IA Community (InfoCamp Seattle 2012)


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Presented at InfoCamp Seattle on October 14, 2012.

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IA Community (InfoCamp Seattle 2012)

  1. 1. COMMUNITY@PimpIA Michael Adcock October 14, 2012 – InfoCamp
  2. 2. COMMUNITY “Hey, that looks familiar!”
  3. 3. WHO AM I? pimpformationarchitect.com michaeladcock.info
  4. 4. Helping Your LibraryBe The Best Partner For ResearchThank YouMichael AdcockTechnical Support Analyst,Global Client Support ServicesSerials Solutions | 501 North 34th Street, Suite200 | Seattle, WA, 98103, USA | 1-866-737-4257x1081 | Michael.Adcock@serialssolutions.com
  5. 5. http://www.slideshare.net/AbbyCovert/what-is-this-ux-thing
  6. 6. http://iamania.com/
  7. 7. Personal Learning Network manage your resources
  8. 8. Personal Learning Network People as information resources Curate your collection of contacts and let them feed you information Periodically share your own findings (links, blog posts, etc.) Engage and connect people to each other and to helpful information http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Personal_Learning_Networks
  9. 9. Twitter access your resources
  10. 10. Twitter Links to… articles blog posts book releases samples Discussion on… current practices and trends jobs psychological support amusing banter
  11. 11. Archive My Tweets “I wanted a way to browse and search my old tweets, archive them in case Twitter ever dies, and do this all on my own web server. Douglas Bowman of Stopdesign created something similar, but I felt there were too many steps involved for something so simple, so I created Archive My Tweets. Now I have a browsable and searchable archive of all my tweets.” Get it at: amwhalen.com/projects/archive-my-tweets
  12. 12. Who’s Who understand your resources
  13. 13. Who’s Who I want to introduce you to people. I’m not trying to play favorites or pimp out friends, but obviously this list is biased. These are “thought leaders” who love to share and collaborate. Please don’t think of them as rockstars! 
  14. 14. Stephen Anderson Focus: Design Psychology, Seduction Location: Dallas, TX Twitter: @stephenanderson, @getmentalnotes Website: blog.getmentalnotes.comPresentations, Books, & Other Goodies:
  15. 15. Fred Beecher Focus: Axure Prototyping Location: Minneapolis, MN Twitter: @fred_beecher Website: userexperience.evantageconsulting.comPresentations, Books, & Other Goodies:
  16. 16. Margot Bloomstein Focus: Content Strategy Location: Boston, MA Twitter: @mbloomstein Website: appropriateinc.comPresentations, Books, & Other Goodies:
  17. 17. Dan Brown Focus: Documents/Artifacts, Conflict Location: Bethesda, MD Twitter: @brownorama Website: communicatingdesign.comPresentations, Books, & Other Goodies:
  18. 18. Leah Buley Focus: Working Solo, Sketching Location: San Francisco, CA Twitter: @ugleah Website: ugleah.tumblr.comPresentations, Books, & Other Goodies:
  19. 19. Dana Chisnell Focus: Usability, Voting Location: Boston, MA Twitter: @danachis Website: www.usabilityworks.netPresentations, Books, & Other Goodies:
  20. 20. Adam Connor & Aaron Irizarry Focus: Design Critique Location: Western MA & Southern CA Twitter: @adamconnor, @aaroni268 Website: adamconnor.comPresentations, Books, & Other Goodies:
  21. 21. Catriona Cornett Focus: Inspiration Location: Philly, PA Twitter: @inspireUX Website: www.inspireux.comPresentations, Books, & Other Goodies:
  22. 22. Abby Covert Focus: IA Practice, teaching, sketching Location: New York, NY Twitter: @Abby_the_IA Website: abbytheia.wordpress.com/Presentations, Books, & Other Goodies:
  23. 23. Christian Crumlish & Erin Malone Focus: Social Interfaces, Play Location: Oakland, CA & San Francisco, CA Twitter: @mediajunkie, @emalone Website: mediajunkie.com, www.emdezine.comPresentations, Books, & Other Goodies:
  24. 24. Katey Deeny Focus: Value Sensitive Design Location: Portland, OR Twitter: @followsprocess Website: followsprocess.wordpress.comPresentations, Books, & Other Goodies:
  25. 25. Veronica Erb Focus: Sketchnoting, Research, HTML Prototyping Location: Washington, DC Twitter: @verbistheword Website: veronicaerb.comPresentations, Books, & Other Goodies:
  26. 26. Karl Fast Focus: Education, Information Overload Location: Kent, OH Twitter: @karlfast Website: karlfast.orgPresentations, Books, & Other Goodies:
  27. 27. John Ferrara Focus: Game Design, Play Location: Philly, PA Twitter: @ferrarajc Website: rosenfeldmedia.com/books/game-design/blog/Presentations, Books, & Other Goodies:
  28. 28. Nick Finck Focus: Mobile UX, Community Location: Seattle, WA Twitter: @nickf Website: www.nickfinck.com/blogPresentations, Books, & Other Goodies:
  29. 29. Deb Gelman Focus: Designing for Children, Fun Location: Philly, PA Twitter: @dgelman Website: chaoticcurrents.comPresentations, Books, & Other Goodies:
  30. 30. Thom Haller Focus: Content, Clear Communication Location: Washington, DC Twitter: @thomhaller Website: thomhaller.posterous.comPresentations, Books, & Other Goodies:
  31. 31. Kristina Halvorson Focus: Content Strategy Location: Minneapolis, MN Twitter: @halvorson Website: blog.braintraffic.com/author/kristina-halvorsonPresentations, Books, & Other Goodies:
  32. 32. Whitney Hess Focus: Evangelism, Inspiration Location: New York, NY Twitter: @whitneyhess Website: whitneyhess.com/blogPresentations, Books, & Other Goodies:
  33. 33. Andrew Hinton Focus: Context, Connections Location: Atlanta, GA Twitter: @inkblurt Website: www.inkblurt.comPresentations, Books, & Other Goodies: Coming eventually!
  34. 34. Dan Klyn Focus: Understanding, Teaching, Architecture Location: Grand Rapids, MI Twitter: @danklyn Website: understandinggroup.com/makingthingsbegdPresentations, Books, & Other Goodies:
  35. 35. Livia Labate Focus: Management of Experience Design Location: Bethesda, MD Twitter: @livlab Website: livlab.com/thinkiaPresentations, Books, & Other Goodies:
  36. 36. Karen McGrane Focus: Content Strategy Location: New York Twitter: @karenmcgrane Website: karenmcgrane.comPresentations, Books, & Other Goodies:
  37. 37. Jess McMullin Focus: IA in the Public Sector Location: Edmonton, AB Twitter: @jessmcmullin Website: www.citizenexperience.comPresentations, Books, & Other Goodies:
  38. 38. Peter Morville Focus: Search, Findability Location: Ann Arbor, MI Twitter: @morville Website: findability.orgPresentations, Books, & Other Goodies:
  39. 39. Soren Muus Focus: Modeling systems Location: Copenhagen, Denmark Twitter: @sorenmuus Website: sorenmuus.tumblr.comPresentations, Books, & Other Goodies:
  40. 40. Jeff Parks Focus: Interviews & Podcasts Location: Ottawa, CA Twitter: @jeffparks Website: www.followtheuxleader.comPresentations, Books, & Other Goodies:
  41. 41. Anders Ramsay Focus: Agile UX Location: Brooklyn, NY Twitter: @andersramsay Website: www.andersramsay.comPresentations, Books, & Other Goodies:
  42. 42. Eric Reiss Focus: Customer Service, Business Location: Copenhagen, Denmark Twitter: @elreiss Website: www.fatdux.com/blogPresentations, Books, & Other Goodies:
  43. 43. Andrea Resmini Focus: Pervasive IA, Place-making, Education Location: Jönköping, Sweden Twitter: @resmini Website: andrearesmini.com/blogPresentations, Books, & Other Goodies:
  44. 44. Lou Rosenfeld Focus: Publishing, Search Analytics Location: Brooklyn, NY Twitter: @louisrosenfeld Website: louisrosenfeld.comPresentations, Books, & Other Goodies:
  45. 45. Donna Spencer Focus: Organizing Content, Intranets Location: Canberra, Australia Twitter: @maadonna Website: donnaspencer.com.auPresentations, Books, & Other Goodies:
  46. 46. Jared Spool Focus: User Research, Usability, Conferences Location: ??? Twitter: @jmspool Website: www.uie.com/brainsparksPresentations, Books, & Other Goodies:
  47. 47. Samantha Starmer Focus: Holistic Customer Experience Location: Chicago, IL Twitter: @samanthastarmer Website: ?Presentations, Books, & Other Goodies:
  48. 48. Don Turnbull Focus: Quantitative IA Location: Austin, TX Twitter: @donturn Website: donturn.comPresentations, Books, & Other Goodies:
  49. 49. Russ Unger Focus: UX Process, Career Mentoring Location: Chicago, IL Twitter: @russu Website: www.userglue.com/blogPresentations, Books, & Other Goodies: Coming soon!
  50. 50. Todd Zaki Warfel Focus: Prototyping, Guerrilla Research Location: San Francisco, CA Twitter: @zakiwarfel Website: zakiwarfel.comPresentations, Books, & Other Goodies: Coming soon!
  51. 51. Dan Willis Focus: Solving Problems, Taking Risks Location: Washington, DC Twitter: @uxcrank Website: www.dswillis.comPresentations, Books, & Other Goodies:
  52. 52. Christina Wodtke Focus: Strategy, Leadership Location: Palo Alto, CA Twitter: @cwodtke Website: www.eleganthack.comPresentations, Books, & Other Goodies:
  53. 53. Luke Wroblewski Focus: Web Form Design, Mobile Location: Silicon Valley, CA Twitter: @lukew Website: www.lukew.comPresentations, Books, & Other Goodies:
  54. 54. Indi Young Focus: Mental Models Location: San Rafael, CA Twitter: @indiyoung Website: rosenfeldmedia.com/books/mental-modelsPresentations, Books, & Other Goodies:
  55. 55. Conferences meet your resources
  56. 56. Conferences Interaction IA Summit Midwest UX
  57. 57. Local Activities play with your resources
  58. 58. Local ActivitiesSeattle IA/UXContent Strategy Seattle SEATTLE Find more local activities at: www.seattleuxevents.com
  59. 59. Free Stuff lol moar resources
  60. 60. Free Stuff Andrew Hinton’s amazing Linkosophy (and updated) Russ Unger’s Career Workshop ’12 (2011), (2010) Whitney Hess’ UX Designer Resources Nick Finck’s Book List Jorge Arango, Andrea Resmini, Andrew Hinton, and Dan Klyn discuss Placemaking in IA Dan Willis’ UX Deathmatch Video A brief digression on Information Architecture from Richard Saul Wurman
  61. 61. Jobs
  62. 62. KTHXBAI pimpformationarchitect.com michaeladcock.info