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Presentation Design Tips | 10 Before And After Slide Examples That Will Blow Your Mind!

Presentation Design Tips | 10 Before And After Slide Examples That Will Blow Your Mind!



One of the best ways to learn presentation design is from looking at "Before" and "After" slides. Here are 10 Before and After examples that include commentary on the changes that were made. The ...

One of the best ways to learn presentation design is from looking at "Before" and "After" slides. Here are 10 Before and After examples that include commentary on the changes that were made. The presentation design tips discussed are just a small sample from my eBook "Slides Made Simple."


If you want to learn how to create AMAZING slides and CRUSH your next presentation click on the link above and get your copy of this eBook today!



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  • Nice.. I believe I would like to see some more examples : the ones above were eye openers. I will send you and email. Mine is snyahoza@coca-cola.com
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    Presentation Design Tips | 10 Before And After Slide Examples That Will Blow Your Mind! Presentation Design Tips | 10 Before And After Slide Examples That Will Blow Your Mind! Presentation Transcript

    • Hi I’m Adam -Founder ofPresentation PandaWe make BORINGpresentationsINTERESTING …
    • Today I’m going to show you some “Before” and“After” slides that illustrate just A FEW of thedesign principles presented in my personallywritten eBook, Slides Made Simple. http://presentationpanda.com/book/
    • Drive revenue through new channels • ecommerce or other payment options • Mobile • Social • Tablet • In-store • Others • Web
    • Drive revenue through new channels Mobile Web Tablet eCommerce Social In - Store Other
    • Quick Tip #1:This BEFORE slide is a typical “Death by PowerPoint” slide, with an ugly bullet list. Thecheesy stock image to the right also doesn’t help. Notice how the image is also cut off at thehead, which is common in many stock photos. It’s ridiculous how many of these stockphotos come cropped this way, so watch out for this! To make this slide much more visuallyinteresting, get rid of the ugly bullet list and cheesy image. Instead, insert some relevanticons. Notice how all the icons have a consistent look and feel. They are also given plenty of“white space” (i.e., breathing room) which gives each category a chance to shine. Finally,notice how the title of the slide has much more impact by changing the font and increasingthe font size on the words “drive revenue.”
    • Technology has truly revolutionized the musicmarketplace, and having a strong onlinepresence is key in this ever growing andchanging industry.
    • Quick Tip #2:This set of slides is another great example of how a large font creates a more impactfulslide. Again, we have extraneous elements on the BEFORE slide with the tiny stock photo,a big ugly arrow, and the world image. We also have long winded text that can be shortenedby extracting the most important information. We can see that the AFTER slide is muchsimpler and focuses on a single point. As a result, this makes the slide much morememorable. When in doubt, remove the extraneous clutter, decrease the text, and increasefont on the most important words of the slide.
    • Mission To provide businesseswith a matching platform that will match the best possible service provider based on the criteria given by the buyer.
    • To help businesses findthe kind of vendor theyrelooking for.
    • Quick Tip #3:Minimize the text as much as possible, and eliminate all images, unless they provide valueto the audience. Also, take a look at the color combination of the BEFORE slide. There areEIGHT different colors going on which makes the slide look really sloppy. Notice how muchstronger the AFTER slide is when we minimize the text, eliminate the image that’s notadding value, and keep the color scheme to only three colors. In the BEFORE slide, we’renot quite sure what’s the most crucial element to focus on. On the other hand, the AFTERslide leaves us with a simple and memorable message.
    •  Vapur guarantees the following policies: If 200,000 pcs no nicotine are ordered and through testing there is even small traces of nicotine supplier agrees to take back all 200,000 units and pay for all return shipping . Basic nicotine Testing is done before shipment leaves origin country and lab testing is done once received into canada for complete testing analysis. 1 year warranty on all batteries and chargers Our suppliers are capable of producing 100,000 units a day Our suppliers have all there proper certifications Due to our strict inspection procedures we have a 0.9% faulty product ratio Shipping Insurance is bought at the buyers expense for any damages encounterd during shipping about 0.3% From the time order is placed to delivery at your door will take 45 days if no customs delays are encounterd All products are tested for nicotine and ethylene glycol from a Canadian certified lab once product arrives in Montreal, all lab report testing is deliverd along with products each time We work with fully capable brokers Axxes Our customs B-3 documents are in full compliance
    • Quick Tip #4:There’s lots of things going wrong in the BEFORE slide here. Here, we can see TONS oftext, a poor contrasting background, a weak image that awkwardly cuts into the slide, andlots of spelling and grammar issues. First and foremost, we have to minimize andorganize all that text (especially if you want to keep it all on one slide). As you can see inthe AFTER slide, it looks much cleaner once you organize and minimize the text. Addingsome icons also helps to make it easy for the audience to categorize and digest the info.Finally, notice how the darker background and better font choice makes the slide mucheasier to read.
    • 7X 4X 4X 3X 3X 2XVitamin C Calcium Vitamin A Potassium Iron Protein Of Of Of Of Of Of Oranges Milk Carrots Bananas Almonds Yogurt MoringaFarms.com
    • 7X 4X 4X 3X 3X 2X Protein Potassium Iron Of Calcium Vitamin A Of Of YogurtVitamin C Of Of Bananas Almonds Of Milk Carrots Oranges
    • Quick Tip #5:In the BEFORE slide, there are several key errors taking place. First, all the images are notconsistent – there’s a mix of real photography and vector images. Along with this, the imagesall have different backgrounds (white, black, and purple) which also contributes to theinconsistent look of the images. In comparison, the AFTER slide has a consistent set of photoimages that all have a nice white background that provides strong contrast against the blackbackground. The images have also been placed into circles which give them a clean andconsistent look. Second, the BEFORE slide could do a much better job at showing the sizeproportions of the different foods by adjusting the image sizes accordingly (as seen in theAFTER slide). Finally, the title of the BEFORE slide is pretty weak. By simply changing theword “great” to “superfood” you create more excitement and intrigue for the audience.
    • Customer Satisfaction: by Country Customer Service 120 100 80 60 40 20 0 U.S.A Brazil England India Russia Australia
    • Quick Tip #6:The BEFORE slide here represents your typical boring bar chart. If you want to keep thedata in a chart format there are a number of things you can do improve the chart. For myfull list of recommendations check out my charts section within Slides Made Simple. Keep inmind that all data doesn’t have to be shown as a chart. In the AFTER slide you can see thatthe data looks really clean when it’s spread out visually over a world map. We can see thatthis data is much easier on the eyes, and also makes it much easier for the audience tocompare the customer service ratings.
    • Visual Auditory Kinesthetic
    • How We CommunicateAuditory Visual
    • Quick Tip #7:While the BEFORE slide gets the point across, it does it in a very bland way. The vectorimages look pretty ugly, and also lack consistency (the two images to the right somewhatmatch but the image on the left looks very different to the other two). Along with this, thecolors don’t seem to be in harmony either. There is a mix of red, blue, black, white, andcream, which doesn’t create a very attractive color scheme. This slide can be MUCH moreinteresting, as seen in the AFTER slide. By taking a real photo and highlighting the keypoints, directly on the photo, the audience can quickly grasp the key message.
    • Quick Tip #8:While the BEFORE slide doesn’t look absolutely terrible, from first glance, there are somekey design flaws taking place. First, while this slide is talking about the benefits of Moringaplant, it is talking about a SPECIFIC set of benefits; Health Benefits. Therefore, the titleneeds to be more specific, and also the image needs to do a better job at illustrating themessage of the slide. As you can see in the AFTER slide, adding the word “health” to theslide title, and showing a diagram of the human body quickly lets the audience see thatthere are many benefits of the Moringa plant towards different parts of the body. Finally,notice in the AFTER slide that the key benefits are aligned to the left, which makes it mucheasier for the audience to read.
    • Is Outsourcing Growing?• Harvard Business Review has identifiedoutsourcing as one of the most importantmanagement ideas and practices of the past75 years.• According to a research conducted withmore than 500 executives:• One in four organizations plan toincrease their outsourcing spending by25% or more.• Outsourcing will represent 19.5% of thetypical executives budget, up from16.4% today. Outsourcing is expecting to grow at rapid rates in the near future!
    • 1 In 4 Organizations Plan ToIncrease Outsourcing By …25% Or More
    • Quick Tip #9:A common design mistake that many people make is overcrowding a slide with too muchinformation. It was clear in the BEFORE slide that the slide designer thought the mostinteresting take-away was the fact that 1 in 4 companies plan to increase outsourcing by25% (highlighted in bold). Therefore, it’s better to take that key point and make it its ownslide (as seen in the AFTER slide). The generic image in the BEFORE slide also doesn’t dothe slide much justice. I’ve never been a fan of those generic alien character images!Instead, the AFTER slide image creatively shows the concept of “1 in 4 organizations”.
    • From Jobs 2005 Stanfordcommencement address.• “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.” Creative Commons, Matt Yohe
    • “Your time is limited,so don’t waste it livingsomeone else’s life.” Steve Jobs
    • Quick Tip #10:A quote can be a great way to add emphasis and credibility to your presentation, if it’sinserted in the correct manner. The BEFORE slide does a bad job at this for severalreasons. First, you don’t have to have a big title that tells where the quote was mentioned.You can delete that and just mention it verbally during your presentation. Second, theBEFORE slide doesn’t inject any emotion. The quote is placed against a genericbackground and the image doesn’t help paint a picture around the quotes meaning. As youcan see in the AFTER slide, there is plenty of emotion coming from the image that matchesthe essence of the quote.
    • If you want to learn how to create KILLERslides and CRUSH your next presentation …http://presentationpanda.com/book/
    • What to do now? Leave me a comment below . Let me know how you’re planning to improve your next presentation based on what you learned. Sign up for the Panda Newsletter (it’s FREE), and stay informed of all of my latest presentation tips, tricks, and resources Check out the Slides Made Simple eBook, & take your slides to the next level!