0851761 Zombies


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This is your guide to survival from the imminent zombie invasion.

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0851761 Zombies

  1. 2. <ul><li>As a part of the voodoo religion, Haitians believe that magicians, or ‘houngans’, can revive the recently dead, turning them into mindless, soulless servants. </li></ul><ul><li>Houngans may have used combinations of toxic drugs to send their victims into a deep coma. Mistaken for dead, the victims would be buried, only to be disinterred and revived by the Houngan. Other drugs would be used to keep the “zombie” in a passive and obedient state. </li></ul>
  2. 3. -There are many ways to prevent or at the very least prolong the amount of time until you become a zombie. -Choosing the right weaponry, equipment and where it is you will seek shelter are all very important factors, and will be covered first.
  3. 4. When surveyed, 20 people responded to the question “Could you survive a zombie invasion?”. About 64 percent of participants answered yes, while the remaining 36 percent answered no.
  4. 5. -So long as the weapon you choose is capable of either removing the zombies head, or ceasing any brain function, it is the right tool for the job. -Some things to keep in mind, however, are how close you want to get to the zombie(s), and if the weapon could possibly be used against you. Fire is a good example of something which should be reconsidered as a weapon.
  5. 6. The only thing worse than undead hordes trying to eat your brain is undead hordes trying to eat your brain WHILE ON FIRE.
  6. 8. 10 men and 10 women have been polled and asked how they would go about surviving a zombie invasion.
  7. 9. The impending zombie invasion may be frightening, but if the suggestions listed within this presentation are followed , the frightening reality of zombie swarms invading our entire world may be less scary than previously thought. Using various weaponry to behead zombie foes, keeping in touch with the rest of humanity using radios, and simply avoiding zombies in general are the best ways to stay undead free.
  8. 10. http://www.zombiesurvivalwiki.com/page/Equipment?t=anon http://gizmodo.com/338916/hello-kitty-expands-upon-arsenal-with-ar+15-rifle http://www.completemartialarts.com/information/weapons/shuriken.htm http://www.weaponsblog.org/ www.amazon.com http://iflizwerequeen.com/?p=233 Photoshop was used to create many pictures in this presentation The books “World War Z” and “The Zombie Survival Guide” were used as an inspiration for this presentation and are great further readings for anyone interested in the war against the zombies.