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8own experiences (1)

  1. 1. FILM INDUSTRY: USING YOUR CASE STUDYPART 7: The ways in which the candidates’own experience of media consumptionillustrate wider patterns and trends ofaudience behaviourReflect on what you watch and why? Your generation are oftenrepresented as having a different attitude to moving image media.Think about how true the following statements are for you.  Young people’s exposure to an endless torrent of media images and messages means that they have a limited attention span. Unless something grabs them instantly, they will be looking to ‘flick’ and find something else to watch.  Young people have no patience for slow-moving and demanding narratives.  Young people are increasingly in the habit of watching moving images on their own. This is particularly true in the family home where young people have TVs/DVDs/PCs in their own room. Increasingly, this is also the case via hand-held mobile devices.  Their own film-making and exposure to lots of DIY films on youtube has made the DIY/amateur aesthetic popular among young people.  The youtube generation are also used to watching things in ten minute bursts where the gratification is instant. A film can seem inordinately long by comparison.  The interaction that young people are accustomed to through videogame playing means that they are easily bored and frustrated by the relatively passive experience of film-watching.  The spectacularly visual experience means that young audiences, particularly boys, expect similar visual stimulation from a film. They demand that films be spectacular.  Young people have become accustomed to the idea that they can get music free (illegally) through the internet. They do not put the same value on media experiences and are less willing to pay for films when they are aware of the possibilities of pirate copies, illegal downloads etc.  Young people are particularly responsive to online advertising/marketing and to recommendations from their own peer group. They are much less likely than previous
  2. 2. generations to read reviews in newspapers. Most likely, they will be visually attracted to a film through a trailer or striking poster campaign.  Young people increasingly live in the now (or even the near future); they are reluctant to seek out older films.  For reasons considered above, young people can be impatient viewers. They are therefore particularly reluctant to watch foreign language films.Given the many other ways in which films can be accessed at homeand on the move, young people tend to see going to the cinema asa ‘special occasion’ rather than their standard means of accessingfilms.Think about Working Title Films and you…..Look at the list of Working Title films at the end of this document. • Which have you seen? • Can you remember the circumstances in which you saw them? • Can you remember why you saw them and how you responded to them? • How do you perceive the list as a whole in terms of the intended audience? • Do you think the films are intended for you and your peers? If not, who? • Look at some of the recent marketing for films like The Boat that Rocked and State of Play? Where did you encounter this marketing? Did it appeal to you?WORKING TITLE FILMSA World Apart (film)About a Boy (film)Ali G IndahouseAtonement (film)Barton FinkThe Big LebowskiBilly ElliotThe Boat That RockedBob RobertsThe Borrowers (1997 film)Bridget Joness Diary (film)Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason (film)Burn After ReadingThe Calcium KidCaptain Corellis Mandolin (film)
  3. 3. Catch a Fire (film)Chicago Joe and the ShowgirlDead Man Walking (film)Definitely, MaybeDrop Dead FredEdward II (film)Elizabeth (film)Elizabeth: The Golden AgeFargo (film)For Queen and Country40 Days and 40 NightsFour Weddings and a FuneralFrench Kiss (film)Frost/Nixon (film)Green Zone (film)The Guru (2002 film)The Hi-Lo CountryHot FuzzThe Hudsucker ProxyInside Im DancingThe InterpreterJohnny EnglishLand and FreedomLoch Ness (film)London Kills MeLong Time DeadLove ActuallyThe Man Who CriedThe Man Who Wasnt ThereMap of the Human HeartMickybo and MeMoonlight and ValentinoBean (film)Mr. Beans HolidayMy Beautiful LaundretteMy Little EyeNanny McPheeNed Kelly (2003 film)Notting Hill (film)O Brother, Where Art Thou?Panther (film)Paperhouse (film)Plunkett & MacleanePosse (1993 film)Pride & Prejudice (2005 film)The Return of the BorrowersRobin Hood (1991 film)
  4. 4. Romeo Is BleedingRubin and EdSammy and Rosie Get LaidShaun of the DeadSmokin AcesThe SoloistState of Play (film)Tales of the City (TV miniseries)The Tall GuyThe Comic StripThunderbirds (film)United 93 (film)Wild Child (2008 film)Wimbledon (film)Wish You Were Here (1987 film)The Young Americans (film)