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Presented 12/7/10 at the MediaPost Email Insider Summit by Chris Marriott, Acxiom.

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  • What You Will SeeMulti-Channel (email, SMS, Web Retargeting, Web Collaborative Targeting, Call Center) Personalization and targeting that learns from every interaction, both online and offline data and behaviorCommunications that drive engagement across the customer lifecycle (acquisition, cross-sell, engagement)
  • Trigger-based data we trigger from co-registration
  • To learn more about Rosa, we invite her to join a Dell facebook page
  • Engages with the content on the Inspiron
  • Trigger SMS message based on latency from the online shopping cart (email and/or SMS based on preferences).
  • Lifestyle cluster comes from PSX append offline
  • Use this slide to overview Acxiom’s solution for Marketing Central Nervous SystemAcxiom enables radically improved performance across channels.It starts with your customer data sources.We recommend a logical central nervous system that …Correlates consumer behavior with marketing/advertising across channels over timeBoth sends AND receives signals that influence consumer behaviorIntegrates multi-dimensional insight across touch pointsConnects with your preferred partners (both internal & external)Plays the data as it lies, by placing a persistent ID on your data sources. Building another uber-warehouse will fail.Key Acxiom capabilities include – marketing databases, CDI, MarketEdge.
  • Groundhog Day Theory of Marketing - Acxiom

    1. 1. Chris MarriottVP, Global Agency ServicesAcxiom <br />
    2. 2. In the Beginning There Was…<br />Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs<br />
    3. 3. And Then We Had….<br />Gronroos’s Model of Service Quality<br />
    4. 4. And Finally…<br />
    5. 5. © 2009 Acxiom Corporation. All Rights Reserved.<br />The Ground Hog Day Theory of Marketing<br />The Director’s Cut<br />
    6. 6. Why Do We Need a New Theory?<br />Non-linear accounts for 1/3 of mass-market TV viewing<br />Media glut = tuning out<br />Between 30–50% of users have spam blockers<br />At least 20% have pop-up blockers<br />58% regularly delete the tracking cookies<br />People don’t share ads… they read & share things that interest them…<br />Sources: Ramsey Report, eMarketer, Oliver Wyman<br />
    7. 7. Media hyper-saturation<br />+ Time-shifting technologies<br />+Selective filtering<br />Consumers who choose to remain“unaware” until they inform themselves<br />Why Do We Need a New Theory?<br />“Google always gets me everything I want, whenever I want it, so I don’t have to pay attention until it’s convenient for me”<br />Your marketing is a faucet with each customer’s hand on the spigot<br />
    8. 8. Why Do We Need a New Theory?<br />Because when consumers are ready to listen to your marketing pitch you need to be prepared<br />Being prepared means recognizing repeat customers, and being well-prepared for prospects<br />Doing so shows that you respect their time, and value their business<br />
    9. 9. The Ground Hog Day Theory of Marketing<br />Remember every interaction (and learn!)<br />Know where I’ll be seeing you<br />Whenever & wherever I see you, recognize me & treat me like an old friend<br />Seek to understand & predict<br />Build strategies around me<br />Remember what I’ve already told you<br />Know what I might – & might not – be interested in at that moment<br />
    10. 10. Bill Murray Demonstrates the Theory<br />
    11. 11. The Tools You’ll Need<br />Customer Recognition + Smart Data + Personalization <br />
    12. 12. This Is How a Consumer Looks to Most Marketers…<br />12<br />
    13. 13. 13<br />“Do You Really Know Me?”<br />
    14. 14. OK, Now You've Got Recognition Nailed<br />14<br />
    15. 15. Recognizing Customers & Prospects When They Are Anonymous<br />How can you identify whether a person is a customer or a prospect in the online channel?<br />Most common used identifiers are data passed through:<br />Cookies (resides on person’s computer)<br />Tracking links in email/web<br />Site side technology (similar to cookies) can identify users by their IP addresses<br />Email address<br />
    16. 16. Name<br />Contact & <br />Life stage<br />Changes<br />Address<br />Home<br />Phone<br />Cell<br />Phone<br />Computer<br />eMail<br />Direct<br />Marketing<br />Digital<br />Campaign<br />Brick & <br />Mortar<br />Call<br />Center<br />Touch Points<br />Customer<br />Support<br />Website<br />It Has Always Been Difficult to Track Customer Interactions… Now It Seems Impossible<br />
    17. 17. You Don’t Have To Boil The Ocean<br />
    18. 18. Email Personalization<br />Integrated Best Practices<br /> Email Header Optimized for mobile devices<br /> Web-version<br />Dynamic sidebar<br /> Account Information<br /> Phone-specific links<br />Personalized Content<br /> Articles tailored for your plan, your equipment<br /> Up-sell opportunities<br />Integration of Social Media<br />Facebook, Twitter, Youtube<br />
    19. 19. Display Ad Personalization<br />Capture specific behaviors on your site or in email, store that in a cookie and then deliver ads to those visitors when they are on other sites<br />Audience Integrity: Know the Who<br />Capture dynamic website actions (travel dates, zip codes, etc.)<br />Serves only to your in-market audience<br />Segment visitors by their actions<br />Suppress converters from campaigns<br />YOUR BRAND<br />Product 02<br />Product 01<br />Product 03<br />Demographic 02<br />Ad Network 01<br />COMMUNICATION VEHICLE<br />YOUR PROSPECTS<br />Demographic 01<br />Ad Network 02<br />
    20. 20. Display Ad Personalization<br />Someone visits<br />your site<br />Shopping Behaviors <br /> are Captured <br />1<br />Relevance-X<br />Retargeting<br />2<br /> Serve relevant ads <br />later by shopping Behavior<br />3<br />20<br />
    21. 21. Visitor arrives at the client website through<br />Selected creative is delivered to display on client’s Website<br />Rules <br />Engine<br />Page JavaScript Tag<br />is triggered and calls for Content<br />Client or Akamai creative hosting<br />Visitor Segment data collected by JavaScript Tag is sent to Acxiom servers <br />Dynamically modifying the content on your website<br />to match the needs and interests of individual visitors…<br />…on the fly<br />…as they arrive at your site<br />…while they browse your site<br />…and as they leave your site<br />User Interface<br />Segment data is processed,<br />Rules Engine determines creative treatment that is to be applied<br />Website Personalization<br />
    22. 22. When You Can Connect The Dots, It Looks Like This….<br />
    23. 23. Where to Start: Think Campaigns, Not Tactics<br />There is a connection between display, search and email—it’s not the single exposure alone that gets Andie McDowell to act, but the context of all the marketing that preceded it <br />It is not enough to anticipate the outcomes of your efforts, they must also be planned for<br />What to you do after you’ve gotten a prospect to click?<br />What do you do after they’ve opted-in to email? <br />Gather and fuse customers insights into your ongoing tactics<br />
    24. 24. Mobile<br />Social Marketing<br />SEM<br />Rich Media<br />Email Marketing<br />Micro Sites<br />Think Campaigns, Not Tactics<br />Attract<br />Engage<br />Convert<br />Retain<br /> Advocate<br />Very Successful<br />Rarely Successful<br />Somewhat Successful<br />
    25. 25. We Meet Rosa Zapatta<br />What We Know<br /><ul><li>Email address
    26. 26. Source (babies/parenting)</li></ul>Acxiom Objective for Dell<br />Today<br />While registering on, Rosa Zapatta signs up to receive email updates and offers <br />from Dell.<br />25<br />
    27. 27. Co-Reg Welcome Email<br />What We Know<br /><ul><li>Email address
    28. 28. Source (babies/parenting)
    29. 29. PC usage preferences</li></ul>Acxiom Objective for Dell<br />Today<br />Rosa receives a Welcome Email from Dell and answers a poll question, letting us know she uses her PC for email, web surfing and photos. <br />26<br />
    30. 30. Social Networking Email<br />What We Know<br /><ul><li>Email address
    31. 31. Source (babies/parenting)
    32. 32. PC usage preferences
    33. 33. Social networking influencer</li></ul>Acxiom Objective for Dell<br />Today<br />Rosa responds to a Dell email asking her to join the Dell for Education group on Facebook. <br />Rosa’s friends see the group in her newsfeed and join as well. They learn more… and shop.<br />27<br />
    34. 34. Deals Email<br />What We Know<br /><ul><li>Email address
    35. 35. Source (babies/parenting)
    36. 36. PC usage preferences
    37. 37. Social networking influencer
    38. 38. Interest in Inspiron laptop
    39. 39. Cell phone number</li></ul>Acxiom Objective for Dell<br />Today<br />Rosa clicks on an offer for a $499 laptop. <br />She saves a configured system in her shopping cart <br />but does not buy it yet. Provides mobile # for price alerts.<br />28<br />
    40. 40. SMS Sale Alert<br />What We Know<br /><ul><li>Email address
    41. 41. Source (babies/parenting)
    42. 42. PC usage preferences
    43. 43. Social networking influencer
    44. 44. Interest in Inspiron laptop
    45. 45. Cell phone number</li></ul>A couple of days later, Rosa receives an SMS alert about a deal on the laptop she was interested in and offer for free shipping on her purchase.<br />29<br />
    46. 46. Addressable Display<br />What We Know<br /><ul><li>Email address
    47. 47. Source (babies/parenting)
    48. 48. PC usage preferences
    49. 49. Social networking influencer
    50. 50. Interest in Inspiron laptop
    51. 51. Cell phone number</li></ul>Acxiom Objective for Dell<br />Today<br />Later in the week, Rosa sees a targeted display ad promoting the laptop she was interested in buying. <br />30<br />
    52. 52. Laptop Purchase<br />What We Know<br /><ul><li>Email address
    53. 53. Source (babies/parenting)
    54. 54. PC usage preferences
    55. 55. Social networking influencer
    56. 56. Interest in Inspiron laptop
    57. 57. Cell phone number
    58. 58. Name and address
    59. 59. Lifestyle cluster</li></ul>Acxiom Objective for Dell<br />Today<br />Rosa realizes the laptop comes in multiple colors… and buys the laptopin green.<br />31<br />
    60. 60. Collaborative Targeting<br />What We Know<br /><ul><li>Email address
    61. 61. Source (babies/parenting)
    62. 62. PC usage preferences
    63. 63. Social networking influencer
    64. 64. Purchase of Inspiron laptop
    65. 65. Cell phone number
    66. 66. Name and address
    67. 67. Lifestyle cluster
    68. 68. Accessory purchase</li></ul>Acxiom Objective for Dell<br />Today<br />Later, Rosa checks her email on Hotmail. She sees an ad based on her recent laptop purchase and buys an extra battery.<br />32<br />
    69. 69. New Customer Welcome Email<br />What We Know<br /><ul><li>Email address
    70. 70. Source (babies/parenting)
    71. 71. PC usage preferences
    72. 72. Social networking influencer
    73. 73. Purchase of Inspiron laptop
    74. 74. Cell phone number
    75. 75. Name and address
    76. 76. Lifestyle cluster
    77. 77. Accessory purchase
    78. 78. Digital camera owner</li></ul>Acxiom Objective for Dell<br />Today<br />After Rosa receives her laptop, she gets a <br />Welcome Email with tips for her new PC and offers based on her lifestyle. She buys a photo printer.<br />33<br />
    79. 79. New Customer Welcome Email 2<br />What We Know<br /><ul><li>Email address
    80. 80. Source (babies/parenting)
    81. 81. PC usage preferences
    82. 82. Social networking influencer
    83. 83. Purchase of Inspiron laptop
    84. 84. Cell phone number
    85. 85. Name and address
    86. 86. Lifestyle cluster
    87. 87. Accessory purchase
    88. 88. Digital camera owner</li></ul>Today<br />Acxiom Objective for Dell<br />The next week, Rosa gets a second Welcome email featuring articles on ways she can use her PC… and tips and tricks for photo printing. <br />34<br />
    89. 89. Ongoing Communications… That Learn<br />The Right Place<br />We know what social networks she uses, that she checks her Blackberry often and her preference for Home offers.<br />She just got an iPhone.<br />The Right Message<br />We know she has a baby, owns a digital camera, buys computer accessories, purchased a certain laptop, and uses her PC for email, web surfing and photos.<br />We know her address, income level, interests, lifestyle cluster, job title and where she works.<br />She bought a new desktop and changed her job title.<br />The Right Timing<br />We know when she bought her notebook, when she bought her computer accessories and when she opens emails most often.<br />She checks email more on weekends.<br />When things change for Rosa, so do the messages she receives. Her communications are always relevant, timely and personally engaging.<br />35<br />
    90. 90. But if You Do Want to Boil the Ocean…<br />
    91. 91. Where There’s a Will There’s a Way<br />In theory, most marketers should be able to very accurately measure their online marketing activities<br />The main obstacles in most companies to an effective measurement strategy is money and organizational issues <br />
    92. 92. Audience Management SystemYour audience, addressable anywhere, reached with certainty<br />Print<br />144mm Households<br />Match<br />Mobile<br />86 mm Users<br />Call Center<br />73 million numbers<br />Anonymize<br />Enhance<br />Email<br />70mm Addresses<br />Apps<br />Social<br />650mm Profiles<br />TV<br />59 mm Households<br />Online Display<br />200mm Profiles<br />Safe Haven<br />Advertiser<br />Publisher<br />Just Your Audience<br />Product Propensities<br />Anonymous Match<br />Channel Preferences<br />Media Preferences<br />Publisher<br />Audience<br />Advertiser<br />Audience<br />Customer Behavior<br />Real Time Data Exchange<br />External Insights<br />Delivery Integration<br />Attitudes / Personas<br />Partnership Ecosystem<br />38<br />
    93. 93. Relationship Profile<br />Customersegment history<br />Product ownership history<br />Current & lifetime value<br />Share of wallet<br />Marketing budget by customer<br />Interaction History<br />Service history<br />Promotion history<br />Response history<br />Across channels<br />Brand Advocacy<br />Net Promoter Score<br />Degree of social influence<br />Brand metrics at customer level<br />Product Propensities<br />Propensities across the <br />conversion funnel<br />Next best product to sell<br />Likelihood to recommend<br />Media Preferences<br />Media consumption<br />Explicit preferences<br />Implicit preferences<br />Context preferences<br />Contact/cadence strategy<br />Channel Preferences<br />Shopping pathway<br />Preferred buying channel<br />Preferred research channel<br />Preferred service channel<br />Interests & Attitudes<br />Purchase intent by category<br />Recreational interests<br />Social Causes<br />Geodemographics<br />Age<br />Occupation<br />Gender<br />Location<br />Ethnicity<br />Family / size of household<br />Life stage / life event<br />Monetary Indicators<br />Income indicator<br />Wealth indicator<br />Discretionary spending<br />Real property indicators<br />Multidimensional InsightAcxiom enables multidimensional consumer insight & recognition<br />
    94. 94. “Logical” Central Nervous System<br /><ul><li>Correlate consumer behavior with marketing/advertising across channels over time
    95. 95. Send and receive signals that influence consumer behavior
    96. 96. Integrate customer data sources and touch points
    97. 97. Integrated Partner Ecosystem
    98. 98. Play the data as it lies</li></ul>Client<br />Marketing<br />Databases<br />InfoBase<br />Enhancements<br />Segmentation<br />Campaign<br />Processes & <br />3rd Party Apps<br />3rd Party<br />Data<br />Insight Mgmt. <br />Analytic Tools<br />& Data Marts<br />Transactional <br />Data<br />Closed-Loop<br />Response<br />Analysis <br />& Rptg.<br />Customer Data Sources<br />Mobile<br />Text<br />Display<br />Mobile Apps<br />Email<br />In Store<br />Mobile<br />Social<br />Media<br />Website<br />In Store<br />Networks<br />ITV<br />Connected<br />Devices<br />Call Center<br />Custom<br />Media<br />Direct Mail<br />Marketing Central Nervous SystemAcxiom enables radically improved performance across channels<br />
    99. 99. Thank you. Questions?<br />The global interactive marketing services company<br />