Kudos - Complete tutorial to win free GADGETS


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Kudos - Complete tutorial to win free GADGETS

  1. 1. Free Gadgets Article by Adarsh Mathai
  2. 2. LINK : apple.kudosnetwork.co.uk/81789( Before signing up please read the full document )Dear Free bie Hunters , Whoever wrote “ nothing ever gets free “ may not think yhat infuture Kudos will arise to prove it wrong. OK , now you‟re askin‟ waht‟s Kudos , right ! If you search forOK , only a while you would find out what is Kudos. If you don‟t knowthat what is Kudos you shoul be a newbie to freebie , I mean freebiehunting. Before I say what is Kudos , I want you to know aboutfreebiejeebies and xpango. All the three are known as incentivewebsites. Hey, what are incentive websites ? We may discuss about itlater. Now to all those who are new to freebie hunting let me explainhow freebie hunting works and how the companies be able to give youfree gifts like ipad , ipod , iphone , ps3 , wii , xbox 360 etc. As you know there are many business companies who owntheir own websites. Let us call them as offer companies. All thoughthey own websites , what they really need is traffic to their websites sothat their product will have more demand. Companies want morecustomers - that much is obvious. But how do they get morecustomers? They have to advertise their services. The companieswould give away millions of rupees to publish their ads on press mediaand TV ,but now they has turned to another popular media :INTERNET! So just search engine optimisation won‟t do the work. So theycontact and give commission to the owners of incentive websites who
  3. 3. would publish their ads as offers in the webpages.The incentivewebsites would give free gifts and sometimes even cash which can begained by the people who sign in to their websites for completing theiroffers. Incentive websites like Kudos are exclusively meant for this use.When people complete these offers the Incentive website companiesare paid by the offer companies. A part of this money is used to buygifts that the members of the incentive websites , who completedoffers , specify. Gifts canbe anything like Popular gadgets , Playingconsoles , Smartphones , Tabs , Desktop computers ,Laptops or evencash. Finding these websites by searching over the internet andusing them to win 100% FREE Favourite stuff is termed by the nickname freebie hunting. Don‟t get it.let me teach you the mathmaticsbehind these procedures : Suppose, The company gained traffic of 100 persons through one ofthe member in the incentive website. In those 100 persons thereis high probability of getting abuot 25 persons as members. Eachperson would earn the company $10 each per month. So in total ,there is about $250 getting for the company perm onth . if the company wait for two months it can gain about $500. Thecompany gives $150 to the incentive websites as commission.The incentive website would take abot $40 from this as their wageand use the rest of the money to buy gifts for the member . Let us see how the whole process works together: ● Offer companies create a series of offers. ● An incentives company collects these offers together and creates
  4. 4. a website. ● You go to the incentives website and complete some free offers. ● The incentives website is paid by the offer companies. ● The incentives website uses that money to buy you gadgets! Now since you know most of the aspects of freebie hunting ,let me tell you all about incentive websites. Let me introduce some ofthem. The most popular ones are Kudos , Xpango , andFreebiejeebies. In America and UK freebiejeebies is the most popularone but it is restricted to only those areas , which makes it difficult toobtain referrals. ( I will explain about referrals later ) So I don‟trecommend freebiejeebies even to US and UK citizens considering thedifficulty in gaining referrals. Another con of this site is that it also has aregistration fees of about $10. And moreover it doesn‟t have a systemof manual credit. So once again I don‟t recommend it. Now let‟s take the case of Xpango. After free freebiejeebisxpango is the one which works fine. Even then the simple but a bigproblem withxpango is that xpango doesn‟t simply need any referrals.“Ah! Thats nice I‟m gonna try it” Don‟t say that because instead ofreferrals we need to completemany offers , often not free , to win ourfree gadget. It also take about 15 days to credit one point . Justremember that the cheapest gadget Sony walkman E Series Whichneed the lowest points , even need a minimum of 10 points. And did Isay that many offers and referrals credit the member with only 0.5points. If we take it in this manner we can only hope toget anipodShuffle 4 GB after about 6-7 months , calculating the crediting time. SoI don‟t recommend Xpango either. So you‟re thinkin‟ why I‟m just sayin‟ “ I DON‟T RECOMMENDIT “ , Thats because I TRIED THEM!!!!
  5. 5. Then which incentive website will i recommend? Therecomes Kudos Network So why do I recommend kudos? Whatadditional features does it have than freebiejeebies or xpango? Let usdiscuss....... COMPARISON FEATURES KUDOS FREEBIEJEEBIES XPANGOFree registration yes No ($10 approx.) YesOffer completion Not required Required RequiredNo of referralsneeded minimum Moderate MaximumWorldwideaccesibility Yes No YesGenuinity Genuine Genuine GenuineSupport Yes Yes YesUser interface ofaccount Simple Simple Not so simpleAge limit No Yes No Green-good Orange-not so good Red-badAfter deciding which incentive site you‟re goin‟ to use you candetermine whether or not to continue reading. If you decide to tryKudos Please continue reading so that you can know about the othermatters about Kudos. If you choose to try xpango go to this link:www.xpango.com and enter your email address on the sign up detailspage , in the referrals box please type the following no. : 92833801 . Ifyou choose to have a look on freebiejeebies , sadly I may say , I giveyou up. Continue on your own
  6. 6. IF YOU WANT TO TRY KUDOS YOU SHOULD READ THIS! CONTINUE READING.Features of Kudos First of all , Kudos is a very genuine website , owned by a mannamed Lee who always worked in many online communities likeexceem. When I checked for proof for these incentive websites , I sawmany photos gifts recieved by members of not freebiejeebies orxpango but Kudos. I compiled some of these pictures and is givingbelow : Next , Kudos is worldwide. Even though you may be an Americanor UK citizen , I recommend Kudos as the right option since not onlyworldwide accecibility gives us freedom to signup in the site , but it alsoincreases the potential referrals who may be living in other coountries. Third , Unlike freebie jeebies , Kudos does not have anyregistration fees. This feature makes Kudos completely free or „almost‟
  7. 7. free if you choose toany paid offers for completion.Moreover most ofthe offers in Kudos are free , I mean 100% Fourth , Kudoas members do not need to complete any offers tobe eligible for a free gift. That means you can gain gifts withoutcompleting any offers whichmakes Kudos 100% or exactlt „110%‟FREE. In short if you don‟t like to completeany offer you can swap yourthree approved referrals instead. SIGNING UP IN KUDOS OK , now it‟s time for you to sign up in Kudos. Before that one more thing : DON‟T BE SO MUCH STUPID TO BELIEVE IN ALL THAT KUDOS HACKING STUFF , IT‟S ALL FAKE. Its either spam or made by user to get referrals easily. Do it in a good and legal way or you will be punished and your account will be holded. Now go to the below link ( N.B. : Don‟t change the link ) http://apple.kudosnetwork.co.uk/81789 Write your email ID in the space provided and click GO
  8. 8. You have come to the registration details page. This iswhere you gain or lose. What i will give you is a tip. DON‟T EVERGIVE WRONG CONTACT DETAILS ANYWHERE. That is theaddress to which your free gift is sent , so if you give a fake address, that means you won‟t get any gift while the one with the addressyou give will enjoy a free gift
  9. 9. Account status pageAfter you sign up to the site you need to verify your e-mail addressand then COMPLETE ANY OFFER PROVIDED. Completing anoffer is very important since that will make you eligible for recievingfree gadgets. But as I said earlier you can swap three approvedreferrals instead of completing an offer but personally I Recommendcompleting free offers like intuit or homestead because it is free and
  10. 10. easy than working to gain three approved referrals. Account offers page After completing an offer you may start refering others.ONCE YOU SIGN UP AND COMPLETE AN OFFER FROM THEABOVE LINK , I WILL SEND YOU A DOCUMENT WRTH ABOUT$49.9 COMPLETELY FREE DESCRIBING ABOUT METHODS AFAUTOMATED EARNING REFERRALS IN DUST DAYS! IT‟S A DEAL!!!!!!!!!!!NB :- You will be send the document only if you sign up with theabove link which makes me gain a referral (i‟m sayin‟ how it works inthe document.) This Article itself is a proof that I‟ll send it.
  11. 11. That‟s all!! After you gain enough referrals (the no of enoughreferrals may vary with tthe original price of the gadget) You cansubmit your account for verification and when the verification isfinished THE FREE GADGET IS SENT TO YOUR HOME. Afterrecieving the gadget you can reset the account as said and opt foranother gadget. When you gain a gift the offer company is happy ,the incentive website is happy and moreover , YOU ARE HAPPY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!RegardsAdarsh Mathai