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Communication and team dynamics
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Communication and team dynamics


Communication and team dynamics

Communication and team dynamics

Published in Education , Technology , Business
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  • 1. Communication and team dynamics
  • 2. Communication and team dynamics One of the most important aspects of team dynamics is communication. It can lead, on the one hand, to a team being extremely efficient and successful, or, on the other hand, inefficient and a terrible failure. Ineffective communication can be a source of discontent in a team. The purpose of team communication is to enhance team performance; therefore, it is each team member’s responsibility to ensure effective communication.
  • 3. Communication and team dynamics Four crucial elements teams must possess to communicate effectively are: - a willingness to have open authentic discussions, - active listening, - willingness to confront conflicts, - mutual understanding.
  • 4. Communication and team dynamics There are several factors a team has to consider when creating the environment for open authentic discussions: determining how each individual of the team communicates,
  • 5. Communication and team dynamics - accessing each individual team member’s strengths and weaknesses as it pertains to clearly expressing their views and opinions (once this information is captured, then members will have a better understanding as to how to get all team members to participate in discussing key topics related to team goals),
  • 6. Communication and team dynamics making sure that team members who are more expressive do not use this as an opportunity to dominate a more introverted team member, - encouraging clear objective conversations ( open discussions are a great way to get to know your team members, and this will lead to team trust), - presenting information in a factual manner. -
  • 7. Communication and team dynamics With effective communication, teams can easily excel in areas such as: - meeting deadlines, - accomplishing difficult tasks, - maintaining moral within the team.
  • 8. Communication and team dynamics Successful relationship will emerge if team members help one another by communicating ideas and tactics. Productivity will also increase with the proper lines of communication.