Computer-Mediated Careers

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"Computer-Mediated Careers: Social Networking, Digital Exposures, and the Composition of Professional Identities." Great Plains Alliance for Computers and Writing Conference. St. Cloud State …

"Computer-Mediated Careers: Social Networking, Digital Exposures, and the Composition of Professional Identities." Great Plains Alliance for Computers and Writing Conference. St. Cloud State University, St. Cloud, MN. October 2009.

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  • 1. Computer-Mediated Careers Managing Online Exposures & Composing Professional Identities By Abram Anders
  • 2. Computer-Mediated Careers
    • 45% of employers research potential job candidates online
    • Social and networking activities increasingly take place on the internet
    • Information about us is readily available
    • Additional information is published and reported everyday
  • 3. The Benefit : Take Control
    • Whether we like it or not, we all have computer-mediated careers.
    • We can take control of these “digital exposures” by taking an active role in the composition of our online identities.
    • The internet can be a tool for creating and advertising the best and brightest versions of “Who we already are!”
  • 4. The Problem : Digital Exposures
    • Anyone can publish a piece of information referencing your name
    • It is difficult to control, appeal, or remove information posted on the internet
    • Internet search results form an effectively permanent and easily accessible public record of your life
  • 5. The LAST thing your should do is stick your head in the sand …
    • You won’t have a good view, and no else will get a good view of you.
    • Look ahead, think ahead, and prepare:
    • Start EARLY
    • Take CONTROL of your online Identity
  • 6. The Solution : Self-Advertise
    • Use the internet to Advertise and Distribute information about your strengths, experiences, activities, and background.
    • Focus ATTENTION on the positives by “owning” the high-traffic real-estate of 1 st page search results.
    • Showcase many different perspectives and sources of information about you!
  • 7. Get ATTENTION
    • SHOW many different sides of Yourself
    • Be PROUD of the image you Present
    • ATTRACT potential Employers and professional Contacts
  • 8. Get Specific : Be Proactive
    • Google results = open source “e-resume”
      • Maximize Positives : Pro-actively Publish!
      • Minimize Negatives : Clean-up, remove, revise
    • E-portfolios and E-profiles = “e-cover letter”
      • Take Control : provide a positive frame/context for your online identity
      • Get Attention : create a consistent brand, provide up to date information
  • 9. Further Action : Use Tips/Tools
    • Create a google profile
    • Submit personal sites to google search
    • Use developer tools like google analytics
    • Publicize, cross-link, add meta-data
    • Make the most of web and social services
      • Use privacy settings and filters
      • Stream feeds to your personal site
  • 10. Enjoy the view from top
    • Get to the top of the search results
    • Get a TOP JOB
  • 11. Get Results : Summary
    • The Benefit : Take Control
    • The Problem : Digital Exposures
    • The Solution : Self-Advertise
    • Get Specific : Be Proactive
    • Further Action : Use Tips/Tools
  • 12. References and Resources
    • Employer Survey Results
    • Internet W ayBackMachine
    • The Virtue of Hitting ‘Delete’ …
    • Managing Reputation & Search Results
    • Cleaning up online/offline identity
    • Texas Instruments: Ethics Test / Employee Guidelines
    • Google Profile
    • Submit Your Site
    • Google Analytics
  • 13. Credits
    • Image 1: “Ostrich” http://
    • Image 2: “Peacock”
    • Image 3: “Trump Towers View” http ://
  • 14. Computer-Mediated Careers
    • by  Abram Anders  is licensed under a  Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 United States License .