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Dt a.s. 1

  1. 1. D.T. AS FOLDERAdam Riddleston
  2. 2. This is a stand trying tosell a new TV and I thinkthat it is good asalthough it is only aposter on a wall for mostof it the text tries tomake the productexclusive as it uses wordslike experience as if tosay that you arent goingto sit on the sofawatching a film on it youwill be having anadventure and anexperience that youwont forget. There is alsoa thumbs up symbolwhich tries to make youfeel like the product isgood and in one of thehands there is theremote for it. So you cantry out the TV and flickthrough the channelsand see the quality ofthe TV for yourself withyour own eyes.This has watchesthat are made byMont Blonc and lookvery expensive andare laid out well asthere are a lot of thewatches on displaybut the windowdoesnt lookcluttered and full asthe watches arespaced out andgrouped together.There is also onewatch in the middlethat could be themost expensive oneas the whole displayis centralised aroundit. The colourscheme of the backof the stand is goodas Mont Blonc alsomake pens which areusually black andsometimes havestreaks of silvermetal in them.This is in a cup cakestand and it catchesyour eye with thebright pink stripes andthe colour scheme ofthe stripes look likethe ones you wouldfind in a fairgroundwhen you buy a bag ofsweets. Also there is agiant cupcake thatcould make you thinkthat you are gettingmore than you are ormake the cup cakeslook better but the bigcup cake defiantlycatches your eye anddraws you to the stall.This is a sweet stallthat is trying to selllots of different typesof sweets. The sweetsare lots of differentcolours that catchyour eye. The stall isalso in the middle ofthe walkway so anyone can see it. Amother and her childcould walk past and itwould catch thechilds eye and thechild might want oneand would try to getits parent to buy somesweets for them. Italso doesnt needsomeone to bestanding there to sellthe sweets it can beunmanned so that anyone can come and useit without the risk ofthem stealing thesweets.
  3. 3. This is trying to sell somechildrens shoes and theyhave done it by placingthe shoes on cardboardboxes and stacking theboxes up on each other.The prices for the shoesare also easy to see so youcan see if they are a pricethat you would like to buythem at or if you want toshop around some morebefore you buy them. Theunits them self are easilyreplaceable as they arecardboard so you can takethem out and replace thebox when a new shoecomes out. The boxes canalso be easily recycled aswell. The boxes would alsogive you more freedom onhow to display the productas they can easily bemoved about intodifferent places andpositions.This is trying to sellchocolate bars and thechocolate bars are on acardboard shelf that iseasy to replace or changeas it wouldnt weigh muchand it can be folded flatfor transport. The self iseasily replaceable as theunit is advertising a specialoffer that could not bearound for long so thatcould be why they haveused something likecardboard which is moretemporary and can bechanged easily. Theshelves can also be easilyrecycled as well. The factthat it is made out ofcardboard means that youcan colour it easily andmake it the companyscolours so that before youeven read it you knowwhat brand it is.This is good as it is veryspace efficient and is goodfor what its trying to sell asthere are a lot of glasses onshow but they arent hugedesigner brands they arefairly cheap and are forpeople who need glassesand dont want to spendlots of money onsomething that they needand will use on a dailybasis. The glasses are alsoneatly arranged in columnsof there price with mirrorsin between so that whenyou try them on you cansee what you look like withthem on and if they suityou. There is also a chartdown the side so you cansee if they come indifferent sizes and if youwant to add things to themor replace parts of thembecause you might needbigger frames or somethingalong those lines.This is trying to sell a range ofgrooming and cleaningproducts. The products lookgood as they are in metalbuckets that are a very oldstyle and look like an oldVictorian bath that has beenscaled down. The soaps arein very big containers thatlook like they could last along time but they are alsoraised up in the buckets soyou might think that thecontainers are sitting on thebase of the bucket but thereon a raised platform thatmakes them look bigger thanthey are and that you aregetting more for your money.There isnt a price tag in thewhole display so when youlook at it you have no ideawhat they might cost. Thebucket in the middle of thestand is bigger than the othertwo and so are thecontainers inside the bucketwhich means they could beavailable in different sizes.
  4. 4. This is trying to sellperfume and it is in theshop window and thereare groups of perfumestogether on each shelfbeing advertisedtogether and they are allon special offer but onlyif you buy the completeset for the products onthe top shelf whichencourages you tospend more and buythem all. The prices andthe offers are in boldbut the rest of the text issmaller so it tries to getyour attention to theprice and make youthink that it is a greatoffer and that you needto buy it now. They havealso arranged them sothat the best deal is ateye level so you aremost likely to buy it andgo into the shop.This is trying to sell a PlayStation 3 and some gamesfor it. The Play Stationisnt on display only thebox is which is the samefor all the games as thedisks are not in the casesthey are all empty. Thedesign of the stand is verybasic as there isnt reallymuch going on there isonly the box for the PlayStation to advertise it andall the prices for thegames and consoles arewritten on the boxes orcases which means thatyou can easily replace thegames if a new one comesout as there isnt reallymuch to do with theshelves there is noadvertising on them at allthey only hold the gamesand consoles. It looks likeeach console has its ownspecial deal and that youcould buy it with differentgames to save money.I think that this P.O.S. unitis good as it has thererange of products on showfor you to see them andcompare them with eachover. There is a TV screenwhich is playing a musicvideo and the headphonesare also plugged in so thatyou can put them on andlisten to the music andcompare the sound qualityof the headphones. Theprices for each headphoneare underneath the standthat they are displayed onso you can easily comparethe prices as well easily.The box for the productsare also on a shelf abovewhich means that if youdo want to buy theproduct you can pick upthe box and take it straitto the till instead of askingfor it and waiting ages forsomeone to go and get itfrom the stock at the backof the shop.I think that this P.O.S. unitis good as it has thererange of products onshow from the companyand you can see themand compare them witheach over. The prices foreach ereader are next tothem so that they areeasy to see and compare.The box for the productsare also on a shelf bellowwhich means that if youdo want to buy theproduct you can pick upthe box and take it straitto the till instead ofasking for it and waitingages for someone to goand get it from the stockat the back of the shop.The product also can beset up in store for you ifyou arent very good atdoing things on yourcomputer and this serviceis advertised in big text inthe middle of the stand.
  5. 5. This is trying to sell anew range ofclothing and themanikin looks like ithas been speciallymade for the rangeas there is a sloganthat says blown awayand the hair of themanikin is stretchedand looks like it isblowing in the wind.There is also a TVscreen that isshowing an advertfor the range and acat walk with peoplewearing cloths fromthe range whichcould convince youto buy it if you seesome very attractivepeople wearing thecloths and then youthink that you couldlook that good if youbought the clothes.This is trying to sellperfume and the productis very expensive as thereis a huge stand with thebottle encased in glass soyou cant touch it. There isalso a huge poster thatcovers the entire wall ofthe shop. The poster isvery simple it just has aslogan the name of theperfume and then a verygood looking womanstanding with a citybehind her and there arelots of lights and it is nighttime which makes youfeel like she is importantand she is standing on topof a skyscraper in a hugecity. Part of the picture isalso wrapped around thestand that the perfume islocked in and there is thecompany name at the topof the box directly abovethe perfume.This is trying to sell booksand the books are on acardboard shelf that iseasy to replace or changeas it wouldnt weighmuch and it can befolded flat for transport.The self is easilyreplaceable as the unit isadvertising a specialoffer that could not bearound for long so thatcould be why they haveused something likecardboard which is moretemporary and can bechanged easily. Theshelves can also be easilyrecycled as well. The factthat it is made out ofcardboard means thatyou can colour it easilyand make say what youwant it to so that you canwrite the latest offer forthe product clearly andeasily.SummaryI have learnt from the point of sale units that I have researched and seen as most ofthem are cheaply made and made from cheap materials such as cardboard or cheapplastics such as acrylic. The ones that are interactive are clearly interactive and youcan easily see what you have to do or what you can do with the product. As there isa stand with a bunch of E-readers and the stand is right in the middle of the shopnext to the elevators so as soon as you go upstairs you see the product and you canhave a look at it and see what it can do and if you like it and if you want to find outmore about it. The P.O.S. units are also relevant to the product as the P.O.S. Unitsare representing the product they are displaying and they need to display themcorrectly and represent them well so people get the right impression of the productand the right customers are targeted and the wrong ones arent bothered buy it anddont waste there time with it as the product isnt for them so all they would do withthe product is waste there time with it as it isnt for them and all that will happen isthey get disappointed with it and want there money back and possibly put people ofbuying the product and saying that as it wasted there time that it is a waste of timefor everyone. Also the P.O.S. Unit has to display clearly what the product is asotherwise you wouldnt actually know what it is displaying. The P.O.S. unit shouldalso display the brand name or be in the theme or colours of the brand so that it isclear what the brand is so that when the customers go home they can research thebrand or the product if they didnt buy it in the shop so they could find out moreabout the brands.
  6. 6. Mr Natty is for men who care about what they look like and care about whatthey use to look good. The target audience isnt just the older man with amoustache and facial hair as they do a wide range of hair products that can beused to create some very unique styles that most products wouldnt be able tocompete with as they just wouldnt work and hair would collapse and the stylewould fail and have to be touched up constantly in order for it to keep its shape.Old Spice was for the older man but they changed there target audience toyounger men who might aspire to own a boat or have some of the things that areused in the adverts such as a boat or a motorbike. Even though they have tried toencourage people of a younger audience to buy and wear there products themajority of people still see it as a product for old men that they would probablynot buy or use as they might not like the smell or still believe that it is for old men.Lynxs target audience are teenagers who have probably just started secondaryschool and think that the brand is cool and gets girls as there whole advertisingcampaign revolves around women falling in love with men who wear lynx. Theyuse men in there adverts who wouldnt probably use lynx but the youngeraudience who do buy it would aspire to be like them so that could be why theybuy it and want to wear it.Fish Soho have an unusual brand as they started as a barbers and did some veryunique haircuts and then they released a range of grooming products but the twoare very strange as they are not really the same as although they are the samecompany it is almost like it has split into two as the grooming products range usescolours and styles that dont mach the original company at all as they arecompletely different.Hackett London is a brand that aims to sell to people who have just got into thecity and are starting of a career that is going to earn them a lot of money andthey sell clothing and aftershave that is cheap compared to most suits but stillfairly expensive. There targeting people who would love to be like theexperienced people that they see walking into the office but cant afford theclothes and aftershave that they use so settle for something cheaper as astarting block.L’Oreal Men Expert target older men who know that they are getting old but wantto look youngest whilst still keeping there sophisticated look that makes themlook professional. You can tell this by looking at there range of products as mostare to do with getting rid of grey hairs and looking younger but there is a pointwhere people stop using the product because they realize that they are too old totry to hide it.
  7. 7. Mr Natty is for men who arent usually that old and maybe still in there twenties but would like a good quality product to style therehair with. Usually people who use Mr Natty hair products have a very unique look that they are aiming to achieve. The company wasformed because the creator of the company (Matt Raine) was tired of boring products that had no background and hardly worked. Hecreated his company and gave it a traditional past that he thought gave the company a background and some style. The products he hasmade are all for male grooming. Even though he has made a whole line of moustache and facial hair products people with facial hairarent the only target buyers that Mr Natty are trying to get as he said that young people like a product with a traditional past and lovethe look that Mr Natty has achieved.Mr Natty was created by a man who experienced the fashion industry first hand and worked on cat walks across the globe as a barberand hair stylist and he was using product after product to find one that held hair the way he needed it to , to keep the style but none ofthem did so he decided to start his own business and make his own products that would do exactly what he wanted to and they wouldactually do it and not completely fail and not be able to hold the style for longer than five minutes.Matt (the creator of Mr Natty) didnt want to give up a he was disappointed by the sheer amount of produces that didnt work and hewanted to put and end to it so he started small and worked his way up until now he owns a business that is doing very well and haspeople working for him to make new produces and create the best adverts for them and make the product stand out and feel like apremium product that works amazingly well and that if you want to create a unique style that you should be using Mr Natty andnothing else as it is the best product you could dream of as it does its job amazingly well.
  8. 8. Task AnalysisManufactureThe stand should be easy to manufacture and becheap to manufacture. If the stand came ready madeto the shop that would make the display easier to setup in the shop but could be inefficient when it isbeing transported to the shop which could meanmore lorries and vans are needed to distribute thestands to all the shops that require them.Sizethe size of the stand will be big enough to standout in a shop and catch peoples attention anddraw them to the product over the other productsin the shop.MaterialThe material should be aesthetically pleasing andmake the product look better by using a material thatmatches or suits the product so that you can clearlysee the relation between it and the product.Aesthetics/themesThe themes should match or be similar to theones used in the product or the company coloursso that when you see the stand you look at thecolour and automatically recognise the brand.The style of the stand should also be relevant tothe company as if the company was createdthrough aviation it would make no sense to havean image of a car as there background came fromflying and planes.EnvironmentThe stand should be in clear sight at eye level so thatwhen you walk in the shop you can easily see it andthere is no excuse for not seeing it. If it was a busyshop somewhere near the queue would be a goodplace to put the stand as people would be waiting tobuy something and they could see it and think thatthey might as well get it as well. It could also be put inthe shop window so people walking past the shop areencouraged to go in the shop and investigate theproduct.SafetyIf the stand is interactive it should be safe sothat customers who want to use or test it wontinjure themselves when they try to.User friendlyIt should be easy to understand as if the stand iscomplicated and hard to use than people wonttry to work it out as most of the people who aretesting out the product probably dont knowhow it works and what they need to do.FunctionsThe stand should be easy to use and do what itssupposed to easily and well so that if it is usedincorrectly it wont break and need to be takenaway from the shop floor to be fixed orreplaced.ErgonomicThe stand should look like it has been made for ahuman being and if it has been designed to be heldin someones hand it should fit well into therehand comfortably. If it wants you to listen to musicthe headphones should be comfortable and have along lead.CostThe cost of the stand should be fairly cheap andreasonable so that if you want to put them up inlots of shops at the same time it wont cost morethan it will earn you. Also if it isnt expensive thatmeans it can be replaced easier if it is broken.Future/recycled/alteredIf it can be altered for later editions it would savemoney resources and be better for theenvironment this would also be the case if thestand could be easily recycled which would bethe case if it was made out of cardboard.PurposeThe purpose should be to catch the attention ofpotential customers and convince them that yourproduct is the best at what it does and that it thepotential buyer should buy it.Position of productThe product should be in plain sight in the standso that it is the main thing that you see so thatyou know what you are buying and what it lookslike so you can determine if you even like whatit looks like.Social mediaIf the product is out there on the internet and caneasily be researched that means that people wouldmore likely to go and find out more about theproduct and could like it even more and beconvinced to buy it.Brief:Design a new point of sale display unit for a male grooming company. The unit must display at least 1 product from their range and must clearly identify the brand. Possible brands are OldSpice, Fish, L’Oreal Men Expert, Mr Natty, Lynx and Hackett.Brand:Mr NattyProblem:The problem with Mr Natty is that you can only buy it online and that isnt available in shops so the point of sale unit would promote the fact that Mr Natty is now available in shops.Situation
  9. 9. LINKS FXLogicalIt would be logical to put thebrand name and the productname on the P.O.S. So thatpeople know what they arelooking and if they want toresearch it when they gethome they know that to typeas otherwise it would bedifficult. The product shouldalso be on display so thatpeople know what it looks likeso they can shop around andsee if its cheaper somewhereelse. If the product isreasonably priced than theprice should be advertised totry and promote it more assome people might see it as abargain.It should be remote and awayfrom other fragrance standsas the smells mix togetherand you cant tell what theproduct smells like. Thecolour scheme of the P.O.S.Should be the same as thecolour scheme of thecompany. The size of theP.O.S. Should be relative tothe size of the product asthere is no point in having ahuge unit that fills up an islejust for one tin or can of theproduct. The P.O.S. Shouldtell the truth and be honestabout the product so peopleare not being lied to andknow the truth about whatthey are buying.IllogicalIt is illogical to put productsthat you test by smelling nextto each other as the smellswill mix and you wont knowwhat you are smelling andwhat it actually smells like.Unless you are going to makea huge amount of moneyfrom it there is no point ingiving away samples for free.It is illogical to charge lessthan the product cost tomake as you are loosingmoney and unless you areearning more in anotherbranch of the brand. If theunit is interactive it shouldntgive to much of the productaway it should be like a demoand not a trial as a trial givesyou full access to the productfor a small amount of timewhere as a demo give you asmall part of the product andtells you about the rest so youwant more and buy the fullproduct whereas a trial couldbe risky as people could playthe full game and get bored ofit. The unit should be builtwell so if it is misused itdoesnt break as easily andcan stand up to abuse. Thismeans that it wont getbroken and need to beremoved from the shop inorder to be repaired orreplaced which means thatpeople wont see it and itwont be doing its job.NeedThe P.O.S. Must have thename of the brand on it sothat people see it andimmediately know what thebrand is. The name of theproduct must also be on theunit so that people knowwhat it is and when they gethome they can research it andfind out some informationabout the product. Thecompany colours should alsobe used as that way fromacross the shop when youcant even read what thecompany is you can recognisethe colours and tell what thebrand is. The P.O.S. Shouldalso attract the attention ofpotential customers asotherwise it isnt doing its jobwhich is to attract attentionto the product and convincepeople to buy it and that it isthe best at what they do. Theunit must be safe as if it isinteractive then peopleshould not be in danger whenthey are using it as it shouldpromote the product and ifsomeone walks away fromthe unit in pain then they areless likely to buy the productthat they were initiallyinterested in. The productmust also be secured in thestand and should not be easyto steal and run away with asthen you would be losingmoney.KeepThe P.O.S. Unit should keepthe original traditional themeof the brand somewhere in itbut preferably the wholething this would help peoplerecognise the brand andproduct that it is displaying. Ifthe product doesnt keep theoriginal theme of the brandthen the P.O.S. Shouldincorporate the new themebut still use some of the oldtheme as this way it will beeasy to recognise if you arestanding a fair bit away fromthe P.O.S. Unit and cant readthe text or writing that couldbe on it. As well as the themethe type of materials shouldalso be kept fairly similar tothose of the brand as thenthe products would tie intogether and you could alsoadvertise them as a range ofproducts and put them all onshow together which couldencourage people to buymore of the products andspend more money. It wouldbe harder to tie all of theproducts together if they allhad separate themes andstyles and if you tried to itcould look messy and itwouldnt work very well asthen it could becomecluttered and people wouldnot be as convinced to buythe products.ScrapGood quality materials shouldbe used in the P.O.S. This wayit will look good and it couldpotentially be used again afterthe product is outdated and anew one is released. Ifmaterials such as wood andmetal are used that meansthat they can be recycled andnot thrown away into a scrappile or a land fill sitesomewhere. If you want theproduct to come across as apremium product materialssuch as cardboard shouldntbe used as they are veryunattractive and are usuallyused for cheap products suchas posters and generallyproducts that are made out ofpaper or card. There shouldntbe any excess materials usedthat have no point as theywould be a waste of moneyand resources. If the P.O.S.Unit looks like it was madecheaply and that it isnt madeto a good standard peoplemight think that it is the samefor the product and that couldbe made cheaply as well sothe P.O.S. Unit represents theproduct it is displaying andshouldnt make the productlook bad as it would then bedoing the opposite of what itis supposed to.Form Vs FunctionThe P.O.S. Should ideally lookgreat and work well as thatwould make it the mosteffective. It should look betterthat it works as the main aimis to get peoples attentionand stand out and catchpeoples attention and drawthem to the unit and theproduct but unless the standis interactive there is no pointin making it work well asthere is nothing to make itwork it is just a solid advertthat doesnt move but if it isinteractive then it should bebuilt well so that if someonecomes up to it and startsusing it incorrectly then theydont break it which wouldcause the unit to be takenaway and either replaced orrepaired which would cause itto not be doing its job andpotentially losing money.Although if you spend lots oftime making it work amazinglywell then it probably wontlook as good so all of thesefactors should be consideredwhen you are designing aP.O.S. Unit. The main purposeof a P.O.S. Is to attract peopleand draw them to it so thatpeople come and investigatethe product to see it and seewhat it does and how well itdoes that.X-FactorThe P.O.S. Unit should bedifferent as that way it canhelp promote the product asit will become morememorable and people willlook back when they gethome and think which one didI like, well the different onewas good as it was differentand unusual. And as this hasstuck in the persons mindthey are more likely to go andfind out more about theproduct as they dontremember the other ones asthere P.O.S. Units and advertswere boring and not asinteresting. If the P.O.S. Isinteractive it should be donedifferently so that peoplethink about it for a while.People could also crowdaround it as there could be aqueue to use it and thenpeople waiting to use it couldbe thinking and talking aboutit which could attract morepeople and then lots ofpeople could buy the productwhich could also make peoplethink that must be really goodif everyone is buying it andthen the P.O.S. Unit hasbecome very successful andworked really well. Even theway the product is placed inthe P.O.S. Could make itdifferent enough for it to beeasily remembered and notforgotten instantly.
  10. 10. Initial Specification• AestheticsThe aesthetics of the P.O.S. would have more of a rustic feel to it as Mr Natty have created a style that involves old materials like worn old driftwood. The colours they use are more neutral and give the image of an old newspaper or something that was a classic British style that has been worndown and has become less classic• CostThe cost should be fairly reasonable as the Mr Nattys products aren’t that expensive but they are not cheap so you would have to have a P.O.S. thatlooked like it is expensive but it is not actually that expensive.• CustomerThe customer should like and be able to engage with the product and use it for its purpose and not have to spend ages trying to work the productout and how to use it properly.• EnvironmentThe P.O.S. should be in quite a few shops which would be shops that sell lots of types of aftershave and grooming products so that if some one goesinto the shop to buy something they see Mr Natty on a stand and they think ooh that looks good I should try some of that. For this to be achieved theP.O.S. should be in clear sight to catch your attention of the products that people would be going in to buy and draw there attention to the Mr Nattystand. The P.O.S. should be by the door so that everyone who walks in the shop sees it and cant avoid it.• SafetyThe P.O.S. should be safe to use and assemble as it might need to be assembled on site to save money on transport. To make it safe to use the woodshould be coated instead of left rough as that could give people splinters.• Sizethe P.O.S.s size should be relative to the product or products that it is showcasing so that people dont see it and then have to find the product insideit and be confused about what is going on and why the P.O.S. Is so big and the product inside is so tiny in comparison.• FunctionThe function of the P.O.S. Is to sell the product it is displaying and make people want to buy it. This can be done in a number of ways and giving outtesters or samples is a good way as people get to actually use the product and test it out and discover how it works and the best way to use it.• MaterialThe P.O.S. Should be built well out of good materials but within reason as there is no point in making a really expensive P.O.S. For a cheap product asthe P.O.S. Will attract the wrong attention and people who would not like it could be convinced to buy it and the target market will not notice it.
  11. 11. Research PlanMarket ResearchI am going to go and watch the market firsthand to see how they interact with the productand what they do with it and how they use it. Iwant to learn what the market know about theproduct as they might not know what it is inwhich case the P.O.S. shouldn’t be misleadingand it should be honest or give people a fairimpression of what the product is. I will speakto people in the public to see what they thinkof the product and the P.O.S. displaying it whenthey are using or looking at it. I will do myresearch in a shop that has a lot of P.O.S.s thatI can observe and conduct my research in. Ishouldn’t need to know anything before handas I will be learning about the market.Customer ProfilingI am going to see who buys the product as theywould be people that would be most likely tobe the customer I will also observe what thepeople look like and what they wear as therecould be a commonality between them. Asthey are buying the product they probablyknow quite a bit about the product. I shouldntneed to know much before hand but I do needto know a good place to find the idealcustomers if I am going to examine them firsthand. I will writer up my results unless there isa clear way to put them in a chart or graph butthis could be difficult as I am examining peopleand everyone is different and unique. I wouldlike to learn a lot about the target customerthat companies try to get to buy thereproducts.Person And Product InteractionI am going to watch lots of people and see what they do with the product when it is on a stand and if they evenknow what it is before hand and if they know what to do with it and how to use it and if they dont I will see if theylearn how to use it and what it is. I could speak to people after they have been looking at the P.O.S. To see whatthey thought of it. I will watch and talk to people in a shop that has lots of P.O.S.s. I dont need to know anythingbefore hand as I am just watching peoples reactions and seeing what they do when they discover the product. I willhave to write up my findings but I will probably need to take some pictures as well as that could be better thanwriting everything.Environmental SnapshotI want to learn how products are laid out in shops to try to get people to buy them and the most effective way or place to put theproduct so that it attracts the most attention and gets lots of people interested in it. I will try to speak to people who put the P.O.S.swhere they are and find out why they did put them where they are. I will go to various shops to conduct my research and find outabout ideal locations for P.O.S.s in shops and where the best spots are. I should not need to know anything before I go out to conductmy research. I will take pictures and use text to document my findingsQuestionnaireI am going to write a questionnaire and ask people for there answers to the questions. I will do this in and around shopsthat have P.O.S.s that have a similar purpose to mine. I would like to learn peoples response to my questions and whatthey think would be a good function for a P.O.S. to have. I will speak to people whop look like they are interested in P.O.S.sin the shop as they might have opinions on how to improve it. I need to know something about P.O.S.s and some goodquestions to ask people about P.O.S.s so that I get the most out of peoples responses and I can use the information. Thequestionnaire will have multiple choice answers so I can put my results in a graph.Mood BoardI will look around for pictures or images that relate to the product or the P.O.S. That I am designing and I would like to know moreabout the brand before I start so that I know what pictures would be relevant and which ones wouldnt. I will find most of the pictureson the internet. I will put all the pictures on a page and display them with each other and they should look good together and not toorandom as they all should relate to the same brand or product and be fairly similar to each other.Brand ProfilingI am going to research the company andthere brand and try to find out what theyare exactly like. I will do some research onthe internet and I will also go out and lookat the product in person. I will not need toknow much before I start researchingthings on the internet but I will when I goout to the shops to look and observe so Iwill need to do my research online beforeI go out. I will try to take pictures of theproduct in shops but I will probably writeabout the brand and try to describe thegoals they are aiming to achieve and stylethat they are trying to get with the brandand what they want people to think of thebrand as there could be a forgottenbackground or past that they could betrying to remind people of.First Hand Design AnalysisI will go out and take ten pictures ofdifferent P.O.S. Units and compare themto find the best features and what I thinkthat I should use to design mine. I will goand take pictures in shops and I want tofind out the most successful methods ofdesigning a P.O.S. Unit as there areprobably lots of bad ones out there. I willtake pictures of all the P.O.S. Units andannotate the pictures. I will not need toknow much before hand but I will need toknow what a good P.O.S. Unit looks like soI can observe and analyse the right P.O.S.Units and not waste my time on some badP.O.S. Units.
  12. 12. Most of male grooming products are put in three types of container. One is atube like a tooth paste tube which is normally used for products that are to dosome thing and not to make you smell good they are usually products such astoothpaste which is to clean your teeth or something like a skincare product likean anti wrinkle cream. These products are cosmetic and are supposed to helpyou subtly and mask things that you dont want people to see like wrinkles orspots. There are also cans for things like deodorant or other gasses that are usedas products that are for male grooming products or uses. Another type ofcontainer is ones for aftershave and they are usually made out of glass as thenyou can see the liquid inside it and you can do things like frost the glass to makethe bottle look even better. As the bottle is made out of glass there arent verymany alternatives as it has to be an airtight or water proof material so the liquidinside doesnt escape or leak out of the container and get everywhere andcauses the product to be wasted and the person who bought it to have wastedthere money on it as it would have been wasted.Market ResearchNot many produces actually come in tins made out of metal like the ones thatthe Mr Natty waxes come in. Some hair waxes come in plastic tubs which are likethe metal ones that Mr. Natty products come in but they are cheaper as they aremade out of plastic and not metal so they are cheaper to produce but dont feelas good as they just look and feel cheap compared to metal. Another benefit ofthe metal tin is something small like the fact that the tin is small so it isadvertised as being pocket sized and that you can put the tin in your pocket andyour body heat will warm up the tin and then warm up the wax inside so that it iswarm and easier to use and sculpt a style into your hair. There are lots ofdifferent containers for grooming products and some are more affective thanothers but most good ones are unique to the brand and can not be easily mixedor forgotten as some times the bottle itself is a P.O.S. And the unit just takesfeatures from the bottle and enhances them to create a greater effect andmakes the product more memorable and unforgettable.
  13. 13. Person And Product InteractionI saw that people didnt really go near and look at products that were in shopwindows. They were only looked at through the window and forgotten when peoplewent in the shop as they were then distracted by different P.O.S. units and werethen interested in different products. Putting your P.O.S. unit in the shop windowwould only be effective if you put more in the shop then which would be moreexpensive and take more time to design as if the P.O.S. Unit looks out of place itwont be effective and it wont attract peoples attention and get them interested inthe product. People also were interested in the smell of the product and wanted totry it out. Most people didnt use the tester strips they just used the product onthere skin to see what it smelt like so making a unique tester strip was pointless orwasnt as useful as you would think as only a small proportion of people used themand the rest just used the product on themselves. Out of the people who used thetester strips most of them left the strips at the stand instead of taking them awaywith them as a reminder of what the product they smelt or tested was. People alsotested or got a feel for the weight of the products container and people tried to lift itup and hold the bottle in there own hands and see or feel whether they could fit it inthere hand.They also tried to spray them self with it so if you were going to design a P.O.S. unitthen you should make it so that people can hold the bottle and pick it up instead ofbolting it down to the P.O.S. Unit. P.O.S. units that were in the middle of the shopand were able to be seen from lots of different angles were also the most effectiveas they could be seen from the whole shop and everyone could see them and wasattracted to them. Also as they were visible from lots of different angles that meantthat more people could look and interact with the P.O.S. unit at the same time whichcould get more people interested in the product and as there were lots of peoplelooking at the P.O.S. unit that meant that people were looking at the crowd andwalking over to see more and find out more about the P.O.S. Unit which meant thatas more people looked at it the crowd got bigger and bigger until a point werepeople started to try and avoid the crowd as they were overwhelmed or didnt wantto get stuck in a huge crowd. So you have to be careful in the design of a P.O.S. Unitas if you get it wrong then the unit could be pointless and just a waste of money as ifit doesnt attract people to it then it wouldnt get people to buy the product so itwouldnt gain the brand any money.
  14. 14. Most of the people buying the products were also women so some P.O.S. units wereput close to the ladies section or between the ladies and either the door or the till asthey would have to make the journey between these places and they would thenwalk past the units and then think about buying them for there husbands orboyfriends as there might be an image of a good looking man in the P.O.S. unit andthe women would think what if my husband or boyfriend looked like that and theywould buy the product thinking that it would make there husband or boyfriend moreattractive or appealing. Competitive products werent usually placed near each otherunless they were on a similar level as then there would be a clear product that wasbetter than the other so the other one would be forgotten and unnoticed and onlyused to make the better one look better which would be useless for the worse brandas they would have wasted money and people could potentially walk away thinking itwas worse than it is because it was next to a brand that was a lot better and made itlook bad in comparison so it devalued the brand and made it look worse.I saw that people didnt really go near and look at products that were in shopwindows. They were only looked at through the window and forgotten when peoplewent in the shop as they were then distracted by different P.O.S. units and were theninterested in different products. Putting your P.O.S. unit in the shop window wouldonly be effective if you put more in the shop then which would be more expensiveand take more time to design as if the P.O.S. Unit looks out of place it wont beeffective and it wont attract peoples attention and get them interested in the product.The P.O.S. Units that got the most attention were ones that were in clear view and notobstructed. People went to see products that were in clear sight and seemed tochoose P.O.S. units that were on there own as they were comparing smells of theproducts most of the time and when there were two or more P.O.S. Units next to eachother the smells merged and became unusual and strange which put people of as theycouldnt distinguish the smells and they just got this huge unpleasant waft of mergedfragrances that were overwhelming and of putting as they were not a goodrepresentative of what the product smelt like.Environmental Snapshot
  15. 15. Questionnaire1) Would you buy Mr Natty products?YES NO2) Why would you buy Mr Natty products?TheyworkThey look goodon the shelfTherefashionableAnotherreason3) What type of P.O.S. unit would catch your attention?One whichsmellsOne witha screenAn interactiveoneAnothertype4) Would you prefer to smell the fragrance ontesters or your skin?A testerstripMyskin60%40%1) Would you buyMr Natty products?YESNO40%30%20%10%2) Why would you buy MrNatty products?They workThey look good onthe shelfThere fashionable26%20%46%8%3) What type of P.O.S. unitwould catch yourattention?One whichsmellsOne with ascreenAn interactiveone78%22%4) Would you prefer tosmell the fragrance ontesters or your skin?My skinA testerstrip
  16. 16. __________Mood Board
  17. 17. Mr Natty has an unusual range of products so it appeals to a small quantity ofpeople. These people could range in age buy quite a bit as there is an old marketwhich could be the people who the product was created for and have been using itfor years and because of the fact that Mr Natty has only slightly changed over timethey have stuck to the product and still use it as they dont feel that it has changed tomuch and become a completely new brand that has forgotten its past and all of itsroots in order to recreate it self as a new brand that has completely changed and isnothing like it used to be. It has changed though but not much as it still retains itsoriginality but has added things to itself to make it more modern and fashionable asthey try to promote there brand as fashionable as they use haircuts and styles thatare very different and unique which are also things that are used in the fashionindustry as that is always changing and creating looks that have never been seenbefore and are unusual and have not been done before. This means that the olderbuyers have kept with the company and still buy the products as they work and thebrand hasnt changed to dramatically to quickly it has slowly become different untilnow it is the brand it is today. The older people who buy the product probably arentthat old and would be in there sixties at the most.Customer ProfilingThere is still another generation of people who still buy the products and they areprobably quite young and maybe still be teenagers but if they are they will be inthere late teens and be seventeen to nineteen and probably into there earlytwenties. These people probably use products like the wax and hair gels to create adifferent and unusual style with there hair compared to the older market whoprobably use the after shave and shaving oil. The younger market are probably usingthe products because of the modern fashionable feel that the brand has gone forand succeeded in achieving as there are more people who would buy the productnow because of its face lift and that it has revamped its self with a whole newmodern twist but has still kept its past background which some of the youngergeneration could understand and respect and that could also be a selling point thatcould have helped them to make the decision to buy it over another product on theshelf as it is different and quirky. The brand also goes on about moustaches and hasa whole range of facial hair grooming products that although the younger marketwouldnt buy or use these products they might like the fact that they are availableand still get sold and like the idea of having facial hair and aspire to people who dohave moustaches as they themselves would like one and the whole brand itself waspractically built around facial hair and moustaches as every one likes them andwould love to have one as people feel like it would give you a higher amount ofimportance and that it would make you look better and more sophisticated and thatyou would get more respect as people would see you and think that you are a smartgood looking chap.
  18. 18. Brand ProfilingMr Natty is an old brand but it has ever so slightly changed over the years until it hasbecome the brand it is today. It started out as a barber shop but the creator of thebrand saw an opportunity as he thought that there was a gap in the market as therewere not many good grooming products for men so he decided to seize thisopportunity and fill the gap in the market and create his own range of products thathe was proud to say were made in England. He then tried to keep up with the timesand make the brand more fashionable and appeal to the younger market but he stillkept the original theme and style that made the brand. This was a good move as hewould have gained some customers or buyers by doing this but he wouldnt havelost his old ones that he had when he made the brand but getting the balance rightbetween old and new is very difficult but I think that he pulled it of well. There is stilla flaw in the company I think and that is that it isnt available of the shelves in shopsand the only place to buy it is of there website or another website which in theory isgood as it cuts out the middle man but it also makes he product harder to get hold ofand less people would buy it because they either havent heard of it o they cant bebothered to go online so they would probably go to a shop and buy a competingbrands product.Mr Natty has a very niche brand that is very unusual but is very likeable as it standsfor old English quality and style whilst adding in a bit of present fashion which makesthe brand very unique and difficult to copy as there is nothing else like it out there inthe market. The brand is also clearly English as it is constantly showing ofmoustaches and facial hair such as the classic handle bar moustache which in itself isa unique trend in facial hair. Because of its uniqueness there are lots of otherproducts that have been released as well as male grooming products. The generalattitude of the creator of Mr Natty comes across as though he is a bit strange as he isconstantly creating new words to describe his brand but then again the brand is sounusual and unordinary that it wouldnt make sense if the creator wasnt anythingbut an extraordinary person who wasnt afraid to stand out and think outside of thebox when he decided to create a new brand and range of grooming products formen that had style attitude and most importantly actually worked well and did whatthey said on the tin and didnt lie to you and mislead you into buying something thatdidnt work or wasnt really that great. Overall Mr Natty is a great brand that wasmade by a great man who saw a chance to make a great brand and he took it andmade the most out of it so that he could do his best to make a product that he couldbe proud of and say that he designed and was truly British but was still in the newage as he merged the classic views and class of England with the new modern age ofEngland where there are people who arent afraid to be different and stand out ofthe crowd of normal people and be different and express themselves in there ownway and show there true colours.
  19. 19. Research SummaryMr NattyDesignIdeasThere is anold feel toall of theproductsOldrusticwoodRoughmetalFacial hairused inadvertsOld styleBarbershopMoustachesAgeRangeOlderMenYoungerMenHaveuniquehairstylesPartlyshavedhairClassicEnglishstyleMadeInEnglandIndustrialmaterialsGoodqualityproductsFashionablestylesUniquenessDifferentfromothergroomingproductstheproductsareoriginalTheyhaventbeencopied orarecopiedOldshipsDriftwoodSailors
  20. 20. Further specification• The P.O.S. unit will be at eye level as when I did my research ones at eye level were the most effective and caught the most attention of customers and shoppers.• The P.O.S. unit will have a flat base so that it can be put on a stand making it eye level if it does not have its own stand so that it could be the most effective that itcan.• The P.O.S. unit will be fairly big but not to big so that you can hardy see the product inside it.• The P.O.S. Unit will be the right size to fit on the en of an isle or on its own so that it stands out from other P.O.S. Units.• The P.O.S. unit will be safe to use and not harm the user if it is interactive or requires the customer to touch it.• The P.O.S. unit will be sturdy and tough so that if it is an interactive P.O.S. unit it will not get broken easily I will stand the test of time and will do its job for as longas it needs to before it brakes which means that it should last until a new product is released and it is no longer needed.• The P.O.S. unit will be made of good quality materials that will not break easily and need to be replaced that often.• The P.O.S. unit should be in lots of shops that sell male grooming products and similar ones to the ones that Mr Natty make and sell.• The P.O.S. unit should be eye catching and get peoples attention and draw them to it.• The P.O.S. units price will be proportional to the product that it is displaying as there is no point in spending a huge amount of money on a P.O.S. unit that is for acheap product as it would attract the wrong attention and then the product wouldnt sell as much and if it did it would be bought buy the wrong people whowouldnt be interested in the product or would not gain the full rewards from the product as if the product was a wrinkle cream then it should be bought buypeople who have wrinkles and want to do something about it.• The P.O.S. unit will need to be easy to understand if it is interactive so that if people want to use it they can and they wont look at it and be confused and have tospend ages working out how to use the P.O.S. unit properly before they can find out how to do what they want to do and use it how its supposed to be used.• The P.O.S. unit will relate to the product and the brand so that it is clearly trying to display a product by Mr Natty and if people dont know what Mr Natty is thenthe P.O.S. unit should explain or show what Mr Natty is all about and attract people to the product and convince them to buy it.• The P.O.S. unit will be relative to the ideal customer and get the right peoples attention as there is no point in getting the wrong peoples attention as they wouldnot be interested in it and they would be wasting there time and money buy buying it and could discredit the product or the brand.• The P.O.S. unit will have the brand name and logo on it so that when people see it they instantly know the brand and what the P.O.S. unit is advertising.• The P.O.S. unit will carry the background of the brand and will not completely forget it so that people get to know a bit of the history of Mr Natty.• The P.O.S. unit will be easy to understand and not be confusing and leave people wondering how it had anything to do with the product.• The P.O.S. unit will be easy to read if it has text on it as some peoples eye sight is not very good and they shouldnt have to strain themselves to read it.• The P.O.S. unit will be effective and everyone who walks in the shop should notice it and then decide to walkover to it if they are interested in it this way it shouldgrab the most attention and everyone who would be interested in it would go over and find out more about it.
  21. 21. DevelopmentThere are lots of types of designs or types of moustaches that I can use. I amgoing to use the classic handlebar as it is the most fashionable and is used asthe iconic moustache in lots of branding. It is also the moustache that MrNatty is fashioning at the moment.There are also different ways that I could display the moustache on the mirrorI could draw it on or I could ad a moustache with hair on it so that it wouldlook more realistic and it would give a better impression of what you wouldlook like with a moustache. I will get a fake moustache which has bristles orhairs to add the extra feel that you actually have a moustache and so that itlooks more realistic and then people could take a picture and keep that whichwould make them remember Mr Natty and the point of sale unit.I could also add a beard to theimage so that it wouldn’t just bea moustache it would havefacial hair like a beard to as theyare fashionable as well but I willkeep to the true natty style andjust have the handle barmoustache as they are iconicmoustaches that everyonethinks of when they hear theword moustache. As this is themost loved moustache and youprobably wouldn’t want to takea picture of yourself with amoustache that you don’tactually like.There are lots of different mirrors that I couldchoose from there are classic ones that have theold frames that look established and old and gowith the Mr natty style and there are modernmirrors that look good and could bebringing Mr Natty forward andmaking the brand newer andmodern but I will stick tothe original style of mirrorand keep it old fashionedand with the Mr NattyTheme as that is relevantto the brand and the P.O.S.needs to be relevant to theMr Natty brand.The mirror couldalso be indifferent shapesand sizes as Icould have it asan oval that issimilar to mirrorsthat you would putabove a shelf or tabletop or I could use a mirror that is full size andyou can see your whole body in it. Even if Imake the mirror full size there are differentshapes I could have such as a rectangle or acircle but I think that the rectangle would be agood option as it is iconic and everyone hasseen one of these mirrors at some point inthere life. I could use a big rectangular mirrorand have it free standing or I could put a halfsized one on an easel which would be betterthan a regular stand as it would look better andattract more attention and gather a crowd.
  22. 22. The domes on the top and the bottom of the barbers pole could be made ofvarious different materials but I would like to give it a shiny chrome finisheven if it made from a hollow plastic mould that has been coated or wrappedin a chrome style so that it is made out of plastic and is therefore cheap but ithas the look and feel of a shiny chrome metal.The domes could be made of actual metal as well whichwould give the actual feel of the chrome because it isreal but it could be unnecessary as the samelook could be done for a cheaper price.There are also products that could substitutethe wrapping as I could use a spray that wouldalso give the effect that it was a chrome objectbut I could ad more layers of paint to increase the effect of thechrome. I will either get a metal and get the real chrome effectproperly and actually get the metal to be chrome or I will get acheaper material and paint it as it would be difficult to vinyl wrap adome as the wrap is a sheet and it would need to be stretched a lotto fit the shape of the dome and then it could be distorted unevenor the wrap could break and tear which would be a waste ofresources which would not be good if this part would needed to bemanufactured on a much bigger scale and if there iswastage that means money is being wasted as wellas resources.DevelopmentThere are lots of different ways I could have thecorners of the mirrors as I could have them keptto the classic style with the brass or woodenframe which is the classic design. I could alsouse a more modern design which would be thesame type of joint but the frame would bemade of metal or painted or sprayed to looknewer and shiny. If I am going to try and keepthe mirror looking new andmodern I could also just havethe mirror as a sheet and thenhave corner covers over it toprotect the corners and it willalso keep the rustic feel byhaving the corners covered butwill also have a modern twistto it. The mirror shouldmatch the currentstyle of Mr Nattywhich isnt verymodern and it hasstill kept with theoriginal classic oldstyle.
  23. 23. DevelopmentThe barber pole could be made of different materialsas original barber poles have red and white stripesbut I want the product to be inside the barber poleso you can see it which would mean that you wouldhave to make the pole translucent or clear whichcould take away the effect of the barber pole as thered and white stand for blood and bandages as itrepresents barbers history. I could also make thepole a solid red and have stripes with no colour inbetween them so you could look at it through slitsbut then this would have less of an effect of being abarbers pole as there is the red but not the white. I will probably keep theoriginal theme of the barber pole and keep the red and white stripes but I willmake them more translucent so that you can distinctly tell that it’s a barberspole but you can also see the product inside it so it still does what I want it todo as the other ways are not as good or are not asgood as they could be as they substituteone thing for another as one has aclear tube which means you can seethe product but it looks nothing likea barbers pole. Another one is betteras it has the red stripes but it doesn’thave the white stripes and you can barelysee the product as it can only be seen inbands or stripes. So I think that keeping theoriginal colours of the pole is a good idea andmaking the tube translucent so you can seethrough the pole and still see the different colours.There are lots of different types ofjoints I can use to make the cornersof the mirror and attach the planks toeach other. I could use something likea finger joint or something as basic asa but joint. I will use neither of theseas the finger joint is to advanced andit would not be worth the hassle as itwould not be noticed much but a butjoint is a bit to basic and it will notlook like a real old classic mirror so Iwill probably settle for a mitre jointor something of that nature as that isone of the common joints used inmirror making. I will put dowels orwedges into the joint to reinforce thejoint as well just to add the extrasecurity as it is a big part of the P.O.S.
  24. 24. DevelopmentThere are not that many waysto construct the domes foreither end of the barber poleas if I decide to not use metaland use plastic or anothermaterial instead of metal andspray paint it to look like it ischrome then the easiestoption is to get a sheet ofplastic and vacuum form it intoa dome and attach a circle tothe bottom of it to completethe dome and seal the whole unit in and then spray over the top with thechrome spray so you would never know that it wasnt actually made out ofmetal and wasnt chrome as some materials or products that you buy can bequite convincing and look a lot like the real thing and in some cases can bebetter then the real thing as you could fill the paint with chemicals toenhance the paint and make it resistant to things that the metal would bevulnerable to. Although I could do it the proper way and use real metal andget it to look like chrome but this would be more time consuming and couldcost more in resources and money but the outcome would be great if youwere to stick to it and get the final product looking polished and as good as itshould look. I will use a plastic dome and coat itIn a material to make it look like it is made ofmetal instead of using the real thing as it isonly a cheap unit that will be used inshops and it doesnt need lots of moneyAnd time spent on it.There are different ways I could construct the pole so that I could get theproduct that is required to be displayed in and out of the P.O.S. as I couldhave it in a similar style to a jam jar in which there is a thread on the top ofthe tube and the bottom of the upper dome and they screw together andapart so that the product can be slipped in and out of the barbers pole or ifthe product falls over then someone can access it and put it the right way upand they can do it easily with little hassle other wise they would need to shakethe P.O.S. to try and get the product to standback up and there would be a lot of peoplewho would get frustrated with it and eithernot bother standing the product back up ortucking the whole P.O.S. out of the waywhere it would be useless and unwanted.Another option is to have an access panel atthe back of the tube but this could effect theaesthetics of the P.O.S. as if the tube istranslucent then you would be able to seethe access hatch and it would make the polenot look as goodas it wouldoriginally andthen the polecould lookcluttered anduntidy and itcould effect thesimplicity of thedesign.
  25. 25. DevelopmentSome of the different ways ofsupporting the mirror are better theothers as I could have the stand similarto that of a picture frame and have athing that swings out from the backand you can lean it on the floor as thepicture frame is attached by a hinge tothe stand and this is good as it issubtle, unobvious and easy to set up.This would be good as you dont wantto spend ages setting something upand it not being as easy as it should be.Another way to do it is to have aseparate stand and sit the mirror onthat for example you could use andeasel and put the mirror on that asthe easel is iconic and looks great butit isnt really in keeping with MrNattys style as Mr Natty is rustic andtraditional and British whereas theeasel is traditional but it portrays thestory of a French artist more than aBritish barbers shop. And that couldconfuse customers or give them thewrong impression of the brand andwhat the brand is about. So I willmake a wooden stand similar to theone on the picture frame.There are different ways I canmake the plastic tube for thebarbers pole I could get the tubepr moulded into a tube or I coulduse other methods to make asheet of plastic into a cylinderwhich could be by heating andmoulding it and that can be doneon two different machines a linebender and a heat bender theheat bender would be more usefull as a line bender would be used mainly if you only want to bend the sheetin one place to make it have an angle in it and it would be difficult to heat thewhole thing and mould the whole thing with a strip heateras it isnt what it is designed for whereas I could also usea heat gun and heat up the whole thing and wrap itaround a cylinder mould that could be made of woodor another cheap material and then let the plastic cooland set to the shape of the mould which would be a lotless hassle and a lot less time consuming.
  26. 26. If the moustache on the mirror is in afixed position I might need a step or asmall ladder for people to stand on tolook at the mirror as not everyone is thesame height so if you have a step youcan line yourself up with the mirror andlook properly at the mirror as you mightnot be the right height for themoustache to line up with your face sothe step would give you a better feel forthe moustache. Also standing on a stepcould immerse you into the P.O.S. unitmore as you arent just looking at it youare standing on it and using it whichmakes the unit a lot more interactive asyou can get to be with the unit better.There are lots of styles ofstools and steps thatcould be used but Iwould like the stool tobe made or at leastlook like its madefrom a solid hardwood. This waythe stool could inputto the theme of thebarbers shop andpeople could enjoythemselves in it.DevelopmentWhen I make the stand for the mirrorI want to use a good joint but not onethat is better then it needs to be asno one will look at the back so it onlyneeds to be functional and be strongenough to hold the mirror up without it collapsing. I could then usesomething like a but joint but I willuse something better as I dont wantit to be completely stripped back tobasics andlooking terribleand onlylasting a shortperiod of time.I want it to lastas long as itcan and lookas good as itcan withoutbeing a lot ofwork toconstruct. Iwouldprobably usesomething asbasic as adowel joint.
  27. 27. DevelopmentThe mirrors frame could becoloured in different ways itcould be varnished to keepits wood theme or it couldbe painted in a variety ofdifferent colours to try toget the rustic feel that thebrand has and then to getthe mirror and the P.O.S. toportray the theme of thebrand of Mr Natty. If I paintthe mirror I would paint itgold or make it look like aclassic brass mirror .When I put parts of the P.O.S. unittogether that are made of wood Iwill reinforce the joints withdowels and adhesives so that theyare stronger and will last longerthen a regular joint without them.These joints could be difficult tomake and manufacture but theywill be stronger and will last a lotmore of a longer time and willincrease the strength of the unit asa whole compared to if I made theunit without reinforcing the jointsand just screwing or gluing thepanels together as the dowels alsoincrease the surface area incontact with the two panels whichmeans the joint is stronger.
  28. 28. DevelopmentThe stand for the mirror will behinged but it could either swing outto the side or down and both aregood but I think that I would ratherhave the stand swing out to the sideas then it doesnt need to be as bigand it will be easier to construct .The hinges must be bigger thoughbut apart from that there isnt muchthat isdifferentbetweenthe twotypes ofStand forthe mirrorThe screwsfor thehinges cantbe that longas you dontwant themto gothroughthe backand crackthe mirrorand ruin it.The Mr Natty logo should at least be put onthe P.O.S. Unit once as otherwise peoplewont know what the brand is and what theP.O.S. Unit is advertising. The logo could beput on the mirror along with the moustacheso that they are together and if you take apicture of yourself in the mirror the logosneaks its way into the picture as well sothat you dont forget it quickly. Anotherplace for the logo is on the dome of thebarbers pole but that is kind of tucked outthe way and would ruin the pole as it wouldtake away the poles classic style so I will putthe logo on the mirror but I will also need toput it in the right spot so thatit is seen by everyone wholooks at the mirror. So I willput it in the top left handcorner of the mirror as thebarber pole is on the righthand side and adding anythingmore would clutter the mirrorin that spot and there is plentyof space on the rest of theMirror for the name to go asYou dont want the mirror tolook cluttered and peoplemight not even see the name.
  29. 29. DevelopmentThe moustache and Mr. Natty logo could belaser cut onto a piece of vinyl and stuck ontothe mirror instead of being painted on as thiswould have the same effect but would requireless skill and then would take less time to bemanufactured and produced. If the logo andmoustache are printed then they are going tobe the same every time and none of them aregoing to be wrong and need to be done againand have the whole mirror scraped and have to be remade as the moustacheand logo will be some of the final touches that will come later n the build asthey are small details that are needed but are easy to ad on at the end of theP.O.S. units manufacturement. I will print the moustache and logo on a pieceof vinyl as it will be the easiest and quickest thing to do.I could take averages in peoples heights todetermine the best height to have themoustache on the mirror as then it could be inroughly the right place for most people andthen only a small proportion of people need touse the step that is provided. This could beargued as a waste of time as there is a stepand if your not the right height you can lineyourself up with it so that you are but it is justa small thing that will make quite a differenceas if you are going to put it some where on themirror you might as well put it in the placewhere it would be most useful. So that if thestep is missing or there is a queue for it then aslittle people as possible will be using orneeding to use the step. This is just a smallpiece of research that I can conduct that willnot take long to do as it is just as simple asrecording the heights of lots of differentpeople and simply dividing the sum of theresults by the number of results so that youget yourself an average set heights so that youcan position the moustache in the mostappropriate place where it will be most usefuland not have people walk up to it and walkaway because there too small and they dontwant to go through the effort of getting up ona step just to look at themselves in a mirror.
  30. 30. DevelopmentThere are should be some text or a slogan which explains the purpose of themoustache if it is unclear that you are supposed to look at the mirror andline your face up with the moustache on the mirror. A simple phrase like“see what you look like with a tach” as I think that a whole block of textexplaining the mirror would be unnecessary and people wouldn’t read it andInstead of printing the moustache andlogo separately I could print them on aclear sheet of vinyl as a template whichcould cover the whole mirror as then ifit is being mass produced then all of themoustaches and logos will be in thesame places on all the mirrors which willhelp keep the mirrors and the P.O.S.Units in general looking consistentlygood and the same. Another benefit ofdoing it like this is that the whole mirroris covered in a film of protective coatingwhich means the mirror is scratchresistant so if it gets knocked about androughed up either when its on its way tothe shop or arrived at the shop andbeing used by the customer it wont getscratched and horrible so that you cantsee yourself in the mirror any more itwill stay fresh and new for a lot longerand if it does turn horrible then youcould easily peel of the vinyl and replaceit with a new one which is a lot cheaperand easier to replace then doing it to awhole mirror which wouldnt be able tobe repaired it will probably need to bereplaced which is a lot more expensive.see what you looklike with a tachit would cause confusionas they wouldn’t read itand it wouldn’t solve theproblem of people notknowing what to do asthey wouldnt have readthe text so they don’tknow what to do. Thephrase could besomething simple andcatchy like “do you lookgood in a tach” or “whatdo u look like in a tach.” IfI use a slogan or sometext like this then I thinkit would be better thenwriting a long piece oftext explaining the mirroras you can read theslogan and work it outfrom there as it isntexactly difficult.
  31. 31. Specification Checklist1. The P.O.S. unit will be at eye level as when I did my research ones at eye level were the most effective and caught themost attention of customers and shoppers.2. The P.O.S. unit will have a flat base so that it can be put on a stand making it eye level if it does not have its own stand sothat it could be the most effective that it can.3. The P.O.S. unit will be fairly big but not to big so that you can hardy see the product inside it.4. The P.O.S. Unit will be the right size to fit on the end of an isle or on its own so that it stands out from other P.O.S. Units.5. The P.O.S. unit will be safe to use and not harm the user if it is interactive or requires the customer to touch it.6. The P.O.S. unit will be sturdy and tough so that if it is an interactive P.O.S. unit it will not get broken easily I will stand thetest of time and will do its job for as long as it needs to before it brakes which means that it should last until a newproduct is released and it is no longer needed.7. The P.O.S. unit will be made of good quality materials that will not break easily and need to be replaced that often.8. The P.O.S. unit should be in lots of shops that sell male grooming products and similar ones to the ones that Mr Nattymake and sell.9. The P.O.S. unit should be eye catching and get peoples attention and draw them to it.10. The P.O.S. units price will be proportional to the product that it is displaying as there is no point in spending a hugeamount of money on a P.O.S. unit that is for a cheap product as it would attract the wrong attention and then the productwouldnt sell as much and if it did it would be bought buy the wrong people who wouldnt be interested in the product orwould not gain the full rewards from the product as if the product was a wrinkle cream then it should be bought buypeople who have wrinkles and want to do something about it.11. The P.O.S. unit will need to be easy to understand if it is interactive so that if people want to use it they can and they wontlook at it and be confused and have to spend ages working out how to use the P.O.S. unit properly before they can findout how to do what they want to do and use it how its supposed to be used.12. The P.O.S. unit will relate to the product and the brand so that it is clearly trying to display a product by Mr Natty and ifpeople dont know what Mr Natty is then the P.O.S. unit should explain or show what Mr Natty is all about and attractpeople to the product and convince them to buy it.13. The P.O.S. unit will be relative to the ideal customer and get the right peoples attention as there is no point in getting thewrong peoples attention as they would not be interested in it and they would be wasting there time and money buybuying it and could discredit the product or the brand.14. The P.O.S. unit will have the brand name and logo on it so that when people see it they instantly know the brand and whatthe P.O.S. unit is advertising.15. The P.O.S. unit will carry the background of the brand and will not completely forget it so that people get to know a bit ofthe history of Mr Natty.16. The P.O.S. unit will be easy to understand and not be confusing and leave people wondering how it had anything to dowith the product.17. The P.O.S. unit will be easy to read if it has text on it as some peoples eye sight is not very good and they shouldnt have tostrain themselves to read it.18. The P.O.S. unit will be effective and everyone who walks in the shop should notice it and then decide to walkover to it ifthey are interested in it this way it should grab the most attention and everyone who would be interested in it would goover and find out more about it.1. The P.O.S. unit will be at eye level as it will include a full size mirror that you cansee yourself in.2. The P.O.S. unit will not have a flat base but it will have a stand attached to theback of the mirror so that it is freestanding and doesnt need to lean againstanything.3. The P.O.S. unit will be the same size as a person so that when you look at themirror it is a full size mirror that you can look at and see your whole body.4. The P.O.S. unit will be fairly big as it will be as tall as a person but it could bebigger so it will be really unmissable.5. The P.O.S. unit does not require the user to touch it but it will need to be safe totouch in case someone wants to touch it.6. The P.O.S. unit will be tough but I havent shown how I will make the P.O.S. unittough and sturdy.7. I will keep to my specification but I havent shown what materials I have used orwill need to use to make the P.O.S. unit tough and sturdy.8. The location of the P.O.S. unit in the shop will be fairly central but it will need tobe refined.9. The P.O.S. unit will be eye catching and it will grab peoples attention.10. The P.O.S. unit will be made fairly cheaply and cost efficiently as the product isntthat expensive.11. The P.O.S. unit has a moustache on the mirror but it might not be clear why themoustache is there. So I might need to make it clearer to the user.12. The P.O.S. unit is very relevant to the brand as it has the logo of Mr Natty all overit whilst keeping the rustic theme of Mr Natty.13. The customers will come to the P.O.S. as it is interactive but customers whomight not use the product could be attracted to the P.O.S. unit but they couldrecommend the product tor ask people to check out the P.O.S. unit in the shop.14. The Mr Natty logo is all over the P.O.S. unit so there is no way you can not knowthat the unit is advertising Mr Natty.15. The P.O.S. unit has kept to the theme of Mr Natty and will be using t he completetheme and will represent the brand fully without causing confusion about theproduct or the brand that it is displaying.16. The P.O.S. unit is easy to operate but if it is your first time you might need a bit ofinstruction so a bit of text describing how to do it could be helpful.17. The P.O.S. unit currently has no text but some may need to be added to helpdescribe how to properly use the P.O.S. unit.18. The P.O.S. unit will be big and stand out so that lots of people can see it whenthey walk into the shop but the interactivity of the product could attract morecustomers than are going to buy the product.
  32. 32. DevelopmentFor the moustache I could make it removable so that instead of using auniversal height for everyone which could mean that it is the wrong heightfor some people I could make it adjustable so that you can change it to yourown personal preference you could make it on a slider that moves up anddown the mirror but this could ruin the look of the mirror as it would have arunner track on it through the middle of the mirror and that is the place thatyou want to be looking at so this could not be the best solution to theproblem.Another solution is to make the mirrorout of steel or another magnetic metalso that I could make the moustache amagnet so that it could be moved allaround the mirror to whatever place thecustomer wants it in. I could swap thisarrangement around and have themirror as a magnet and just make themoustache out of metal so that it canstick to the mirror and it is cheaper tomanufacture as it could get lost orstolen.I will make the mirror or the moustachemagnetic so that there isnt a trackruining the look of the mirror and if themagnet is in the mirror then themoustache could be changeable andthere could be a tray of lots of differentstyles of moustache that could be takenout and swapped around on the mirror.The box for the removablemoustaches could be done inlots of different ways as I couldattach it to the mirror or Icould make it have its ownstand so that if it breaks it canbe replaced without takingapart the mirror. The standcould be made of lots ofdifferent materials or could be builtin lots of different styles. The standcould be built in a classic way andwould look like a stand forsomething that will be used in abarber shop to hold razors, scissorsand things.
  33. 33. DevelopmentI have decided that the P.O.S. Unit will have a thread at the bottom of thepole so that the lower dome of the pole can easily be unscrewed so thatthe product on display can be easily swapped and changed if there issomething wrong with the product inside whether it has fallen over or I it isjust out of date and a new product has been made which will fill itsplace. I have chosen todo it at the bottom andnot the top becausethe pole is attached tothe mirror at the topand it would be verycomplicated to do itthere and also evenif I take it of it wouldbe difficult to put theproduct in the poleand line it up with thegroves inside whilst thepole is still attached tothe P.O.S. Unit and thisway you can take thebottom out and put theproduct in the domelining it up with thegroves and thenscrewing it backtogether.I have decided that a chain or restraint will need to be installed to stop thestand for the mirror falling away and then causing the mirror to collapseand the stand and mirror to fall away from each other so I can simplyattach a rope or chain between the two which will stop them falling apartand make the mirror more stable. I have chosen to use either a rope orchain as they both dothe job and are cheapand when the two partsare pushed togetherthen they dont need tobe taken apart orremoved like an extraplank of wood wouldthey will just crumpleout of the way. Whichmakes the P.O.S. Uniteasier to transport andstore as it takes up lessspace when it is foldedaway which could saveyou money ontransporting and storingit. The chain is also avery cheap solution tothe problem and wontcost much to install.
  34. 34. DevelopmentI am not sure whether to bevel the mirrorsedges as if I do then the mirror would bemore expensive to manufacture andproduce. But if I dont do it then I think thatthe mirror will look bland and boring andwont be as attractive to look at incomparison to a mirror with a bevelled finish.I think that if I do stick tohaving a bevelled edge itwill be more expensive butit will look better and lookmore like a traditionalmirror and will look like itwas used in a nicer placewith a lot of class instead ofbeing used anywherecheaply for something thatdoesnt need to look goodor expensive.For all of the differentmoustaches I could makea bucket with a stand thathas all of the differentmoustaches in it forpeople to choose fromand put on the mirror sothey can see what theylook like in lots ofdifferent types ofmoustache. I was thinkingof making the bucket outof metal and having abrass stand for it so that itlooks classic and old andnot modern and new sothis way it will be inkeeping with the Mr.Natty brand. There couldbe lots of different stylesof moustache in thebucket for people tochoose from which couldslow the process of people using it down but will make the P.O.S. Unit moreinteractive and engaging to the customer so people would be more likely tobut the product after seeing it and using the P.O.S. Unit and experimentingwith the different moustaches on the mirror.
  35. 35. DevelopmentThe container for the moustachescould be attached to the mirrorinstead of having its own standwhich could make it cheaper andeasier to produce. If I am going toattach the bucket to the mirror thereare lots of styles that I could make itin and I think that as I have alreadygot a barbers pole attached to themirror I could make another one butonly have half of one so that there isno top and I can fill it up withmagnetic moustaches that peoplecan take out and put on the mirror. Ithink that as there is already one onthe mirror then a second one will bein keeping and not make the mirrorlook too cluttered so peoples viewof the mirror is not obstructed.The back of the mirror will have a magnet sheet on it lining the whole mirrorso that you can place the moustaches anywhere on the mirror without themfalling of as they arent attracted to the magnet because it is not there. Thesheet will be quite thin as it wont need to be very thick as it only needs toattract small sheets of metal inside of the moustaches. The sheet can beheld in place to the mirror with screws to the back of the mirror or it can besandwiched between in themirror between the mirroredglass its self and the backingof the mirror so that it will beuntouched and completelyconcealed so that it wont getdamaged but it also wont beseen so if you look at themirror from behind it stillretains its classic look anddoesnt look like its not beenmodified or tampered withbut that isnt really thatimportant as it wont reallybe seen from behind muchas it will be standing in frontof a wall so its back will onlybe seen when it is beingremoved or installed in ashop. So Its looks dont needto be focused on it onlyneeds to function correctly.
  36. 36. DevelopmentThe bottom of the mirror will be sitting on the floor so it will need somethingto raise it of the ground so that it will be more stable if the ground is uneven.Something is also needed because if it dragged across the floor it could getdamaged and scratched as it is dragged across the floor. So I will need to finda solution to this problem andthe easiest would be to attachrubber feet that will sit on thebottom of the mirror elevatingit of the ground. I will use twosmall round ones at the bottominstead of one long strip as Ithink the strip will be less stableand use more material to getthe same effect as the smallround rubber feet which willalso be cheaper to install.I said before that I was going to print the moustache and Mr Natty logo onthe same sheet of vinyl to make it so that they were easy to put on the mirrorand the vinyl would cover the whole mirror but now that I have made themoustaches removable and interchangeable there is no need for me to printa moustache on the vinyl sheet and it would also be confusing if I did ascustomers would see the bucket of moustaches but there would already be amoustache on the mirror which can not be removed so I am only going toprint the logo on the sheet but I will still make the sheet the same size as themirror as magnets will be constantly be being put on, pulled of and movedaround so this could scratch the mirror easily and cover the mirror in hair linescrapes very quickly which would make the P.O.S. Unit look very shabby andnot look like it was built well t a good quality standard that represents thecompany and brand of Mr Natty.
  37. 37. DevelopmentFor the moustaches I was thinking of making them magnetic to make themstick to the mirror as I think that if you made them sticky like stickers theywouldnt work and they would loose there stickiness very quickly andbecome use less. I would also like them to be fury or made of felt so I wasthinking of doing something that these novelty items have already done but Iwould combine them so there is a plastic moustache with a magnet in it anda felt moustache with some sticky tape on it so I would like to take the feltmoustache and the magnet from the plastic one and combine them so thatthe felt one was magnetic and can be taken of an on again a lot of timeswithout it wearing out and becoming less attracted to the mirror which iswhat I think would happen if I used glue or sticky tape which as well aswearing out will leave glue on the mirror which means that the mirror willneed to be cleaned often on a regular basis other wise the mirror willbecome less appealing to look at.I have decided to change the bucket for the moustaches to be an actualbucket but I think that an old original metal bucket would be more fitting thena plastic bucket as the metal one would look better and be more relevant toMr. Natty as if it was plastic it would look out of place and wouldnt fit in withthe P.O.S. Unit. I think that if I use a metal bucket it would be more in keepingwith the brand as when you see a metal bucket you think of farms and rusticplaces that would need to use a more heavy duty bucket. Although the bucketmakes you think of farms and not barbers I think that it is one of my bestoptions for a container for the moustaches as it does make you think ofsomething old and rustic and not modern which is what the whole Mr. Nattybrand is all about.I will also need to make a standfor the bucket as I cant justhave it sitting on the floor andmake people bend down to getthings out of it. I will probablyuse a stall or a simple hook thatthe bucket can hook on to. Iwould prefer to make a hookthat screws into a wall and thenthe bucket is just hung onto itas if I did a stall for it then theP.O.S. Would be more complexand take up more time andresources to build but it wouldbe easier to set up in the shopby the staff who might notknow how to put it up properly.
  38. 38. DevelopmentI would like to keep the container for the moustaches as simple as possibleand I have already decided that I would like to make the container a bucket soI figured that an easy and simple way to make the stand is to simply have twobuckets and place one upside down on the floor and have one the right wayup on top of that filled with the moustaches as this would look good and alsobe simple as I dont want this too be to complex and attract all the attentionaway from the actual P.O.S. But I still want it to look good and fit with the Mr.Natty brand and feel of the P.O.S. Unit. The look of the container is veryimportant even though itisnt the main focus of theP.O.S. Unit and it is just acontainer that is going tosit on the side and not takeup much room. I think thatbecause it is so simple thatis what makes my idea ofmaking the stand out oftwo buckets so good as it isnot just a plain old standthat is made out of woodwith a bowl on the top thisidea is relevant to Mr Nattyand even though it isnt100% related to Mr Natty itis the best thing that I canthink of to make that willbe easy to build and easyto set up in the shop.As I am going to put the two buckets together with there bottoms resting oneach other It would probably be best if I make a small ring or something thatwill mean that they connect to each other well and that would make thewhole thing stable as the buckets lips on the bottom would be similar size soif I just rested them on each other then they would be quite unstable and thebucket on top could easily fall of the bucket on the bottom and then spill allof the moustaches every where so If I make a simple disk out of the samemetal as the buckets and make it slightly bigger in diameter then the bucketsbase and then give it a lip sothat it is basically a cylinderwith a disk in the middle soit would sit on the top ofthe upside down bucketwith the lip hanging downand the disk stopping itfalling down then there is agrove for the top bucket tosit in and they dont need tobe physically attached allthey need is to sit in the loopso that the weight of thebuckets will hold themtogether to give them thatextra bit of stability that theyneed to stop them topplingover completely and makinga mess all over the shop floorFor people to trip up on.
  39. 39. DevelopmentAs I am going to use a metalbucket for the container ofthe moustaches I was thinkingabout making the inside ofthe bucket lined with abarbers quilt which would bein keeping with the barbersfeel but still not be tocomplicated and expensive tobuild. I think that it would bea good idea to do because itlooks good and will make theinside of the bucket nicer totouch when you get themoustaches out of the bucket.But I feel that once I startadding small bits and piecesto the P.O.S. Unit it will takeaway the simplicity of it andmake it more complicated. Ihave decided not to use thequilted lining in the bucketbecause I think that it will takeaway the simplicity of thebucket stand that I will makeas it was originally going toonly be two buckets on top ofeach other.I am going to try to make the moustaches that stick to the mirror the testerstrips because everyone who is going to use the P.O.S. Unit will probably pickup and use the moustaches to choose one to use and get quite involved inusing the P.O.S. Unit so I figured that instead of them picking up a moustacheand putting it on the mirror and then taking it of the mirror just so that theycan put it back in the bucket to pick up the tester strip from somewhere else Icould cut the process down by them taking the moustache of the mirror andthat being the tester strip. This is also a benefit because people are mostlikely going to take a moustache and then wont put it back in the bucketwhen they are done with it and willprobably take a tester and walk ofwith it leaving the P.O.S. Unit untidyfor the next person to use it to tidyup.
  40. 40. DevelopmentI would like to incorporate putting the moustaches on the mirror with part ofsetting up the tester strip so in stead of the tester coming pre sprayed or youpicking up a bottle of it and spraying it your self I would like to make it so thatwhen the tester moustache is put on the mirror the mirror is coated in thescent which rubs of onto the moustache when the moustache is put on themirror so you have to put the tester on the mirror to get the scent on it sopeople have to use the P.O.S. Unit to get the tester strip and smell theI have been thinking about the P.O.S. Unit and that it will be advertising amoustache wax or some sort of facial hair elixir so the smell of it wont bethat important to the customer as that is not its primary purpose so givingout testers for people to smell will be pointless the only testers that would beuseful to give out would be small tubs of the product for people to try athome as it would be difficult if everyone started grooming there facial hair inthe shop and not all the people who use the P.O.S. unit will have facial hair. Iwill probably spray themoustaches in the bucket withanother one of Mr. Nattysaftershave products so peoplecan smell something when theyare using the P.O.S. Unit butthere wont be any tester stripsfor them to take away and keepunless they take a moustachefrom the stand as the stand isntadvertising an aftershave itsadvertising a cream or wax thatmight smell nice put that isntwhat it was primarily designedfor. I am not going toincorporate tester strips intothe unit because of this whichwill save money and time whenI build the P.O.S. Unit.product. problem with thisas people are going tomainly use the same spoton the mirror with a fewexpectations of people whomight be a bit taller orshorter but people willmainly be using the middleof the mirror and not theedges so the mirror couldhave all of the scent takenof it very quickly and it willneed to be topped up againvery quickly which will needto be done by an employeeof the shop and if this isneeded to be done veryoften then employees arenot going to want to spendmost of there day toppingup the P.O.S. Unit.