Creativity in Detectivity


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Stanford Class : Crash Course on Creativity

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Creativity in Detectivity

  1. 1. Creativity indetectivity(Agreed it’s not aword )Amod Damle Assignment# 2
  2. 2. • Lucky Grocery Store • Supermarket Chain Majorly in Northern California• Costco Wholesale • 5th Largest retail store and a membership warehouse club chain in United States• Fresh & Easy Grocery Store • Latest Grocery chain in California• Abercrombie • Branded Clothing storeStores Visited
  3. 3. LUCKY GROCERY STOREI am feeling Lucky
  4. 4. • Pharmacy • Sea Food • Bakery • Deli • BANK • CoinstarHow CONVEINIENT …or How LUCKYAll under one roof 
  5. 5. Bags n Draw-strings In one place HAPPY = CUSTOMERSBaked items atthe entrance:made me buysome Going Green
  6. 6. Local and Brand names stacked right besides each otherHuh ?Nice Try
  7. 7. Beauty SectionMen need to bend it But women can stand
  8. 8. Weekend special : In Good taste indeed
  9. 9. Smart Move : Basics of life Milk & Beer • Dairy and beer / liquor section located at the absolute interior of the store • The customer tends to buy a lot of items on the way in and way out
  10. 10. COSTCOIts all about PLENTY – PLENTY – PLENTY
  11. 11. • Wholesale items• Wholesale price• Subsidized Gas• Produce• Electronics• Home furnishing• Toiletries• Travel• Insurance• Patio furniture• etcBulk Large and Beyond......
  12. 12. Perfect design for huge items Ample parking Huge carts Nice rampSpacious entry and exits
  13. 13. Smart EntranceLEFT: Photo center / Eye exams Right: HDTV and women jewelry
  14. 14. Smart EntranceFood court just outside the Entry / Exit pointsYou are bound to grab a pizza / hot dog and a sodaCan you resist a pizza ???Of course not 
  15. 15. San Francisco Giants • MLB • On the eve of the SF Giants sweeping the world seriesKeeping up with the localhappenings
  16. 16. • Already gearing up for Christmas
  17. 17. Stack Attack
  18. 18. Cleanliness friendly
  19. 19. • Huge store makes you feel comfortable in spite of crowds• People tend to flock in with the entire household• Generally see kids occupying cart space as well• All ages can spend time and get awed by the quantity• Kids love the chocolate section in particular• All items easily accessible• Weekends are even more fun as lot of food stalls cater to different delicaciesThere is everything foreverybody
  20. 20. Abercrombie &Fitch
  21. 21. • High end premium clothing store• Store looks are plush with wooden louvers and thoughtful design• Night club kind look and feel to it• Spotlights at distinctive non-sale items which draw your attention• Sale and non – sale items often mixed• Store is typically modest size but designed in such a way that you get lost in the aislesWhat’s so special
  22. 22. Black and White Photography • Provocative life size posters and beautifully shot photographs of professional models tend to attract attention • Very well spoken sales representatives • Totally urban experience Provocative ?… Yes
  23. 23. • Expensive perfumes as impulse buys at checkout • Checkouts located deep inside so as to make you shop as much as you canCheck out ? Not soeasy………..
  24. 24. Entirely different stores for kids and adultsStark difference
  25. 25. Fresh n easy
  26. 26. Before I enter• Not huge compared to other stores• Just enough parking lot• Clean (Spick and span)• Unique shopping carts that don’t need you to bend a lotGreen indeed
  27. 27. Inside the store• Very well lit clean environment• Green is their color• Feels big due to the floor to celling height• Evenly spaced aisles• Enough room for two carts to pass by• Fresh produce at a competitive price• Produce packaged in small portions (Reduces wastage)What’s in - store
  28. 28. Customers• Customers are generally in one’s and two’s (young adults)• Never seen big families• Most of the shoppers are people coming directly from work with their work ID’s on• Good store to pick – up that forgotten item• Quick in  Quick out   I love thisQuick In  Quick Out