phone 7.x16.6%
  7. 7. Windows Phone Devices –US October 22nd, AdDuplex The Lumia 521 and Lumia 520 are still the most popular devices in the US but have lost 6.9% between them. The loss is made up by small increases by all other devices. The Lumia 635 continues to gain in popularity and is now the sixth most popular device with 4.8%. The popularity of the HTC 8X continues to slide but stills holds on to tenth place. 7 NOKIA Lumia 52125.1% NOKIA Lumia 52014.2% NOKIA Lumia 63011.1% NOKIA Lumia 9206.5% NOKIA Lumia 8224.8% NOKIA Lumia 6354.8% NOKIA Lumia 9284.2% NOKIA Lumia 10203.5% NOKIA Lumia 9253.4% HTC 8X3.2% Other19.2%
  8. 8. Windows Phone 8.x Operators –US October 22nd, AdDuplex Verizon almost recovered from it’s 1.9% drop last month with a gain of 1.8%. Cricket is the other big winner this month with a gain of 1.3% and closes the gap on T-Mobile who lost 0.8%. MetroPCSwere the biggest losers dropping 1.3% 8 AT&T30.8% T-Mobile20.4% cricket16.9% Verizon14.9% MetroPCS8.3% Family Mobile3.6% Other5.2%
  9. 9. Windows Phone Devices –Mexico October 22nd, AdDuplex Very little has changed in Mexico since June, when we last looked at it in detail. The Lumia 710 has gained 2.4% to solidify second place. The Lumia 800 has overtaken the 720 to take sixth place and the 900 emerges from the “Other” group to claim tenth position. 9 NOKIA Lumia 52035.2% NOKIA Lumia 71016.0% NOKIA Lumia 50510.8% NOKIA Lumia 6108.8% NOKIA Lumia 6258.3% NOKIA Lumia 8003.4% NOKIA Lumia 7203.2% NOKIA Lumia 9202.1% NOKIA Lumia 6201.9% NOKIA Lumia 9001.6% Other8.8%
  10. 10. Windows Phone Devices –UK October 22nd, AdDuplex The trend of the Lumia 520 losing share but still holding the top spot is also true for the UK. Worth noting is that if the Lumia 630 and 635 were counted together they’d have 13.5% and be in second position. 10 NOKIA Lumia 52029.5% NOKIA Lumia 6259.8% NOKIA Lumia 6307.8% NOKIA Lumia 9206.1% NOKIA Lumia 6355.7% NOKIA Lumia 10205.0% NOKIA Lumia 8004.9% NOKIA Lumia 9254.3% NOKIA Lumia 8203.6% HTC 8S3.5% Other19.7%
  11. 11. Windows Phone Devices –Germany October 22nd, AdDuplex Germany continues to show a range of higher spec devices in the top ten. It’s also the only country we’re looking at this month to feature a Samsung device in the top ten with the ATIV S in fifth place with at 5.4%. The Lumia 630 has gained 7.1% since Julyand now occupies the number two slot. 11 NOKIA Lumia 52013.3% NOKIA Lumia 63011.9% NOKIA Lumia 92011.4% NOKIA Lumia 9259.5% SAMSUNG ATIV S5.4% NOKIA Lumia 8205.1% NOKIA Lumia 8004.8% NOKIA Lumia 10204.5% NOKIA Lumia 6204.1% NOKIA Lumia 9304.1% Other25.8%
  12. 12. Windows Phone Devices –Poland October 22nd, AdDuplex The Lumia 630 and 635 both enter the top ten this month at seventh and tenth respectively. If counted together though they’d be in third pace. 12 NOKIA Lumia 52020.1% NOKIA Lumia 62512.8% NOKIA Lumia 8008.5% NOKIA Lumia 6107.4% NOKIA Lumia 9207.3% HTC 8S6.0% NOKIA Lumia 6305.4% NOKIA Lumia 8203.9% NOKIA Lumia 7103.8% NOKIA Lumia 6353.1% Other21.7%
  13. 13. Windows Phone Devices –India October 22nd, AdDuplex Again we see the Lumia 520 losing a couple of percentage points but holding on at the top. The Lumia 630 has the biggest gain this month adding 0.8% and taking fourth place from the Lumia 620. 13 NOKIA Lumia 52031.9% NOKIA Lumia 72010.2% NOKIA Lumia 6259.1% NOKIA Lumia 6306.8% NOKIA Lumia 6205.8% NOKIA Lumia 5255.8% NOKIA Lumia 7104.0% NOKIA Lumia 13203.4% NOKIA Lumia 5103.0% NOKIA Lumia 6102.7% Other17.2%
  14. 14. Windows Phone Devices –Pakistan October 22nd, AdDuplex With our first detailed look at Pakistan there is very little surprising or unexpected and we see general trends reflected. In comparison with its neighbor, India, there is a larger “Other” section but this is made up of many fewer different devices. 14 NOKIA Lumia 52024.5% NOKIA Lumia 6209.5% NOKIA Lumia 6257.7% NOKIA Lumia 6305.6% NOKIA Lumia 7105.3% NOKIA Lumia 8005.1% NOKIA Lumia 7204.9% NOKIA Lumia 9204.7% NOKIA Lumia 6104.5% HTC 8X4.2% Other24.1%
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