POV: Getting Past The 100% Not Provided Google Garbage


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There's been so much written about Google's latest data encryption move. This POV cuts through the ambiguity, gets to the core of what's happened and provides advice on how to survive in the post 100% not provided world. http://www.adamdince.com

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POV: Getting Past The 100% Not Provided Google Garbage

  1. 1. 100% “Not Provided?” POV What Google’s Change Means For Organic Search Presented by:Adam Dince, Head of Organic Search & SMO - Deluxe @adamdince http://www.adamdince.com
  2. 2. Opinions, statements, estimates and projections in this message or other media are solely those of the individual author(s).They do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Deluxe Corporation or any of its affiliates Source: tastymaza.com
  3. 3. In order to understand why Google has encrypted all organic search query data, we’ve got to take a trip back in time Source: backtothefuture.wikia.com
  4. 4. In the beginning there was Google organic search
  5. 5. There was no such thing as PPC, Display Networks, PLAs, etc. Just organic results
  6. 6. Google’s search engine quickly began beating up the competition and taking market share
  7. 7. And in 2000, Google figured out a way to monetize its popularity  Since 2008, over $130b in advertising revenue
  8. 8. And went public! Private company Google PubliclyTraded Google Source: YouTube.com Source: flatclassroomproject.org “Here's the plan, we get the warhead and we hold the world ransom for one million dollars.” “Let’s organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful..”
  9. 9. However, while Google’s ad revenues grew, organic results remained the primary choice of searchers www.devardwebsolutions.com
  10. 10. This meant that Google had a huge opportunity to grow revenue by suppressing organic efforts and making organic less appealing to marketers Source: www.theatlantic.com
  11. 11. Lightened ad backgrounds Source: http://www.business2community.com/online-marketing/pay-per-click-advertising-color-tactics-fool-eye-fill-wallet-0597804
  12. 12. Restricted successful organic tactics • Press-release links • Guest-blogging • Widget optimization • Unnatural links • PageRank sculpting • And more…
  13. 13. Monetized verticals Old free organic Now you must pay PLA The banks loved this one! Travel industry loved this one
  14. 14. But Google really struck a chord when they started encrypting organic keyword referral data under the guise of privacy Source: http://searchengineland.com/google-to-begin-encrypting-searches-outbound-clicks-by-default-97435 “The privacy of searches are important—unless of course they’re driving ad revenue. Then we don’t care” – Google’s logic
  15. 15. It started out as 3%-5% of all queries and is now pointed at 100% Source: http://blog.hubspot.com/google-encrypting-all-searches-nj
  16. 16. What does “not provided” look like? Source: doctorbulldog.wordpress.com
  17. 17. We’ve been… Source: www.igadgetware.com
  18. 18. It’s time to freak out, right? Source: http://mashable.com/2013/09/26/haunted-house-reactions-2013/
  19. 19. Those that didn’t see the 100% coming have gone mad. However, those of us who have been expecting this for years are prepared to succeed in a 100% “not provided” world Source: www.thelmagazine.com
  20. 20. In fact, in 2010— I started weaning my clients (top Fortune brands) off of analyzing organic Website performance at the keyword level Source: jaydeanhcr.wordpress.com
  21. 21. How then do we draw organic insights? Source: stupiddope.com
  22. 22. Here’s the approach Source: jaydeanhcr.wordpress.com
  23. 23. #1. Keep a keyword-to-landing page mapping Source: Conductor Searchlight
  24. 24. #2. Upload keyword to landing page mapping to SAAS, baseline targeted keyword rankings and monitor movement over time Source: Conductor Searchlight
  25. 25. #3. Use Google Webmaster Tools and SEMRush to identify other keywords not tracked but are ranking Page Name Keywords Search Demand Average Rank for All Keywords
  26. 26. #3. Monitor page-level aggregate organic traffic in in analytics tool Source: http://gifs.gifbin.com/280sw007883.gif Still making moves with “not provided”!
  27. 27. #4. Turn your AdWords Search Query Report’s broad & phrase match insights into actionable SEO strategies
  28. 28. #5. Tie data points together and drive reporting insights for improvement
  29. 29. Has Google made it a lot more difficult and time consuming to analyze organic data? Source: Conductor Searchlight
  30. 30. What can be done to reduce resources needed to make informed decisions? Source: Conductor Searchlight
  31. 31. Other creative solutions are starting to make their way into the market place Source: Conductor Searchlight
  32. 32. Has Google finally killed SEO? Source urbangeneralstore.com Just lack-luster SEOs
  33. 33. Are our organic data sets missing pieces now? A little bit, but we still have plenty to go on Source: Conductor Searchlight headbandsandheartbreak.wordpress.com
  34. 34. The bottom line is that we’ll all get by just fine in a post 100% “not provided” world Source www.keepcalm-o-matic.co.uk
  35. 35. One last note, don’t believe the hype from doomsday marketers trying to scare you in to buying their tools or steer you off track Source www.mirror.co.uk
  36. 36. The end www.compositiontoday.com