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  • 1. Discuss the ways in which the candidates own experiences of media consumption illustrate wider patterns and trends of audience behaviour My own personal experiences of the way in which media is changing vary fromthe differences in prices but also in the new technologies in which our generation isthrowing at us. It’s not just in cinemas that we watch films anymore. When films firstcame out it was only at the cinema that people could consume film, then in the 1970’s itwas widely available on VHS. VHS was then outdated by DVD and then it becameavailable in HD (high definition) which has now become outdated by blue-ray. It isn’tjust on the big screens of cinema that film is available but also on the big screens at homeas televisions are getting bigger, so the film experience can now be replicated at home.Film has also moved onto the smaller screens of phones and mp4 players by downloads.Due to this film has to attract its viewers again by issuing deals for example orangeWednesdays and student Thursdays. Now media companies are buying rights to showfilms on their television channels for example film flex and sky movies. All of this takesaway cinemas viewers and can place them in the same cinema situations at home.Marketing of films has also changed our experience as we can almost be brain washedinto watching “blockbuster” as they are everywhere, therefore Warner bros and similartycoons can almost monopolise the market as smaller film companies like ShaneMeadows can be overshadowed as they cannot afford to market their films with suchauthority.