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EE0-600 Exam Questions

  1. 1.                                                                                       Exam Express EE0-600 Exam Express® MRO MAXIMO 5.2 Certified Consultant Exam 165 Q&A Version : E9.0
  2. 2.                                                                                       CertifyMe - King of Computer Certification Important Information, Please Read Carefully Other CertifyMe products A) Offline Testing engine Use the offline Testing engine product to practice the questions in an exam environment. B) Study Guide (not available for all exams) Build a foundation of knowledge which will be useful also after passing the exam. Latest Version We are constantly reviewing our products. New material is added and old material is updated. Free updates are available for 90 days after the purchase. You should check your member zone at CertifyMe and update 3-4 days before the scheduled exam date. Here is the procedure to get the latest version: 1.Go 2.Click on Member zone/Log in (right side) 3. Then click My Account 4.The latest versions of all purchased products are downloadable from here. Just click the links. For most updates,it is enough just to print the new questions at the end of the new version, not the whole document. Feedback If you spot a possible improvement then please let us know. We always interested in improving product quality. Feedback should be send to You should include the following: Exam number, version, page number, question number, and your login ID. Our experts will answer your mail promptly. Copyright Each PDF file contains a unique serial number associated with your particular name and contact information for security purposes. So if we find out that a particular PDF file is being distributed by you, CertifyMe reserves the right to take legal action against you according to the International Copyright Laws. Explanations This product does not include explanations at the moment. If you are interested in providing explanations for this exam, please contact
  3. 3.                                                                                       1. What are two valid reasons for creating a cloned application in MAXIMO? (Choose two.) access data from multiple MAXIMO databases restrict data access for a specific group of users allow various screen configurations for presenting the same data capture custom data not related to any existing MAXIMO application Answer: BC 2. Which three types of records can be assigned a Failure Class? (Choose three.) A.Stock Item B.Equipment C.Work Order D.Operating Location Answer: BCD 3. Against which kind of record can downtime be reported? A.Location B.Equipment C.Condition Monitoring D.Preventive Maintenance Answer: B 4. Which two statements are true about setting up and working with Master PM? (Choose two.) A.The Master PM can override an Associated PM's Job Plan Sequence. B.Checking the Override Master PM Updates? check box updates the associated PM's values with the Master PM values. C.Start Date, Seasonal Date, and Extended date are the only date fields that Master PMs can update on Associated PMs. D.Last Target Start Date, Last Completion Date, Meter 1 Estimated Next Due Date, and Meter 2 Estimated Next Due Date are the only fields that Master PMs can update on Associated PMs. Answer: AC 5. The Work Order Failure Class field gets populated automatically from which two applications? (Choose two.) A.PM B.Labor C.Job Plan D.Locations E.Equipment Answer: DE
  4. 4.                                                                                       6. Which statement about receipt of rotating equipment is true? A.An equipment number must be assigned to each item. B.Partial receipts are not allowed for rotating equipment. C.You can receive the equipment before the PO is approved. D.The equipment must be received into an inventory storeroom. Answer: A 7. Which type of inventory adjustment must you perform to have the MAXIMO Inventory table contain the number of items actually in the bin (as verified by the storeroom clerk)? A.inventory transfer B.physical count adjustment C.current balance adjustment D.reconcile balances adjustment Answer: B 8. What is the difference between a network and a hierarchy? A.A network is a collection of locations and a hierarchy is a collection of locations. B.A hierarchy logically arranges locations and a network connects the hierarchies. C.A network is a collection of hierarchies and a hierarchy is a collection of networks. D.A location in a hierarchy has only one parent and a location in a network can have multiple parents. Answer: D 9. Which file is accessed when the Application Server is started? A.WIN.ini B.SQL.ini C.Maximo.ini Answer: E 10. Which applications are within the Control Center? A.System Security, Currency Manager, and Application setup B.System Administration, Administrative setup, and Site setup C.Chart of Accounts, Signature Security, and Asset Catalog setup D.Multisite setup, Asset Manager setup, and WorkManager Designer Answer: C 11. What publishes the MAXIMO Application when accessing it through the browser? (Choose two.) A.MXServer B.BEA Weblogic
  5. 5.                                                                                       C.Apache Server D.Internet Information Server E.IBM Websphere Answer: BE 12. Which four functions does the Signature Security application allow the system administrator to perform? (Choose four.) A.specify purchasing limits B.specify access to labor information C.specify Internet and firewall security D.change passwords and set password expiration intervals E.specify editing privileges for GL Account code components F.specify privileges for both MAXIMO application and database security Answer: BDEF 13. Which four functions does the Signature Security application allow the system administrator to perform? (Choose four.) A.specify a user's default Start Center B.specify storeroom access privileges C.specify GL Account validation parameters D.specify privileges for MAXIMO applications E.specify SQL privileges for MAXIMO database access F.specify electronic audit settings (for example, which table columns should be audited) Answer: ABDE 14. When are application access privileges for a user set? A.when initially creating the user B.when assigning the user to a site C.when assigning the user to a group D.when assigning a Start Center to the user Answer: C 15. Which two tasks can be accomplished using Database Configuration? (Choose two.) A.adding new columns to an existing table B.specifying currency codes and exchange rates C.setting up electronic signature and audit records D.specifying Chart of Accounts combination values Answer: AC 16. Which statement is FALSE about MAXIMO ESig and EAudit capabilities?
  6. 6.                                                                                       A.Specific menu items can be identified for ESig. B.ESig and EAudit can track database changes made by external applications. C.Specific columns on specific tables can be identified for ESig and EAudit. D.ESig and EAudit can provide a record of specific changes made by specific users. Answer: B 17. Which two statements are true about establishing a GL Account structure? (Choose two.) A.An optional component may be specified. B.Delimiters are always written to the database. C.Partially-defined accounts can be made mandatory. D.Optional components can be placed between two mandatory segments. Answer: AC 18. Which file contains the configuration parameters for the Mail Server, Workflow, Actuate Server, and the webMethods B2B Server? A.Win.ini B.SQL.ini C.Maximo.ini Answer: E 19. Which of the following configuration parameters is NOT included in the file? A.Actuate connectivity base connectivity C.automated process / cron jobs D.capturing diagnostic messages E.launching the application server Answer: E 20. Which application is used to modify delivered MAXIMO reports? A.BRIO Workbench B.Actuate ReportCast C.eReport Designer Professional D.Actuate Administrative Desktop tool Answer: C 21. In the Actuate Administrator Desktop tool, which tab should you choose under the user properties to grant or deny rights to a group or user? A.Roles Template
  7. 7.                                                                                       B.Rights Template C.Grants Template D.Privileges Template Answer: D 22. Which application should you use to modify MAXIMO online help? A.Adobe Acrobat B.IDM UltraEdit32 C.eHelp RoboHelp D.Microsoft DotCHM E.Macromedia HomeSite Answer: C 23. Which utility is recommended to customize MAXIMO online help? A.Adobe Acrobat B.Microsoft Word C.eHelp RoboHelp D.Adobe FrameMaker E.Macromedia HomeSite Answer: C 24. How should you clone an existing MAXIMO application? A.copy the Java class files of the existing application the Clone Application action from Application setup C.execute the CLONEAPP batch file from the command line the Create Table function in Database Configuration Answer: C 25. In which situation is it appropriate to use a MAXIMO custom application? A.MAXIMO users need to log in to multiple databases. B.MAXIMO users need to process data not contained in any MAXIMO table. C.Maintenance users and Purchasing users need to view purchase order data at different levels of detail. D.Numerous data elements related to a Work Order need to be captured and associated with that Work Order. Answer: B 26. Which two are functions of Application Setup? (Choose two.) A.specify Value List Types B.specify application hyperlinks C.specify a user's default Start Center
  8. 8.                                                                                       D.specify GL Account validation settings E.specify the MAXIMO Start Center menu options Answer: AE 27. Which two are functions of Application Setup? (Choose two.) A.customize module menus B.specify Group Restrictions C.create and assign value lists D.customize application menus E.specify GL Account configuration Answer: AC 28. You need to adjust a Value List in MAXIMO. What should you use in the Control Center to make that edit? A.Application Setup B.Signature Security C.Asset Catalog Setup D.Currency Management E.Database Configuration Answer: A 29. Which two statements are true when changing a label on a field? (Choose two.) A.MXServer must be restarted. B.The screen must be refreshed. C.The application must be refreshed. D.The EAR files need to be rebuilt. Answer: AD 30. Which psdi tag parameter must be set when making a field mandatory? A.required="true" B.mandatory="true" C.displaytype="required" D.mboattribute="mandatory" Answer: A 31. Which two steps are required to place a value list on a MAXIMO field? (Choose two.) A.create the value list in Database Configuration B.insert a new record into the maxtabledomain table C.create and assign the value list in Application Setup D.modify the TextInput tag to add lookup="valuelist"
  9. 9.                                                                                       E.modify the TextInput tag to add displaytype="valuelist" Answer: CD 32. Which MAXIMO data element determines the accounting interval on a transaction? A.Actual Date B.GL Account C.Financial Period D.Transaction Date Answer: C 33. What is the purpose of Craft records in MAXIMO? assign labor to a calendar schedule an employee's time plan resources on Work Orders determine an employee's pay rate Answer: C 34. Which two statements are true when assigning storerooms in a multiple site organization? (Choose two.) A.Items may be transferred between sites. B.Each site must have a unique Item Master. C.One storeroom may be assigned to several sites. D.The same item may be stocked in several storerooms. Answer: AD 35. What must you do when creating a labor record? A.specify a labor name B.create a link to the user ID C.assign a unique labor code D.accept default values where provided Answer: C 36. What is the limit of contacts and addresses that can be assigned to a company? A.1 B.5 C.25 limit Answer: D 37. Which application assigns individuals to calendars? A.Labor
  10. 10.                                                                                       B.Calendars C.Resources D.Work Orders Answer: A 38. Which two applications use Calendars? (Choose two.) A.Labor B.Quick Reporting C.Inventory Reorder D.Work Order Tracking Answer: AD 39. What is the purpose of the MAXIMO Tools application? track the repair of special tools track the location of special tools reserve special tools for work orders provide a list of tools that can be used on a Work Order Answer: D 40. Which three fields are required to set up a tool record? (Choose three.) A.Rate B.Store Room C.Tool Number D.Reserved Quantity E.Tool Quantity Available Answer: ACE 41. Which three entities may have failure classes assigned? (Choose three.) A.Job Plans B.Inventory Items C.Individual Equipment D.Groups of Equipment E.Individual Operating Locations Answer: CDE 42. What is the default number of levels in the MAXIMO failure hierarchy? A.4 B.5 C.6 D.unlimited
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