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We provide the highest standards of security, investigation services and guards to all kinds of companies throughout Melbourne, Sydney, Hobart & Brisbane.http://www.tategroup.com.au/

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Tate group enterprises pty ltd

  1. 1. Tate Group Enterprises Pty Ltd. http://www.tategroup.com.au/
  2. 2. Premiere Security Services in MelbourneOur many years of experience in Security AndInvestigation Services is the best possibleevidence of the High quality of services weare ready to offer our clients to support alltheir needs. Our Proposals are customized tomeet client specifications, achieve goals andexceed expectations. Tate Group EnterprisesPty Ltd offer competitive pricing that helpsclients achieve project objectives whileenabling them to manage and forecastbudgets. We are open 24 hours a day 7 days aweek. Our main strong points are theexpertise and experience of our managers,while our major focus is to respond to theneeds of our clients. Our client satisfaction isour number one priority. We Give our Clientsonly the best.
  3. 3. Security Services Overview
  4. 4. Alarm Services & Mobile Patrols :-The rise in criminal activity has created a need for low cost yet effective ways to implement a successfulsecurity curriculum for various clients.The basic components of our mobile patrol are highly visible vehicles and well-trained experienced securityofficers. Every vehicle that is in our fleet has been custom designed to fit the "Tate Group Enterprises Pty Ltd"look. Each officer assigned to our patrol division undergoes specified training relating to patrol procedures, useof force, building searches and other topics pertaining to this area of security.Once you are an active patrol or alarm response client, our officers will patrol your account by vehicle and foot.These officers check doors, windows, fencing and the general conditions of the property relating to securityaspects.If the officers were to find a problem with an account, they would radio into our 24-hour dispatch centre andreport their findings to the dispatcher. In turn, the dispatcher is instructed to contact a supervisor and theclient for further information and appropriate actions to be taken in this situation.The mobile patrol is a low cost and effective way to secure your property while you are away from yourbusiness. In addition, this patrol takes away the added risk of clients responding to alarms unarmed andunfamiliar with the potential dangers of burglary situations.
  5. 5. Events Security :-Tate Group Enterprises Pty Ltd is the only Company that Guarantees To Deliver Our Clients only with the best Premium EliteEvent Security Professionals with presence, good communication and outstanding performance.We always keep all Our Clients Happy by always delivering what we promise. We set the Standard for the Security Industry byproviding top of the line event security in Melbourne and across Australia.Tate Group Enterprises Pty Ltd is Fully registered and ready to secure your next event.
  6. 6. Executive protection:• A client-tailored executive protection service offering peace-of-mind for multinational corporations executives and VIP clients; organized and well-planned trips; easy and quick passage from place to place; and effective time utilization - in order to optimize trip objectives. The service enables executive to fluently operate in an unfamiliar territory and makes sure that their schedule is executed perfectly. Tate Group Enterprises Pty Ltd also provides businessmen and multinational corporations with a security briefing on recommended behaviours and specific cautions related to the area that is being visited. Ranging from Dos and don’t dos list, to recommended places to stay in. For businessman, multinational corporations staff, or aircrews that arrive to new environment for business or pleasure, Tate Group Enterprises Pty Ltd provides protected vehicle and airborne transport with the superior standard of comfort, convenience and security. Our mission is to be the market leader provider of value added security solutions that facilitates business which operating in unstable markets by leveraging its unrivalled professional knowledge, comprehensive experience, quality service and its extensive worldwide coverage of local operators. Tate Group Enterprises Pty Ltd constantly perseveres to provide the most effective, reliable, and personalized possible service.
  7. 7. Executive Protection Division • Tate Group Enterprises Pty Ltd provides professional Executive Protection & Security Solutions for multinational corporations and VIP clients. The company provides the optimal, hassle-free environment for customers that need to focus on their business or leisure objectives.
  8. 8. Contact Us:-• For Security Hire in Melbourne• Tate Group provides premier security guard hire in Melbourne, Geelong, Sydney, Hobart, Brisbane and its surrounding suburbs. Contact us anytime on the information below to discuss any needs and specifications on your need for security hire in Melbourne and across Australia.• Melbourne (Head Office)• Tate Group Enterprises Pty Ltd• Level 27• 101 Collins Street, Melbourne Victoria 3000• Melbourne Australia• Phone: 1300 50 94 25• Fax: (03) 9653 9531• EMAIL US: admin@tategroupenterprises.com.au