Agile for Product Owners Workshop


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With an increasing number of organizations adopting Agile practices and the majority of them following SCRUM, Agile has gained mainstream recognition in the past couple of years. Today organizations are seeing the value in Agile ceremonies and have brought in the roles and practices that are instrumental in the success of SCRUM.

The Agile workshop has several benefits such as helping you understand the SCRUM process, providing the ability to prune product backlog, conduct release planning ceremony and much more.

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Agile for Product Owners Workshop

  1. 1. Adaptive’s AgileCertified PractitionerWorkshop Accelerate your career path as Agile Product OwnerWith an increasing number of organizations adopting Agile practices and themajority of them following SCRUM, Agile has gained mainstream recognitionin the past couple of years. Agile is no longer considered an outlier, for the Program Benefitscowboys of the software development community. Today organizationsare seeing the value in Agile ceremonies and have brought in the roles andpractices that are instrumental in the success of SCRUM. The Product Owner Understand the SCRUMis a SCRUM role that determines "what" to build with the support of "why" to process and the value in thebuild the features of a product. This role is often taken up by persons who accompanying ceremoniessometimes hold official titles of Product Manager, Program Manager, orBusiness Analyst. Respond to market dynamics and organization visionProduct Owners orchestrate product development from the creation of the Channelize innovationsbacklog to a products market release. Bridge the business, customer, and developmentProgram Faculty teamOur faculty members have played a pivotal role in evangelizing Agile Plan for quality andadoption in top notch global organizations such as McAfee, CDC Software, contingenciesNokia etc. They have played the role of an Agile Coach, Scrum Master, andProduct Owner for over 5 years. As change agents they have transmuted Evolve quick to market plansthe software development lifecycle right from requirements gathering toproject delivery phases. They continue to mentor individuals and Agile Create early feedback loopsteams to nurture and sustain the Agile practice in the organization. Capitalize on the value of stake holders, business analysts, customer sponsors Ideal Participants across geographies and business units Product Managers Product Owners Startup Innovators Tech Architects Business Analysts Engineering Leads Project ManagersMinimum 3 years of work experience and strong appetite for becoming abusiness leader is required to get the best value from the workshop.
  2. 2. Program Modules Day 1 Module 1 Module 2 Agenda for 3 days Agile Manifesto Feedback workshop What is ACP? Agile Framework Agile Lifecycle from workshop Where you stand? Agile Methodology participants Questions & Answers session Module 3 Module 4 Scrum Agile Communication Communication concepts and management Sekhar S N R Mantrala Daily stand up meetings Project Manager Osmotic Communication Aditi Technology India Information radiator Team space Currently I am working on an Agile Communication tools project. Hence I am looking for an Knowledge sharing opportunity that can enhance my knowledge by giving me real implementation of an Agile project. I Day 2 would like to thank the Adaptive Module 5 Module 6 Marketing team for conducting such Planning, Monitoring and Adopting a wonderful workshop. Agile Estimation Relative sizing Retrospective Task/Kanban boards Ideal days Vs. Story Point Time boxing Planning poker Iteration Release Planning Affinity estimation WIP limits Burn down/up charts Cumulative flow diagrams Process tailoring Ramesh Babu Service Delivery Manager, Module 7 Module 8 (optional) Logica PVT.LTD Agile Analysis and Design Product Quality Product roadmap Verification and validation As a service delivery manager, I User stories Test driven development have seen Agile projects being Backlog Definition of Done implemented in my company. So I Story maps Continuous Integration was looking for a workshop that would give me a real Agile project Progressive elaboration Refactoring implementation experience. I would Wireframes like to thank the entire Adaptive Chartering team and also Rajasekhar for giving Module 9 (optional) Personas me such a wonderful practical Agile Soft Skills Negotiation Agile Modelling implementation experience. I would Emotional Intelligence highly recommend this workshop if Collaboration someone is looking for real time Adaptive and Servant leadership agile implementation experience, to Negotiation participate in the agile workshop. Conflict resolution Servant Leadership Shu-Ha-Ri Coaching and mentoring technique
  3. 3. Program Modules Day 3 Module 10 Module 11 Value-based prioritization Value-based prioritization Feedback ROI: Return on Investment NPV: Net present value ROI: Return on Investment NPV: Net present value from workshop IRR: Internal rate of return IRR: Internal rate of return participants Customer-valued prioritization Customer-valued prioritization MMF: Minimum marketable MMF: Minimum marketable feature feature Relative ranking/prioritization Relative ranking/prioritization Risk Management Risk Management Risk adjusted backlog Risk adjusted backlog Risk burn down graphs Risk burn down graphs Risk-based spikes Risk-based spikes Prateek Shrivastava Project Manager Module 12 Nokia India PVT.LTD Vendor Management As a Product Owner, from this Quality Standards workshop I learned project Team Motivation management, project ownership Self-assessment and the best practices of Agile Contracting projects. I feel very satisfied after Variance and trend analysis this workshop. From the work- Compliance shop I also came to know about System thinking the agile world practices and the Exam guide behavior prospects of an agile Access to the 500+ online questions team. The workshop is a quite Access to features like PIN/UNPIN new learning experience for me. I Save a test and Category based questions would like to thank Rajiv and the Simulation online test: 120 questions entire team of Adaptive Marketing for organizing such a wonderful Access to cheat sheet event. Apart from the 12 Module of PMI- ACP we specially cover Smooth transition from Waterfall to Agile. Requirements gathering & management techniques. How to manage changing company priorities. Triple cons traits in project management, productVs project management - release dates, schedules and cost Jasper Goos Envisioning the Architecture of the application from the Product Manager view of Agile Netherlands Product Management transi- tions are sometimes accidental. WhyObtain the New PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP) SM? Having gone through a system- atic, structured way of learning Gartner predicts that 80% of all Software projects will be using Agile in how this role is performed I the next couple of years. recommend this to anybody Your knowledge of both Agile and Traditional practices increase the who aspires to become a value you bring to your organization. product manager or a strategic The certification covers all the Agile methods including Scrum, XP, marketing manager. Real eye Lean, Kanban and has more eligibility rigor compared to existing entry opener and yet completely level certifications. actionable learning Be among the early adopters to acquire this very popular and industry recognized certification by PMI!
  4. 4. Our Clients Program Duration Program Fees Three day program. 249 US$ +tax per participant. Includes breakfast, lunch, Adaptive Timings: 9.30am to 5.30pm. reference book Group corporate discount of 10% for 3+ participants. For the latest schedule visit Contact Us USA: India: Adaptive Marketing Solutions Inc. Adaptive Marketing Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,, +1-713-568-8154 +91 80 41158157 366 king Ave, Fremont, 3rd Floor, “Amber”, 132, 15th Main, CA-94536. 4th Block Koramangala, Bangalore - 560034, Karnataka.