WP CMS ASAP: A How-to Guide (WordCamp SLC 2011)


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If you didn't know it, WordPress runs great as a full-fledged content management system. However, getting it all set up as a CMS can be a little daunting. This presentation will take away all that daunt by showing you how to configure your site as a CMS and giving you plugins and techniques you can use to get a business-class website up and running quickly on WordPress.

This presentation is intended for non-coders and doesn't touch your templates and functions.php file.

First presented at WordCamp Salt Lake City 2011 (http://2011.slc.wordcamp.org/)

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  • WordPress as a Content Management System, as soon as possible.\n
  • A library is like a CMS. There are books and movies and music (types), genres & subjects (taxonomies), authors and publish dates\n
  • As has been demonstrated by the recent State of WordPress survey, despite its humble blogging beginning, many folks are using it as a content management system. And with the relatively recent addition of custom post types and custom taxonomies, it is even easier to extend WordPress in powerful ways.\n
  • http://www.dft.gov.uk/ \n
  • http://rideoregonride.com/\n
  • http://www.timberlinelodge.com/\n
  • http://www.spotify.com/us/new-user/\n
  • http://diesel-fragrance-factory.com/\n
  • http://mozillalabs.com/\n
  • http://www.flyasa.com/\n
  • http://yessbmx.com/\n
  • http://www.verio.com/\n
  • http://www.cogenra.com/\n
  • http://www.creativespaces.net.au/\n
  • http://armoryfoundation.org/\n
  • http://www.bedford-hotel.co.uk/\n
  • \n
  • \n
  • \n
  • \n
  • \n
  • 1. Set Up Your Site - long password (http://xkcd.com/936/)\n2. Give Yourself a Clean Slate (delete posts, pages, links, comments)\n3. Add Your Theme Files & Activate \n
  • 4. Add Your Plugins & Activate\n5. Add Pages - check your page order\n6. Set Up Your Menus\n7. Update Settings\n - General - tagline, timezone, date\n - Reading - set static page\n - Media - thumbnail size, folder path, uncheck date\n - Permalinks - /%post_id%/%postname%/ (not an issue after WP 3.3)\n8. Upload Media\n9. Edit Your Pages\n
  • For our users, these plugins transform the admin dashboard, simplifying the options and changing the order of functions for easier use by non-technical folks.\n- Web Editors CMS - Branding + Cleanup Dashboard\n- CMS Dashboard - Add Options to Dashboard\n- Admin Menu Editor - Menu Display + Order\n- WP-CMS Post Control - Post edit options\n- Adminimize - Go Crazy!!\n
  • These final plugins are for polishing the process in a large organization:\n- User Role Editor - granular access for each user level, including custom roles\n- Edit Flow - provides workflow when clients need an writer/editor/publisher approval process\n- After the Deadline - available as part of JetPack or stand-alone, offers spellcheck and grammar assistance\n
  • \n
  • Take a final moment to review how this can come together:\nhttp://www.bedford-hotel.co.uk/\n
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  • WP CMS ASAP: A How-to Guide (WordCamp SLC 2011)

    1. 1. WPCMSASAP
    2. 2. CMSA Content ManagementSystem has Content Types,Taxonomies, Metadata,Hierarchies, Templates &User Roles
    3. 3. Yes, WordPress is a CMS
    4. 4. How quickly can we get a site up & running using WordPress as a CMS?
    5. 5. let’s find out.
    6. 6. 1. Set up the site2. Start with a clean slate3. Add theme files & activate4. Add plugins & activate5. Add pages
    7. 7. 6. Configure menus7. Update settings8. Upload media9. Edit pages10. Simplify the admin
    8. 8. ready?
    9. 9. GO
    10. 10. Initial Plugins- Simple add pages or posts- CMS Page Order- WordPress SEO by Yoast- WP Super Cache(loaded by Improved Plugin Installation)
    11. 11. Admin Plugins- Web Editors CMS- CMS Dashboard- Admin Menu Editor- WP-CMS Post Control
    12. 12. Process Plugins- User Role Editor- Edit Flow- After the Deadline
    13. 13. how did we do?
    14. 14. WordPress makes us feel great.
    15. 15. for Happier Visitors and Stickier User Experiences Adam Dunford adam@steepleashton.com