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Five Things a Web 2.0 Product Manager Should Know by Viveck Kumar
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Five Things a Web 2.0 Product Manager Should Know by Viveck Kumar


Published on

Speaker Profile …

Speaker Profile

Viveck is currently managaing products for Paypal/Ebay. Prior to this, he was General Manager - products with a start up initiative of Reliance Big Entertainment, where he was responsible for heading the team to create the first indigenous Internet ad-exchange.

Viveck was also an entrepreneur creating a surrogate business consulting network during his early days of career. Being one of the initial members of Zapak, he had the opportunity to lead manage important product lines of the company. Viveck has also worked with MNCs such as SAS where was incharge for the application business and handled the business development for business consulting division of Wipro.
During his tenure as product manager, he has strongly advocated and implemented Market Based Product Framework during the phases of product creation and adoption leading them to success.


- Importance of behavioral science in product management
- Customer development model
- Product strategy and frameworks
- CDAR model
- Support & Way of Life

Published in: Technology

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  • Team – Google wave was run by a ‘proven’ team who were instrumental for Google Earth – Lars RasmussenProduct – Google wave was indeed a good product with 45000 supporters still wanting Google Wave back Market – did not exist becauseEmail, instant messaging was a habitOver Engineering of value
  • A company started in India around 4 years agoThe product was conceptualized, developed, beta tested and launchedVP sales and VP marketing were hiredIt had a splendid launch garnering 2 MM page views per day within 2 months and 1 MM customer base within 4 monthsEnd of 1st year, the company was way down in terms of its page views and projected revenue
  • Commute leads to unhappiness and research says a person commuting 1 hr has to earn 40% more to be satisfied compared to someone who walks to officeCar shopping People compare quantifiable variables like HP compared to cost of maintenance, comfort of front seat,etc
  • OTA is a crowded place in Indian marketCleartrip launched in 2006 has been growing ever sinceThe first cash positive travel portalLast 2 years, growing 100% CAGRBagged 30% market share
  • Don’t make people thinkDesign is primary, needs a lot more importance than people generally attribute
  • Transcript

    • 1. 5 things a web 2.0 product manager should know
      Adaptive Marketing, Webinar
    • 2. 1st story
    • 3. Most Essential Factor
    • 4. 2nd Story
    • 5. Customer Development Model
      Three kinds of markets
    • 6. Sales Curve in Different Markets
      Linear Curve – Existing Market
      Hockey Stick– Re-segmented / new market
    • 7. Customer Development Model
    • 8. CDAR approach
    • 9. 3rd Story
    • 10. Behavioral Science
      People are not rational, understand their behavior
      Questions to ponder
      What influences their decision
      How they decide
    • 11. Tenets of behavioral sciences
      Some insights on how people behave
      Commuters Paradox
      a three bedroom apartment that is located in the middle of a city, with a ten minute commute time, or a five bedroom McMansion on the urban outskirts, with a forty-five minute commute
      most them will eventually choose the large house
    • 12. Tenets of Behavioral Science
      We think we understand people – a study by Fed
    • 13. Behavior – Product
    • 14. 4th story
    • 15. User Experience
      Its important that your design takes care of the following
      Visceral, ex: colors (visual)
      Behavioral, ex: functional (interaction)
      Reflective, ex: emotional ( pride)
    • 16. 5th Story
    • 17. Golden Circle
    • 18. Mapping with human brain
    • 19. Why means
      Your purpose
      Your cause
      Your belief
      Reason for your organizations existence
      Reason you get out of your bed in the morning
    • 20. Apple’s Message like everyone else
      We make great computers
      They’re beautifully designed, simple to use and user friendly
      Want to buy one?
    • 21. But people buy Apple because
      Everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo. We believe in thinking differently
      The way we challenge the status quo is by making our products beautifully designed, simple to use and user friendly
      We just happen to make great computers, want to buy one?
    • 22. References
      Simon Sinek, Start With Why
      Jonah Lehrer, How we decide
      Steve Blank, Four steps to the Epiphany
      Dan Pink, Drive
      Paul Buchheit - blogs
    • 23. Thank You
      Viveck P Kumar
    • 24. Upcoming Events(sign up at
      April 2nd PM Networking with Vinay Goel, VP Products Google
      “What does Google search in a PM?”
      Live Webinar (30 minutes)
      March 17th – Director PM, McAfee, USA
      “5 Lessons learned in managing PMs in India”
      April 9th – Director PM, SAP
      “5 things every India PM needs to know to excel in an MNC”
      Workshop for Product Professionals - Bangalore
      “Product Management Certification”
      April 14th (6 days)
      “Web 2.0/Internet Product Management”
      March 27th (1 day)
      “Engineering Leaders – Code to Customer Centric”
      TBD (2 days)