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  • 1. Helping clients move off the drawing board onto the shelf
  • 2. Mission To provide highly efficient, high impact solutions to companies seeking to enter the global consumer market for consumer and technology products.
  • 3. Concept
      • There are companies out there that either need to bring products to market but don’t know how, or retailers, service providers and OEMs that want specific products but don’t know how to source them, or companies that need help setting up various facets of their business (such as finance and human resources, sourcing, supply chain logistics, quality assurance, product and process qualification, after-sales support, refurbishment processes, etc.).
      • Evo Consulting has the knowledge to help all of these potential clients by either consulting with them on high level strategy, teaching them how to create and manage these services, helping them set up and run these services, or actually performing some or all of these services for them. Graphically it can be described as:
    • Explain -----> Teach -----> Help -----> Do
    Consult on high level strategy Teach how to create and manage appropriate services Help set up some or all facets of the business and outsourced services Provide some or all of needed services directly on an interim or ongoing basis
  • 4. Customers
    • Any company that needs help setting up various facets of its business quickly and efficiently –- from back office finance, human resources and IT functions, to sales and marketing, to supply chain management, to after-sales support. Evo Consulting can help any business move off the drawing board and onto the retail shelf.
    • Any company that need to bring products to market but doesn’t have the established experience and knowledge in place.
    • Technology start-up companies with great product ideas but no way to build and deliver into the market.  Evo Consulting can assist these types of companies seeking help in the retail market –- from developing product specifications to backend customer support services, and everything in between.  
    • Retailers that either have a niche product in mind or an in-house brand strategy, but they either don’t know how to have the product built and delivered, or they know all to well from experience that they need help in doing so.
    • OEM and ODM manufacturers and service providers that want to develop their own branded products rather than merely building for others. These companies have a pipeline of various product ideas, but they have no experience at selling products at retail or caring for consumers who might buy their products. 
  • 5. Experience Adam Andersen has over twenty years of experience in a wide variety of areas, including general management, operations, logistics and distribution, supply chain management, finance, human resources, legal, IT and large-scale project management. He cut his teeth as a senior executive at well-known technology and retail companies. In addition to core business competencies, he brings to each client his hard-earned relationships and contacts, including U.S. retailers, Asian manufacturers and key component suppliers, and outsource partners such as call centers, distribution centers, logistics providers, service centers, rebate houses, liquidators, etc. Most recently, Adam has served as interim CFO & COO at Vortex Tennis LLC, where he assisted this new tennis racquet company through its startup phase: raising angel capital, creating a viable business model, establishing Asian factory relationships, developing internal systems and controls, implementing GL and inventory systems, managing Finance, Marketing, Sales and Distributions. He was also recently interim CFO & COO at Electra Bicycle Company, Inc. Evo Consulting LLC – Chief Problem Solver - 2005 to present Gateway, Inc. – Senior Vice President; Chief Administrative Officer – 2004 to 2005 eMachines, Inc. – Executive Vice President; Chief Operating Officer – 2001 to 2004 Wireless Fulfillment Services, LLC. – Chief Operating Officer – 1998 to 2001 AT&T Wireless (dba Cellular One, San Francisco) – Vice President Legal Affairs; General Counsel – 1990 to 1998 JD – American University. BA – College of William & Mary.
  • 6.
    • Fortune 500 Executive and Corporate Leader: Adam is a hands-on senior executive able to step into any company to provide strategic vision and day-to-day operational management. Throughout his career he has been the executive responsible for ensuring smooth operation of the overall business. Adam has a track record of leading companies to success by implementing new business models, reducing costs, increasing revenue and streamlining operations in a wide range of situations.
    • Wide Breadth of Experience: Adam has been successful in start-ups and turnarounds, public and private companies, major corporations and entrepreneurial businesses. He has in-depth experience in every operational function, including Finance, Human Resources, Information Technologies, Legal and Governmental Affairs, Public Relations, Contract Management, Internal Procurement, Real Estate and Facilities, Distribution (warehousing and shipping), and Project Management. All in all, he is extremely capable and can quickly assess a company’s needs in order to make accurate, critical decisions.
    • Proven Record of Change Management: In many industries and situations Adam has been asked to plan and implement sweeping changes, such as the merger of disparate businesses, formulation of sweeping new business plans, streamlining of operations, negotiation of major contracts, mitigation of business-threatening litigation, management of large downsizings, overhaul of vendor relationships, and even dealing with regulatory agencies. He has a proven track record of getting companies through transitional periods and creating successful businesses by developing winning business models, motivating individual contributors and inspiring entire companies.
    • Exceptional Skills: Adam has very strong written and verbal communication skills. One of his strengths as a leader is the ability to work with rank-and-file employees, a wide variety of CEOs, private owners and investors, and corporate boards. He is proficient at solving problems and implementing solutions under time constraints and any budget level. Adam takes great satisfaction in understanding all the needs and workings of a company, its products and its employees.
  • 7. Achievements
    • Adam has had a number of notable achievements over his twenty years of experience.
      • Led the rapid and successful post-merger integration of $4 Billion Gateway with $1 Billion eMachines.
      • Reduced Gateway’s annual SG&A from nearly 25% to less than 9% of revenue (from about $250 Million to $85 Million per quarter) within nine months, thereby helping to restore profitability after nearly $2 Billion in losses over the prior two years.
      • Restored eMachines from over $200 Million in annual operating losses to profitability within ten months. Led the transformation of the company from a delisted, money-losing dotcom concept to a profitable, innovative computer company – in fact, the third largest retail PC company in the U.S. – and one of the seven best companies to work for in Orange County (OC Metro, July 10, 2003).
      • Matured break-even start-up company (Wireless Fulfillment Services) from 100 employees and $20 Million in revenues to 250 employees and $55 Million in revenues (and 15% net margins) in less than two years.
      • Part of the management team that grew Cellular One in the Bay Area from a high-tech novelty with 200 employees and $40 Million in revenues into a highly profitable and successful company with over 1000 employees and over $500 Million in revenues.
  • 8. Methodology
      • Adam can help any business implement a cost structure that allows a profitable business model even in low margin businesses. He will help the business develop a sustainable advantage focused in areas that are difficult to duplicate without the right channel contacts and efficient business model:
        • Low cost corporate structure and entry level focus
        • Product development and placement through quantitative value analysis
        • Aggressive management of product life cycles and value change
        • Cost effective, high quality post-sales customer care services
    Product Specifications Competitive Configurations Value Maximization Line Logic and Step Planning Technology Timing Value Erosion Control Risk Management Product Transitions Operational Efficiency Customer Care Quality Control Warranty & Support Programs Repair & Refurbishment Programs High volume price bands Lower risk / higher velocity SKU ’ s Greater profitability even in highly competitive environments Product Planning Life Cycle & Supply Chain Management
  • 9. Implementation
      • Adam knows how to help start-up companies with great product ideas but no way to build and deliver into the market, particularly in low-margin and highly competitive environments. He can help any company grow from the ground up by quickly assessing the situation, then providing operational direction and leadership in the following areas:
        • Business plan development
        • Back office implementation including key performance metrics
        • Customer support operations including quality assurance, installation and field services, end-user replaceable parts systems and technical support
        • Establish working relationships with all necessary vendors, including parts suppliers, manufacturers, logistics providers, field and technical support companies, and technical call center partners
        • Teach the company’s employees how to manage the processes, outsource partners and continually optimize
        • Implement simplified MRP tools and teach the company how to manage supply chain and production processes
        • Assist in the hiring and training of employees to manage ongoing operations and outsource partner management
        • Build and manage the brands’ equity through a variety of quality assurance, customer service and warranty support programs.
  • 10. Helping clients move off the drawing board onto the shelf Adam Andersen 714-299-1906 [email_address]