Acupuncture chart


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Acupuncture chart

  1. 1. Acupuncture ChartAcupuncture specialists usually study the body meridians or energy points through acupuncture charts. Theseacupuncture charts will detail the human body and different points on them. These charts serve as trainingaids, educational aids and they carry a complete guide to the different acupressure points that are located onthe energy lines or meridians. Most acupuncture clinics will have acupuncture charts hanging on the wall tohelp the practitioner out while working. They are also extremely attractive and are very easy to understand fora professional as well as a lay person.Where can I buy acupuncture charts?There are several places where you can buy acupuncture charts online. For example, alternative medicalwebsites on the internet will sell different types of acupuncture charts. Please note though that differentacupuncture charts will focus on different meridians and different pressure points. Most novice acupuncturestudents use acupuncture charts to understand and learn about different acupuncture points.Not all acupuncture charts are the same. For example, if you are a specialist in fertility acupuncture, wesuggest you purchase acupuncture charts that show fertility acupressure points. If you are looking foracupuncture charts that focus on one particular treatment mode, we suggest you check with the website beforepurchase.Apart from alternative medical sites, you can check with teaching websites. These websites usually havecourses that will teach the basics of acupuncture. These sites will have several acupuncture charts that youcan choose from. Apart from acupuncture charts, you will also be able to find online acupuncture charts thatyou can use to practice the science of acupuncture online on the website.Apart from acupuncture charts, you will also be able to find CD acupuncture charts. These CDs containinteractive maps that are provided with an optional pressure pad by which you can choose the right pressurepoint and learn how to apply pressure on the point. These interactive programs are really great as they willguide on with an Yes or an No to let you know how close you have come to the point.Where can I find free acupuncture charts?The internet is one of the best places to find free charts. These acupuncture charts are completely printableand they can be downloaded from the internet directly. The only problem here is that you will have to downloadand print it at a specialist printer. After printing, its also necessary for you to laminate the chart or the colors onthe chart will fade.We feel that readymade charts will be cheaper as they come laminated and ready to use.For more information on Acupuncture, including other interesting and informative articles and photos,please click on this link: Acupuncture Chart