(0661799) The Bicycle: A Human Powered Vehicle


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This integrated media series is about the bicycle. Throughout time, bikes have provided a means of transportation, recreation and physical fitness. There are three common types of biking which include cross country, downhill/free-ride and street riding, all of which are strongly reliant on endurance, handling/control and self-reliance.

  • Bicycle is used by every person in their life . children are always like this.


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  • i really like the presantation. could you make more about the various types of bikes because this is what am working for my project. thanks
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(0661799) The Bicycle: A Human Powered Vehicle

  1. 1. The Bicycle: A Human Powered Vehicle *1
  2. 2. The Bicycle: A bicycle is a human powered machine (pedal-driven), which was originally introduced in the 19 th century. The first bike was made of wood and was designed with steering in the front and no pedals. In the years to follow several new inventions and additions took bicycles to an entirely new direction. Such inventions are commonly known as the steel/aluminum/carbon frame, braking system, mechanical crank, spoked rim and rubber tire/tube. The bike featured on the left is one of the earlier inventions of the bicycle, it is known as the “penny-farthing.” *2
  3. 3. *3
  4. 4. The Four Common Types of Bicycles: Although the style, technology and dependability of bicycles has largely improved, the basic configuration still remain the same. Bicycles can be categorized into different types, which include BMX, racing, mountain and touring bicycles. Each type varies in weight, size, comfort and dependability. BMX Mountain Bicycle Touring Bicycle Racing Bicycle *4 *7 *5 *6
  5. 5. Do you prefer a BMX, racing, mountain or touring bicycle? A recent survey of 40 McMaster students (20 Females and 20 Males), reveals that approximately 64% of the students prefer to drive mountain bicycles.
  6. 6. Bicycle Equipment: Biking is an expensive sport, which requires a lot more then just a bicycle. Tire Pump Hand Protection Hydration System Bicycle Shoes GPS Head/Elbow/Knee Protection Bicycle Clothing Bicycle Tools *9 *8 *10 *11 *13 *12 *15 *14
  7. 7. Biking is Environmentally Friendly… Amongst all other forms of transportation, biking is beneficial to the environment. In today’s day and age, a major environmental concern is global warming. Global warming is largely caused from toxic emissions, commonly released from cars, trucks, buses and motorcycles exc. Bicycling helps to reduce the emission of pollutants, noise, traffic congestion and the use of natural resources. Therefore, bicycles not only contribute to good health and a clean environment, but they help to save money and natural resources. *1
  8. 8. Would you rather bike, walk, rollerblade or skateboard to commute around the McMaster campus? A recent survey of 40 McMaster students (20 Females and 20 Males), reveals that approximately 55% of the students prefer to commute around campus on a bicycle. *1
  9. 9. *16
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