2nd Fiction And Nonfiction
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  • 1. What is a fiction book? A fiction book tells a story of people, places, or things that are not true. It tells a story and is not based on facts or truth. All fiction books are made-up or imaginary.
  • 2. E asy Fiction books are sometimes called picture books because the have lots of pictures and less text or fewer words.
  • 3. Fiction book are usually chapter books and with few if any pictures. They are on a second grade or higher reading level.
  • 4. What is a nonfiction book? Nonfiction books contain information about different subjects -- people, places, or things. They describe true facts about the topic being written about. All Nonfiction books are factual.
  • 5. Books have names and “addresses” just like people do. A street address lets people know where someone lives. A call number works like a street number- it tells where to find a book in the library. A call number is found on the spine of the book.
  • 6. All fiction books in our media center are found in two areas the E asy Fiction and the Fiction sections. They are arranged alphabetically according to the first two letters of the author’s last name.
  • 7. If the book is an E asy Fiction book it will have an E for e asy on the spine plus the first two letters of the author’s last name. This information tells us the address of the book. The section of the library and the shelf where it belongs. E
  • 8. E Br Easy Brown Author: Marc Brown E Pa Easy Parrish Author: Peggy Parrish
  • 9. Author: H. A. Reys Author: Laura Numeroff
  • 10. All nonfiction books in our media center are found together in the same area of the library. These books are arranged numerically (by number) according to their subject matter.