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    AdvoCare Presentation AdvoCare Presentation Presentation Transcript

    • WHO WE ARE WHAT WE DO We Provide Solutions in 2 Key Areas HEALTH   •     Energy/Mental  Focus   •     Weight  Management   •     Sports  Performance   •     Wellness   •     Skin  Care  •  World-Class Nutrition Company FINANCES   •     Earn  Extra  Income  •  Founded in 1993 •     Create  a  PLAN  B     •     Become  Debt  Free  •  Based out of Carrollton, TX •     Flexible  Work  Schedule   •     Earn  Income  5  Ways  •  70+ Nutritional Product Line •     Be  Part  of  a  Winning  Team  •  250+ Years Science behind •     Design  Life  on  Your  Terms   the products•  100’s of Non-Paid Endorsers 1
    • Every 6 Seconds…Someone starts a home-based business This is over 6,760,000 People per year in America• 82% of all Americans hate what they do• Over 60% of working Americans drop a child off at daycare every day• $128,000 is the average household debt in America currently• 64% of all adult Americans are overweight• Over $220 billion is being spent in the health and wellness industry• Over $5 billion was spent on energy drinks last year• $11.50 is the average daily amount spent on food & beverage for a workingAmerican when they leave their home• The average American has less than $1000 in their bank account• A U.S. Federal Reserve Survey shows that the average household net worth forentrepreneurs is five times that of conventional employees 2
    • FOUNDERS DREAM SCIENTIST’S MISSION Robert  Hackman,  Ph.D.     Research Professor, Department of Nutrition, University of California at Davis; Fellow, American College of Nutrition; Member, American Society for Nutritional Sciences and American Society for Clinical Nutrition; International Lecturer and Consultant in Nutrition, Phytochemicals and Human Performance; Author, Numerous Research Papers; Doctorate in Nutrition, University of California at Davis. The  AdvoCare  Advantage  1 Create the World’s Finest Nutritional Products Latest  Cu8ng  Edge  Science  2 Use the Direct-Selling Model to Distribute Them Highest  Quality  Ingredients  &  Highest   Amounts  of  AcAve  Ingredients   Provide An Opportunity For Vitamins  and  Minerals  meet  USP  standards  3 Ordinary People To Do Something Extraordinary Independent  TesAng  for  Potency  and  Purity,   Free  from  Contaminants   3
    • >;<&."(2#016#$!"&$%$"Research 5/%%/#6()*(7.#&6&.!"&$%$ Professor of Kinesiology, Physiology and Professor, Department of Nutrition, University Neurobiology, and Professor of Medicine, The Science Behind the ProductsBEHIND THE SCIENCE of California at Davis THE SCIENCE BEHIND THE PRODUCTS University of Connecticut School of Medicine !/-$&(!";94!"&$%. >;<&."(2#016#$!"&$%$"Research Senior Vice President of Research and 5/%%/#6()*(7.#&6&.!"&$%$ 8#.%(7&&$!"&$%$ >;<&."(2#016#$!"&$%$"Research Development, AdvoCare; former Dean, Professor, Department of Nutrition, University Professor, of Kinesiology, PhysiologyNutrition, Professor and Chair, Department ofUniversity Professor Department of Nutrition, and of California at and Professor of Medicine, Neurobiology, Davis at DavisBEHIND THE PRODUCTS of California at Davis Creighton University; School of Pharmacy, University of California professor of pharmacology and toxicology. University of Connecticut School of Medicine ),-/"9(!6/"9!"&()*$%$!"+,-&!".,,&!" !/-$&(!";94!"&$%. 5/%%/#6()*(7.#&6&. . !/-$&(!";94!"&$% M.A.C.N., 2#..(3.&,44!"#$%., !"&$%$ C.N.S$"" ./0-&&"+1()2",3)45632"-78191:;" Professor of President of Medicine & and Senior Vice Physiology, Research and Kinesiology, Physiology 8#.%(7&&$!"&$%$ Senior Vice President of Research and iversity 0<385(95=4$"%5)3841)"1>"43",1)3"of Nutrition, Development, AdvoCare; former Dean, Neurobiology, AdvoCare; former Dean, Development, and Professor of Medicine, Pathology, Georgetown University Medical Professor and Chair, Department Center of Pharmacy, Creighton University; School &()*(8191:;"?(@1)(41);!"A3"B75C3)=54;" School of Pharmacy, Creighton University; University of California at Davis University of Connecticut School of Medicine professor of pharmacology and toxicology. 1>"A3D(="E3(94"0853783=",3743)$" professor of pharmacology and toxicology. !"#$%&()*(+,-./01!"#$%$!"F.A.C.S."" ),-/"9(!6/"9!"&()*$%$!"+,-&!".,,&!" 7&$$&"9(:;%-<&.= M.A.C.N., 2#..(3.&,44!"#$% of Surgery and Chairman, Department ., M.A.C.N., C.N.S$"" 2#..(3.&,44!"#$%.,!"#$%$ C.N.S$""d 8#.%(7&&$!"&$%$ Director, Training Program in Surgery, St. ./0-&&"+1()2",3)45632"-78191:;" Board-certified Urologist in Private Practice in Professor of Physiology, Medicine & Professor of Physiology, Medicine & , Professor and Chair, Department of Nutrition, Marys Hospital/Yale Affiliate, Waterbury, CT; 0<385(95=4$"%5)3841)"1>"43",1)3" Dallas, Texas. His Background Includes: Pathology, Georgetown University Medicalsity; Pathology, Georgetown University Medical Founder, Male Health Center; Director, Professor of Surgery, YaleDavis University of California at University School Center &()*(8191:;"?(@1)(41);!"A3"B75C3)=54;" Centerogy. of Medicine Impotence Foundation; Advisory Board 1>"A3D(="E3(94"0853783=",3743)$" %)$"#()F"#5993)!"&%!"#+G!".G,HI"?*3*(;@( ),-/"9(!6/"9!"&()*$%$!"+,-&!".,,&!" !"#$%&()*(+,-./01!"#$%$!"F.A.C.S."" “We search !"#$%&()*(+,-./01!"#$%$!"F.A.C.S."" most the world for the most recent, .&4&#.09(#$-(+&A&%;B6&$"(#"(C-A;8#.&( 7&$$&"9(:;%-<&.=of Surgery and !"#$%$ $"" ./0-&&"+1()2",3)45632"-78191:;" Chairman, Department of Surgery and ,11)257(43="43"JK(954;"L"=(>34;"(==K)(783!"73M"<)12K84" significant findingsiller,  Puse this in Surgery, St. in Chairman, Department CSCS     Todd  M andUrologist in Private Practice Board-certified h.D.,   Director, Training Program George   data Director, Training Program in Surgery, St. 0<385(95=4$"%5)3841)"1>"43",1)3" >1)*K9(4517=!"5771C(4517=!"(72"C5=517$".)1*"43"=853783" Professor  of  Exercise  Science,  dical Marys Hospital/Yale Affiliate, Waterbury, CT; collectively Marys Hospital/Yale Affiliate, Center     CT; to formulate products Waterbury, Dallas, Texas. His Background Includes: Founder, Male HealthMedical   Director, Washington  University   Center; =4(72<1574!"*(574(57="81**K758(4517"M54"43",K=41*3)=" &()*(8191:;"?(@1)(41);!"A3"B75C3)=54;" (72"%5=4)5@K41)="1>"G2C1,()3"(="M399"(="43"085374568"(72" Professor of Surgery, Yale University School 1>"A3D(="E3(94"0853783=",3743)$" #3258(9"G2C5=1);"+1()2$" that are second to none.” D+.*(E#.1(E/%%&.( School4 Professor of Surgery, Yale University of MedicineFoundation; Advisory Board Impotence of Medicine " %)$"#()F"#5993)!"&%!"#+G!".G,HI"?*3*(;@( “We  search  the  world  for  the  most  r!"#$%$ most   7&$$&"9(:;%-<&.= ecent,   “We search %)$"#()F"#5993)!"&%!"#+G!".G,HI"?*3*(;@( the world for the most recent, most .&4&#.09(#$-(+&A&%;B6&$"(#"(C-A;8#.&( “We se .&4&#.09(#$-(+&A&%;B6&$"(#"(C-A;8#.&( St. significant  findings  and  use  tUrologist collec7vely  to   in Board-certified his  data   in Private Practice ,11)257(43="43"JK(954;"L"=(>34;"(==K)(783!"73M"<)12K84" significant findings and use this data ,11)257(43="43"JK(954;"L"=(>34;"(==K)(783!"73M"<)12K84" signifiry, CT; formulate  products  tTexas. His Background Includes: Dallas, hat  are  second  to  none.”   >1)*K9(4517=!"5771C(4517=!"(72"C5=517$".)1*"43"=853783" >1)*K9(4517=!"5771C(4517=!"(72"C5=517$".)1*"43"=853783" collectively =4(72<1574!"*(574(57="81**K758(4517"M54"43",K=41*3)=" to formulate products collect =4(72<1574!"*(574(57="81**K758(4517"M54"43",K=41*3)=" Founder, Male Health Center; Director, Dr.  Mark  Miller  School (72"%5=4)5@K41)="1>"G2C1,()3"(="M399"(="43"085374568"(72" Impotence Foundation; Advisory Board #3258(9"G2C5=1);"+1()2$" (72"%5=4)5@K41)="1>"G2C1,()3"(="M399"(="43"085374568"(72" that are second to none.” D+.*(E#.1(E/%%&.( #3258(9"G2C5=1);"+1()2$" 4 4 that ar 3*(;@( “We search the world for the most recent, most (
    • Drew Brees, a FormerAdvoCare Endorser, isNow AdvoCare’s NationalSpokesperson.The MVP of the 2010 NFLWorld Championship Gameand New Orleansquarterback is sure toelevate AdvoCare brandawareness through nationalmarketing efforts. 5
    • Hundreds of Non-Paid Endorsers Choose AdvoCare NFL, ncAA, NBA, PGA, WPS, USA Olympics, professional entertainers and many more (see  Medalist  and   Cleveland  Quarterback   Milwaukee    Guard   ESPN  Football  Analyst  Chicago  Midfielder     World  Champion   New  England     Recording  ArAst   San  Diego  OuPielder   6 Bobsledder   Running  Back  
    • HOW PEOPLE COME INTO RELATIONSHIP WITH ADVOCARE Purchase RETAIL Products from CUSTOMER a Distributor at Retail Cost Purchase Analogous to WHOLESALE Saves Money products at a Sam’s Club or CUSTOMER 20%-30% Costco Discount Membership Earn Extra Loves the Loves the DISTRIBUTOR Money Part Products Company Time Part Time Person with a Follow a Effort Can ADVISOR Business Systematic Generate Full- Mindset Business Model Time Income! 7
    • HOW DO WE GET PAID? •  As an advisor, you have the potential to earn income 5 ways with AdvoCare •  The following is an overview of 5 of the ways an AdvoCare Independent Distributor can earn income •  Each slide has been created to give you a general, but clear, ONLY   overview of the earning potential offered through ourAvailable   •  compensation plan Please refer to AdvoCare to   International’s policy and procedures for complete detailsAdvisors   and/or technical details concerning the compensation plan  Personal  tes7monials  reflect  individual  experiences  of  AdvoCare  Independent  Distributors  and  are  not  necessarily  typical  of  the  results  you  may  obtain.  Earnings  depend  on  a  number  of  factors,   including  your  individual  effort  and  the  area  in  which  you  live.  The  results  described  in  this  presenta7on  book  are  substan7ally  in  excess  of  the  average  results  achieved  by  all  Distributors  during   the  same  7me  period.     8
    • Twelve  boRles  of    AdvoCare  Slam®  Ten  packets  of    AdvoCare  Spark®   9
    • $20,000 ROOKIE BONUS Up to 7 Earners Every Pay Period!That’s $480,000 per year paid out inRookie Bonus earnings for “NEW ADVISORS”!• Top 7 ROOKIE Advisors• Must Be A Fully Qualified Advisor• Total of $20,000 is Awarded Every Pay Period!• Two Pay Periods Per Month• You have 24 Pay Periods (About 12 Months) toCompete as a Rookie• Must have either attended the most recentSuccess School or be registered for theupcoming Success School. 10
    • Once  in  a  LifeAme  Dream  Trips…   Passport  to  Paradise   Join  AdvoCare     February  2009   For  a  Trip  of  a     LifeAme  to     Paris,  France   February  2010   The  Big  Big  Island  Escape      Current  Contest  ends  on    August  16th  2011   AdvoCare  can   help  make   your  dreams  Atlantis come  true!   11
    • #1 RETAIL PROFIT 40% MARKUP ON PRODUCTS You are an Advisor 40% Discount Your Profit: $40 Your friend is a Retail Customer Retail Price: $100THIS IS HOW YOU CAN EARN 40% PROFIT ON THE PRODUCTS YOU RETAIL 12
    • #2 WHOLESALE COMMISSION $20 You are an Advisor Your Profit: 40% Discount From AdvoCare Your friend is a Wholesale Member at Product Order: $100 20% Discount His cost= $80 YOUR WHOLESALE COMMISSION EARNINGS ARE THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN DISCOUNT LEVELS =20% 14
    • 2 TYPES OF RESIDUALS #3 Overrides (7% Residual) #4 Leadership Bonuses (3-19.5% Residual) You are an Advisor 40% Discount Your 1st Advisor 40% DiscountNow that you have an Advisor…you will earn RESIDUAL INCOME Overrides &through this “leg” of business, Leadershiprather than WHOLESALE COMMISSIONS Bonuses 15
    • #3 OVERRIDES EQUALS 7% OF THE BUSINESS VOLUME BUSINESS VOLUME IS APPROXIMATELY 50% OF ALL PRODUCT VOLUME UNDERNEATH ANY AND ALL OF YOUR ADVISORS THROUGH 3 LEVELS You are an Advisor $42.95 $21.50 40% Discount Retail Volume Business Volume Total Value ½ the ValueIn this example the Business Volume (BV) forMetabolic Nutrition System is roughly $21.50. Your 1st Advisor 40% DiscountAs a result, we multiply $21.50 X .07 (Override) OR $1.50 BUSINESS VOLUME= $21.50 X .07 $1.50YOUR OVERRIDE (OR) EARNINGS= $1.50 BV $21.50 16
    • #4 LEADERSHIP BONUSES Since YOU and Eric are both at the 40% Discount Level as Advisors, you You now can begin earning Overrides and Leadership Bonuses. Advisor 40% Leadership Bonuses begin at the Silver Bonus Level (3%), which requires $100 of cumulative Override underneath your existing Advisors. Eric Advisor 40% In other words, if you have over $100 of Override, you will begin earning 3% more residual income as a result of our team’s efforts. New Advisor $3000 If the total retail volume accumulated between Eric and any of his Retail Volume distributors or advisors totals $3000 or more… It will create $100 of override…which qualifies you for the first level of Leadership Bonuses…called Silver (3%)$3000 Retail= Total Earnings=$1500 Business Volume $105 in Override volume $1500 Business VolumeX .07 Override Figure= $105 in Override qualifies you for a Silver Leadership Bonus! X .03 Leadership Bonus = $45 in Leadership Bonus $150 17
    • Leadership Bonus Progression Amount of Approximate LeadershipRetail Volume Override Bonus % Leadership Level The 1st Leadership bonus is 3% residual if… you have$3,000 $100 +3% Silver $100 of override underneath your Advisor(s)…which is approximately $3000 of$15,000 $500 +2% Gold retail volume$15,000 $500 +2% 3 Star Gold You Advisor 40%$30,000 $1,000 +2% Ruby$30,000 $1,000 +2% 6 Star Ruby Friend Advisor 40%$60,000 $2,000 +2% Emerald$60,000 $2,000 +2% 9 Star Emerald Cumulative$120,000 $4,000 +4% Diamond Retail Volume $3000$240,000 $8,000 +.25% Platinum (1 st Bonus!)$360,000 $12,000 +.25% Double Diamond Total Bonus Possibility 19.5% 18
    • Residual Income Example f ud o“Clo ss” You 40%  Bu sine Advisor Advisor Advisor 40%   40%   40%   $30,000 Retail Volume = 7% Override $15,000 Business Volume 3% Silver X   .16 Overrides & Leadership Bonuses 2% Gold $2,400 2 Weeks 2% 3 Star Gold That’s $4,800 per month! + 2% Ruby = 16% Residual That’s $57,600 per year! 19
    • LET’S PUT IT ALL TOGETHERBEGINNING WITH WHOLESALE COMMISSIONS You are an Advisor 40% Discount $3000 X .10 Total= $300 You can earn $300 $300 in Commissions Eric now has a retail Eric (New) profit margin of $900 maximum profit from $3000 RV @30% his original order! Eric purchases an Advisor Order of $3000 worth of retail product at 30% discount- Which costs him $2,100 20
    • FROM COMMISSIONS TO RESIDUALS You are an Advisor 7% OR 3% LBonus 40% Discount =$1500 =$1500 x .07 x .03 Total= $150 Earn Overrides & $105 $45 Leadership Bonuses Eric (Your New Advisor) 10% Commission 40% Discount =$3000 X .10 Earns Wholesale $300 Total= $300 Commission Tracy Places an Advisor Order Receives a 30% Discount 21
    • WHAT YOU ARE ABOUT TO SEE IS… AN OVERVIEW OF THE ENTIRE MARKETING PLAN THE PLAN IS THE SAME FOR EVERYBODY! YOU ARE THE VARIABLE For some this is a… • 90 day plan • 6 month plan • 1 year plan • 2 year plan THE IMPORTANT THING TO KNOW IS THAT THE PLAN WORKS!  Personal  tes7monials  reflect  individual  experiences  of  AdvoCare  Independent  Distributors  and  are  not  necessarily  typical  of  the  results  you  may  obtain.  Earnings  depend  on  a  number  of  factors,   including  your  individual  effort  and  the  area  in  which  you  live.  The  results  described  in  this  presenta7on  book  are  substan7ally  in  excess  of  the  average  results  achieved  by  all  Distributors  during   the  same  7me  period.     22
    • This sheet is an example of how Overrides and Leadership Bonuses are calculated for one pay period. In this example, we will say that each business builder in your organization has 10 customers and/or wholesale YOU customers ordering $100 of retail product each pay • Advisor at 40% period. This is merely an example and is not intended to YOU • Have 10 Retail or Wholesale Customers guarantee performance or income. • $1000 RV Business Builder #1 Business Builder #2 Business Builder #3 Advisor-40% Advisor-40% Advisor-40% Has 10 Retail or Has 10 Retail or Has 10 Retail or Wholesale Customers Retail Volume (RV) Wholesale Customers Wholesale Customers $1000 $1000 $1000 $3000 #1 #2 #3 #1 #2 #3 #1 #2 #3$1000 $1000 $1000 $1000 $1000 $1000 $1000 $1000 $1000 $90001 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K $27000 Retail Volume in this Leg Retail Volume in this Leg Retail Volume in this Leg $13,000 RV $13,000 RV $13,000 RV Total RV = $39,0001. The GREEN group is a “Leg”; the RED group is a “Leg”; & the BLUE group is a “Leg” “Let’s say $40,000 to2. A “STAR” leg must obtain at least $3000 of RV, which calculates in to an approximate $100 make the math simple!” override The GREEN leg has $13,000 RV, the RED leg has $13,000 RV, & the BLUE leg has $13,000 RV Calculate Override (OR) Payment This means… YOU HAVE THREE STAR LEGS.. because they all produced more than $100 override3. Leadership Bonuses are calculated based upon override achievement and “Star Leg” 1. First, you must know your “Business Volume” (BV) production BV= RV/2 $40,000 RV divided by 2= $20,000 BVOVERRIDE PAYMENT 7% 1ST 3 Levels of Advisors $ 1,400LEADERSHIP BONUSES 3% Silver $100 or more override 600 2. Next, you calculate OR by multiplying BV by .07 (7%) 2% Gold $500 or more override 400 2% 3 Star Gold 3 Legs at $100 + override 400 $20,000 Approximate Business Volume (BV)Leadership Bonuses can 2% Ruby $1000 or more override 400 x .07be earned as deep as 2 Week Total $ 3,200 $1,400 Pay Period Override Earningsyour organization 1 Month AVG. $ 6,400grows! Yearly AVG. $76,800 23
    • 2 COMMON QUESTIONS IS IT SATURATED? IS IT TOO LATE? In the 5 largest areas of AdvoCare presence in the U.S. less than 1% of the people know about AdvoCare…or have ever even heard the word “AdvoCare”AdvoCare is over 17 years old, with multi-millionaires and many others earningsix figure incomes, yet our name is relatively obscure in the market placeWhat most people don’t understand is that your target market in our business isactually increasing yearlyIN AMERICA, THERE ARE MORE THAN 250 CITIES THAT HAVE OVER A POPULATION OF 100,000 WE HAVE PRODUCT PRESENCE IN APPROXIMATELY 50 OF THOSE CITIES WE HAVE BUSINESS PRESENCE IS IN APPROXIMATELY 15 OF THOSE CITIES 28
    • Timing is EVERYTHING! 18 That’s Approximately 1.5 million students earn 1 3 $12,084 their Bachelor’s degree per year… each year in America out of To live on! Every day a new potential and are looking for people age 65 or over rely on their 1st Career distributor turns 18! Social Security for 90% or more of their incomes Every day somebody’s “personal timing” is changing The health & wellness market surrounding you is increasing daily $   $   8   The average amount of times an adult changes careers! Hates his job… Can’t pay the bills… Daycare raising kids 29
    • 1 Billion Possible  AdvoCare  Growth  Health Financial 800 Crisis Crisis 600 480 Company Revenue in Millions 400 Compensation to Independent Distributors in Millions (60 cents per $1) 240 200 120 149 100 60 89 Specula7ve   Specula7ve   Specula7ve   Specula7ve   2009 2010 2011 2013 2015 2017 AdvoCare  Independent  Distributors  are  not  in  the  securiAes  business.  This  is  merely  a  visual  aid  showing  the  growth  possibiliAes  of  a   healthy,  thriving  company.  There  is  absolutely  no  guarantee  of  earnings.  This  chart  is  strictly  speculaAve.  Although  we  believe,  as   Independent  Distributors,  that  this  growth  is  realisAc,  you  should  never  base  your  decision  to  join  solely  upon  a  speculaAve  chart.         31
    • Do You Have a Plan? 32
    • Income Disclosure & Comparable SalariesBased on what you have seen... !"#$%&#()*%+What are you worth? 3$)4#556)- ,-.)/#0121Where do you see yourself? ./012345633728/9 !"#$%&#Do you have a plan?If not, why not AdvoCare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
    • Level                  Your  Profit                Investment                Retail  Value                  Discount   40% $900 max $2100 $3000+ *40% 30% $450 max $1050 $1500-$3000 30% 25% $125 max $375 $500-$1499 25% 20% varies varies $0-499 20%Why Advisor Best Way to AdvisorOur company does not front load productOur products sell fast! Become an Advisor immediately by placing aAll unopened products and our opportunity are qualifying order like the example below:satisfaction guaranteed! Potential Profit: $900You receive a better discount immediately Investment: $2100You will have a stronger commitment level to get Product You Receive: $3000in action *Original inventory is purchased at a 30% discountYou will have no qualification obstacles The Advisor above you will earn a 10% commission of $300You will begin with enough inventory to support a All orders thereafter are at the top discount level of 40%businessYou will save money by entering as an Advisor Advisor Order = 17versus working your way to Advisor 24 Day Challenge Customers! In    placing  an  Advisor  order,  we  recommend  that  you  get  help  from  your  sponsor  in  choosing  the  right  products  that  move  quickly   34
    • Welcome to the Team!