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Business Analyst, Project Managers, Product Managers - how do they all work together
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Business Analyst, Project Managers, Product Managers - how do they all work together


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Had an opportunity to present at the Business Analyst conference in Bangalore hosted by Business Analyst world and IIBA. Topic was the multifunction team challenges for BA, PMs and Project Managers

Had an opportunity to present at the Business Analyst conference in Bangalore hosted by Business Analyst world and IIBA. Topic was the multifunction team challenges for BA, PMs and Project Managers

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  • Productizing is a systematic way of taking an idea and going through the lifecycle of creating a successful and profitable product predictably
  • The full spectrum understanding of the process is absolutely critical because otherwise people work in silos and not understanding the big picture results in expensive failures and inefficiencies
  • Release milestones – includes Beta, closed loop feedback, limited release etc..Launch Plan includes social media marketing campaigns
  • Product Manager: Manages business plan pricing, packaging, marketing beyond product definitionManage senior internal and external stakeholdersProduct Manager Create a long term product and business strategyProject Manager: Manage Project Parameters (time, quality, budget, external dependencies)Manage resources commissioned for the projectManage execution riskBusiness Analyst: Manage Product Performance (right featureset, segment fit)Map ideas, requests, wishlists into solvable problems.Competitive Analysis, internal competency analysis
  • Transcript

    • 1. Interlock for Business Analysts (BA), Project Managers & Product Managers
      Challenges for a Multifunctional Team
      Pinkesh Shah, CISSP CPM CPMM
      CEO Adaptive Marketing
    • 2. 2
      We consult with companies and train professionals on “productizing”
      Train and certify productprofessionals (BA, Project Mgrs, PMs, Engineering, Prod Marketing for accelerated career growth
      Helping companies launch new product lines and scale existing ones throughout the product lifecycle with predictable success.
      Integrate with client’s management team and help set and execute product strategy
    • 3. Lets discuss
      Insights into the process of “productizing”
      Role of a BA, Product Manager and Project Manager in a product team
      Unique challenges for a multifunctional team and how to solve for them
      Trends in India for BA/Product Managers
    • 4. “Productizing” Process:: Idea to Enterprise
      Productizing = Value Management
      Product Manager orchestrates the process of productizing
    • 5. Cross Functional Product Team
      Reliable Ravi
      Savvy Smita
      Coordinating Kevin
      Analyzing Anil
      Techie Tarun
    • 6. Phases of “Productizing”
      Strategic Planning
      Market Analysis
      Product Planning
      Go To Market
      Choosing to Build
      Building Profitably
      Building it right
      Marketing it right
      Selling, Operationalizing
      Understand the Problem
      Needs/ Wants
      Feasibility Competition
      Business Plan - P&L
      Strategic Roadmap
      Market Requirement
      Product Requirement, Definitions, Prioritizations
      Change Control
      Project Execution
      Requirements Testing
      User Acceptance
      Feedback control
      Compelling Value Proposition
      Messaging & Comm. Channels
      Creating Awareness & Demand
      Transition to Operations
      Sales & Channel Setup
      Product Mgr
      Product Mgr
      Project Mgr
      Project Mgr, PM
      Prod Mgr, Prod Mktg Mgr
      BA, Proj Mgr
      Prod Mgr, PMM
    • 7. Product Positioning
      Adaptive Productizing FrameworkTM
      Product Strategy
      Personas & Scenarios
      Value Research & Analytics
      Resources & Competencies
      Target Market Sizing
      Win/Loss Analysis
      Competitive Analysis
      Pricing & Packaging
      Buy/Build/ Partner
      Routes to market
      Collaterals & Sales Tools
      Product Line Economics
      Marketing Plan
      Launch Plan
      Customer Acquisition
      Lead Generation& PreSales
      Channel & Sales Training
      Evangelism Thought Leadership
      Performance Analysis
      Business Model & Plan
      Product Roadmap
      Customer Relationship Mgmt
      Market Analysis
      Strategic Planning
      Product Planning
      Go To Market
      Sales Enablement
      Market Acceptance Planning
      Choosing to Build
      Building Profitably
      Building it right
      Marketing it right
      Selling effectively
    • 8. Primary Focus
      Define and Manage plan execution, monitor and control variations
      Product Management
      Project Management
      Business Analysis
    • 9. Three Disciplines aka “The Dream Team”
    • 10. Challenges – Career Path
      Lack of Established career path ladder
      Creative titles come in the way
      Global baselines still being rolled out in companies and captives in India
    • 11. Career Path for a PM
      Product BU Owner
      Portfolio Owner
      Product Line Owner
      Owner (ex.P&L)
      Owner (ex. Requirements Mgmt)
    • 12. Challenges – Role Interlock
      Agreement on Productizing Process
      Organizational Structure and enablement of the role definitions
    • 13. Challenges – Market Context
      Translating pain points into solvable problems
      Customer Context ≠ Market Context
      Building because they can not because they should
    • 14. India’s firstAnnual Product Management Benchmark
      Report launched at NASSCOM in Nov 2010
      Surveyed 500+ Business Analysts, Product Managers, Project Managers and Product Marketing managers in India
      Goal was to get ground reality insights, challenges in the role of these professionals in India
      Download the full report at
    • 15. 15
      What does a Product Manager look like?
      97.1% “somewhat” or “very” technical
      • Age: 32
      • 16. PM Experience: 3.4, Total Exp: 9.5
      • 17. 68% have Masters degree, 55% MBA
      • 18. 9 out of 10 are males
      • 19. Median salary 19Lakhs (2-3 years of experience)
      • 20. Titles: Business Analyst, Requirements Analyst, Product Mgr, Product Specialist, Strategic Marketing Mgr
      • 21. 53% work for a product company with revenues > 1B$ (MNC India centers)
      Business Analyst, Requirements Analyst, Product specialist, Product Owner,
      Technical Product Manager, Client Engagement Manager….(43 registered!)
      Roles and Titles mapping is all over the place in India
      Most PMs in India come from an engineering background
    • 22. What are they doing?
      Spending only 10% on Market Analysis
      Most of the time spent in Product Planning (30%):: Requirements Management (71%)
      Understanding and Prioritizing which market problems to solve is key before you build
      MBA/Certification does help accelerate career path
      Build because you “should” not because you “could”
      In <5 years experience group, PMs who had certifications/MBA made 14.8% more than those who didnt
    • 23. Visit for schedule of certification workshops transforming professionals to become Global Product Managers
    • 24. 18
      Scheduled Training Offerings