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Marketing Database
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Marketing Database


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This presentation explains what a marketing database is and what it can do for your marketing department.

This presentation explains what a marketing database is and what it can do for your marketing department.

Published in: Business, News & Politics

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  • 1. “The right message for each target group” Addemar® Marketing Database
  • 2. Addemar® Marketing Database 1. Summary 2. About database marketing 3. About the marketing database 4. Which data? 5. Why outsourcing?
  • 3. 1. Summary “ For those who do not have a cristal clear picture of their customer portfolio, will hardly be able to extract strategic advantage from this ”
  • 4. 1. Summary Over the last few years marketers can communicate through loads of channels to its customers and prospects. There is an abundancy of tools and data. The problem often is the unstructured way in which data are stored and the lack of overview when it comes to customer data. This is a missed opportunity as the stored data are an information treasure for more relevant commercial campaigns.
  • 5. 1. Summary Addemar® offers a solution: A marketing database where you can store, manage and analyse all data.
  • 6. 2. About database marketing “ Database marketing aims at analysing historical data to reveal customer behaviour ”
  • 7. 2. About database marketing Database marketing vs. direct marketing database marketing pays a lot more attention to analysing customer data Database marketing analysis – 2 groups: Acquisition marketing: - learning to understand potential customers / market - how to attract new customers Retention marketing: - retain existing customers & get them to buy more - track down customers who are dropping out & win back ex customers
  • 8. 3. About the marketing database No database marketing without a marketing database. This database is by no means the same as the classic operational database. Operational database vs. Marketing database Goal: optimal functioning Goal: just for marketers of the company -Efficiënt production -Generate orders -Providing best service -Generate new leads -Perfect accounting
  • 9. 4. Which data? The power of historicale data = predict the future Therefore, collect all transactional and communication data Ongoing effort is imperative to keep a marketing database up-to-date
  • 10. 4. Which data? The following data go in a marketing database: - data from the operational database (transactions and contact details) - preferences & profiles of the customer (interests, hobbies…) - campaign & response history of marketing campaigns (coupons…) - enriched data supplied by third parties (Wegener…)
  • 11. 4. Which data? “If you want each message to be finetuned to your target group, you need an up-to-date marketing database”
  • 12. 4. Which data? Some tips: - Gather as much socio-demografic data as possible: contact details, gender, age, profession, preferences, interests… - Collect all customer communication: letters, brochures, emails, products, surveys… - Keep all response information from offline and online campaigns - Store all transactions
  • 13. 4. Which data? All these data help you to get a clear picture your customers and segments: Single Customer Overview
  • 14. 5. Why outsourcing? Internet is the backbone of all marketing technology and marketing communication.
  • 15. 5. Why outsourcing? Why outsource the putting up and management of a marketing database?: Because: - it costs a lot of work and time - the IT-department already is on overload - computer systems are not adapted - inhouse no required knowledge and competence - constant maintenance required Because specialised companies: - do have the expertise and experience - dispose of the required hard- and software - can put up a database considerably faster Because: - you pay less - you can start up faster - you can focus on your core business
  • 16. 5. Why outsourcing? “ The Addemar® marketing database balances the advantages of outsourcing with the advantage of ‘complete control and access’ of an inhouse database ”
  • 17. 5. Why outsourcing? Reasons why you should outsource the putting up and management of the marketing database to Addemar®: 1. Addemar is unique: Addemar is specialised in: - marketing technology - internet marketing - web technology Other players on the market have expertise in only one of those domains
  • 18. 5. Why outsourcing? Reasons why you should outsource the putting up and management of the marketing database to Addemar®: 2. the Addemar®marketing database is unique: - 360° multichannel - Use of collaborative picture of the customer marketing tools - Custom made for your - available 24/7 needs - online - Storage data in a class A - user friendly and intuitive data center - SaaS principle
  • 19. About Addemar® Addemar® develops intelligent, do-it-yourself web- based marketing solutions that enable companies to create, launch and evaluate multi-channel marketing campaigns. Addemar®’s marketing data bank provides marketers with a far-reaching analysis and reporting environment in which to set up segmented and targeted commercial campaigns.
  • 20. About Addemar® Addemar®, founded in 2003, now has more than 2000 users. More than 70 marketing and communication agencies use Addemar technology to develop direct marketing campaigns for their clients. Our client portfolio includes famous names such as Miele, DHL Emakina and Tequila/ In 2006, Addemar received a gold “Seal of Excellence” from the European Multimedia Forum ( for its advanced user- friendliness and high-grade performance. Addemar is located at the Research Campus in Hasselt.
  • 21. Over Addemar® Info: Addemar®.com, Research Campus Hasselt, Kempische Steenweg 293/6 in B-3500 Hasselt Tel: +32/11/850.670 Fax: +32/11/850.661