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Acxiom Interactive Marketing Summit- The Marriage of Social Analytics & Social Recognition to Better Reach Customers


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The Marriage of Social Analytics & Social Recognition to Better Reach Customers …

The Marriage of Social Analytics & Social Recognition to Better Reach Customers
Brian Killen, Director of Emerging Technologies

Published in: Business, Education, Technology
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  • 1. Acxiom Interactive Marketing Summit 2011
    • April 4, 2011
    • San Francisco, California facebook twitter linkedin youtube Twitter : #AcxiomSummit
  • 2. The Marriage of Social Analytics & Social Recognition to Better Reach Customers
    • Brian Killen
    • Director of Emerging Technologies, Acxiom facebook twitter linkedin youtube Twitter : #AcxiomSummit
  • 3. Social Media Isn’t a Fad, It’s a Fundamental Shift in the Way We Communicate
    • Some statistics that may surprise you:
      • 25% of search results for the world’s largest brands are linked to user-generated content
      • 34% of bloggers post opinions about products and brands; there are over 200 million blogs
      • 75% of consumers trust peer recommendations; 17% trust advertisements
      • Each day, there are over 100 million new twitter posts
      • The top personal goals for Twitter users are: Save more money (74.5%), Exercise more often (63.0%) and Lose weight (58.2%)
      • Median age of a Twitter user is 31, Facebook is 26, MySpace is 27
  • 4. Use of Social Media Is Growing Rapidly…
  • 5. … But Marketers Are Still Focusing Spending on Established Channels
    • There is a huge opportunity for marketers to:
    • Learn about social media users’ interests and needs
    • Respond with meaningful and relevant content and offers
    • Based on our research, marketers have been reluctant thus far to use social media because:
    • Lack of familiarity with the nuances of social media
    • Difficulty in tracking ROI to justify large budgets
    • Lack of suitable technology that can scale beyond 1-1 marketing
    Source: Nielsen, August 2010 VS.
  • 6. Social Media is Disconnected from Traditional CRM and Other Marketing
    • Tremendous amount of consumer insights
    • But:
      • Limited ability to take action at scale
      • Measuring ROI on social campaigns is difficult
    Social Media Silo Client CRM Email Marketing Online Advertising Mobile Ads Quantifiable Multichannel Approach
  • 7. What If We Could Leverage Social Data in The Same That Google Infers Intent from Its Users’ Behavior? Personalized and coordinated engagements : Leverage signals from user input to determine in-market intent, brand preferences, sentiment, and interests? Reach and engage your audience: Engaging consumers over time and multiple channels? Multi-dimensional insight: Selecting which market segments to target based on their demographic data and social data? Marketing central nervous system: Automating targeting Could we use social data in a similar way to improve engagement in traditional channels ?
  • 8. The Emergence of Social Networks Present Marketers with an Important Challenge
    • There are three components to integrating social media with traditional multichannel marketing platforms:
      • Detecting consumer intent and signals from social media and tying that back to consumer records
    Social Recognition Analytics Automated Targeting
      • Presenting a multidimensional view of the consumer using all available social and traditional data
      • Discovering actionable insights and refining them into concrete recommendations
      • Tracking ROI of marketing campaigns across multiple channels
      • Automating campaigns that take advantage of:
        • Timeliness
        • Content that suits the consumer
        • Optimal channels
  • 9. Social Recognition: Connecting Online Profiles to Consumer Records Deepens Understanding
    • Most social content remains anonymous – identifying users is a challenging problem
    • Once the identity of social contributors is established, we can connect online social data with offline consumer records to glean additional insights, not currently available in the marketplace
    • Jessica Wilson
    • 1396 Henry Dr
    • Denver, Colorado 50551
    • [email_address]
    • Single, 27
    • Income 80K / Yr
    • Addressable Channels:
        • Prospect Email
        • Online Display
        • Direct Mail
        • Direct Email
        • Mobile Offer/ Geo / Other
        • Owns iPhone
        • Other
    Social recognition connects online social identities and activities with detailed attributes. Brand Preference Intent to Buy Persona Product Category Potential Influencer Five things you didn’t know about Jessica in 140 characters:
  • 10. Multi-Dimensional Analytics: We Can Combine Social Data to More Accurately Identify Intent
    • Acxiom traditional data assets:
    • Demographic and
    • psychographic data
    • Client CRM data assets
    • Call center / email / chat transcripts
    • Text-translated video
    • Private news,
    • research, feeds
    Traditional Offline Data
    • 20 million unique authors
    • 500 unique forums / boards
    • 500,000 posts / day
    • 60 million unique authors
    • 8 million tweets / day
    • 100,000 new authors / day
    • 2.5 million authors
    • 40,000 unique sites
    • 200,000 posts / day
    • 15 million unique blogs
    • 1 million+ posts / day
    • 10,000 new blogs / day
    • 600 thousand unique consumers
    • 60 thousand reviews / day
    • 25 unique review sites
    Social Data Multidimensional View of the Consumer
  • 11. Example: Building an Affinity Map for a Television Audience Skins Jersey Shore Movie Preference Show Actionable insight eCommerce Opportunity Vampire Diaries In-market for Products Teen Mom 2 Lifestyle and Interests We can find connections between viewing and interests over a period of time. Ultimate Fighter eCommerce Opportunity
  • 12. Automating the Engagement Process is Key to Taking Advantage of Timely Consumer Signals Configurable Workflow Engine Client CRM Online Ad Targeting Email Mobile Targeting Integrated multichannel ROI analysis and tracking Automated Targeting
    • Enrichment with Acxiom and client offline database
    • Identify channel addressability
    • Leads scoring
    Enrichment Analytics – Combining Social and Traditional Data
    • Value of an Automated Process:
    • Dealing with large volumes of data
    • Customizing the business rules for each persona
    • Enabling action on a timely basis
  • 13. Key Take Away: Social Insights Can Be Actionable and Scalable
    • By linking offline consumer records with online identities and rich social analytics, you can enable:
      • A much deeper set of analytics than is currently possible
      • Actionable insights obtained from social media that can be delivered in a scalable way through more established channels
    • Social media can be utilized to:
      • Deepen marketers’ understanding of their customers
      • Discover new customers
      • Improve clients’ relationship with customers (e.g., customer service, loyalty programs)
  • 14. Recommendations:
    • Ask your consumers for their social usernames in order to enhance your ability to listen and respond to them
    • Develop a listening program to identify consumer intent / trends
    • Prepare to move away from a campaign based marketing model to an ongoing process of engagement focused on delivering relevant content
  • 15. Appendix
    • Privacy
  • 16. Privacy – Understanding Consumer Expectations
    • What we don’t do
      • Collect non-public information
      • Collect information from private social networks
    • What we do
      • Collect information where consumers post content in public sources with the intent of public consumption
        • Twitter, Blogs, Reviews, other social networks where consumers opt-in to put content into the public domains
      • Review each collection source with privacy team to ensure compliance with TOS / Privacy statements
      • Ensure consumers have the ability to opt out
      • Conservative thoughtful approach keeping the consumers intent in mind
  • 17. Thank You. Twitter : #AcxiomSummit