Story of Code Sprinters


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Talk on history, values and current state of Code Sprinters software development company, presented by Adam Byrtek, one of its founders, at Agile Gathering in Kiev, Ukraine.

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Story of Code Sprinters

  1. 1. Code Sprinters Code Sprinters How to build a company you would like to work in Adam Byrtek Code Sprinters 9 October 2007
  2. 2. Code Sprinters Introduction Motto Software Web based enterprise applications Quality Built with the best software engineering practices Fast Providing results fast thanks to an agile approach
  3. 3. Code Sprinters History How it started History Building billing system for a large ISP Growing team to handle increasing complexity Introducing individual agile practices Implementing complete Scrum process
  4. 4. Code Sprinters History Founding a company Founding a company Two founders, two complementary perspectives Idea to split and build our own company Meeting with the team, red and blue pill Negotiations with the mother company Smooth transition
  5. 5. Code Sprinters History Current state Current state Cosy office in a great location Interdisciplinary team of eight, growing First new project, reservation system for a travel agency
  6. 6. Code Sprinters Values Technical vision Technical vision Power of the Web Dynamic languages Leading tools and frameworks Open Source values Quality matters
  7. 7. Code Sprinters Values Scrum spirit Scrum spirit Scrum process even for the smallest projects Initial backlog for every prospect Flexible contracts, no hostages taken Direct customer interaction and feedback Taking part in the local community
  8. 8. Code Sprinters Values Office Office Have an open space Put a big whiteboard on a wall Make it a place people feel comfortable in Flexible work hours
  9. 9. Code Sprinters Infrastructure Infrastructure You can have everything for free Keep it simple and don’t reinvent the wheel Flexible, lightweight and platform independent tools Stick to Open Source if possible Prefer web based solutions
  10. 10. Code Sprinters Infrastructure Communication Communication Encourage communication and allow everybody to participate Google Apps for your domain is the way to go Collaborate on documents, include customers Version control for more complex documents
  11. 11. Code Sprinters Infrastructure Communication Communication, cont. Permanent team chat with everybody (Skype, Campfire) Make votes when it makes sense Planning Poker for estimating
  12. 12. Code Sprinters Infrastructure Server Server Get a dedicated server Don’t hire an administrator, you won’t need him Give shell accounts to every developer
  13. 13. Code Sprinters Infrastructure Server Project infrastructure Client gets access to everything! Test installation of every project Subversion repository with code and reference documents Trac for integrated Wiki, bug tracking and timeline
  14. 14. Code Sprinters Infrastructure Server Project infrastructure, cont. Shared calendar with sprints and important dates Email alias for communication on project Scrum tool to track progress (we intend to build our own) Mail notifications from Trac and Subversion
  15. 15. Code Sprinters Recruitment Recruitment Hire people you can trust Look for mindset, not only experience Build interdisciplinary teams Value Open Source contributions Communication skills are crucial
  16. 16. Code Sprinters Summary Problems Recruitment is getting harder in Krak´w o We need more reliable testing
  17. 17. Code Sprinters Summary Thank You It’s not hard, you could make it yourself Maybe you would like to join us?