1st Map Skills


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1st Map Skills

  1. 1. What is a map? A map is a drawing that shows the shape of a place and the things that are there. Some maps show a small place, such as a room. Other maps show the whole world. If you know how to read a map, it shows you where places are and helps you find your way.
  2. 16. … it would look something like this map of the world. This is my country on the map of the world
  3. 26. We all live on the planet earth
  4. 27. Just as in the book we just read the best way to understand where things are is to look down on them from a bird’s eye view. A map is a bird’s eye view of a place with symbols to show what things are.
  5. 28. Let’s put you on the map!
  6. 29. How many continents does the world have? This is a map of … Let’s see if you can name them. What continent do you live on? 7 continents North America
  7. 30. This is a map of … You live on the North American Continent. What country do you live in on the North American Continent? United States of America
  8. 31. You live in the ….
  9. 32. This is a map of the United States of America …. In what state do you live in the United States of America? Georgia
  10. 33. This is an outline map of the United States of America . Do you know how many states are in the USA? You live in the state of Georgia. It is in the southeastern United States. 50 States
  11. 34. This is a road map of the state of Georgia. Do you know what city is the capital of Georgia? Atlanta
  12. 35. You live in Northwest Georgia.
  13. 36. What county in Northwest Georgia do you live? You live in Catoosa County .
  14. 37. What town in northwest Georgia do you live? www.mapquest.com/maps?city = Ringgold&state = GA&zipcode =30736#a/maps/l:::Ringgold:GA:30736:US:34.917:-85.1492:zip:Catoosa+County/m::10:34.895437:-85.111092:0::/io:0:::::f:EN:M:/e Ringgold or Tunnel Hill
  15. 38. Let’s look at a map of Ringgold using the internet and see if we can find Tiger Creek! http:// web.georgia.org/net/calendar/details.aspx?s =258898.0.26.3011&c=2209070
  16. 39. As you leave the Media Center today you will be ask an exit question. You will need to be able to tell me the answer to one of the following questions: How many continents are there? 7 What continent do you live on? North America What country do you live in? United States What state do you live in? Georgia What county in that state do you live in? Catoosa What town in that county do you live in? Ringgold or Tunnel Hill