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Market research

  1. 1. Adam Cunliffe Market ResearchI have conducted a questionnaire that is has been handed out to a group of randomly selectedpeople of all ages and genders. I have done this for market research for a magazine that I am goingto create. The results are going to help me to decide what genre and age group and target audienceto chose, how to lay out my magazine and also what types of things that I can include on the coverand inside. Gender? 30% male female 70%This graphs shows that the majority of the people that i have asked were males and this will be asignificant factor when thinking about the target audience of my magazine because this means thatmen will be more likely to read an enjoy a magazine that i produce. With this I can specificallychoose to include things that males will enjoy and choose not to make the focal colour pink which isassociated with the female gender. Age? 20% 11 to 16 40% 17 to 25 26 to 35 36 to 45 40% 45 plusFrom this graph we see that most of the people that i have surveyed were in the age of 17 to 25 yearold. This shows that the demographic of the people that i surveyed are a younger people because80% of the people are under 35 this shows that my magazine should be aimed at mainly the youngergeneration aimed at mainly people aged 25. From this I can choose what to include in my magazineand choose the articles that will fit the age range that I am aiming at and not write articles aboutbands that are not current at the moment like ‘The Rolling Stones’.
  2. 2. Adam Cunliffe Genre? 10% 10% Pop 10% Rock Indie 10% Dance 40% Metal 20% OtherThis shows that o the people that I have asked to answerer my questionnaire that most of thepeople seem to enjoy the genre of rock and indie more. I think that this is to the fact that themajority of people that I asked were of the make genre. This can give me a clue as to what genre Ishould choose to make my magazine, because even though the majority chose rock it doesn’t meanthat there was a wide verity of choice this can lead me to going towards a more wide basedaudience and choosing to aim my magazine at the masses and include a small portion of each genre. Price? 10% 10% £1 to £2 20% 20% £2 to £3 £3 to £4 £4 to £5 £ 5 plus 40%The magazine that I will create is going to be around the £3 - £4 region because the majority of thepeople that I said are willing to pay that. This also appeals to the people willing to pay more becausethey will think this is cheap. With the price that will be charged for the magazine it lets me to be ableto get the quality needed to make the magazine a success with advertising and better quality photosand even the paper it is printed on.
  3. 3. Adam Cunliffe Do You Read Music Magazine? 40% Yes No 60%As I can see most of the people that answered my survey do already read music magazine howeverthey all said that if there was an affordable magazine that they could relate to and was interesting tothem that they would go out and buy it at leadt once just to see what it is like. This is where I cancatch peoples attention with the first issue making sure that people notice it and that I can bee seenand bought so that people can get hooked. What Attracts You To A Magazine? 10% Picture 50% Colour 40% OffersFrom the people who answered it is clear to see that most people look at the main image and thecolour to make up there minds about whether or not that they but the magazine this means with agood main picture of the main article and colour that stand out against the background I can catchthe peoples eyes so that they can become the first people to become attracted to my magazine andmakes them want to get it all the time to read.To conclude the questionnaire is telling me that I should aim my magazine at the male gender andalso males mainly. This is going to be the bigger demographic for my magazine so i should be moreof a success. The majorty of people chose rock so i am going to base my magazine around this but it
  4. 4. Adam Cunliffewill have aspects of all the genres included. The price pint is going to be cheap so it can be hit by mytarget audience. And i am goint to make the main image and cover the focal point of this.