Building a Broadcast Studio Fall JEA 2013


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"Building a Broadcast Studio" Fall JEA 2013 - Session

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Building a Broadcast Studio Fall JEA 2013

  1. 1. BUILDING A BROADCAST STUDIO Vision, research, planning, execution Adam Dawkins (@adamdawk) & Jason Ell Regis Jesuit High School, Aurora CO Saturday, November 16, 13
  2. 2. Why Broadcast ? The power of video Reach a wider audience Why a Studio ? 21st Cent learning- STEM DMA Capture attention A place to call home - more than just a course Real world product & skills If you build it they will come Kids love being on camera! Branding your image There’s room for everyone off camera opportunities too Wider use. Opportunities for collaboration Saturday, November 16, 13
  3. 3. OUR STUDIO & DMA LAB Saturday, November 16, 13
  4. 4. Our Story JEA/ NSPA Local schools Sports broadcasting Why now? - Performing Arts Complex Cart before the horse? That’s okay Sell and promote Saturday, November 16, 13 Keep working in the background.
  5. 5. Look Around! High school, college, local TV stations Decide what will work for you and your school Don’t reinvent the wheel Build a network of support at your school and outside Make visits Bring students & admin Take photos, video, make a presentation for admin Follow & watch HS programs Saturday, November 16, 13 ASK FOR HELP
  6. 6. Build Partnerships Communications - school & district Alumni & Admissions Local colleges Local stations Youth programs Parents & boosters Saturday, November 16, 13 Vendors - Sony Creative Learning Systems
  7. 7. What about the Equipment? Use vendors & contacts Know what you want to DO first Plan ahead. Plan for growth Work with other departments Wait on some things, but buy a few right now Saturday, November 16, 13 Ask for it all. Aim high and overestimate. Train early and often Branding & swag!
  8. 8. Curriculum & Courses Create your own department Jump in. Propose a new course for your new space Look at Common Core, 21st Cent, STEM .. it’s all there! Be selective Shadow, read about, or even intern in TV newsrooms Saturday, November 16, 13 YOU should be the station manager at first. Design curriculum with skills and process in mind. The product will come ... Build a culture of exclusivity, accountability, professionalism, and FUN! Plan on studio production overtime. Take the time now.
  9. 9. Where we go from here ... Jan - May: Training wheels May - August: Summer camp, family movies Who to follow for info on building a broadcast program: August - Oct : Major training & skills based learning @dongoble2001(Don Goble) @cinehead (Michael Hernandez) Oct- Dec: Monthly studio The sky is the limit Jan 2015: Weekly studio show. Student driven Saturday, November 16, 13 @Matt_Raz (Matt Rasgorshek) @JMcLean3 (Jesse Sutherland)