Social Media's Influence on Project Management
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Social Media's Influence on Project Management






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  • Turn communication into an interactive dialogueubiquitously accessible and scalable communication techniques.
  • According to Garnter, “by year-end 2013, 50% of all companies will have been asked to produce material from social media websites for eDiscovery”
  • An audience can be your secret weapon.A lot of businesses still spend big bucks to reach people. Every time they want to say something, they dip into their budgets, pull out a huge wad of cash, and place some ads. But this approach is both expensive and unreliable. As they say, you waste half of your ad budget—you just don’t know which half. Today’s smartest companies know better. Instead of going out to reach people, you want people to come to you. An audience returns often—on its own—to see what you have to say. This is the most receptive group of customers and potential customers you’ll ever have.
  • The majority of people learn by example and often follow others, especially when it comes to participation* Wentling, T., Page, V., & Ardichvili, A. (2003). Motivation and barriers to participation in virtual knowledge-sharing communities of practice. Journal of Knowledge Management, 7(1), Retrieved from[edit]
  • The pain of not teachng and providing structure is painful. According to Gartner, typical incidents include:Employees sharing too much information in public forums (46%)Loss or exposure of confidential information (41%) Increased exposure to litigation (37%). Article in the USA Today talking about how schools are trying to figure how to use social media in teaching. Forward thinking principals in Marin Country for example are showing how to provide structure „if you keep kids out, they create their own cultures in this space with no guidance from adults – and that is not responsible“---Be transparent (who you work for), never represent in a false or misleading way, post meaningful comments, never comment on legal matters, litigation, etc.
  • Social media touches upon every department, every business process, every channel, every prospect / customer interaction, every investor, every supplier, in short, it touches the entire organization.
  • milestonesProblems encountered. Elicit support and advice.Describe success / lesson’s learned.Share pictures and initiate online water cooler conversations. Lessons learned!
  • Social media is a “conversation.” The tools and platform allow group members to communicate effectively and share information about themselves. All activities should be completed within the realm of social media guidelines and policies at your company.

Social Media's Influence on Project Management Social Media's Influence on Project Management Presentation Transcript

  • Social Media Influence on Project ManagementAdam BlauAugust 31, 2011
  • Agenda
    Three sections discussing social media and how it influences:
    I: Business
    II: Online Communities
    III: Project Management
    IV: Questions and Answers
  • Tweets
    Hash tag is #AECSocialPM
    Retweet information from webinar
    Ask questions
    Tweet comments or ideas from webinar and how you would implement them.
  • Brief Bio of Adam Blau
    Spent 8 years working as sales and marketing executive for a worldwide translation company.
    Worked with sales, marketing and project management staff in 4 continents.
    Social media became an important aspect working with distributed teams to communicate its content marketing strategy to customers, employees and partners around the world.
  • It wouldn’t be a serious presentation without a definition slide!
    Social mediais an umbrella termthat defines the various activities that integrate technology, social interaction, and the construction of words, pictures, videosand audio.
    Old definition from Wikipedia (not there anymore)
  • Social Media is a conversation
    *Not a publication, not sales, not marketing
  • Social Media Ecosystem
    Emphasis varies by country
  • Content is King
    Without Contentthere is no need for Social Media
    What will you talk about?
    Without Social Mediahow will anyone find your Content
    What’s the point of putting content up if no one knows about it?
  • All companies have customers.
    Lucky companies have fans.
    But the most fortunate companies have audiences
  • Social media influence on PM- Online Communities
  • Online communities – why should companies care?
    “The stronger the social, professionaland emotionalrelationships are among team members, the more likely each will go ‘the extra mile’ to make the project a success”
    - Dennis D. McDonald.
  • Social media & online communities – what it is not!
    A replacement for leadership or direction.
    Removal of hiearchicaral layers.
    Easy to start working with. It cannot be forced upon individuals.
    A replacement for the real thing.
  • Social media – Implementation Challenges
    Managing un-billable time
    Fear of contributing inaccurate information; criticism.
    Withholding information that may not seem particularly interesting, relevant, or truthful.*
    Lack of sustained community management.
    Disclosing confidential information
    * Wentling, T., Page, V., & Archichvili
  • Corporate Confidentiality
    Companies need to provide structure and guidance on appropriate social media activity.
    If companies outright refuse social media, it does not “teach safe behavior…and leaves without the necessary knowledge and skills to protect privacy and responsible speech.” –American Library Assoc.
    If your company does not have a social media content strategy or guidelines, check Intel or Microsoft’s social media guidelines as a reference.
  • Social media’s influence on Project Management
  • Membership/User life cycle
    According to research found on Wikipedia, communities build upon social networking rely heavily on member contribution
    *Amy Jo Kim, Wikepedia
  • What motivates users to contribute?
  • What motivates users to contribute?
    Reciprocation: benefits that compensate for the costs of time, effort and materials members provide.
    Consistency: once a commitment is made to a virtual society, often they feel obligated to stay consistent with continuing contributions.
    Social Validation: more likely to join and participate in an online community if it is socially acceptable and popular
  • Marketing
    QA Test Lead
    Sales manager
    Project Manager
    C++ Programmer
    “Social Media (in the Enterprise) is a Business Process, not a channel, department, or vertical silo.”
     Ytzik Aranov, Managing Partner, Social2B
  • Example: 30% savings due to efforts from team.
  • Examples of social collaboration in PM
    Daily status updates from all members using Yammer!
    Online chat function to support queries that can be tracked/followed/escalated.
    Questions/milestones, etc. shared on specific groups on Yammer.
    Complete post mortem, tagged and searchable on a blog for members to comment.
  • Developing group participation
    Find an internal champion to support time dedicated each day to social media.
    Assign a community manager to build a sense of community efficacy.
    Discuss at project kick-off which tools and setup is appropriate for your team and company.
  • Developing group participation
    Set Twitter lists (public/private) or team hashtags.
    Implement chat functions of enterprise software (Chatter from SFDC for example).
    Utilize all functions of blogs – comment fields, tags and rating features.
    Make sure everyone blogs and contribute content to the conversation.
  • Developing group participation
    Set examples of how to participate and converse with the community.
  • Maximizing knowledge exchange
    How to:
    Gain information on new applications or tools.
    Get recommendations from trusted industry colleagues.
    Asking for other’s experience – mitigate risk.
    Not have to reinvent the wheel.
  • Knowledge exchange
    Join, read and contribute in Groups.
    Add friends and work colleagues, past and present
    Add industry colleagues.
    Ask questions.
    Link tweets with status updates
    Keep your profile up-to-date.
  • Knowledge exchange-
    Follow groups using hash tags (#pmot)
    Follow Insider/Veterans, colleagues, friends, etc.
    Re-tweet content to your network and groups
    Recognize achievements/content contributions to your network
    Respond to direct messages or queries quickly.
    Join the conversation!
  • Water cooler & Informal Change Control
    Setup groups and circles
    Add friends and work colleagues, past and present
    “Like” companies
    Add comments to status updates or content shared.
    What if scenarios and project comments
    Share information about your group / company.
  • What you can be doing?
  • 80% of success is just showing up
    Engage your colleagues
    Find advocates and supporters
    Contribute to the community
    Participate to build relationships for the long-term
    Reciprocate to help share knowledge
  • Thank You & Questions
    Thank You – 15% Discount until 8/31/11
    Promo Code: 7F4T-JV-9XZ2
    “Like Us” on
  • Thank you
    Adam Blau
    Adam Blau Consulting
    Washington, D.C.
    +1 (202) 617-4530