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Welcome To The Mobile Movement
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Welcome To The Mobile Movement


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A presentation created by Adam izsak for Film 315 at Queen's University. …

A presentation created by Adam izsak for Film 315 at Queen's University.

© Izsak Enterprises.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Welcome To The Mobile Movement A Digital Presentation by Adam Izsak for Film 315 at Queen’s University
  • 2. Apple is the leader in bringing the mobile world to the masses. They deliver what people want; package and price … Image by Pure Mobile
  • 3. … but is this mobile world what people truly want and need, or is Apple merely a brilliant marketing machine? Image by Pure Mobile & Arthur’s Clips
  • 4. New companies and technologies are giving consumers more mobile computing options … Image by Apple, Google Android, Research in Motion, Samsung, HTC
  • 5. … or are they just generating more consumer and corporate peer pressure to join the mobile movement? Image by Apple, Google Android, Research in Motion, Samsung, HTC Psssst Hey you! Excuse me Look at me!
  • 6. With educational mobile applications, learning is easily accessible and more fun than ever … Image by Szpack
  • 7. … are we are bombarding our children with constant digital distraction and reducing human contact? . Image by Soppy Chen
  • 8. With an open market place for the creation of applications the possibilities of our mobile devices are endless … Image by IronRodArt - Royce Bair
  • 9. … but are we becoming slaves to the “freedom” of our mobile devices? Image by *Kelso*
  • 10. Thanks to mobile applications our friends and family can stay in touch with us 24/7 … Image by hcreie
  • 11. … but so can advertisers and our “ex”s. Image by Anonymous9000
  • 12. With GPS we always know where we are … Image by Si1very
  • 13. … and so does the government, corporations and anybody else that wants to keep track of you. Image by SonnyandSandy
  • 14. Is big brother watching you? Image by Pagan555
  • 15. Are we creating ADD in our children? Image by found_drama
  • 16. Are we depriving ourselves of human contact ? Image by AnnaEfthymiou
  • 17. Are mobile devices such as the iPhone negatively impacting the “me generation”?
  • 18. … maybe , but this presentation was entirely written at the foot of the Spanish steps in Rome, Italy. I am part of the mobile/me movement.
  • 19. Works cited All non-corporate photos were found on Flickr creative commons. Corporate symbols are property of: Apple Inc. – HTC Corporation - Google Inc. - Research In Motion Ltd. - Samsung Electronics Corporation Ltd.