The most beautiful place


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The most beautiful place

  1. 1. Hello, my name is Aída. I was born in one of the most beautiful Mexican states…Veracruz! I´m proudly cordobesa, the city with coffee fragrance and “thirty knights”.
  2. 2. But I want to talk about where I grew up, where I lived all my childhood and my adolescence, before coming to this city of Puebla where I studied my degree. I´m talking about Orizaba, Veracruz.
  3. 3. Orizaba boasts wealth of talent. Francisco Gavilondo Soler “Cri-Cri” was born and lived there. He was one of the greatest Mexican musicians. Many children generations grew up with his music and magic. There is a memorial in a beautiful central park close to downtown called the “Alameda” (because of its Olms)..
  4. 4. There is a French Iron Palace designed by Eiffel in downtown. This building served as a City Hall for many decades. It is unique and entirely made of iron, forged steel frame galvanized and fully dismantled, wooden doors and ornamental iron, cast artistically. It was built in Belgium and was sent to Orizaba in parts on board the vessels of the French Transatlantic Company. Beginning construction on 15 th April, 1891. It was inaugurated 16 th September of 1894.
  5. 5. Surrounded by gorgeous natural mountain springs, when I was a child my father often took us to places that even now I find wonderful. The whole family went to picnic many times. SIFONES
  6. 6. Another wonderful place is the "500 steps" in the Moctezuma's Plant. In these steps I lost my ball when I was a child, my dad couldn't reach it.
  7. 7. Included in the majestic buildings, there is a copy of the Windsor Palace of England, built in 1938 in Orizaba with beautiful gardens. Today it is a nursing home for seniors in extreme poberty. It was a inheritance of a rich couple, Isabel and Antonio de Mier.
  8. 8. In addition, we can admire a neoclassic building of the early twentieth century, In this place is a magnificent fresco of Jose Clemente Orozco. I remember very well that was a public school, but now it’s the City Hall.
  9. 9. I walked many years with my parents, my brother and my friends on these streets you can see now. CALLE REAL TEATRO LLAVE
  10. 10. This is my city, this is my land, surrounded by vegetation and hills. This is the Orizaba Valley. PICO DE ORIZABA
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