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A brief introduction to consulting services at Clear2Pay

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Clear2Pay Services

  1. 1. Clear2Pay Consulting a brief introduction Clarity in Payments © 2013
  2. 2. Clear2Pay – Clarity in Payments Clear2Pay is a payments moderniser that actively supports financial institutions globally to meet their payments unification goals across the entire payment value chain Innovation Payments Testing Consulting Equipping banks with the tools, resources and knowledge that allow them to embrace the New Reality Acquire Anything Clarity in Payments ©2013 Process Anyway Clear Anywhere View Anytime 2
  3. 3. Thanks to living by our core values, Clear2Pay is the financial services partner of choice for Banks and Corporates alike Banks Integrity Clarity in Payments ©2013 Corporates Quality Together Corporates No Nonsense 3
  4. 4. Our expertise in banking and payments is unrivalled in Benelux: Clear2Pay’s Academy is the partner of choice for educating members of the Belgian and Dutch banking associations Core Trainings on Banking and Payments In Collaboration with National Banking Associations Fundamentals of Banking and Payments (Basic level) Payments (Advanced level) Cash management (Advanced level) Working Capital (Advanced level) Domestic Payments SEPA Payments Global Payments Cash Management (Advanced, (Advanced, (Advanced, (Advanced, Specialist Specialist Specialist Specialist FEBELFIN in Belgium Our Added Value Training path Different tuition methods available Certification Ongoing adaptations and new modules References Next training: Clarity in Payments ©2013 NIVESVV in The Netherlands level) level) level) level) Specialist Level Advanced Level Specialised Lectures / Workshops SEPA Cash Management Card Payments Payments Dom. / SEPA / XCT • Classroom training • Workshops • E-learning • Webinars Basic Level Introduction to Banking and Payments 4
  5. 5. Clear2Pay’s services span from consulting to testing and focuses on payments and cards Solutions Resources All the resources needed to make your payments projects become reality Electronic & Card payments Testing Retail & wholesale payments Real-time & batch payments Acquire  Process  Distribute End-to-end stress testing Payment hubs & card systems Channels, networks, protocols distribution & integration points Consulting Support Implementation Detailed on the next slides Clarity in Payments ©2013 Unrivalled track record 20+ payment hubs globally High levels of reuse Optionally through system integrator On-going 24/7/365 Local time zone response Domain expertise 5
  6. 6. The Consulting division: Clear2Pay Consulting & Professional Services (CPS) offers a full range of services and engagement models enabling clients to benefit from expert support Traditional Management Consulting Services Management consultants are brought in to identify, analyze and solve major strategic problems, often by steering the client Consulting Focus on revenue generation and operational efficiency Traditional Resource Consulting services (body-shopping and fixed price engagements) Professional Services Resource consultants typically work on a specific problem as a member of a client team – generally in place of an employee resource to allow greater flexibility Focus on long-term goals and continuity of operations Combined Near-shore/Off-shore services Resourcing Near-shore reflects the local resource from C2P teams backed by the off-shore resource of C2P India, Poland and US creating a significant global resource that allows customer projects to be fully staffed. Focus on strategic projects and partnerships Clarity in Payments ©2013 6
  7. 7. Alongside our core competencies of Cards and Payments, the consulting departments of Clear2Pay each deliver additional competencies within their field of operations EMV Migration & the Business of Cards Clarity in Payments ©2013 New Product Strategy Mobile Payments & New Channels Cash Handling & Optimisation Compliance & Certification Financial Markets Professional Services Resourcing Tier Migration & Bank Growth Customer Service & Exceptions Consulting Prepaid Programs from A-Z Java Credits & Risk Core Systems dot Net QA Mobile POS 7
  8. 8. The services provided by Clear2Pay are applicable throughout the project lifecycle – from idea to implementation – making it possible to supply resources at any point in a project Implement & Test We work on Customer Specific Projects Vision & Strategy Acceptance & Launch Resourcing Consulting Business Case & Planning • • • • • • Business requirements Architecture study Functional specifications Technical specifications Development Tests Project Lifecycle Solutions Development Professional Services Requirements Creation Clarity in Payments ©2013 Detailed Implementation Planning Product & partnership selection (RFP management) We act as • • • • • • • Management Advisors Strategic Project Resources Program/Project Managers Change Managers Business & Functional Analysts Architects & Developers Test Managers, Analysts and Testers 8
  9. 9. Management Consulting at Clear2Pay provides research and advisory services to support its clients' important strategic decisions in payments and cards Business-driven Consulting • Analyse your business problem • Define the optimal solution and quantify the benefits • Design programme management for execution Management Consulting Solution-driven consulting • Highly specialised expert knowledge • Capacity for analysis and execution Payments Cards Core Banking Strategy Operational Improvement Revenue Growth Project Management Change Management Vision Strategy Where will we compete in 3 – 5 years? What initiatives must we execute to deliver our vision? Business Planning How will we operationalize our strategy and integrate initiatives into the organization? Business Case What will our investment cost and what is the likely return? Is it worth doing? Clarity in Payments ©2013 Detailed Implementation Design Develop the plan Functional and business requirements Execution Delivery of the plan and taking the product to market 9
  10. 10. We offer a number of engagement models to match your needs and budget Advisory model Workshop-based model Response to questions by email or telephone – responses via either medium, Skype call or GotoMeeting, but always via email as backup Monthly services retainer delivering 8 hours of advisory time, follow-on hours billed at an agreed rate You define the topic of interest, we prepare and come onsite for a fruitful results delivery at a price agreed beforehand, well limited in time and budget All time will be logged precisely with a monthly log submitted to the client for approval prior to invoicing Onsite consultancy available at a reduced rate per day billed on a T&M basis as long as it is planned sufficiently beforehand Resources-based model Deliverables-based model Our team of experts come and bring the skills or knowledge that is missing on your side to achieve a well-defined mission They can either be invoiced on a full-time basis or on a flexible basis. The percentage of billability has an impact on the rate Our team of experts come and bring the skills or knowledge that is missing on your side to produce well-defined deliverables for a budget agreed beforehand. At each phase of the project clear budget estimates are given Clarity in Payments ©2013 10
  11. 11. Clear2Pay has successfully provided consulting services to many major banking and financial services businesses – turnkey projects include these examples bpost BPAID Prepaid MasterCard The Clear2Pay consulting team took bpost from idea to implementation with this greenfield product, scoping the market well to help create a winning offer towards the clearly identified customer base. Year 1 success rate was 112% over initial forecasts • Vision definition • Strategic study and product recommendations (product features, sales channels, operational strategy, outsourcing) • Business model and case (detailed cash flow models, P&L, staffing levels) • Detailed implementation planning (Managed vendor selection [European public tender], on-boarding, outsourcing management) • Execution (product specification, profile development, certification, testing, sales channel development) Edenred Ticket Restaurant (Electronic Meal Vouchers) The Clear2Pay consulting team helped Edenred to successfully create a legally-mandated new product while ensuring differentiation from existing and incoming competitors. Following a successful launch, a second project continues the work done to further enhance the product offer and ensure continuing evolution of the proposition. Globify International eCommerce Payments The Clear2Pay consulting team have worked with a number of potential international solutions vendors to design and source a unique payments solutions for international eCommerce transactions that facilitates split payments to multiple merchants at the moment of transaction. This project has created a significant differentiating solution for the client that allows them to considerably decrease payment risk and exposure to FX fluctuations Sam’s Club – a division of Wal-Mart (Vendor Assessment and Migration) The Clear2Pay consulting team have worked with Sam’s Club to take it through the process of selecting and migrating to an alternate credit processor [BIN sponsor] for it’s considerable store card portfolio. The migration process involves all aspects of the credit management and card issuance process with the client relying on Clear2Pay consulting to ensure that all issues are considered and overcome. Clarity in Payments ©2013 11
  12. 12. Why Clear2Pay Clear2Pay IT Consulting firms typically: • Generalists that look at process with some narrow range knowledge in BO processes – no E2E view • Our focus is solely transactions: payments, cards and securities: The widest and richest knowledge base in the Payments and Transaction Banking Industry • Solution independent • Benelux-based: 500 payments and cards experts to support you • Focus on technology solutions • Value based pricing • Provide experts to execute work in IT or process /project management • End-to-End: From Strategy until implementation and testing, yet with primary focus on surmounting execution challenges: • Client’s strategy is an afterthought • Often provide contractors with experience in a specific niche or component • Unable to bring experience of other markets • Focussing on interim management and recruitment • we bring hands-on experience, and hands-on support to deliver pragmatic solutions that work in practice. • We help clients deal with changing business and technology issues • Strong partnerships and relationships with many of world’s leading payment service, technology providers, banks, clearing & settlement organizations • Agreed scope engagements in manageable work packages for maximum transparency and sense of urgency • Our relationship with clients is a partnership Strategy Houses typically: • View point : from their own solution, not entirely customer focused (not independent). • Provide IT solutions and related services (Integration, customization) • Provide IT related project management services • IT related services not Organisation related services (no E2E Services with overall customer impact view) • Execution focused • Limited overall knowledge on payments, cards and securities, but narrow range and in depth knowledge of specific parts (messages structures) • Custom solutions Clarity in Payments ©2013 12
  13. 13. Clear2Pay Services NV De Kleetlaan 6a 1831 Diegem Belgium Clear2Pay contact details Clarity in Payments © 2013