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An overview of Level 3 Cambridge Technicals in Media Unit 1

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Unit 1 presentation

  1. 1. Cambridge Technicals in Media Unit 1Analysing Media Products and Audiences
  2. 2. Audio Visual and Print MediaThis unit has four LearningObjectives, although the first isdivided into two very differentsectionsIn each LO you must focus on anaudio-visual text – The Descent– and a print text – the postersand other print media productsrelated to The Descent
  3. 3. LO1a – Understanding Media Institutions ● The first LO asks you to demonstrate understanding of media institutions ● It is focussed on Celador Films, the production company who made The Descent (and made the poster for the film) ● It is a Pass/Fail task – you have to cover all the necessary material but only at a basic level
  4. 4. LO1b – Textual Analysis● The second part of LO1 asks you to analyse media texts● You will need to produced detailed work on The Descent and a range of posters for the film● You will need to show effective use of media vocabulary● You will need to use well chosen evidence form the texts effectively● This is a Pass/Merit/Distinction task and you need to aim for the higher levels in your work
  5. 5. LO2 - Audience ● In this LO you must show you understand how to write about audience – who they are, how they are described and segmented ● You should show an understanding of the relationships that exist between the media products and the target audience ● You could show an understanding of how the products appeal to different parts of the audience in different ways. ● This is a Pass/Merit/Distinction task and you need to aim your work for the higher levels
  6. 6. LO3 – Distribution and Promotion● This LO asks you to show you understand how films and posters reach their audiences, and how media products are advertised.● For the film, you need to think about how the product is distributed for cinema and home viewing as well as how it is promoted. You need to think about how the print material is used in different ways● This is a Pass/Fail task – you need to cover all of the material but only in a basic way
  7. 7. LO4 – Legal, Ethical and Regulatory Issues ● The final LO in Unit 1 asks you to understand the rules, written and unwritten, that media products have to keep to ● You have to show understanding of how products effect audiences, what legal and ethical issues there are and how they effect the product and who the regulatory bodies are. ● This is a Pass/Merit task and your work needs to aim for the higher level.
  8. 8. Your Work● There will be a detailed blog post for each Learning Objective setting out exactly what you need to cover and how you will produce evidence for assessment● The evidence might be short or long pieces of writing, presentations, notes, annotated images or discussions.● There are hard deadlines for draft work● You will have an opportunity to respond to feedback and improve your work● There are then hard deadlines for finished work which will be assessed and recorded.● You are responsible for keeping a file of all of your work. It must be available for review by teaching staff on request.● In addition, we will keep a final assessment folder of your marked work.