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0758036 - Celebrity Worship Syndrome
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0758036 - Celebrity Worship Syndrome


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This slideshow is about Celebrity Worship Syndrome; its effects on people and its presence in the media. When does talking about your favourite celebrity turn into obsession? Find out here.

This slideshow is about Celebrity Worship Syndrome; its effects on people and its presence in the media. When does talking about your favourite celebrity turn into obsession? Find out here.

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  • 1. Celebrity Worship Syndrome 1
  • 2. 2
  • 3. Definition
    • Celebrity Worship syndrome can be defined as “an obsessive-addictive disorder in which a person becomes overtly involved with the details of a celebrity’s personal life.” (Wikipedia)
    • Psychologists from the U.K. have determined three levels of Celebrity Worship:
    • Entertainment-Social: people who enjoy a certain celebrity because of their talents, and enjoy talking about this celebrity with others. (the healthy level)
    • Intense-Personal : intense and compulsive, with obsessive tendencies, the person believes they share a special bond with their favourite celebrity.
    • Borderline-Pathological: uncontrollable fantasies and thoughts about a celebrity, believing that their celebrity would come to their rescue if they needed help, etc. (the unhealthy level)
    • ( Source: Wikipedia )
  • 4.
    • Do you have real relationships in your life?
    • Does following your favourite celebrity disrupt your life? (Do you stop interaction with family and friends to follow your celebrity?)
    • Do you think your favourite celebrity is personally connected to you?
    • If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may want to seek help about your obsession!
    • (Source: Associated Content)
    3- a photo of Britney Spears’ obsessed fan, Chris Crocker See Video: How to tell if you’re Obsessed:
  • 5. Attitudes Toward Celebrities Taken from a study by Dr. John Maltby of 3000 people and their attitudes toward celebrities. Source: BBC Health Chart created in Microsoft Excel
  • 6. Celebrity News
    • It is recognized that hero worship is a natural human phenomenon
    • Celebrity magazines aid people in their obsession
    • “ when we are completely vulnerable, they sell us the image even harder — from headlines that titillate us with "celebrity secrets," to the books, diets, cosmetics, foods, jewelry, and clothes that promise we'll be closer to the ones we adore.” (CBS News)
    • They also air out all of the stars’ dirty laundry, making fans susceptible to mimicking their heroes problems; which can be very dangerous – ie. Drugs, alcohol problems
    • (Source: CBS News)
  • 7. Celebrity Magazine Circulation ( 2007 ) Data Source: Audit Bureau of Circulations ( Chart created in Microsoft Excel
  • 8. 5
  • 9. But Don’t Worry, It Could be a Healthy Interest
    • Following a celebrity can be a healthy interest that may actually better our lives
    • If your celebrity is a good role model, and you strive to imitate them, then you will be a good person in turn
    • “ Experts say hero worship can yield even more positive results when celebrities take to the streets with campaigns that encourage good health — and ultimately help convince us to personally make changes in our own lives.” (CBS News)
    • When it comes down to it, as long as admiring a celebrity does not replace your own life, you don’t need to worry.
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