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    3rd Genres 3rd Genres Presentation Transcript

    • Literature Genres
    • When you speak about genre and literature, genre means a category, or kind of story.
    • Genre There are many categories or genres of stories and books. Here are some of the common ones: Alphabet Books “How to” Books Animal Books Realistic Fiction Arts and Craft Books Folktales Fantasy Mystery Poetry Biographies
    • All categories of books or stories can be called either fiction or non-fiction.
      • Fiction books are …..
      • a made up story
      • can tell about things that could happen
      • are read for fun
      • characters may be like real people or imaginary
    • Let’s look at some fiction generes ……
    • Realistic Fiction Realistic fiction is made up of stories that could really happen. Contemporary realistic fiction is realistic fiction that is set in modern times .
    • Examples of Realistic Fiction
    • Historical Fiction Historical fiction is made up of stories that take place in a certain time and place in the past. Real historical figures and settings may be included in a fiction story .
    • Examples of Historical Fiction
    • Folklore Folklore includes stories, myths, and fables that people told one another over the years. Later the stories were written down.
    • Examples of Folklore
    • Fairy Tales Fairy tales are stories where the characters and events are imaginary. Magic is used to solve problems and good conquers evil. The stories frequently begin with “Once upon a time…” and end with “… and they lived happily ever after.”
    • Examples of Fairy Tales
    • Fantasy Fantasy is fiction that has elements that are not real. Sometimes this includes talking animals or characters with magical powers. There’s usually a conflict between good and evil.
    • Examples of Fantasy
    • Mystery Mysteries are stories that have a real setting and a problem to be solved that includes clues, distractions, and an answer to the problem.
    • Examples of Mystery
    • Science Fiction Science Fiction is made up of stories that blend fact and fiction with futuristic technology.
    • Examples of Science Fiction
    • Poetry Poetry is verse written to inspire thoughts and feelings in the reader. It often uses rhyme and rhythm, or it can be written in free verse.
    • Examples of Poetry
    • Let’s look at some nonfiction generes …..
    • Informational Informational books are nonfiction books that give true facts on a variety of subjects.
      • Nonfiction books ….
      • have facts that can be checked and proven
      • the author is an expert on the subject
      • are TRUE !
    • Examples of Informational Books
    • Biography A biography is the true story of a real person’s life from the past or present.
    • Examples of Biography
    • http:// www.ccsd.edu/link/lms/genre.htm Genre Web Games: http://www.quia.com/hm/100939.html http://www.quia.com/cc/382369.html