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addSIM | Mobile Money 2.0: Global & Secure Banking & Payment
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addSIM | Mobile Money 2.0: Global & Secure Banking & Payment



addSIM is a mobile money application as well. Banks and financial services can have a secure and worldwide end to end connectivity to customers. Another innovation is the the dedicated storage inside ...

addSIM is a mobile money application as well. Banks and financial services can have a secure and worldwide end to end connectivity to customers. Another innovation is the the dedicated storage inside the users phone. addSIM is not another wallet or wireless banking application, but above all an umbrella solution for own plus for all existing services.



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    addSIM | Mobile Money 2.0: Global & Secure Banking & Payment addSIM | Mobile Money 2.0: Global & Secure Banking & Payment Presentation Transcript

    • partof addsim.com >> Go Mobile! Service for Money: ü  for banks ü  for financial service providers ü  for mobile payment | mobile banking | mobile security addSIM
    • Challengesin the mobile money world * see facts at the end >> Weak security and device limitations hinder a broad acceptance of mobile banking and payment.* International roaming costs hinder the borderless use of mobile money.* Fragmentation hinders money to go mobile easy and quick.* edition 29.06.13 13:18
    • works globally + in any device addSIM addSIM Revolutionizes..mobile banking, mobile payment and mobile security addsim.com >>edition 29.06.13 13:18
    • connect directly secure + dedicated storage addSIM Empowers..bank houses and financial service providers to addsim.com >> •  It´s a 2SIM-phone now. •  Adds your services exclusively. •  Adds secure storage within. •  Works in any phone. •  No need to change device. •  No need to change SIM card. edition 29.06.13 13:18
    • addSIM is a POS for Moneydesigned for banks and financial service provider. edition 29.06.13 13:18 addsim.com >> Connected: direct > secure > end to end > worldwide •  dedicated storage, owned by the bank1 •  over the air & inter- active real time access •  global service without roaming costs •  security add: intl. GSM positioning 1) Or service provider: credit card-, wallet-, etc.-services 1
    • addSIM a Tool for MoneyA service to the international mobile money industry. edition 29.06.13 13:18 Mobilizes mobile payment | mobile banking | money transfer | credit cards Key features •  Adds secure storage in any phone. •  Adds secure end to end connectivity. •  Works nationwide and global. (GSM & WiFi) •  Works with or without NFC. Market position Its more than another mobile money solution: •  It´s an umbrella solution that can contain all payment or banking solutions of all service providers. Value adds: Further services can be added: > telephony, > mobile internet, > SMS, > Social Media, > Location Based Services > advertisement, .. addsim.com >>
    • Mobile Money 2.0Today - tomorrow situations for banks, financial service providers: ... YOU? todays situation enables a game changing service landscape Poor Security Financial service APPs are instable & insecure  Multiple Levels of Security •  End-to-end connectivity worldwide. •  Embedded on OS level. •  Global GSM positioning as physical security check. No Service  Guaranteed Service •  Bank can guarantee banking 24/7 whether the customer has mobile internet or not. 50-70 % not participating Only advanced devices can  Any Phone is Good •  All mobile phones can become banking devices. •  Additionally automation enables more customers. Local Only  Borderless & Global •  Worldwide no roaming costs for mobile banking. •  Seamless performance across any network. NFC & Payment has limited range & demands investment  GSM ± NFC = Nationwide & Global •  Real-time payment via existing mobile networks. •  Mobile device becomes the POS everywhere. •  No investments in new infrastructures. addsim.com >>edition 29.06.13 13:18
    • CONTACT Jörg von Brandis contact@addsim.com | +49 1761 532 0000 | addsim.com addsim.com >> >> more at addsim.com edition 29.06.13 13:18
    • Backgrounds Sources prove the demand of addSIM in banking and more mobile service worlds: addSIM is the platform for a cross-media & defragmented mobile eco-system * See slide 3 • http://gigaom.com/2012/11/03/how-the-fragmented-world-of-mobile-wallets-will-sow-confusion/ • Mobile Measurement - Research of IAB & Radarresearch in Oct. 2011: http://www.iab.net/about_the_iab/ recent_press_releases/press_release_archive/press_release/pr-100311_somm • Insecure mobile internet & services: Example: Google Wallet in Febr. 2012: http://www.hindustantimes.com/technology/ PersonalTech-Updates/WARNING-Google-Wallet-users-at-risk/SP-Article1-809870.aspx • 90 % of world population is covered with mobile networks with around 6 billion subscribers. BUT: the use of mobile internet services in the developed world is less than 50%, around 17% in the developing world. • Mobile banking is expected to become a US$ 6 billion market in revenue for network operator in 2015. > http://mobithinking.com/mobile-marketing-tools/latest-mobile-stats • “Banking the Unbanked” programs involve telecoms, public services & banks: see: http://mobithinking.com/banking-the- unbanked • PWC´s White Paper on mobile banking & services: http://www.pwc.com/gr/en/publications/digital-tipping-point.jhtml • „International Data Roaming Charges Legal Theft„: http://gigaom.com/mobile/international-data-roaming-charges-legal- theft/ addsim.com > endedition 29.06.13 13:18