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Ao7 presentation

  1. 1. AO7Present a Game Design Proposal
  2. 2. AO7 asks you to:-●Evaluate your game, justifying your design concept ideaswith reference to your target audience, to the existing marketand to competitor gamesJustify the production of your game, using the criteria●mentioned above●Plan a marketing campaign for your game based on yourknowledge of the market and your competitors and onfeedback from your target audience
  3. 3. I have divided this work into six tasks which are:-1. Analyse your target audience2. Analyse the market you are competing in3. Compare and contrast your game design with twocompetitors4. Give three reasons why your game should beproduced5. Give and receive feedback from your Peer Reviewteam on your final proposals6. Prepare a marketing plan for your game based onyour knowledge of markets and audience and on yourPeer Review feedback
  4. 4. Analyse Your Target Audience Core and Secondary Audiences Using specific examples from your game concept, explain how they will be targeted with●Genre●Gameplay●Platform●Interface and Control Mechanisms●Innovation
  5. 5. Analyse the Market You Are Competing In Choose two games on the same platform as yours (one of them in the same genre too)●Look at their financial success●Look at their critical success●Look at their popular success● Using this information, justify your gameslikelihood of success
  6. 6. Compare and Contrast Your Game Design with Two Competitors Use the following subheadings●Generic Conventions●Playability●Addiction●Audio Visual Content●Innovative Use of Technology
  7. 7. Justify Your Game Concept Using all of the above information, write a threepoint summary of why your game concept should be produced.
  8. 8. Peer ReviewParticipate in a review of the final designs from your Peer Review group and consider the feedback you receive from them
  9. 9. Prepare a Marketing Plan for your Game a) Core AimsYou need to identify three core aims of the marketing campaign, explaining how you will appeal to the core and secondary audiences in different ways in different parts of the campaign Aim Where is it met in the How does it appeal to campaign core/secondary audience?
  10. 10. Prepare a Marketing Plan for your Game b) Week by Week Multimedia PlanWeek Billboards Web Magazines Other123456
  11. 11. Prepare a Marketing Plan for your Game c) Describe Three Types of Marketing Choose three types of marketing from your campaign and describe them in more detail. You need to make sure you provide●A detailed description of the marketing usingtechnical media vocabulary●A clear identification of what will be succesfulabout it●A detailed analysis of how it will appeal todifferent sections of your target audience indifferent ways
  12. 12. PresentationAll of your work needs to be posted on your blog, ideally as .pdf files. Any hand-drawn designs need to be scanned.
  13. 13. Assessment - Pass•Your evaluations demonstrate your limitedawareness/understanding of the market and of audienceneeds•Your presentation is passable but lacks lustre. Youdemonstrate a limited understanding of existing games andstruggle to compare and contrast those games to your owngame concept; your comments are few and brief. Youprovide limited reasons for producing your game.•Your suggestions on how you would promote your gameare limited.
  14. 14. Assessment - Merit•Your evaluations demonstrate your soundawareness/understanding of the market and of audienceneeds.•Your presentation is sound. You demonstrate a detailedunderstanding of existing games and are able to compareand contrast those games to your own game concept; yourcomments are fully supported. You provide sound reasonsfor producing your game.•You provide a range of suggestions on how you wouldpromote your game; most of which are supported byaudience feedback or by knowledge of existing games.
  15. 15. Assessment -Distinction•Your evaluations demonstrate your in-depthawareness/understanding of the market and of audienceneeds.•Your presentation is of a high standard. You demonstrate athorough and knowledgeable understanding of existinggames and are able to compare and contrast those gamesto your own game concept. You provide insightful commentsregarding the reasons for producing your game.•Your suggestions on how you would promote your gameare realistic. Your suggestions are supported by audiencefeedback and your extensive knowledge of existing games.
  16. 16. For Distinction...●Provide a detailed analysis of the market for games like yours with specific examples and real data from the sales and profitability of existing games●Complete your comparison with other games using detailed, specific and appropriate examples from your plans and from the other games●Support your three different and original reasons for producing your game with detailed evidence from your completed analysis●Complete a detailed, thoughtful and original marketing plan paying close attention to how you will appeal to different sections of your core audience and secondary audiences in different ways●Present your work clearly and effectively