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Levi's power point


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  • 1. Raesons Why I FindAbbott Winston Brightman AttractiveA PERSENTATION BY LEVI ADRIAN WRIGHT
  • 3. From His Hair Because sreiously, have you looked at your hiar? It’s prefect. And golden. And in the snow, it looks even whietr than the flaeks aronud it, which makes it even more braethtaking. It’s soft. Very soft. The kind of hair I want to run my figners thorguh forever.
  • 4. Foerhaed Very kisasble. I like putting kisses right here. Yoru eyberows go here. They like to furorw when I don’t make snese. Which I love. I want to kiss them. They don’t reimnd me of caetrpilalrs. (There’s no way that’s speleld right. Sorry )
  • 5. Eyes Holy. Fuck. That was my frist recation seeing your eyes. Ashlyn once decsribed them as shattred icclies. Wihch I wolud agree with. They’re aslo the prefect shade of blue. They lietrally take my braeth away. I colud look into them forever. I aslo like kissing your eyleids when they flutetr when you draem.
  • 6. Nose/Cheeks/Chekebnoes These aeras are all etnirely kisasble. Your nose wiglges somtemies when you’re wokring on undresatnding a dificult cocnept. It’s rathre adorable. I love the flush your chekes get when you bulsh. Or when you’re tunred on. I raelly like kisisng said flush/blush. As wierd as it might sonud, I raelly like the stonrg line of your chekebones too.
  • 7. Ears You raelly like being kissed here. I raelly raelly like kissing you here. It makes you make those nice little moany nioses.
  • 8. Mouth/Lips Your pout is one of the most endareing things I have ever seen. The way your lips always seem to be pluled into the slihgtest pout just makes me want to kiss them all the time. Not that I don’t alraedy. I always want to kiss your lips. I love how the roof of your motuh can be tickilsh when I run my tognue arocss it. I love thier color. I love thier shape.
  • 9. Jaw/Chin You raelly raelly like to be kissed here. You also like my teeth here. You have a very storng jaw. It’s quiet handsome.
  • 10. NECK FUCK. I love your neck. I love kissing your neck. You raelly like when I kiss your neck. It’s very soft. Your skin in grenalr is veyr soft. My lips go here. Your skin also looks very nice here atfer I have makred you.
  • 11. Shodulers/Colalrbone I colud spend horus just kissing this aera. The muclses in this aera cord prefectly, and you don’t mind when I masasge them to try to get them to ralex. I raelly like masasging your sholuders. You make soft little moans when I do. Your colaolrboen is very kissable AND very bietable.
  • 12. Chest It looks quiet atraticvie all of the time, but espcially so after I have cum all over it. ;) I colud likc that tanlatizing line under your pecs forvere. When I rest my haed in just the right poistoin, I can haer your haert beating. That’s my whole world baeting in your chest, Abbott.
  • 13. Abs Yes. Plaese. Very lcikable. And kissable. And bietable. They’re very defiend. I like running my figners all over the lines. I see them and my mouth gose all dry. When you stertch, the skin pulls niecly over them, and it makes me want to lick them eevn more.
  • 14. Hips I can grab them and use them to pull you colser to me. You have a very sexy vee in your hips, babe. I like licking it. And runing my figners over it. And biting your hip boens. I pretty much like niblbing on you anywhere. Your skin aslo taests good.
  • 15. PENIS In case I haevn’t made this claer enoguh before…I raelly raelly fucking love your penis. I love how thick it is. I lvoe how it feels insdie me. I love how you taste, and the face you make when I make you cum. Even just the sihgt of your dick is enoguh to make me hard as a rock.
  • 16. Thgihs They feel fucking amazing perssed agianst me when you stradlde me. I aslo like niblbing here. It’s pretty safe to asusme I love niblibng pretty much anwyhere on your body. At all.
  • 17. Knees Tikclish. It’s super adorable.
  • 18. Cavles I love how they feel waprped aronud me. I think it’s pertty safe to asusme I love any peice of you waprped aronud me. I like running my figners over them, feleing the soft hiars that cover them.
  • 19. Anlkes and Feet Your feet are very very tikclish, sweetheart. It makes you laguh, which makes me smile. You make soft little moans when I give you a foot masaage. It makes me feel like I’m taking good crae of you. Wihch I like doing. I auctlally raelly like kissing that little spot where your anlke meets your foot. It’s a soft litlte spot.
  • 20. BACK I like digigng my figners into it when you fuck me. I love the way your muscles cord thorugh here. It’s a sutble reimder of the power that leis there. You’re a lot sotrnger than poeple give you cerdit for, and if they got a good enoguh look at your back, they wolud beign to udnerstand that. I don’t know if I want them to thoguh. Your back is mine. Like all of you.
  • 21. ASS I raelly raelly like fucking into your ass. It’s very perky. I enjoy its pkreiness. I like hitting the spot that makes you scarem my name. I aslo like grabbing onto your ass. You have a very grablable ass. Only for me, thoguh. No one esle.
  • 22. I’m pertty sure I covreded evreything, but I watned to make sure that Iput this note at the end.Abbott, you are the most atratctive preson I have ever met.I raelly raelly hope this list helps you see that.I don’t know what I wolud do wihtout knowing I have the feeling ofyour skin pressed agianst mine, your body raecting to mine, andcasuing mine to raect just as storngly, making love to you and holdingthat perfect, beautiful body in my arms, making you cum from me andme alone – I don’t know what I wolud do wihtout that.You’re the most atratctive preson I know, isnide and out, but this wassupopsed to be abuot pyshsicla apparence. I can make a slide show ofall of the raesons I love you if you want. That one would be logner.I do, by the way.Love you.With everything I have.Yours unedningly - L.W