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Westera Residential

  1. 1. Westera Partners Pty Ltd is a highly respected Australian consulting engineering firm that has beenpracticing on the Gold Coast since 1981, Brisbane since 1998 and Northern New South Wales since2009, in the disciplines of structural and civil engineering. The company has extensive experience inthe following fields of structural engineering.- Residential housing- Two and three storey townhouses- Low rise unit developments- Medium rise apartment blocks with basement car parking- Factory and warehouse buildings- Aged care facilities- Retail buildings- Low rise office buildings- Service club facilities- School buildingsWhat makes us different?Westera Partners provide a very unique service to our clients. We treat every project as if it wereour own. We carefully listen to our clients and understand what is important to them. We provideeducated and informed feedback to minimise construction costs and reduce construction times.Our service ensures every project is designed or supervised by a senior engineer with over ten yearsexperience. We are approachable, reliable and experts in our field.
  2. 2. PersonnelThe Westera Partners team is made up ofhighly talented individuals. We currentlyhave over thirty staff across our threeoffices including Engineers, Draftsmenand Administration Staff. Each memberof the team is dedicated to excellenceand their contributions to the wholecompany is invaluable. All Partnersand Directors are actively involved John Westera Anthony Hockings Clive Cowdell Bret Arthurin the design of every project Consultant Director & structural Director & structural Director & structural project engineer project engineer project engineerworked on and their experiencehas made the firm a leader inthe industry. Peter Ide Ross Keene Joshua Neale Brett Collins Gavin Scoffell Partner & structural Partner & structural Partner & structural Partner & structural Senior civil designer project engineer project engineer project engineer project engineer Saumel Ide Chad Ings Matthew Gibbs Jeremy Leaning Daniel Christie Adam Ide Civil & environmental Structural design Structural design Structural design Structural design Business Development engineer engineer engineer engineer engineer manager
  3. 3. DIRECTORS NOTE We love engineering and are passionate about creative designs that are economic and easily executed on site. As Directors of Westera Partners we are committed to the success of every project that we are commissioned to work on. We ensure that we are personally involved with every aspect of the design, documentation and supervision to guarantee this. Our client relationships are critically important to us. We pride ourselves on open and honest communication, delivering projects on time and giving cost saving feedback. Our business has been built on our motto of “people before profits” which has always been the key to our success. We look forward to meeting you face to face and working with you on your project.
  5. 5. Hungerford LaneLocation KingscliffArchitect Paul Uhlmann ArchitectsSupervising Partner Joshua Neale & Dan ChristieSituationThe house is located on a sloping site and was met with extensive rockexcavation. The design had to take into consideration the build over sewerline which is located under a large section of the residence. The site is alsoexposed to high wind speeds and the architectural layout had minimalopportunities for bracing due to the open design and Bi-fold doors. Theopen design also meant that there where large cantilevering sections withrestricted locations for support columns to give the desired open design.SolutionThe design outcome was achieved by closely working with the Architect andbuilder. The design incorporated raft slab on ground and pier footings tospan the structure over the sewer line. The large cantilever members wereachieved by the use of steel beams and the structure was braced with a mixof conventional ply bracing and steel work.ResultsThe house is a standout residence in the area. With an incredible opencoastal feel with un-interrupted views when opened up.WESTERA PARTNERS | PROJECTS | RESIDENTIAL
  6. 6. Small StreetLocation NewsteadArchitect Base ArchitectureSupervising Partner Joshua NealeSituationThe house is located on a very small site being only 230 square meters.The site also required potentially complex foundations due to theneighbouring property being built to the boundary. Bracing of thestructure was challenging as a result of the architectural form and theneed to maximise views.SolutionWe were able to design the structure to resist bracing loads by theintroduction of a simple steelwork portal frame and the introduction ofblockwork nibs which added minimal costs to construction. We alsoadopted a hit and miss approach to the foundation system to avoidundermining or underpinning of the adjacent residence which savedsignificant costs during construction.ResultsAn award winning architectural home that is intricate and yet structurallyefficient. The attention to structural detail is evident in the constructionsimplicity and clean form.“ BEING A VERY SMALL AND TIGHT SIGHT, THEENGINEERING WAS TO BE SMART, SIMPLE AND EASYTO ERRECT.SHAWN GODWIN - BASE ARCHITECTURE ” WESTERA PARTNERS | PROJECTS | RESIDENTIAL
  7. 7. Cylinders DriveLocation Salt VillageArchitect CrisilisSupervising Partner Joshua NealeSituationThe house is located in a high wind coastal region and is susceptible toharsh environmental factors such as salt air, thermal fluctuations and largerainfall events. The subject site is also located in a newly developedsubdivision that experienced considerable filling to achieve design levels.SolutionThe project was designed to resist high wind forces by the introduction ofa suspended slab and masonry walls to assist in diaphragm action to theexposed rear of the house, thus avoiding unnecessary and bulky steelwork.The foundation system adopted was a raft slab that spread the mass of thehouse over the majority of the site to minimise differential settlement.ResultsThe completed house is a standout along the esplanade at salt village andalways grabs the attention of visitors. The builder, Steve Kerr from SteveKerr Homes, has won several awards for his teams extraordinaryworkmanship and attention to detail. The client has been very pleased withthe final outcome.“ The signficant house structure was efficientlydeveloped by the Westera Team and resulted in a refinedcomposition.Chris Lillis - Crisilis Architecture ”WESTERA PARTNERS | PROJECTS | RESIDENTIAL
  8. 8. Lota HouseLocation LotaArchitect Smith ArchitectsSupervising Partner Peter IdeSituationThe residence is located on a triangular block near the esplanade front-ing Raby Bay. The design had to meet client expectations of high ceilingsand open plan living whilst the structure had to withstand the high windloads caused by the exposure to Raby Bay.SolutionWestera Partners worked closely with the architect to design variouscarefully detailed timber and steel bracing elements which ensured theopen planned concept was achieved whilst keeping to the clients budgetrequirements.ResultsThe finished constructed form has effectively delivered to the clients abeautiful conducive environment for producing their own creative work.The collaboration between the architect, builder and Westera Partnershas managed to ensure the restrictive site has been optimised to its fullpotential.WESTERA PARTNERS | PROJECTS | RESIDENTIAL
  9. 9. Hedges AvenueProject Hedges AvenueLocation Mermaid BeachSupervising Partner Anthony HockingsSituationThis house was constructed over four sites on “millionaire’s row”, HedgesAvenue, Mermaid Beach. The two storey residence is built entirely over abasement that features large column free space for car storage, a featurewine cellar crafted by a specialist artist to create a vintage feel, largecinema room, gym and plant rooms. The architectural design maximisedthe beachfront views on each level and special consideration was given tothe large entertaining areas overlooking the beach, pool and tennis court.The two large columns facing the beachfront represent goal postsreminding the original owner of his successful professional AFL career.SolutionWe designed the house using a number of specialist techniques. Generallythe floor slabs were reinforced concrete construction, however the thirteenmetre free span over the carpark required a post-tensioned slab. Theexternal walls were either block work or cast insitu concrete for durabilityand longevity. The building is situated within the council scour zone andtherefore the foundations are supported on deep piles. Ground retentionsheet piling was adopted on the southern boundary to protect theneighbouring property. Condition reports were completed on eachneighbouring structure prior to construction.ResultsThis home is regarded one of the most valuable properties on the GoldCoast. Its short history already boasts many interesting stories that stretchfar and wide. Its presence commands attention from passes buy, anunforgettable image spread across one of the most beautiful beaches in theworld.WESTERA PARTNERS | PROJECTS | RESIDENTIAL
  10. 10. Moss StreetLocation KingscliffClient Redwood Property GroupArchitect Aspect ArchitectureSupervising Partner Joshua NealeSituationThis is a very unique project and the first of its kind in the prestigousdress circle of Kingscliff. The dual residence is situated on a sloping sitewith ocean views. There were also significant council issues concerningan existing sewer line.SolutionWestera Partners were able to collaborate closely with the architect,builder and developer to create two incredible houses on a very challeng-ing site. We were able to explore various creative solutions for the con-struction methodolog until the most efficient design was achieved.ResultsThe two houses have set a precedence in Kingscliff as to the quality andcreativity required to move the township forward. The development hasinspired other developers, architects and builders to push the bar higherwhen considering creative solutions to difficult sites.“ WESTERA ADDED VALUE TO ALL ASPECTS OF THISPROJECT WITH THEIR PROFESSIONAL ATTITUDE ANDADVICEMATT COOPER - ASPECT ARCHITECTURE ” WESTERA PARTNERS | PROJECTS | RESIDENTIAL
  11. 11. BaltimoreLocation Sovereign IslandSupervising Partner Anthony HockingsSituationThis project was first featured on Channel Nines “Sixty Minutes” program in astory titled “McMansions”. The original owners brief was to create a residencebigger, bolder and better than anything else contructed within the exclusiveSovereign Island Estate on the Gold Coast. A double north facing block waschosen for the project, boasting uninterupted views down the Broadwater.Upon completion the owners sale price was $18 million dollars.SolutionThe residence was partly constructed over a large basement and thereforethe building had to be supported on deep piles founded into natural densesands. The construction consisted essentially of reinforced blockwork & castinsitu walls/columns and reinforced concrete suspended slab floors. Thefeature red columns at the front and rear are essentially a clad galvanisedstructural steel frame supported on ground and tied into the braced roofsystem. The builder was very meticulious with regard to finishes and noexpense was spared to create this amazing structure.ResultsUnbelievably this residence was purchased as a holiday home by anover-seas investor. Its large presence and signature red columns ensure itdoes not go unnoticed by passers by either from the road-side or waterfront.Baltimores completion sparked a raft of similar projects within SovereignIslands, a must see for anyone who enjoys viewing “top shelf” property.WESTERA PARTNERS | PROJECTS | RESIDENTIAL
  12. 12. Tafetta DriveLocation Mount CottonClient B. MackayArchitect Westera PartnersSupervising Partner Joshua NealeSituationThe house is located on a sloping site and was met with extensive rockexcavation. The design had to meet a budget conscious client whom alsorequested a sustainability driven approach. The project was alsoneighbouring an environmentally sensitive bushland reserve which hadto be taken into account.SolutionWestera partners produced the Architectural and structural designs tominimise construction costs and increase site efficiencies. Thecareful use of timber framing enabled the design to maximise theoutlook and aspect orientation and improved thermal efficiencies andsustainability. Also the excavation process was greatly minimised toleave the surroundings undisturbed. We collaborated with the client toprovide an extremely cost effective and desirable outcome.ResultsThe house was constructed within 5 months of commencement with therestricted budget achieved. The home is functioning thermally andspatially and has resulted in a happy client.“ TO BE HONEST, WE COULDN’T HAVE COMPLETEDTHIS PROJECT WITHOUT THE HELP AND EXPERTISE OFWESTERA PARTNERS.BEN MACKAY - CLIENT ”WESTERA PARTNERS | PROJECTS | RESIDENTIAL
  13. 13. CONTACT US Brisbane Level 3 Limestone, 33 Longland St Newstead QLD 4006 PO Box 2016 Fortitude Valley BC QLD 4006 T: +617 3852 4333 F: +617 3852 4777 Gold Coast Level 3, 17 Welch St Southport QLD 4215 PO box 6138 Gold Coast Mail Centre QLD 9726 T: +617 5571 1599 F: +617 5571 1330 Northern NSW 2/22 Moss St Kingscliff NSW 2487 PO Box 1131 Kingscliff NSW 2487 T: +61 2 6674 8047 F: +61 26674 8049