5th Reference Sources 2008
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5th Reference Sources 2008






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5th Reference Sources 2008 5th Reference Sources 2008 Presentation Transcript

  • What is a reference source? A reference source is a tool people use to find information about a topic.
  • What reference sources could you use to gather information for a report?
  • Reference Sources
  • Almanac - a book of facts on many different subjects, printed yearly. Atlas - a book of maps and facts about geography Nonfiction books from our MC about your topic.
  • Encyclopedia - contains articles on people, places, things & events. Topics are listed alphabetically.Good place to begin gathering information because it gives you a broad overview of your topic. Internet Interview people who are knowledgeable about your topic. Dictionary - use the dictionary to look up spelling, meaning, pronunciation of a word.
  • Periodicals - give current & up to date information published daily, weekly, bi-monthly, or quarterly such as magazines and newspapers. Thesaurus - identifies synonyms of words giving you choices for words instead of using the same words over and over. Telephone Book DVD’s, Videos, TV programming (TV guide)
  • What would be the best source to use??? 1. What is a mesa? Dictionary 2. In what state is the Rocky Mountain National Park? Atlas
  • 3. What is the weather forecast for Washington, D.C.? Internet, T.V., Newspaper 4. What issues led up to the Civil War? Encyclopedia 5. How do you pronounce archaeoastronomy? Dictionary
  • 6. What team won the world series in 1976? Almanac 7. What is another word for indigenous ? Thesaurus 8. What states border Tennessee ? Atlas
  • 9. What does a beluga whale eat? Encyclopedia 10. What is another word for ecstatic? Thesaurus
  • 11. Who won the Georgia & Alabama football game ? Internet, T.V., Newspaper 12. Where is the geographic center of the United States? Almanac
  • Knowing the correct reference resource to use to find information will reduce your research time.