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Social media  saving time. maximizing return.

Social media saving time. maximizing return.



What organizations need to know about social media to maximize impact.

What organizations need to know about social media to maximize impact.



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    Social media  saving time. maximizing return. Social media saving time. maximizing return. Presentation Transcript

    • Saving Time. Maximizing Return. Copyright 2010 ADCIEO
    • Agenda Copyright 2010 ADCIEOo  What is Social Mediao  Connecting & Being Connectedo  Non Profits Logging On
    • Social MediaCopyright 2010 ADCIEO
    •   Social Media is any platform from which users connect and interact.  Examples: Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter, to name a few. Copyright 2010 ADCIEO
    •   Facebook is a social networking site that anyone with a valid email can join.  Global  Personal pages  Fan pages  Reach out  Learn your audience Copyright 2010 ADCIEO  Engage
    •   What percentage of people 35-54 use Facebook? Copyright 2010 ADCIEO
    • Online  Adults  Sex  Men   42.50%  Women   57.50%   • GenderAge  0-­‐17   10.00%   • Age18-­‐24   26.00%   • Education25-­‐34   26.00%   • Income35-­‐54   31.00%  55+   10.00%  EducaCon  Less  than  high  school   33.30%  High  school  diploma   40.40%  Some  college   4.90%  College  graduate   21.40%   Copyright 2010 ADCIEOHousehold  Income  Less  than  $30,000   45%  $30,000-­‐$49,999   38%  $50,000-­‐$74,999   30%  $75,000  or  more   31%  
    •   A micro blog that allows users to update their status and share links.  Exploding!  140 characters  Follow and be followed  Be fresh  Relevant topics Copyright 2010 ADCIEO  Professionals and College Students  Create Lists
    •   Doyou think Twitter users are high school or college graduates? Copyright 2010 ADCIEO
    • Online  Adults  Sex  Men   17.00%  Women   21.00%   • GenderAge   • Age18-­‐29   33.00%   • Education30-­‐49   22.00%   • Income50-­‐64   9.00%  65+   4.00%  EducaCon  Less  than  high  school   18.00%  High  school  diploma   17.00%  Some  college   21.00%  College  graduate   21.00%   Copyright 2010 ADCIEOHousehold  Income  Less  than  $30,000   22%  $30,000-­‐$49,999   21%  $50,000-­‐$74,999   20%  $75,000  or  more   20%  
    •   A social networking allowing users to create a custom profile and connect.  Is not dead!  70 million+ users  Totally Customizable  Beware of Spamming Copyright 2010 ADCIEO  Group Page
    •   Are you more likely to find men or women using MySpace? Copyright 2010 ADCIEO
    • Online  Adults  Sex  Men   58.00%  Women   42.00%   • GenderAge   • Age0-­‐17   30.00%   • Education18-­‐34   44.00%   • Income35-­‐49   14.00%  50+   8.00%  EducaCon  Less  than  high  school   21.00%  High  school  diploma   31.00%  Some  college   38.00%  College  graduate   9.00%   Copyright 2010 ADCIEOHousehold  Income  Less  than  $30,000   17%  $30,000-­‐$49,999   33%  $50,000-­‐$74,999   30%  $75,000  or  more   19%  
    •   Sites like Facebook and MySpace have millions of users logging on everyday.  Professionals, customers, and donors look for organizations that are relevant to them.  Out of 879 people polled in the New England area, how many would you guess use the internet at least once a day to access a social networking site? Copyright 2010 ADCIEO
    • Copyright 2010 ADCIEOOut of 879 people, 541 use the internet at least once a dayto access a social networking site.
    • Copyright 2010 ADCIEOConnecting & Being Connected
    •   Why add you?  Why do it now?  Who is telling them to do this?  What will their efforts do? Copyright 2010 ADCIEO
    •   Pick social networks wisely.  Plan to be active.  Connect users to your website.  Experiment with new ideas. + = Copyright 2010 ADCIEO
    •   Use provided tools  Location  Outside the norm  Profiles and Fan Pages  Interact  RSS Feeds  Similar Pages  Relevant Content Copyright 2010 ADCIEO
    •   Gap is a great example of a well planned Facebook campaign. With more than 1,000,000 followers they are doing something right! Fans are not A free styleonly told about guide and sales, but behind-the- what’s going scenes videos on in the make thecompany and organization are feel lessencouraged to corporate and post more relatable. comments. Copyright 2010 ADCIEO A fun custom application that allows users to get an interactive look at the jeans currently being offered.
    •   Kmart is a large company with many loyal shoppers.  The page is not interactive.  Some video, mostly commercials.  More focused on the employees than outside visitors. Copyright 2010 ADCIEO  Most updates are about upcoming sales.  Where is the personalization?
    •   Community  Be inclusive  Initiatives  Events  Your users  Resources Copyright 2010 ADCIEO
    •   Something to share  RT (Re-Tweeting)  Avoid repetition  Founding story  Inspiring facts  A real glimpse  Include employees  Multiple POV’s Copyright 2010 ADCIEO
    •   Web Address  Profile/Site  One and the same  Movement Copyright 2010 ADCIEO
    • Page Branding   Profile Badge   Website LinksProfile Badge   Effective branding   Constant Interaction   Fresh Content Copyright 2010 ADCIEO
    •   Sittingback  Always online  Be there  Gratitude  Personalize  Show it Copyright 2010 ADCIEO
    • Copyright 2010 ADCIEOOrganizations Logging On
    •   Online programs  Connecting - Focus  ‘Donate’  Interact  Human Copyright 2010 ADCIEO
    •   Gathering  Updates  Encourage users  Remind them  Incentives Copyright 2010 ADCIEO
    •   Create  Networks  Recycle  Share tools  Cost/Time effective  Infinite reach Copyright 2010 ADCIEO
    •   Any message that is forwarded Statistics  Most successful   44% of large retailers offer send-to-friend functions. – method Email Experience Council  Brand Awareness   89% of email users actively share content. – Sharpe  Simple ideas Partners   15% of Americans describe themselves as addicted to email. – AOL   59% of people with cellular phones use them to check Copyright 2010 ADCIEO email. - AOL
    •   Provide a detailed organization summary.  Import your blog to the Notes tab – it’s easy!  Set the profile picture to your organization’s logo.  Invite employees to become fans and join in the conversation.  Plan for the future – utilize fan pages (fewer limits)  Will you want to create an app?  Reach out to similar pages. Add links to all your social platforms and home Copyright 2010 ADCIEO  site.
    • Support for any/all stages of your social media strategy.   Initial setup   Guidance and support for existing pages.   Enhancement of existing pages.   Application Development   Email Campaigns   Text message fundraising Copyright 2010 ADCIEO
    • Presented By: Brian Winters brian.winters@adcieo.com Copyright 2010 ADCIEO