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Shahrul azwan (1)

  1. 1. What is the earlymarriage?? ?? Early marriage refers to any form of marriage that takes place before a child has reached 18 years…….
  2. 2. Child marriage According to the The 1948 Universal Convention on the Declaration of Humaninvolves either one or Elimination on All Forms Rights states thatboth spouses being marriage should be of Discriminationchildren and may ‘entered only with the againsttake place under Women(CEDAW) free and full consent ofcivil, religious or the intending spouses’. - marriage before thecustomary laws with age of 18 shouldn’t be Where one of theor without formal allowed since children parties getting marriedregistration. don’t have the ‘full is under 18, consent maturity and capacity cannot always beA child is usually assumed to be ‘free and to act’.someone under 18. full’.
  3. 3. LOVE ARRANGEboth the partners both the partnersbefore committing in have to decide in justa relationship have a few meetingstime to get to know whether to commiteach other to the relationship orKnow each other’s notlikes and dislikes and Both the partners areknows how someone generally a mystery tois likely to behave in a each other beforemarriage the marriage
  4. 4. LOVE ARRANGEoften is not an easy marriage takesaffair and it is place with thecommon for many consent of bothfamilies to have families, and in thisdifficulty in way, starting a newaccepting the life becomesrelationship relatively very easy
  5. 5. LOVE ARRANGEexpect more from both the partnersthe other person are just discoveringbecause they know the preferenceseach other very and behaviors ofwell and may have the other persondeveloped and may not havepreconceived so manynotions before the expectations ofmarriage them just yet
  6. 6. LOVE ARRANGEthe romantic bond the bond takes time tobetween them is often developvery strong before they essentially totalget married strangers to each othercan understand each need to take time toother’s understand each other’sexpressions, feelings and feelings and desiresdesires very easily, andare more comfortable inthe relationship
  7. 7. you may regret losing the freedomassociated with young adulthoodBe sure you have allowed yourselfthe time to find a life for yourselfbefore you share it with anyoneelse.
  8. 8. Each partner may have more lifeexperience, but also may havechildren, financial issues, ageingparents or are just plain set in theirways. Waiting until later in life to marry canbe tricky, but rewarding as well.
  9. 9. “Happy marriages beginwhen we marry the ones welove, and they blossom whenwe love the ones we marry.”
  10. 10. Love marriage or arrangedmarriage, which marriage would last forever? This question lingers in many minds, however, the key to successful marriage lies in understanding each other. Whether it is love marriage or arranged marriage, both have
  11. 11. References,.• Alauddin, M. and U. Rob (1999) Meeting the Needs of Newly-Married Youth: The Bangladesh Case." International Quarterly of Community Health Education 18(4): 459-469.• Clark, S. (2005), "Early marriage and HIV risks in sub-Saharan Africa," Studies in Family Planning, 35 (3).• Jenson, R. and R. Thornton (2003), Early female marriage in the developing world, Gender and Development, vol. 11, no. 2, pp. 9-19.
  12. 12. Thankyou….
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