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OCR Nationals Level 3 Unit 30 AO5 Presentation

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Ao5 presentation

  1. 1. Unit 30 Design for Games AO5 – Design a Game Interface and Control Mechanism
  2. 2. AO5 asks you to design yourgames Input/Output structure –the on-screen game interface the player will see and hear and the control mechanisms the player will use.
  3. 3. You are going to do this by considering different styles of* Interfaces* Navigation structures* Screen layouts* Game controllers and deciding what of these are best for your game.
  4. 4. Interfaces The game interface is the fundamental waythe player communicates with the game, and the game with the player For example – traditional PC games use a mixture of graphical and text onscreen information along with sounds (the output structure), and players use a keyboard, amouse and sometimes peripherals such as a joystick (the input structure)
  5. 5. The Nintendo Wii, on the other hand, has a radically differentinput structure through use of a motion sensitive control – although its output structures are very similar to other interfaces.
  6. 6. Interface Task ● Identify at least two different interfaces that might be appropriate for games such as yours ● Choose and fully describe an interface for your game and justify your choice in relation to game play and your target audience.
  7. 7. Navigation Structures Think of this like the DVD menu – how do you navigate through the start up phases ofyour game as it loads – what useful activity or information should be available to you as a player?
  8. 8. Navigation Structure Task● Identify at least two navigation structures in games similar to yours● Choose and fully describe the most appropriate navigation structure for your game and justify your choice in relation to your target audience.
  9. 9. Screen LayoutYou need to explore the different styles of playing screens,information screens, HUDs andother ways of visually presenting information to the player
  10. 10. Screen Layout Task ● Identify at least two styles of screen layout and uses of HUDs in games similar to yours ● Choose and fully describe the most appropriate screen layout for your game and justify your decision in terms of game play and your target audience
  11. 11. Game Controllers You need to explore the different styles of input structure – the game controllers –available to you. For a distinction you need to demonstrate and understanding of the cutting edge of technology – although you might decide not to use that for your game.
  12. 12. Game Controller Task● Identify at least two different available game controllers which would be suitable for your game● Investigate and report on the latest technical developments in computer/human interaction● Choose and fully decribe a controller suitable for your game and justify your choice with reference to game play, target audience and available technologies
  13. 13. Presentation All of your work needs to be posted on your blog. You may need to scan designs for your user interface or your controllers – or you maycreate them as digital designs ready to upload
  14. 14. AssessmentPass - You identify and define a very simple game interface andcontrol mechanism for your game, although the underlying conceptsmay not be fully grasped.Merit - You demonstrate a good understanding of interfaces andcontrol mechanisms, which are well defined.Distinction - You demonstrate a thorough understanding ofinterfaces and control mechanisms incorporating some advancedconcepts in Human - Computer Interaction Design. You produce anexcellent interface design and control mechanics specification for thegame.These tasks are designed so that if you complete them in full you should be working at Distinction