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Social media marketing - Adam Thiên


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Bộ tài liệu giúp bạn kiếm tiền trên internet mà không cần sản phẩm của riêng bạn

Bộ tài liệu giúp bạn kiếm tiền trên internet mà không cần sản phẩm của riêng bạn

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  • 1. In general•SM : Social Media•SMM : Social Media Marketing•SMO : Social Media Optimization•SMM = SMO + SM ads
  • 2. Social media types (Over 20)• Social Networking : Facebook, Zing.Me• Social News : Linkhay, Newsvine, Digg• Social Measuring : Technorati, BlogPulse• Microblogging : Twitter• Blogs : Opera, Yahoo+, Blogspot, WP• Social Bookmarking : Diggo, Delicious• Social Q&A : Google, Yahoo answer, VG
  • 3. Social media types• Video Sharing : Youtube, Viadeo, Vimeo• Photo Sharing : Picasa, Flickr• Social Search : Google vertical search• Professional Networks : Calavat, Hoclamgiau• Niche Communities : Vinametal, Tinhte, Phuot• Forum / Group• Blogging Communities
  • 4. Social media types• Document shares :• Social knowledge : Wiki• Social job : Linkedin, Freelancer• Social shop : Vatgia, ebay, amazon…• Social reviews/ advice : Aha, Virtual tourist, Lonelyplanet, Tripadvisor• Social lens : Squidoo• Social study / Online learning, violet,
  • 5. Social media types• Social map : Wikimap, GGmap, diadiem• Social Group on : Muachung, nhommua• Social chat : Yahoo chatgroup, Bebo, Paltalk• Social Game : Zing, VTC…• Social music : Nhaccuatui• Social bid : Money bid game• Social health• Social application/widget : Apple store
  • 6. SMM targets and measure for SME
  • 7. SMM other targets• Employee management (Guideline, rule)• Employee motivation (Group, share, game, friendship)• Recruitment (Head hunter)
  • 8. Social Media marketing ways• Buzz marketingBrand : Display ads, News, photos, Make Profile, Fanpage, Channel, Place content, Post, share, follow, comment, like, plus, tweet, status, mapping, CRM.Audients : See, read, download, vote, like, click, join, check in, bookmark, play, action , comment, become fan, follow, pay attention , (Engagement, consider, buying, booking)
  • 9. Social Media marketing ways• Make playing (Application, game, experiences content)• Viral marketingBrand : Make creative content/campaign + buzz marketingAudients : As buzz + SEND, SHARE, Recommend , tweet, copy, post, edit, re used, chat, talk, write to Mass mediaReveal (Secrets, Unlock, explore, experiences)
  • 10. • Game flow <>Integrated marketing- (Multi channels: SEM, offline marketing, Digital ways…)- Multi Social media types : Text, game, Video, voice, photos- Multi content (Game show, Contest, Experiences, Fan motivating…)- Influencer / SM PR• Engaging : Quiz, Gifting, Reviews, Scoring,
  • 11. SMM simple plan
  • 12. Viral flow1. Viral content+ Creative+ Trust+ Helpful+ Strange+ Unique+ Celebs+ Benefit
  • 13. 2. Viral Marketing Checklist• Make it Easy to Find and Access• Avoid creating private content behind account logins• Common private areas: Facebook, Google Groups, email inboxes• Selectively share your content in existing in relevant places and networks• Make it Easy to Share• Social sharing tools:• ShareThis:• NEW - Google + 1:• Facebook sharing plugins:• Like/ Recommend button:• Comments: ents/• Create a friendly URL• Enable embedding and sharing options
  • 14. • Encourage Sharing• Motivate: contests, giveaways, discounts, status, recognition, influence, be understood• Selectively make personal requests of influencers, leaders and champions• Make it fun• Say “thank you”• Track and promote the sharing by others (remember your tags and hashtags)
  • 15. 3. Viral secrets
  • 16. About Author• Website:• Website:• Website:• Website:• Website:• Website:• Và nhiều hệ thống khác, bạn có thể ghé thăm để tìm nhiều tài liệu giá trị…