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I required to find and collect variety of current and creative images/pictures from any books or others references/sources for components/elements in park and open space. The images showed the new ideas which is creative or contemporary. The categories are water feature, playground, hardscape, open spaces, and lighting.

At the end of assignment, I abled to observe more creative design and planning design standard to be implimented in my design.

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  3. 3. 101 CREATIVE EXPOSURE PHOTO COLLECTION DESIGN 1 Hwaseong Dongtan 2-3, 2-5 Block, Korea Designed by Keangnam Enterprises for community and residential regions, and for people to enjoy cultural and natural communities. Green Base in harmony with natural environments will be built, and Blue Network system, which operated by nature-basedexcellent system, will be launched. REFERENCE : Ji-seong. Water Landscape. Korea: Seoul, 2009. Same location to the above design, this external space will be designed for resident’s leisure and health, and space program for sustainable living environments will be introduced as well. REFERENCE : Ji-seong. Water Landscape. Korea: Seoul, 2009 DESIGN 2 Hwaseong Dongtan 2-3, 2-5 Block, Korea
  4. 4. 101 CREATIVE EXPOSURE PHOTO COLLECTION The cross-sectional concept put the office function of this building on the void space called ‘URBAN GATE’ among the parking space in the basement, st nd the public service center on the 1 and 2 floor of this office building. REFERENCE : Ji-seong. Water Landscape. Korea: Seoul, 2009 DESIGN 3 GEUMCHEON-GU OFFICE The layout concept considered the surrounding views to the maximum, prepared small or largemeeting and resting spaces while maintaining accessibility to the Geumcheon-gu office, and proposed visual opening in the north-south direction along with urban structure extension in the west-east direction. This project was designed by HEERIM Architects and Planners with Keun Jeong Architect and Engineers. REFERENCE : Ji-seong. Water Landscape. Korea: Seoul, 2009. DESIGN 4 GEUMCHEON-GU OFFICE
  5. 5. 101 CREATIVE EXPOSURE PHOTO COLLECTION Designed by KUMHO Construction, that work as part of building that have educational environment for next generation, it flexibly responded to the development situations and required conditions for undergraduate system and space. This water feature from top tp bottom create something new in this campu REFERENCE : Ji-seong. Water Landscape. Korea: Seoul, 2009. DESIGN 5 DANKOOK UNIVERSITY CAMPUS The one story residence set around a romantic courtyard features Wright-designed textile blocks. Lloyd Wright helped his father develop the cast concrete textile blocks used in the Millard House (La Miniatura), Ennis House, Storer House, and Samuel Freeman House. The younger architect also served as the construction manager and landscape architect for the four projects. REFERENCE : http://www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-detail/3209Lowry-Rd_Los-Angeles_CA_90027_M13654-92662 DESIGN 6 THE FARRELL HOUSE
  6. 6. 101 CREATIVE EXPOSURE PHOTO COLLECTION The first new public drinking fountain in Hyde Park, London for 30 years — designed and made by David Harber. The Freeman Family Fountain, just 300 metres from Marble Arch, offers an alternative to bottled water for visitors to the central London park. It is also a unique and beautiful public water feature, very different to run-of-the-mill drinking fountains. David Harber's brief was to design a unique, visually striking public drinking fountain, sculptural in form yet robust and practical in function. REFERENCE : http://www.davidharber.co.uk/news/drinking_fountain.html DESIGN 7 DRINKING FOUNTAIN DESIGN 8 WHALE FOUNTAIN This striking fountain captures all of the grace and beauty of a water feature. However, the contemporary design is an alternative to the predictability of the more ornamental choices of salvaged, reclaimed or reproduction fountains. This is a water feature that is unusual yet sophisticated, its clean lines accurately reflecting nature; the whale diving with water dripping from the fluke. REFERENCE : http://www.whalefountain.com/
  7. 7. 101 CREATIVE EXPOSURE PHOTO COLLECTION DESIGN 9 GARDEN WATER SPIRAL POND Creating a pretty, spiral looking garden that, other than the general shape, didn't really resemble anything shown in permaculture books or on the websites, so we had to improvise and frugalise our herb spiral, enabling us to complete it on a budget of zero. REFERENCE : http://www.waterfeaturesonline.com.au/ Now a favorite of Cerritos children, the dolphin fountain at the Cerritos Civic Center was unveiled in February 1997 as part of the renovation of City Hall's front entrance. The dolphins were crafted by Colorado artist George Lundeen. A native of Nebraska, Lundeen was a Fulbright-Hayes Scholar studying at the Academia de Belle Arte in Florence, Italy. He holds a masters in Fine Arts from the University of Illinois and a bachelor of arts from Hastings College in Nebraska. Lundeen established his sculpting studio in Loveland, Colorado in the mid-1970s where he currently lives and works. DESIGN 10 DOLPHIN FOUNTAIN REFERENCE : http://www.cerritos.us/VISITORS/art_in_public_places/ fact_sheets/dolphins.php
  8. 8. 101 CREATIVE EXPOSURE PHOTO COLLECTION DESIGN 11 CATHEDRAL SQUARE Downstream from where the photo of the punters was taken you'll find the Ferrier Fountain, across the river from Victoria Square, a nice little park with a statue of - Queen Victoria, who else? The Ferrier Fountain is similar in design to the El Alamein fountain in the suburb of King's Cross near downtown Sydney, Australia. REFERENCE : http://www.richard-seaman.com/links.html Fountain designed at the park evoke attraction to user. REFERENCE : http://themaisonette.net/chocolate-fountain-hire-eastleighchocolate-fountain-hire DESIGN 12 PYRAMID DESIGN FOUNTAIN
  9. 9. 101 CREATIVE EXPOSURE PHOTO COLLECTION DESIGN 13 THE BLUES BACKYARD PROJECT “This project involves all of the latest design trends in outdoor home improvements. Fire burn in a large glass basin and reflects over the all-tile pool and spa. The slightly raised perimeter overflow spa creates an outdoor room with built-in seating and backrest adjacent to the pass-through fireplace. I selected a pass-through fireplace to keep our views of the canyons as unobstructed as possible. The outdoor kitchen counter is cast-in-place concrete and recycled glass set at three different levels to serve all entertaining needs: a serve bar at 44", a prep counter at 36" and table seating at 30". ” REFERENCE : http://www.greenscenelandscape.com/PlantsAB.htm This large size water feature attracted many visitor. Plus, the present of light also evoke nice feeling to the viewer. REFERENCE : http://www.ring.com.html DESIGN 14 RING SHAPE WATER FEATURE
  10. 10. 101 CREATIVE EXPOSURE PHOTO COLLECTION This water feature can change the background. The unique is when people can feel this interesting water feature waiting for the lcd change the picture. REFERENCE : http://www.Lcd-water.com.html DESIGN 15 LCD WATER FEATURE DESIGN 16 AIR-COND LIKE WATER FEATURE The various source of water outlet from this water feature look like air-cond chamber, give out the unique of this designer thinking. REFERENCE : http://www.aircondwaterfeature.com/
  11. 11. 101 CREATIVE EXPOSURE PHOTO COLLECTION DESIGN 17 HYDE PARK Hyde Park was next. The beautiful fountains, trees and people enjoying the park and the beautiful day were a bonus. Do you see the rainbow in this photo over the fountain? That symbolizes how are week in Sydney was going. The weather was sunny and gorgeous every day. REFERENCE : http://www.caroldoak.com/weblog/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/Hyde-Park.jpg Precisely defined laminar (turbulence-free) flow produces jets of rapidly moving water that look motionless, like glass rods bent into parabolas, as in this fountain at Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport. REFERENCE : http://www.gstatic.com/generate_204 DESIGN 18 DETROIT METROPOLITAN AIRPORT
  12. 12. 101 CREATIVE EXPOSURE PHOTO COLLECTION The same source of water outlet met at the center of the ring. REFERENCE : http://www.ringoutlet.com.html DESIGN 19 RING OUTLET DESIGN 20 WATER SPIRAL This spiral water step was mesmerizing. They enjoyed walking around and see the sights and no worries. Stopped for an afternoon tea. REFERENCE : http://www.caroldoak.com/weblog/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/Darling-Harbor.jpg
  14. 14. 101 CREATIVE EXPOSURE PHOTO COLLECTION DESIGN 21 THE LIBERTY SWING The Liberty Swing is ideally suited to high traffic playgrounds and because of its colors, proportion and purpose it becomes a feature in its own right. Its inventive design also allows the swing to blend in perfectly with other playground equipment, allowing its users to enjoy a simple ride within playgrounds otherwise designed for ablebodied children. REFERENCE : This swing designed to have a frame with red colour. This couse children to be more attract to this swing. REFERENCE : http://www.KYOTOPLAYGROUND.html DESIGN 22 KYOTO SWING
  15. 15. 101 CREATIVE EXPOSURE PHOTO COLLECTION we ensure that we teach children how to be inclusive, how to sort out the inevitable issues that arise on the playground, and how to take measured risks. We think that risk should be transparent, and also that the appearance of removing risk is actually much more dangerous than making sure that risk is understood and managed. When a playground is perceived by everyone to be safe, then actual risk may increase. Our playground equipment is, or course, designed with proper fall zones, appropriate surfaces, and manageable equipment. DESIGN 23 MEADAOW PLAYGROUND REFERENCE : http://meadowridgeheadmaster.wordpress.com/ DESIGN 24 Jamie Bell Adventure Playground, High Park, Toronto. The Jamie Bell Adventure Park is located by the Duck Pond, close to the High Park Blvd. entrance from Parkside Ave. An ice cream truck is convenienty located nearby on hot days! If I was a kid this is where I would hang out all the time. After all, this park was designed in part by children and children also helped building it. "Mary, could you help me create your dream playground?" Awesome idea, Mr. Bell. The park is full of fun sfuff: castles, ropes, swings, ladders, slides and artwork by kids and adult volunteers. REFERENCE : http://www.whalefountain.com/
  16. 16. 101 CREATIVE EXPOSURE PHOTO COLLECTION Aptly titled 'Playground,' the sculpture of a man has slides for legs, seats for hands and arms a child can shimmy up with ease. REFERENCE : http://tomostudio.net/exhibitions_subway.html DESIGN 25 SILVERSTEIN'S SILVER DESIGN 26 BIG SCALE PLAYGROUND This big scale structure become the huge playground REFERENCE : http://ad009cdnb.archdaily.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/1276888400-base-02-528x306.jpg
  17. 17. 101 CREATIVE EXPOSURE PHOTO COLLECTION DESIGN 27 KOENIGSBRUNN COMET TAIL A high play value – climbing, balancing and jumping – is also ensured. Both appearance and use were thus taken into account. The project was planned by LA Eger & Partner of Augsburg. REFERENCE : www.hally-gally-spielplatzgeraete.de The playground at River Road is a must see! This playground set is inspired by the archeological background of the area and is truly one-of-a-kind. This playground is equipped with slides, a handicap accessible sandbox with artifacts and rock climbing structures. River Road also features an interpretive building designed to educate visitors about Native American life hundreds of years ago and the historical significance of the local area. REFERENCE : http://indianapolis-hotos.funcityfinder.com/2010/06/07/skilestest-nature-park-photos-and-pictures/ DESIGN 28 RIVER ROAD PARK
  18. 18. 101 CREATIVE EXPOSURE PHOTO COLLECTION DESIGN 29 WIDER PLAYGROUND The playground follow the contour of the site REFERENCE : http://www.damncoolpictures.com/2007/08/most-weird-russian-kids-playgrounds.html This one, in Donetsk, is somehow related with Sigmund Freud. The box can become a place for children to hide and seek. REFERENCE : http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_mmBw3uzPnJI/RscI7d5XUQI/AAAAA AAAHqw/50k_pA1-6D0/s1600-h/weird_russian_parks_35.jpg DESIGN 30 BOXES FOR HIDE AND SEEK
  19. 19. 101 CREATIVE EXPOSURE PHOTO COLLECTION DESIGN 31 Alexander Kemp Playground "The playground design is a landscape of hills, valleys, sand, wooden branches and stumps, living plant material, and loose wooden blocks to build with. Kids can invent their own forms of play. Many features are made from naturally decay-resistant wood. Slides are embedded into hills. Turning a crank sends water cascading down a series of tables into the sand area. A multidirectional dish-shaped swing that can be used by several children at once, a see-saw with multiple seats, and a “merry-go-round” that is at ground level to provide wheelchair access." REFERENCE : http://playground-hoppingmass.blogspot.com/2012/07/braintree-highlands-playground.html Designed differ from other common playground REFERENCE : http://www.nowthatsnifty.com/2010/04/21-awesome-andunique-playgrounds.html DESIGN 32 ROBOTIC LIKE
  20. 20. 101 CREATIVE EXPOSURE PHOTO COLLECTION Reading through the timeline of sculptor Isamu Noguchi's projects is like a smack on the back of the head; there are so many playgrounds that never made it out of the maquette stage. They range back over fifty years to 1933 and though only one playground was realized during his lifetime [Piedmont Park in Atlanta], at least two awesome play sculpture designs--Slide Mantras, he called them--were completed soon after Noguchi's death in 1988. REFERENCE : http://www.parkmonster/news.html DESIGN 33 PARK MONSTER, SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA DESIGN 34 SCULPTURE PLAYGROUND A sculpture that can be use as a playground. The colour designed evoke children attraction. REFERENCE : http://www.nowthatsnifty.com/2010/04/21-awesome-and-unique-playgrounds.html#.UMjbxINJ708
  21. 21. 101 CREATIVE EXPOSURE PHOTO COLLECTION DESIGN 35 PLAYGROUND FENCE The Playground Fence by Tejo Remy is a translation of what is normally a mundane object – by manipulating the fence he reprograms it, creating seats and play areas. What is normally built as a barrier or a separator becomes an area for connecting and hanging out. Beautiful idea! REFERENCE : http://www.brevitydesign.com/ In the 1960's in Japan, when the Maeda Outdoor Art Company unveiled a serpentine mound of polished concrete called "Play Sculpture: Stone Mountain," someone trying to be helpful told the artist, "If you'd just put a head on it, it'd be an octopus." It turned out octopus was what the park officials were buying, so octopus it was. REFERENCE : http://daddytypes.com/travel/ DESIGN 36 PLAY SCULPTURE
  22. 22. 101 CREATIVE EXPOSURE PHOTO COLLECTION This cast aluminum whale tail sculpture and the Coast Guard dory – the Sasha Eli – are the only two remaining features of an old playground that was revitalized to become the new Whale Tail Playground. REFERENCE : http://www.landscapeonline.com/research/AdTransfer/transfer/FirestoneAdtrans.html DESIGN 37 WHALE TAIL PLAYGROUND DESIGN 38 SCULPTURE AS PLAYGROUND It had a large lake, tall cylindrical towers, the use of which were unclear to me, and a large modern sculpture. Well I thought it was just a sculpture until I got closer and saw that it was a playground! You could climb through the mouth of a dragon and slide down the tail. There are also multiple other slides going in different directions. One slide is actually closed from the top and can only be accessed from the bottom as a skate ramp. Afterwards I went walking through the neighborhood and found a nice plaza. But on my way back to the metro I was amazed to see the variety of activity in the rest of the park. REFERENCE : http://marginswild.blogspot.com/2012_05_01_archive.html
  23. 23. 101 CREATIVE EXPOSURE PHOTO COLLECTION DESIGN 39 SCULPTURAL PLAYGROUND, SCHULBERG The retrofitting of the “Schulberg” in Wiesbaden (Germany) creates a new extraordinary public space. The playgrounds outstanding architectural design, overlooking the city center of Wiesbaden, is attracting people of all ages and ethnical backgrounds to meet and communicate through the action of play. The heart of the new public space is constituted by an artistically and ambitiously shaped playground consisting of a large spatial structure. REFERENCE : http://www.annabau.com/index.php?site=projects&id=1 Whatever it is, it was dropped off and set up yesterday. The white, upside down bizarre antlerlooking sculpture is just off Prospect Park West at Fifth Street in front of the Litchfield Villa. The trailer that brought it was driven off this morning. It is metal, drawing many onlookers and, most probably, art, although no identifying plaque has been set up. REFERENCE : http://www.Prospect Park West.co.uk/news.html DESIGN 40 Prospect Park West
  25. 25. 101 CREATIVE EXPOSURE PHOTO COLLECTION DESIGN 41 BURNETT PARK Peter Walker is an American born Landscape Architect. He has developed many beautiful and successful landscapes in both America and around the world. Peter Walker was lucky enough to redesign Burnett Park. The park contrasts the greenery of the lawn with a grid of raised granite walkways. REFERENCE : http://bsa-y1-group1.blogspot.com/feeds/5094854417022938831/comments/default “OPEN SPACES PLAZA” REFERENCE : http://cdn.lightgalleries.net/4bd5ebfc5c408/images/Co mmercial_MVVA_081008-0164-2.jpg DESIGN 42 PLAZA
  26. 26. 101 CREATIVE EXPOSURE PHOTO COLLECTION DESIGN 43 JACOB JAVITZ PLAZA Jacob Javits Plaza is a public space in Lower Manhattan currently occupied by a series of bright-green, painted benches curling around six large mounds covered with small bushes. It is an eye-catching design that carries with it – unbeknownst to most visitors – the erased history of the site, a long-demolished Richard Serra sculpture called Tilted Arc. The success – or lack thereof – of the current plaza design in turn depends upon the minimalist sculpture that preceded it, as the benches and mounds designed by landscape architect Martha Schwartz are intentionally in total opposition to Serra’s artwork. REFERENCE : http://www.pushpullbar.com/forums/showthread.php?t=6046 In case you missed it, New York City officials this week opened the first stretch ofthe High Line, a public park that is built on the former site of an elevated rail line.According to the city's web site, the park when finished will be "a mile-and-a-halflong elevated park, running through the West Side neighborhoods of the Meatpacking District, West Chelsea and Clinton/Hell's Kitchen. It features an integrated landscape, designed by landscape architects James Corner Field Operations, with architects Diller Scofidio + Renfro, combining meandering concrete pathways with naturalistic plantings." REFERENCE : http://blogs.knoxnews.com/knx/flory/Joshphotos/baanwashington-grassland.jpg DESIGN 44 WASHINGTON GRASSLAND
  27. 27. 101 CREATIVE EXPOSURE PHOTO COLLECTION The maximise of area, for this spotted. REFERENCE : http://www.davidharber.co.uk/news/drinking_fountain.html DESIGN 45 MOUNTAIN LIKE SPOTED DESIGN 46 Martha Schwartz broccoli (Jacob Javits Convention Center Plaza) This design by Martha Schwartz had some rewarding features however it appeared unused which was strange for NY. The 'Broccoli' planting was dying, there was no steam from them (as there was supposed to be) the benches were rotting and broken and the purple paint on the floor was peeling. This won a Landscape Design Award by The Parks Council for Parks In New York City in 1997. REFERENCE : http://www.lurvely.com/photo/491014849/Martha_Schwartz_broccoli_Jacob_Javits_Convention_Center/
  28. 28. 101 CREATIVE EXPOSURE PHOTO COLLECTION HIGH MAINTENANCE: Here is a much more complicated award-winning green roof project by Skip Burck and Associates. The project is the Harvard Graduate Student Housing at 29 Garden Street. The green roof is atop a parking garage structure. REFERENCE : http://www.richardburck.com/ DESIGN 47 GREEN ROOF DESIGN 48 GARDEN PLAYGROUND Landscape Architecture: Rainer Schmidt Landschaftsarchitekten Playgrounds usually consist of pre-fabricated elements, which are A-Z tested and thousand times certified by various organizations; well that is the easiest (but not cheapest) way of doing it. Prof. Schmidt designed a landscape, without typical playground elements just with combining two material / colors (tartan and grass) and with modification of terrain. Landscape as it is provokes children to play and jump around and up and down. REFERENCE : http://www.landezine.com/index.php/send-us-your-project/
  29. 29. 101 CREATIVE EXPOSURE PHOTO COLLECTION Mt. Elliott Park is a long-time Riverfront city park located at the foot of Mt. Elliott Street. RiverWalk will run through Mt. Elliot Park and the Conservancy will be constructing a plaza and pavilion at the park in the future.Currently, the Conservancy has made improvements in the park and looks forward to fulfilling its vision for Mt. Elliott Park. REFERENCE : http://www.detroitriverfront.org/east/mtelliot/ DESIGN 49 MONTAIN AREA DESIGN DESIGN 50 Korean photographer Hosang Park’s series A Square consists of bird’s-eye views of the small, over-landscaped parks that seem to accompany modern apartment towers all over the world. As Park explains, these “parks” are too small to serve their ostensible purpose: as open space for recreation and places “to make discussions or take a rest.” In the UK and US, they are included in new construction projects to fulfill the letter of planning regulations (if not the spirit) – a token band-aid of “nature” applied to high-density development. As Park points out, their presence in Korea is both a reassurance and an investment: the trees, paths, and water features, no matter how artificial, push up property prices by providing an implicit guarantee of “the environmental benefits of a place where they belong.” REFERENCE : http://notes.caseyagollan.com/page/182
  30. 30. 101 CREATIVE EXPOSURE PHOTO COLLECTION Outside of Rio de Janeiro, on a beautiful little beach with amazing blue water, sits a little house with a flowering roof that shades and protects like a big tropical banana leaf. Designed by Mareines + Patalano, the open air abode is meant to encourage interaction and connection between man and nature. With verandas and open spaces in between rooms and no corridors, the tropical beach house is an ideal place for social gatherings and parties. The open layout also takes advantage of trade winds that blow in from the sea, providing natural ventilation and passive cooling. DESIGN 51 LEAF SHAPE REFERENCE : http://www.davidharber.co.uk/news/drinking_fountain.html DESIGN 52 FILBERT AND GREENWICH STEPS Filbert and Greenwich Steps The east slope of Telegraph Hill was once smooth and treeless, extending out almost all the way to the bay. In the late 19th and early 20th century, the Gray brothers quarried rock from this slope; the ferocious blasts caused houses to tumble and created the steep, rocky outcropping we see today. In 1915, a disgruntled worker shot and killed George Gray, effectively putting an end to the quarrying. Today, you can ascend the hill via the Filbert and Greenwich steps and enjoy pre-earthquake homes, lush gardens and the raucous chorus of Telegraph Hill's flock of wild parrots. REFERENCE : http://www.sfgate.com/outdoors/article/Filbert-and-Greenwich-Steps-3232465.php#next
  31. 31. 101 CREATIVE EXPOSURE PHOTO COLLECTION DESIGN 53 RE-USE THE TRAIL Trails and greenways systems master plans Park and trail design criteria packages (design/build) Park and trail design and construction documents Natural-areas systems master plans Natural-area management plans Grant applications REFERENCE : http://www.whalefountain.com/ Glatting Jackson helps make communities more livable, sustainable and green by designing excellent public realms. We help create highquality and accessible parks and open-space systems, urban open spaces, streets, trails and bikeways, natural lands and approaches to beaches and water. We work collaboratively with clients to determine needs, design long-range visions and develop realistic strategies to bring those visions to fruition. We are proud to provide the following services to cities, counties and regional agencies throughout the country: Needs assessments Parks and recreation systems master plans DESIGN 54 PARK(HARDSCAPE) REFERENCE : http://www.glatting.com/groups_parks.html Parks and Public Space Planning Group
  32. 32. 101 CREATIVE EXPOSURE PHOTO COLLECTION DESIGN 55 HOSPITAL LANDSCAPE the new research showing that good hospital design can affect a patient's recovery seems like common sense, really. The impact of having windows that open, courtyards and open space to sit in and a cheerful ambiance should be obvious design features of any new building.Lloyd has written about the wonders of new prison design, surely the sick deserve the benefits as well. REFERENCE : http://www.treehugger.com/corporate-responsibility/good-hospital-design-has-an-impact-on-recuperation.html This beautiful tropical beach house is designed by Guz Architects in Singapore precisely in Sentosa Island, this beautiful house is located in a residence on the beach.The house is unique not only because of its design but also because of its location and the beautiful swimming pool is an addition. The interior side of Meera House is also no less unique but comfortable and have luxurious impression remains. The glass walls are widely used and the house has many open spaces to relax while enjoying the tranquil beauty of the surrounding islands and gardens. DESIGN 56 TROPICAL BEACH HOUSE REFERENCE : http://www.milleniondesign.com/architecture?start=40
  33. 33. 101 CREATIVE EXPOSURE PHOTO COLLECTION CA Landscape Design creating those 5 district as the large-scale open space to shape a natural field, accommodate a variety of hierarchy and behaviors, and the 6 District creates water-theme space with various experiences with water and streams. REFERENCE : Ji-seong. Water Landscape. Korea: Seoul, 2009. DESIGN 57 EUNPYEONG NEWTON DESIGN 58 WHITE LOTUS PARK C’TOPOS Design seriously done a good job in designing this open spaces related to lotus itself such as root, stem and leaf as its inspiration. REFERENCE : Ji-seong. Water Landscape. Korea: Seoul, 2009.
  34. 34. 101 CREATIVE EXPOSURE PHOTO COLLECTION Balmori Associates responsiple in master planning this post industrial port city of Spain. They keep placing particular emphasis on expanding the amount of green space and incorporating sustainable design practices. REFERENCE : Ji-seong. Water Landscape. Korea: Seoul, 2009. DESIGN 59 BILBAO WATERFRONT, SPAIN Terasa Gali, Landscape Architect from Barcelona had designed this functional open spaces. This parks intends to constitute itself as an alternative to the rational geometry, artificial and linear, consistent geometrical or contradictory approximations and that organic intend reproduce the picturesque qualities of nature. REFERENCE : Ji-seong. Water Landscape. Korea: Seoul, 2009. DESIGN 60 SOUTH-EAST COASTAL PARK to
  36. 36. 101 CREATIVE EXPOSURE PHOTO COLLECTION DESIGN 61 SOUTH-EAST COASTAL PARK This designed wall was implemented in this park. The arrangement of branches(circle-like) very attractive. Good job to their landscape architect, Teresa Gali. REFERENCE : Ji-seong. Water Landscape. Korea: Seoul, 2009. The contemporary architecture design, Zaha Hadid Burnham Pavilion was designed by Zaha Hadid Architects is located in Chicago, United States. Designed as one of the two flags to celebrate the centenary of Chicago Plan Daniel Burnham, who described the structure of the city, visitors can now experience the ambience inside. The structure accommodates a sound installation and video artist Thomas Gray. REFERENCE : http://www.topboxdesign.com/tag/pavilion-projects/ DESIGN 62 SHELL SHAPE VIDEO, AUDIO INSTALLATION
  37. 37. 101 CREATIVE EXPOSURE PHOTO COLLECTION “The use of light and space lures the public to Grand Canal Square, creating an interactive space that functions as a social magnet during the day and at night,” says Schwartz. “This is indeed a crucial function of the design, given the regenerative purpose of the development itself. In addition, the fact that it opens onto a large, nontidal body of water makes it a unique space for Ireland, as such spaces have only traditionally occurred in Mediterranean cities, for example, Trieste and Venice.” REFERENCE : http://www.sfgate.com/outdoors/article/Filbert-andGreenwich-Steps-3232465.php#next DESIGN 63 GRAND CANAL SQUARE DESIGN 64 JACOB JAVITS PLAZA The double strands of back-to-back benches at Jacob Javits Plaza in New York loop back and forth and allow for a variety of seating - intimate circles for groups and outside curves for those who wish to lunch alone. With their complex forms and bright green color, these benches energize the flat plane of the plaza in the same way that the French used the parterres embroideries which were punctuated by topiary forms. REFERENCE : http://www.landscapeonline.com/research/Ad-Transfer/transfer/vendor/HaddonstoneADtrans.html
  38. 38. 101 CREATIVE EXPOSURE PHOTO COLLECTION DESIGN 65 BENCHES DESIGN This benches become attraction as the their 2 different function which are sitting and sculpture. REFERENCE : http://www.whalefountain.com/ The pavilion (christened “The Nutshell Café”), consisting of a kiosk and disable WC / baby change, forms part of the regeneration of Central Park and the Sports Academy building currently under construction. Its sculptural design complements the sweeping forms of the surrounding landscape design, children’s play area and amphitheatre (by Grant Associates), as well as addressing the human scale and the unfolding of the pavilion as an event / hub along the boulevard. DESIGN 66 Scunthorpe Central Park Pavilion REFERENCE : http://www.archdaily.com/301256/house-kn-kochi-architectsstudio/50bcf9c9b3fc4b22ed000216_house-kn-kochi-architects-studio_housekn_01_wtn-jpg/
  39. 39. 101 CREATIVE EXPOSURE PHOTO COLLECTION Sculpture that can be used as a benches, the attraction. REFERENCE : http://didacticdiscourse.wordpress.com/2011/07/29/sittinglanguage/hugesudeleybench-2/ DESIGN 67 WILTED BENCHES DESIGN 68 HARDSCAPE WATER FEATURE by H2O Designs, a pool water feature which would compliment the architecture. We designed this unusual. angled water feature and seating with a rust finish. 3 tapered planters and 1 pebbled”. pebbled water feature located in the front garden make a simple statement. The water. built water feature and seat, 3 x tapered planter boxes, 1 x tapered, pebbled water. water feature added another element to the design and the clients are very happy with. REFERENCE : http://www.whalefountain.com/
  40. 40. 101 CREATIVE EXPOSURE PHOTO COLLECTION by H2O Designs. a pool water feature which would compliment the architecture. We designed this unusual. angled water feature and seating with a rust finish. 3 tapered planters and 1 pebbled”. pebbled water feature located in the front garden make a simple statement. The water”. built water feature and seat, 3 x tapered planter boxes, 1 x tapered, pebbled water. water feature added another element to the design and the clients are very happy with. water feature. All components are made from LICOM76TM and finished in a specialty rust. REFERENCE : http://www.davidharber.co.uk/news/drinking_fou ntain.html DESIGN 69 DESIGN 70 ODORI PARK, SAPPORO, JAPAN Black Slide Mantra is a wonderful example of the playful side of Noguchi's works. Though few of Noguchi's playground designs were ever realized, pieces like the black and white Slide Mantras describe the kind of inhabitable plastic spaces that Noguchi longed to create. REFERENCE : http://www.gstatic.com/generate_204
  41. 41. 101 CREATIVE EXPOSURE PHOTO COLLECTION Recently we saw this stunning home in Kona,Hawaii, it is architecturally beautiful and surprisingly eco friendly. Completed in 2010 This home was designed by Belzberg Architects and won Interior Design Magazine's Best of The Year Award. REFERENCE : http://www.davidharber.co.uk/news/drinking_fountain.html DESIGN 71 KONA HAWAII RESIDENCE DESIGN 72 CLOUD GATE DANCE THEATRE. Cloud Gate, a public sculpture by Indian-born British artist Anish Kapoor, is the centerpiece of the AT&T Plaza in Millennium Parkwithin the Loop community area of Chicago, Illinois, United States. The sculpture and AT&T Plaza are located on top of Park Grill, between the Chase Promenade and McCormick Tribune Plaza & Ice Rink. Constructed between 2004 and 2006, the sculpture is nicknamed "The Bean" because of its bean-like shape. Made up of 168 stainless steel plates welded together, its highly polished exterior has no visible seams. It is 33 by 66 by 42 feet (10 by 20 by 13 m), and weighs 110 short tons (100 t; 98 long tons). [1] Said to have been inspired by liquid mercury, the sculpture's surface reflects and distorts the city's skyline. Visitors are able to walk around and under Cloud Gate's 12-foot (3.7 m) high arch. On the underside is the "omphalos" (Greek for "navel"), a concave chamber that warps and multiplies reflections. REFERENCE : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cloud_Gate
  42. 42. 101 CREATIVE EXPOSURE PHOTO COLLECTION DESIGN 73 FENCE-LIKE "The fence design was inspired by the house that it surrounds, which we designed in 2002," said Peter Archer, AIA, of Archer & Buchanan. "The fence weaves through the property, appearing solid or reed thin depending upon the perspective." Made of COR-TEN, a steel alloy that eliminates the need for painting and maintains a rich, dark rust color without corroding, the fence stanchions were cut with a plasma cutter from sheets of the alloy. Gate stanchions were cut and then welded to solid machined steel bars. Rising like wetland plants, the simple, elegant fence was dubbed "COR-TEN Cattails" by the design firm. REFERENCE : http://www.lhdesignbuild.com/blog-3474.aspx The unique of this chair has make other proud and feel free to try the benches. REFERENCE : http://lukevery.blogspot.com/2012/06/bangkutaman-yang-unik.html DESIGN 74 BENCHES
  43. 43. 101 CREATIVE EXPOSURE PHOTO COLLECTION In general, Swedish design seems to be pretty stellar from their architecture to their fashion. My parents and I were really impressed with their weird benches though. REFERENCE : http://dosvidaniyamama.tumblr.com/post/24113951332/myswedish-escape DESIGN 75 DESIGN 76Cattail Fence Wins Archer & Buchanan Architecture, Ltd., an award-winning residential and institutional design firm, is pleased to announce that its design for a sculptural fence has been honored by the Society of American Registered Architects, Pennsylvania Council. The fence, made of 300, 10-foot steel blades set upright 8 inches apart, was designed for a home in Berwyn, Pa., as a yard sculpture that also keeps deer out REFERENCE : http://www.whalefountain.com/
  44. 44. 101 CREATIVE EXPOSURE PHOTO COLLECTION DESIGN 77 GARDEN HARDSACPE Andy Sturgeon is an English garden designer, who won the 2010 Chelsea Flower Show best in show award. The son of a bank manager, Sturgeon was raised in Claygate, Surrey, and educated at Kingston Grammar School. REFERENCE : http://www.whalefountain.com/ The combination of these two function increase the needed of the use and the functionality of it for a day. REFERENCE : http://www.sittinggaze.com.html DESIGN 78 SITTING GAZEBO
  45. 45. 101 CREATIVE EXPOSURE PHOTO COLLECTION A showcase for modern outdoor furniture, the OUTentico Exhibition in Milan at the end of April 2009 was a magnificent success. Where better than fashionable Milan to see unique pieces of outdoor furniture? The Italian sun shone on the fabulous pieces signed by talented names from the world of international design… Patricia Urquiola, Setsu and Shinobu Ito, Denis Santachiara, Massimo Iosa Ghini, Angelo Micheli, Antonio Bullo, Michela Baldessari and Paul, with Emu, Camping and Fornasarig, Metalmobile, Caimi, Talenti! Shown here are a few key items picked by Trendir. Basic shapes with smooth, curved corners . REFERENCE : http://www.trendir.com/archives/003482.html DESIGN 79 OUTDOOR FURNITURE DESIGN 80 WAVE – UNIQUE AND LUXURIOUS Royal Botania released the new exclusive outdoor furniture series, namely Wave hammock, designed by Eric Nyberg and Gustav Storm. Wave the luxury outdoor furniture which offer maximum comfortablility, perfect for garden and pool. Wave consists of electro-polished stainless steel and perforated fabric, one type for the upper roof section, and another for the lying section. Wave stands on a single point, giving its unique floating impression. REFERENCE : http://karmatrendz.files.wordpress.com/2009/02/wave-01.jpg
  47. 47. 101 CREATIVE EXPOSURE PHOTO COLLECTION The areas under the Bridge along Washington and Prospects streets glow a distinctive blue from new sidewalk lighting. The art installation works in concert with new signage to improve the experience of visitors and residents passing through this significant threshold between the Bridge and Manhattan, DUMBO, and other parts of Brooklyn. REFERENCE : http://mocoloco.com/archives/011878.php DESIGN 81 BRIDGE OF MANHATTAN Reinforced concrete lamp post create differences of atmosphere. REFERENCE : http://www.archiexpo.com/prod/flos/design-garden-lampposts-by-antonio-citterio-and-toan-nguyen-9508-360916.html DESIGN 82 REINFORCED CONCRETE LAMP POST, TOYNBEE ST
  48. 48. 101 CREATIVE EXPOSURE PHOTO COLLECTION These sexy lady-shaped lamp posts can be seen on a street in Mudanjiang City, China. Certainly much cooler than those designed lamp. REFERENCE : http://spluch.blogspot.com/2007/08/sexy-lady-shapedlamp-posts.html DESIGN 83 SEXY LADY SHAPED LAMP POST Family of exterior products consisting of devices with a stick with two different heights and circular head suitable for floor installations with remote power box. The diffuser is made of transparent polycarbonate moulded by injection. Other features: remote power box IP 67 sealed directly in factory, external connection IP 68 with antihumedity gel, watertight cable gland IP 68, head directly sealed in factory, insulation class II. The 350 mA Driver is included. REFERENCE : http://www.archiexpo.com/prod/flos/design-garden-lampposts-by-antonio-citterio-and-toan-nguyen-9508-360916.html DESIGN 84 BELVEDERE ROUND
  49. 49. 101 CREATIVE EXPOSURE PHOTO COLLECTION Exterior lamp manufactured from UV stabilised opal polyethylene. Kanpazar A is ground fixed and hard wired, while Kanpazar B is for portable use and has a maximum wiring connection of 3.5 metres. Available in two fluorescent light versions. REFERENCE : http://www.archiexpo.com/prod/blux/garden-bollard-lights4061-142161.html DESIGN 85 GARDEN BOLLARD LIGHT We offer these lamp posts which are made of aluminium, to make them rust free and long lasting and they are provided with two kinds of lamps- on for daytime lighting, which is a small bulb and a larger lamp for night time lighting. They are made using durable quality materials to make them robust in construction. Any type of bulb can fitted into these lamps and they are easy to put in and remove.-UDDAY PATTERN REFERENCE : http://www.udaypatterns.com/vintage-lamp-fittings.html DESIGN 86 VINTAGE LAMP POST
  50. 50. 101 CREATIVE EXPOSURE PHOTO COLLECTION The length of pole differ. The light focuses on the object on the earth. The functionality of the lamp clearly show. REFERENCE : http://www.davidharber.co.uk/news/drinking_fountain.html DESIGN 87 STRAIGHT LAMP Design by Ernesto Gismondi. Chilone Up Terra Outdoor Bollard Lamp by Artemide. Outdoor lamp available in two heights.Materials: aluminium; Shade: thermoplastic material. REFERENCE : http://www.ambientedirect.com/en/artemide/chilone-upterra-outdoor-bollard-lamp_pid_18270_38363.html DESIGN 88 CHILONE UP TERRA OUTDOOR BOLLARD LAMP
  51. 51. 101 CREATIVE EXPOSURE PHOTO COLLECTION DESIGN 89 MOCHATINI LAMP POST This Lighting Street - Modern street lighting idea pic, is categorized within modern lighting design area and thus outdoor lighting street lamps matter and thus lighting street illuminated idea and therefore modern lamps street field along with light fixtures street topic . Save Lighting Street – Modern street lighting idea picture with specifications 570 × 417 pixels for your computer picture or select on the foto above to look all fotos of "Lighting Street – Modern street lighting idea" by looking around through the thumbnails to view the total foto's of "Lighting Street in Modern Style". REFERENCE : http://www.mochatini.org/mochatini/lamp-post/ Made from copper. And look very antique but stil functional. The shape is acceptable. REFERENCE : http://www.homeizea.com/lighting-street-in-modernstyle/lighting-street-modern-street-lighting-idea/ DESIGN 90 HARBOUR 12V SMALL BOLLARD IN COPPER
  52. 52. 101 CREATIVE EXPOSURE PHOTO COLLECTION Streetscape enhancements including pedestrianisation, improved paving and better lighting are contributing to the wider regeneration of the Ancoats and New Islington areas of Manchester. REFERENCE : http://www.picturenation.co.uk/view/info/155201/streetlights-lighting?page=8&catid=115 DESIGN 91 STREET LIGHTS IN ANCOATS, NEW ISLINGTON 920 lights have been installed by the Ashghal public authority along Al Waab Street in Doha (top and above), which Santa & Cole claim are counterfeits of their Latina street lamps designed by Galí (below). They also claim the designs incude lowquality light sources that dazzle drivers and thin steel that represents a structural safety hazard. REFERENCE : http://www.productplus.com/Products/Transportation/Qatar -accused-of-counterfeiting-1000-streetlamps_11789.html#.UMLFwINJ708 DESIGN 92 STREET LAMP
  53. 53. 101 CREATIVE EXPOSURE PHOTO COLLECTION DESIGN 93 TOWNSCAPE STREETLIGHT The streetlight is an essential public facility and plays an indispensable role for safety and townscape of the city. However, a huge amount of electricity is consumed to light up the street lights, so it can be a burden for the modern city, causing insufficient energy supply. Industrial designer Woojin Kim is proposing a sustainable lighting solution that doubles as a bench to be utilized as a public facility. Dubbed Double Life, the concept streetlight design is powered by generator-condenser unit (a concept device that can generate and store electricity at the same time) with a wind turbine to utilize renewable wind energy. REFERENCE : http://www.ecofriend.com/double-life-concept-wind-powered-streetlight-doubles-as-a-bench.html The shape and the position of bulb of the lamp very exclusive. Plus, the twisting of the pole is differ for each pole. REFERENCE : http://www.davidharber.co.uk/news/drinking_fountain.html DESIGN 94
  54. 54. 101 CREATIVE EXPOSURE PHOTO COLLECTION Here are some cool outdoor pendant lamps by Foscarini. Your outdoor lighting setup is sure to be enhanced with these great flowing pendant lamps. These fixtures make a bold statement if that is what you are looking for in your outdoor patio design. I like the long tapered fixtures that hang vertically. The vertical flow is appealing for me as it appears as a light sculpture as opposed to traditional light fixtures attached horizontally. REFERENCE : http://www.davidharber.co.uk/news/drinking_fountain.html DESIGN 95 COOL FOSCARINI PATIO OUTDOOR LIGHTING DESIGN 96 LED SMART LIGHT Here is something else that you should know about this invention, the LED lights have motion sensors that are triggered by individuals walking in close proximity to the light. If no one is around, the lights do not turn on to conserve energy. REFERENCE : http://thinkoutsidetheboxtoday.com/smart-solar-powered-street-lamps/
  55. 55. 101 CREATIVE EXPOSURE PHOTO COLLECTION Enhance your outdoor living experience with the beautiful Atomium outdoor lights by Kundalini. Simple but functional, these modern outdoor lamps can create a sophisticated and elegant look in your patio, terrace, front or backyard garden. Atomium was designed by the German Designers Hopf and Wortmann for Kundalini in Italy. Hopf and Wortmann, a German based design company, shows what the future holds in lighting. This lamp was designed for both multi-directional and ambient illumination. REFERENCE : http://www.davidharber.co.uk/news/drinking_fountain.html DESIGN 97 ATONIUM LIGHT . DESIGN 98 UMBRELLA LIKE LAMP The function of umbrella change and designed into lamp or light sources REFERENCE : http://www.whalefountain.com/
  56. 56. 101 CREATIVE EXPOSURE PHOTO COLLECTION DESIGN 99 BILBAO WATERFRONT This light pole in this waterfront area really impressing as its size and the allocation for each pole. Designed by Bilbao Waterfront. REFERENCE : Ji-seong. Water Landscape. Korea: Seoul, 2009. The source of light converted into fire sources. This is very impressive to viewer. REFERENCE : http://www.mochatini.org/mochatini/lamp-post/ DESIGN 100 FIRE LIGHT LAMP