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Westera Civil And Environmental

  1. 1. Westera Partners Pty Ltd is a highly respected Australian consulting engineering firm that has beenpracticing on the Gold Coast since 1981, Brisbane since 1998 and Northern New South Wales since2009, in the disciplines of structural and civil engineering. The company has extensive experience inthe following fields of structural engineering.- Residential housing- Two and three storey townhouses- Low rise unit developments- Medium rise apartment blocks with basement car parking- Factory and warehouse buildings- Aged care facilities- Retail buildings- Low rise office buildings- Service club facilities- School buildingsWhat makes us different?Westera Partners provide a very unique service to our clients. We treat every project as if it wereour own. We carefully listen to our clients and understand what is important to them. We provideeducated and informed feedback to minimise construction costs and reduce construction times.Our service ensures every project is designed or supervised by a senior engineer with over ten yearsexperience. We are approachable, reliable and experts in our field.
  2. 2. PersonnelThe Westera Partners team is made up ofhighly talented individuals. We currentlyhave over thirty staff across our threeoffices including Engineers, Draftsmenand Administration Staff. Each memberof the team is dedicated to excellenceand their contributions to the wholecompany is invaluable. All Partnersand Directors are actively involved John Westera Anthony Hockings Clive Cowdell Bret Arthurin the design of every project Consultant Director & structural Director & structural Director & structural project engineer project engineer project engineerworked on and their experiencehas made the firm a leader inthe industry. Peter Ide Ross Keene Joshua Neale Brett Collins Gavin Scoffell Partner & structural Partner & structural Partner & structural Partner & structural Senior civil designer project engineer project engineer project engineer project engineer Saumel Ide Chad Ings Matthew Gibbs Jeremy Leaning Daniel Christie Adam Ide Civil & environmental Structural design Structural design Structural design Structural design Business Development engineer engineer engineer engineer engineer manager
  3. 3. DIRECTORS NOTE We love engineering and are passionate about creative designs that are economic and easily executed on site. As Directors of Westera Partners we are committed to the success of every project that we are commissioned to work on. We ensure that we are personally involved with every aspect of the design, documentation and supervision to guarantee this. Our client relationships are critically important to us. We pride ourselves on open and honest communication, delivering projects on time and giving cost saving feedback. Our business has been built on our motto of “people before profits” which has always been the key to our success. We look forward to meeting you face to face and working with you on your project.
  5. 5. Currumbin RidgeLocation CurrumbinProject Engineer Bret ArthurSituationMedium density residential development (sixty nine individual units andduplex). The site is very steep with a history of slope instability.Construction of the access roads to service each unit required extensivecut and filling to achieve required grades. Access for construction was veryrestricted due to only one entry location and the steep narrow roadsproposed.SolutionThe roads were designed with cut and fill to minimise excessive earthworks.To stabilise the slopes, engineer designed masonry retaining walls withdeep piles were adopted. This enabled minimum excavation into theexisting slopes while maintaining a strong and durable retaining system.ResultsThe finished stage one area now enables a sealed all weather access to allareas of the site with stabilised batters for the construction of futuredwellings. The roadworks and stormwater drainage installed has helpedcontrol erosion on the site and managed the discharge of stormwater fromthe site in such a manner as to not effect downstream properties.WESTERA PARTNERS | PROJECTS | CIVIL AND ENVIRONMENTAL
  6. 6. St Paul de ChartresLocation Fedrick Street, Logan CityArchitect Brand + Slater ArchitectsProject Engineer Bret ArthurSituationSubstantial expansion of the existing aged care facility (fourty six singlestorey units) to the west of the existing site. The existing site is avaccant lot with only one exsiting building. Access is to be provided offthe existing road network to the west and linked to the existing agedcare facility. The site is considerably sloped across to an existing creek atthe south of the site.SolutionExtensive modelling of earthworks to create a road network andbuilding platform which can be used as pedestrian access for theoccupants. Stormwater drainage needed to be redirected and captured toensure no increase in flow was directed to the existing area’sstormwater system. A detention and water quality system needed to beinstalled that would cater not only for this stage but for future works aswell. To maximise site area for buildings an underground detention tankwas provided under the road network.ResultsConstruction for stage one is set to be finished in late 2011. Thedetention tank under the road has allowed for more site area to beavailable for buildings and for the dispersal of flows to the existing creekwithout excessive erosion. The site merges well into the existing roadnetwork internally and provides an easy acess for all residentialoccupants to walk to the main facilities building.WESTERA PARTNERS | PROJECTS | CIVIL AND ENVIRONMENTAL
  7. 7. Peterson RoadLocation CabooltureSupervising Partner Bret ArthurSituationResidential subdivision (one lot into twenty three). Existing single lotresidential alotment was to be subdivided up into twenty three seperateresidential alotments. External catchment from western park areafeeding into and through site. The existing road intersection on PetersonRoad needed to be modified to allow safe access to site. Existingstormwater and sewer mains in Peterson Road needed to be altered anddiverted to ensure adequate capacity still maintained to suit newdevelopment.SolutionLarge detection basin proposed in the south east corner of site to ensure noincrease in peak stormwater discharge flows. To maximise the useable sitearea for development the bio retention basin (needed for water quality) wasincorporated into the same footprint as the detention basin.ResultsA pleasant residential development which has maximised the saleable areaavailable while still maintaining aesthetic landscaping outlook for the ma-jority of the sites.WESTERA PARTNERS | PROJECTS | CIVIL AND ENVIRONMENTAL
  8. 8. Menser StreetLocation CalamvaleSupervising Partner Bret ArthurSituationHigh density residential townhouse development (two storey buildings).Existing site sloped to rear of allotment. Legal point of discharge for boththe sewer and stormwater was nominated at a location 180m to the westof the site, this would require the extension of the sewer and stormwaterthrough an existing council parkland. Removal of trees in the parklandwas not to occur and disturbance to tree root systems was to be minimal.SolutionTo ensure the construction of the sewer and stormwater did not adverse-ly effect the existing tree root system a combined shallow trench systemwas proposed with a tree arborist on site directing the construction. Thealignment of the sewer and stormwater drainage was altered severaltimes to ensure no damage to tree roots, where this was not possiblehorizontal directional drilling was to be undertaken.ResultsThe use of on site supervision and modern drilling practises has enabledthe construction of the stormwater and sewer systems to occur whereconventional construction would have resulted in the project notproceeding.WESTERA PARTNERS | PROJECTS | CIVIL AND ENVIRONMENTAL
  9. 9. Andergrove LakeLocation MackayArchitect Kevin Holt ConsultingSupervising Partner Bret Arthur & Sam IdeSituationThe Andergrove Lakes development involves six stages of development:- Standard residential lots - 86 in Stages 1-4, estimated 81 in Stage 6.- Medium density lots - 4 in Stage 1-4, numerous medium density villas andunits (110 estimated terrace houses equivalent) in Stage 6.- Commercial lots - 1 in Stage 1 (cable ski lake), 1 in Stage 4 (child care), 5 inStage 5, recreational lake operation and associated facilities in Stage 6.The site presents many challenges for the project including:- Difficult soil conditions such as marine clays and groundwater- Flooding by a complex mix of regional flooding and local overland flowfrom two separate catchments- Located within an area mapped as High Ecological Significance (HES) Wetlands- Receiving urban runoff from external catchments for maintainingproposed lake water levelsSolutionEarthworks were designed to maximise flood storage and minimiseonstriction of overland flow from external catchments. The materialbeneath the marine clays was tested and found suitable for use as fill forlots. Constructed wetlands and a natural waterway were designed to treatrunoff from the development and external catchments before discharginginto the proposed lake. Sewerage reticulation was designed to include agravity system, pump station and rising main.ResultsDesign and operational works approval for stages 1 to 5 are complete. Thecivil works for stages 1 to 3 have been tendered and is expected tocommence early 2012. The development has received positive mediaoverage and is expected to boost tourism for the Mackay region.WESTERA PARTNERS | PROJECTS | CIVIL AND ENVIRONMENTAL
  10. 10. Brown & HurleyLocation YatalaArchitect Design VibeSupervising Partner Ross KeeneSituationThe Brown and Hurley families have been associated with John Westerasince his days as Kyogle Shire Engineer back in the 1980s. Since this timeand in particular more recently, Westera Partners have assisted in thenational expansion plans of the Brown and Hurley Group. Part of thisexpansion was the design and construction of their Yatala branchincluding a sales yard, spare parts facility and workshop.SolutionWestera Partners were commissioned by Brown and Hurley to undertakethe Structural and Civil Engineering services for this project. We alsoassisted in construction tendering, builder selection and negotiations aswell as construction administration and inspections. The Yatala projectconsisted of a modern, architecturally designed, purpose built precast tiltpanel building with specialised finishes unique to the Brown and HurleyGroup. Detailed consideration was given to the environmental sensitiveelements of the project including the on site water usage andstormwater treatment. The practical, hands on nature of the client ensured that maximum efficiency was achieved for the end users.ResultsWestera Partners have also assisted the Brown and Hurley group, in asimilar role with their new branches in Toowoomba and Townsville. TheTownsville branch was subject to the damaging winds of Cyclone Yasi andsurvived relatively unscathed. Westera Partners is proud to beassociated with quality companies that share the same core values, suchas the Brown and Hurley Group, whose motto is “People before Profit”.WESTERA PARTNERS | PROJECTS | CIVIL AND ENVIRONMENTAL
  11. 11. Tall Trees Aged CareLocation Tanah MerahArchitect LightwaveSupervising Partner Clive CowdellSituationTall Trees are fast becoming an industry leader in aged care developmentswith projects currently underway at Tanah Merah, Rochdale and Mandurah(WA). Their focus is to supply varying living alternatives to our agingpopulation with all the necessary support structures in place. The architectsmodern design ensures the development looks inviting with particular focuson customer choice and community space.SolutionWestera partners were commissioned by the client to undertake both Civiland Structural Services on these projects. We have worked very closely withthis client and architect over the years to understand their preferredbuilding methods and styles which is paramount for consistency, whendealing with a number of developments at the same time. Particular focuswas channelled into sourcing local building methods, particularly for theWestern Australia project to ensure the efficient use of local materials.ResultsTall Trees developments are proving very popular with its client base. Thereare many more sites that are currently being investigated to gown the TallTrees brand. This is a specialist, niche market that will help serviceAustralia’s aging population well into the future.WESTERA PARTNERS | PROJECTS | CIVIL AND ENVIRONMENTAL
  12. 12. Robina Aged CareLocation RobinaArchitect Regional DesignSupervising Partner Clive CowdellSituation“Villa Serena” was commissioned by a respected local developer thatspecialises in aged care developments. He has been involved in a number ofsimilar projects including “The Domain” in Ashmore and Helensvale AgedCare. Villa Serena was constructed in a number of stages, the most recentbeing the four storey multi level building located on the south-eastern sideof the property. The site is located within the Robina Town Centre hub andclose to the Pacific Highway, hospital, public transport and Skilled Park.Villa Serena is a boutique aged care community that focuses to maintainmaximum independence, freedom and choices for its residents.SolutionWestera Partners were commissioned to provide the Civil and StructuralEngineering services for this development. The project architect, a long timeassociate of the client was also an aged care design specialist. The initialstage was a combination of single and two storey residentialconstruction. Masonry retaining walls were detailed to provide the raisedbuilding platform when viewed from the road side. The final stage was amulti-level building with suspended concrete slabs supported byload-bearing masonry walls and concrete columns in the basement. Particular attention was given to smoke and fire separation compartmentswithin the building with structural detaining to suit. The civil services foreach stage had to be married together and incorporated into the existinginfrastructure.ResultsVilla Serena is a quality project and a testimony to the client, architect andbuilders ability to produce a quality development, on time and belowbudget. Since the completion of this project the client has successfullydeveloped the five star residential aged care home located on Linfield drive,Helensvale.WESTERA PARTNERS | PROJECTS | CIVIL AND ENVIRONMENTAL
  13. 13. CONTACT US Brisbane Level 3 Limestone, 33 Longland St Newstead QLD 4006 PO Box 2016 Fortitude Valley BC QLD 4006 T: +617 3852 4333 F: +617 3852 4777 Gold Coast Level 3, 17 Welch St Southport QLD 4215 PO box 6138 Gold Coast Mail Centre QLD 9726 T: +617 5571 1599 F: +617 5571 1330 Northern NSW 2/22 Moss St Kingscliff NSW 2487 PO Box 1131 Kingscliff NSW 2487 T: +61 2 6674 8047 F: +61 26674 8049