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List buildingfirestorm module1-foundations

  1. 1. Legal Notices & DisclaimersBy reading and using this E-book you have agreed to the following terms and conditions: You are granted Master Reseller Rights for this List Building FireStorm Module 1 : Foundations eBook. It may be freely distributed or sold by you in its original state, but in doing so no part of it may be copied, reproduced, deleted or altered in any way. You are granted Master Resale and/or Bonus Give Away Rights for this eBook but there are NO Private Label rights for this eBook.LEGAL NOTICEIf you have ordered the full List Building Firestorm Course and received the complete set of modules, then you should have boughtit from or an authorized reseller or affiliate. If you did not, please contact us with details of whereyou bought the product. If you let us know of someone illegally selling the product, you may be entitled to a cash reward.ALL RIGHTS RESERVED & COPY RIGHTAll copyright information and any download links made available to you to access this product may not be reproduced, transmitted,distributed or copied publicly in any way whatsoever, electronic, or mechanical, including photocopying, recording or by anyinformational storage or retrieval system including Internet, e-mail, newsgroups, or reprinting without expressed written dated andsigned permission from the authors. The authors and publisher assert their right of ownerships to the Firestorm brand name andrange of products and reports.Any violator will be subject to the maximum fine and penalty imposed by law. Purchasers of this product are granted a license to usethe information contained herein for their own personal use only. Any violators will be pursued and fined and /or punished to thefullest extent of the law.RESULTS & EARNINGS DISCLAIMERThe authors and publisher of this eBook and the accompanying materials have used their best efforts in preparing this product andcontent. The information presented herein represents the views of the authors as of the date of publication. Because of the rate atwhich conditions change, the authors reserve the right to alter and update his opinions based on the new conditions. While everyattempt has been made to verify the information provided here, the authors and their referrals cannot assume any responsibility forerrors, inaccuracies or omissions. Any slights of people or organizations are unintentional.This document contains business strategies, marketing methods and other business advice that, regardless of their results andexperience, may not produce the same results (or any results) for you. The authors and publisher make absolutely norepresentation, guarantees or warranties with respect to the accuracy, applicability, fitness, or completeness of the contents of thiseBook, or content, or the level of success you may experience and no guarantee, expressed or implied, that by using the content orfollowing any of the advice below you will make any money or improve current profits, as there are several factors and variables thatcome into play regarding any given business.As with any business, your results may vary, and will depend upon the nature of the product or business model, the conditions ofthe marketplace, the experience of the individual, the application of said principals, and situations and elements that are beyondyour and our control, including your background, dedication, desire, motivation and any action you may or may not take.Any testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, which do not apply to the average purchaser, and are not intended torepresent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. This is because experience tells us that despite bestintentions, the average purchaser will simply read but not follow and act on the advice and content.All results and earnings described in this product and shown on our website are accurate to the best of our knowledge, and shouldnot be considered “typical”. You may also experience unknown or unforeseeable risks which can reduce results or incur costs oreven losses. We are not responsible for your actions or for any direct or indirect results, costs or liabilities. The informationcontained in this eBook and content is strictly for educational purposes. You agree that the authors do not accept any responsibilityfor any liabilities resulting from the use of this information or content or any third party websites, links or resources.LIABILITY DISCLAIMERAs with any business endeavour, by reading this document, viewing the content and/or applying the advice, services or productscontained herein or through third party links, you assume all responsibility and risk related to your actions, any investment andmoney based on your own discretion, and your own potential expense. You fully understand that you, solely, are responsible foranything that may occur as a result of putting the information and/or content into action in any way, and regardless of yourinterpretation of the information, content or advice.You further agree that the authors, publisher or associated third parties cannot be held responsible in any way for the success orfailure of your business as a result of the information presented below or content provided. It is your responsibility to conduct yourown due diligence regarding the safe and successful operation of your business if you intend to use or apply any of this informationor use any software or resources in any way to your business operations.AFFILATE RELATIONSHIP DISCLAIMERThe authors and publisher of this eBook may have an affiliate relationship and/or another material connection to any 3rd partyproviders of goods and services mentioned in this eBook and may be compensated when you purchase. Copyright © 2011 Colin Thompson & Carl Carter. All third party trademarks, rights and copyrights are acknowledged. Published By : Act Smart Media Ltd. Fire Graphic Credit : Sundeip Arora, Sun Designs Module 1: Foundations Page |2
  2. 2. Table of ContentsSection Page Legal Notices & Disclaimers 2 Table of Contents 3 1 Introduction & Why Build A List? 4 2 List Building Firestorm Overview 7 3 Getting Started & Must Have Tools of The Trade 8 4 How To Set Up a Squeeze Page For Free 18 5 How To Set Up A WordPress Squeeze Page 29 6 Fast List Building Techniques : Part 1 34 7 Traffic Driving Techniques Overview 32 8 Conclusion & Next Steps 42 9 VIP Early Bird Offer – Register Now! 44 Useful Links & Recommended Resources 45
  3. 3. 1. Introduction & Why Build A ListWelcome to the Foundations Module of the List Building Firestorm course that will show you „step by step‟ how torapidly ignite your list from zero to 3,000 hungry to buy subscribers in 60 days – 100% GUARANTEED! ..and thenhow to turn your List Building efforts into a Firestorm!Let me confirm that you are granted Master Reseller Rights to freely give this List Building Firestorm Module 1:Foundations report away to anyone you choose, or you can re-sell it and keep all the profits or even include it as agiveaway bonus with any other offers you make. They too are free to do likewise.The fact you are reading this report itself proves that our methods and strategies work!In Section 2 we give you an overview of the course and this module, but before we get started we would just like tointroduce ourselves…About Us… Colin Thompson Hi I‟m Colin and since November 2007 I have been a full time online marketer and email marketing consultant to businesses including GroupOn in its earlier start up days, local car dealerships including Ford, Audi and BMW advising them on the best practices to reach the local community through email marketing and expiring offers.I have many years experience in internet marketing, website design, product creation but I specialize and am bestknown for my List Building Strategies and being a List Building Mentor as well as the supporting techniquesrequired to make this a success.I have set up and run several mentoring programs which has enabled me to work with beginner marketers and helpthem grow their online presence using email marketing as a foundation platform of which to launch their onlinebusinesses from. Carl Carter B.A.(Hons.), Dip.M. Hi I‟m Carl and I have been involved with internet marketing from way back in 1995 and let me tell you a lot has changed since then! I am a fully qualified Marketer with many years experience in both online and offline sales and marketing as well as product design, branding, creation and promotion.I regularly speak to audiences and businesses all over the world including the UK, Europe, USA, Middle East,China and India on advanced sales and marketing strategy, tactics and techniques, internet marketing, e-mailmarketing, search engine optimization, driving traffic and how these can all be successfully applied to both onlineand offline „real world‟ products, services and businesses.I also own and operate several information and niche websites, an information & DVD publishing business, as wellconsulting for other local and international companies to dramatically increase their website traffic, lead generation,database and email marketing results.We‟ve teamed up together to bring you the complete „step-by-step‟ course not only on List Building but that is alsobacked with strategy and killer „how to‟ techniques to drive traffic to your websites, Squeeze Pages and offers so asto further leverage your List Building efforts. Module 1: Foundations Page |4
  4. 4. Why Build A List?Building a list of email subscribers can be the single most powerful thing you can do for your online or offlinebusiness. Plus with a list of hungry to buy email subscribers, you can send one e-mail to thousands and receivealmost instant cash-on-demand directly into your bank account. And, while TV advertising, newspaper advertisingand direct mail advertising are all in decline, email marketing is growing and will never die out!Why? Because nowadays, like the mail box of old, you need an email address to set up accounts for just abouteverything.To buy from an online catalogue or store, to open an online bank account or buy a flight online, to open up aFacebook or Twitter account and just about any other account you can think of – you need an email account!Virtually all the major companies understand and utilize the power of email marketing. When was the last time youwere in touch with almost any form of business or service providers or bought something online and they didn‟t askfor your email?An email list is an essential marketing tool and by building a email list you are creating your own „club‟ of hundredsor even hundreds of thousands of like minded individuals who all have one thing in common that they areinterested in and are willing to spend time and money on.Whether it‟s online or information marketing, golfing, fitness, self improvement or even if you are a local florist,doctor, lawyer, insurance broker or business owner - whatever you are – by having an email list you are able toquickly and easily mass-communicate with your list and with the techniques and tools we‟ll show how you‟ll be ableto do it on a personal basis completely on auto-pilot.Whether you are an internet marketer or a „real world‟ business – if you don‟t have an email list then you aremissing out big time. Every visitor to your website or business is a potential customer, every customer is potentiallya repeat customer or a customer who will buy an even higher value and increasingly profitable product or servicefrom you, and every repeat customer is an opportunity to build a long term relationship that leads to much biggerVIP relationship and profits.Email list marketing is in many ways almost like the perfect business, and yes there are even ways you can do itwithout even having your own product or service – we‟ll show you this later in the course. If you do it right it‟sinstant mass action and reaction from your customer base. That can mean instant cash on demand too, not justonce but building and growing like a Firestorm!So if you don‟t have a list, then you need one and we‟ll show you how to get it. If you already have list but don‟tknow what to do with it or have a list that is unresponsive, then we‟ll show you the steps on how to „turn it around‟into a buying list whilst growing it at the same time.Learn from our own experience and we‟ll also help you avoid the many easy mistakes and common pitfalls that youcould easily stumble into along the way.PLUS it‟s not good enough just being able to build or own a list, you‟ll need a stream of targeted traffic into your listso that you can create lists of targeted „buyers‟ who will actually buy products and services from you. Module 1: Foundations Page |5
  5. 5. Whereas other course or introductions may simply show you a bunch of screen shots showing massive earningsand mega list sizes and throw a bunch of theory at your - we all know that even a school kid could tweak a screencapture to show whatever they wanted or rehash yet another list building course – so we decided you don‟t need totake our word for it, we‟ll let you prove it for yourself „step-by-step‟ and then if you follow these steps you‟ll see foryourself in 60 days (or less!).Just think for yourself what you could do with a list of 3,000 hungry to buy subscribers in just two months from now– well actually you don‟t need to think because when you get there we‟ll also show you „step by step‟ how to makethe list not only generate income but also keep both the list and income growing like an unstoppable Firestorm.Depending on your market, tactics and abilities, it‟s often stated that on average each member on your list can beworth $1-2 a month and in some cases if you follow the sales funnel method we‟ll show you and move yourmembers along your list and up the buying ladder then it‟s perfectly possible to have lists of 100‟s, 1,000‟s or even10,000‟s spending from $30 - 300+ a month for advanced courses and personal coaching.We know some highly successful email list builders and marketers who have in just over a year built lists of over250,000 subscribers and who are now disappointed if they earn less than $1000 a day virtually on auto-pilot.You‟ve probably heard the phrase (or will do) that the money is in the list – in many cases that is true, but the realmoney is in the buying list and the mega money is in the VIP „big ticket‟ buying list!We will show you the secrets of how you too can ignite your list from not only zero to 3,000 members in 60 days orless guaranteed, but also to ensure that your list is hungry to buy and not just full of freebie seekers or tire kickers.In this course we‟ll also show you the differing types of list, as well as how to organize and manage your ownselection of lists that will allow you to move your customer along the sales funnel and lists (don‟t worry we‟ll coverthat later) from being on your freebie prospect list, to on your „low value‟ buyer list, eventually onto your „high value‟buyer list right up to your VIP „Bog Ticket‟ List and hopefully becoming happy life time buyers!We‟ll then show you how to grow these lists like a red hot firestorm that grows and grows and generates cash justlike a firestorm would tear through a pile of bank notes – if set up and used correctly then having your own buyerhungry list is like having your own virtual ATM that just keeps on spraying out real money at the touch of a button!Good luck and we look forward to helping you on your journey to your own List Building Firestorm!To your success and profit…Colin Thompson Carl CarterColin Thompson & Carl Carter Module 1: Foundations Page |6
  6. 6. 2. List Building Firestorm OverviewWelcome To List Building FirestormWelcome to the Module 1 : Foundations in the List Building Firestorm course. This course will show you „step bystep‟ how to rapidly ignite your list from zero to 3,000 hungry to buy subscribers in 60 days – 100%GUARANTEED!...and then how to turn your List Building efforts into a Firestorm!List Building Firestorm will walk you „step by step‟ through all the closely guarded secrets that the Gurus and socalled Internet Millionaires have been keeping all to themselves whilst they are quietly banking mega $$$ with abuyer hungry list. In many case deliberately leaving out the „good stuff‟ and „secret sauce‟ so as to make you keepcoming back for more.What‟s more this course has been written so that whilst it will primarily apply to internet marketing, affiliatemarketing, information marketing and niche online marketing, the course will also cover techniques that can beused in off-line „real world‟ marketing and businesses too when promoting physical products or „real world‟ services.This course has been designed like a ladder and has something valuable that will suit you whatever level ofexperience level you may be at and however far you have climbed the List Building Ladder. You may be a „Newbie‟and completely new to Internet Marketing let alone List Building, or your may have been struggling to put thepieces together to start building your list, or you may have a list already but can‟t seem make it generate income foryou – no doubt you will have found that other Link Building resources often have „missing links‟ in the informationthey provide.In this course we strive to both do away with the missing links and missing resources you often find in othercourses, so that you can follow the exact steps to building your list from zero to 3,000 in 60 days and to also giveyou strategies, techniques and secrets of how to make your list generate significant real income for you on aregular basis.In This ModuleThis is the Foundations module where we will now give you the complete „step by step‟ basics of what you need toget started in List Building. You will be building the Foundations to your own List Building Firestorm!We‟ll assume you are starting from scratch and we walk you through to the point where you will have everythingyou need to get List Building, because the first step to a hungry buyer list of 3,000, 10,000, 100,000 or even250,000+ is being able to recruit, collect, store and email just one name.From then it‟s just a matter of using the strategies and techniques in List Building Firestorm to „rinse, repeat, finetune and multiply‟ your efforts and results at speed and to then finally push your List Building into hyper-drive whenwe show you the secrets and advanced techniques to ignite your list like a Firestorm!This module is just the first step along the journey to creating your own list building firestorm…Let‟s Get Started… Module 1: Foundations Page |7
  7. 7. 3. Getting Started & Must Have Tools of the TradeIn this section we will go over the quickest way to get started and also the must have tools of the trade you willneed to rapidly grow your list from zero to 3,000 in 60 days.This section is aimed at Newbies and to also give you a high level overview of the list building and email marketingprocess and to see how it fits together.If you already know about choosing your domain name, registering your domain name, getting hosting and linkingthese together and also obtaining an auto-responder as well as the basic process of list building then you can skipthis section…If not, then let‟s walk you through the getting started stages and must have tools of the trade…There are 6 Getting Started Stages:Stage 1 : Choosing Your Domain NameStage 2 : Buying Your Domain Name and HostingStage 3 : Your Auto-Responder and How To Create An Aweber AccountStage 4 : Your Compelling and „Must Have‟ FREE OfferStage 5 : Your Squeeze PageStage 6: Building Trust and a Valued RelationshipDon‟t be worried if at this stage these are all new to you as we‟ll be taking you through the steps in detail and in factlater in the course we‟ll show you how you can outsource all the technical stuff for very very low cost if you wish sothat you can concentrate on building a relationship with your list.These are the basic getting started and fundamental steps, however in the rest of the List Building Firestormcourse we‟ll revisit and take you through some of these steps in much greater detail whilst also showing you thesecret methods used to rapidly ignite your email list from zero to 3,000 buyer hungry members in 60 days or less.This will make the difference between you having a match that can be easily blown out by a gust of wind andcreating a true firestorm that grows and grows.We‟ll then show you how to maximise both your short and long-term income by using a whole range of advancedList Building and Income Maximisation methods.Investing in Yourself, Your Business and the Tools of The TradeIf you are 100% serious and committed to generating a list of 3,000 hungry to buy subscribers in 60 days or lessthen we both need to take a professional approach and ensure you have the right tools and resources to do the jobquickly and efficiently. Don‟t worry as this can be easily done on a shoe string! Module 1: Foundations Page |8
  8. 8. An Internet Marketer without a website and auto responder package is like being a carpenter but not owning ahammer and nails. Owning a powerful auto-responder such as the one we recommend will be like owning your ownnail gun!So you should definitely invest in yourself and your business as otherwise you just simply won‟t be able to gathersubscribers and then manage, automate and mail to your list.Stage 1: Choosing Your Domain NameIt is possible to start List Building without having a domain name and by just using some free web space that maycome with your internet account – but the down side here is that often free accounts are not allowed to be used forbusiness purposes or those that do are usually littered with adverts and banners. Plus of course you‟ll usually onlyget one web address that looks „cheap‟ such as If you can‟t afford to paya few $ for a name and some hosting then free hosting is an option but it doesn‟t portray you in a very professionalmanner!So we recommend that if you are serious, then for the price of a Pizza you get your own domain name or URL(uniform resource locator) as the web address that will relate to your website. In fact in Stage 2 we show you howyou can often get your own domain name URL for FREE!This should be related to the niche you are deciding to enter, a product or service you are promoting or if you arelooking to market yourself as a brand along with your business you could always use orwww.yournameonline.comIdeally you should aim for a .com domain for your name, targeted keywords, product or service if it is available. Ifnot then .org or .net (or one that relates to your country such as are good alternatives because these typesof Top Level Domains will have a more positive impact on your Search Engine Ranking than an alternative lesspopular .info or other „new‟ trendy variation. Likewise when registering your main „long term‟ domain name if youcan afford it then you should register it for 2-3 years at the outset as this lets the search engines know you‟re in thisfor the longterm.Spend sometime researching and thinking carefully about your domain name as you may be living with it forseveral years. If you are targeting a niche, then think about what keywords customers will be using to search forbefore you choose your domain name. Try doing some Google searches as if you were a customer seeking out theproduct, service or information. You can also take a look at the „competition‟ by using Firefox (or Chrome or Opera )as a browser and installing the free plug-in, and then do your Google search as this will tellyou a whole host about your competitors sites instantly on screen, such as their page rank, number of in-boundlinks and much more!Where possible it is best to buy a domain name that is a good or even better exact match to the keyword searchphrase that a customer would use. Google provides a fantastic free tool „Google Keyword External‟ that allows youto see how many searches are made each monthly locally and globally for a certain keyword or keyword phrase.You can access it here even shows you how competitive that keyword or phrase is as well as suggesting related keywords and phrases.Your ideal domain name is an „exact match‟ to your targeted keywords or search phrase and where that search Module 1: Foundations Page |9
  9. 9. phrase has a high volume or search traffic and a lower amount of competition compared to the alternatives. Anexact match domain name will have a positive effect on your improving search engine ranking.Alternatively more advanced professional tools that makes this keyword and domain name evaluation and selectionprocess even easier and provide much more functionality are products such as Market Samurai and Keyword Elite.You can find out more about them at and and we highlyrecommend if not now, then once your business is underway that you invest in one of these tools. Likewise wehave also had great reviews about and course you don‟t necessarily have to have a domain per product, you may prefer to operate under an umbrellaname and then operate a different number of offers from sub-pages of your main website such will cover these subjects in more detail later on in the List Building Firestorm course as well as some great„tricks‟ you can use if your chosen keywords, product name or keyword phrase is not available.We‟ll also cover how to easily and quickly build your website or blog along with an important Search EngineOptimisation Checklist you can use to ensure you‟re doing all you can to get your website noticed and rankedhighly.Stage 2: i) Buying Your Domain Name and HostingIf you are choosing to go the recommended route of having your own domain name rather than using a free namefrom your Internet Service Provider, then once you have chosen your domain name then you‟ll need to buy thatdomain name and also buy some hosting. Hosting is where the files and content for your website, blog or SqueezePage will be stored.When you are ready to buy your domain name and hosting you‟ll find there are a wide range of places on theinternet to buy. It is possible to buy your domain name separately to your hosting and two main low-cost providerswhere you can do this (and also buy hosting if you wish as well) are and, whilst it is possible to shop around and save a few $ by buying your domain name from one provider andthen have it hosted elsewhere – this can often mean more work or be a false economy in the long run.When you are getting started it is by far simpler to buy your domain name and have your hosting at the sameprovider, especially if you need some technical help to get started. Plus in some cases a naming company mayhave a waiting period or charge you a fee later on for moving the name or releasing it to another provider. Thisusually cancels out any cost savings you may have incurred by purchasing a domain not through your hostingprovider.So take it from our experience that by ignoring the extra dollar or two you could have saved if you‟d bough thename and hosting separately will probably save you a whole heap of time and hassle later.From experience we recommend either, or All theseservices have proven to be very inexpensive, reliable and are backed by friendly customer service. You can get astarter package for around $8 a month. If you do choose another provider, make sure they support Word Press andoperate a „cPanel‟ Control panel – you‟ll see why later! Module 1: Foundations P a g e | 10
  10. 10. A great tip is that these companies often offer promotional discount codes that will give you a discount off theadvertised „shop front‟ price. So have a look at the providers above and then simply call them up and ask if theyhave any Promo codes or do a simple Google search for “[Enter name] coupon code for [enter month and year]”The coupon codes will sometimes save your around $1 per domain, or often because you are buying your domainname and hosting together, they may even give you your first domain name free! These small savings will all addup as you grow your business and start buying multiple domains!Now you have both your Domain URL and web space hosting you need to link the two together so that after youhave uploaded the Squeeze Page you‟ll create in the next section, when someone clicks on a link to your site in anemail, or on another website, or enters the web address in their Browser will be connected directly to your SqueezePage.Stage 2: ii) Connecting Your Domain URL to Your Web space HostingDid you know that up to 90% of people who are interested in internet marketing don‟t have their own web site – thisis often because they fall at the first hurdle of the initial set-up and know how to „glue‟ the various component partstogether. So many internet marketing courses simply skip over this vital information and leave a gap through whichnewbies often fall through and never manage to get out of.In this section I am now going to show you „step by step‟ how to connect your Web space Hosting to your DomainURL so that when someone enters your web address in their browser or clicks on the link to your web address inan email they are taken to your website and everything „appears‟.As you probably know virtually everything on the internet has a behind the scenes IP (Internet protocol) addresswhich is an exact and unique address on the internet.When someone enters your web address into their web browser or clicks a link that will launch the web browsersand take them to your site - what is happening behind the scenes is that this information is passed to a DomainName Server (often referred to as a DNS). This is an internet server that „serves up‟ your domain name to thebrowser. It‟s a bit like a signpost that directs your web browser to the IP address of your web hosting folder that islinked to your domain name.First You Need To…1) Select a Hosting Provider:As we touched on in part i) there are a lot of different hosting providers out there and you will need to select ahosting that‟s „right‟ for you. We recommend because they‟re hosting is very straightforwardwith a flat-rate, very affordable pricing plan where you can host unlimited domains, easy to use and always greatcustomer service 24/7. We will be using to illustrate this process.If this is the first time using a hosting provider make sure to spend a little time seeing what free tools, videos ortraining resources they offer. Also keep a note handy of your login details and their customer support line, theseare often open 24/7 and can save you a whole heap of time if you are experiencing a problem or don‟t quite knowwhat to do next. As with most things, a simple search on Google or YouTube can often produce a wide choice ofhelp or videos on common topics – so don‟t make life hard by struggling on simply seek and you‟ll probably find! Module 1: Foundations P a g e | 11
  11. 11. 2) Purchase or Transfer Your Domain Name: As we mentioned some hosting providers (like often give you a free domain name when you sign up or you may find a promotional discount coupon onlinethat gives you this.If you do have a domain name already you will have to have it transferred to your hosting provider. Contact thecompany you bought the domain from and ask to change the name servers for your domain to your new hostingprovider and then provide them with the name server information (from your hosting provider) – for Domain Name Servers are:NS1: NS2: NS3: ns3.pipedns.com3) Connecting The Two: Assuming you have hosting and a domain the following steps show you how to connectthe two and get your website up and running. If your domain was purchased through for example, then they will have already set this up on their Domain Name Servers, or if this is not your first domain you will have to make it an „addon‟ in the control panel so first you need to log in to the Control Panel (cPanel). You should find details of your log in details and where you go to log in in the confirmation email you‟re your hosting company sent. Often you‟ll often log in to your control panel via their homepage. Simply log into the Control panel – it‟ll look like the one on the left. Once you are logged in you will be presented with the complete Control panel for your web hosting account. Whether this is your first website, or if you are connecting and setting up another new URL domain to your hosting you simply select the „Addon Domains‟ option as shown on the left. On the next screen you need to complete the information as follows: New Domain Name: Subdomain/FTP Username: Whatever you put in this field will be the folder that is created under your primary account. It will also be the default username for mail and FTP. Document Root: This field populates automatically after you fill in the fields above. Password: Password with minimum strength of 20 Module 1: Foundations P a g e | 12
  12. 12. You‟ll see that there is a video tutorial option available and what‟s useful is that you will know if you have not completed something correctly or not as the green check-mark circle lets you know you‟ve completed the field correctly. If you have not completed the field correctly you will see the following and be prompted:Once your domain has been added you are ready to put your Squeeze Page or website up, which means puttingyour website files and folders from your local PC into the public_html folder on your hosting – this can be accessedby either FTP or via „File Manager‟ in your cPanel. We‟ll show you this in the next Section when we show you howto create and upload your Squeeze page.Stage 3: Your Auto-Responder and How To Create An Aweber AccountOwning your auto-responder and email list management software is a basic fundamental requirement in almostevery form of internet marketing and especially when you are looking to rapidly build, manage and mail to a largelist of „hungry to buy‟ targeted members.An auto-responder is one of most important tools to do the job and is the key to building a massive list. The auto-responder hosts and organises your lists whilst automating the entire list building process. Just think of the workinvolved in say inputting, storing, sending personalised emails and organizing a list of 100 let alone 3,000 emailaddresses manually if you were using say hotmail, yahoo or gmail!The auto-responder is how you will collect your members email addresses and contact details. This integrates withan information capture form also known as an „Opt-In Form‟ this is a simple and short online form where yourmember will be told to enter their “Name and Email”. They are „Opting In‟ to receive your offer.This Opt-In form can be included as a small section within your website or blog, but is often built into a „SqueezePage. A Squeeze Page is a short, simple and convincing offer page that aims to „squeeze‟ out the visitors nameand email address in return for them receiving a free report or incentive.Once you have „Squeezed‟ out the name and email address, the auto-responder service automatically responds toyour member with a pre-set email and usually includes a download link to the offer your presented to them, plus atthis opportunity will often redirect them a „One Time Offer‟ (OTO) to buy a related product or service. Don‟t worryabout this as we show you how to do this really simply later on.Quite often before sending out the email that contains the download link to your offer, the subscriber will berequired to confirm their email address first - this is called double „Opting In‟ and because the subscriber is Opting-In once by giving you their email and then again by clicking the link to re-confirm their agreement for you to sendthem emails – it also acts as a good way of checking and ensuring the email address they give is „real‟ as it stopsthem from putting in a fake email just so as to access the download. Later in the course we‟ll discuss single versusdouble opt-ins.Once the mail address has been captured, it is then automatically added to your „list‟. If you wish the auto-responder also allows you to pre-configure and set up „automatic‟ single or sets of emails once that will be sent on Module 1: Foundations P a g e | 13
  13. 13. „auto-pilot‟ at specific pre-set intervals controlled by you. For example, you can write an email once and then havethat same email sent to every new member automatically upon joining, or after say 4 hours, 2 days, 7 days or evenmonths from now - whenever you choose – all on auto-pilot.There are a wide range of email auto responder services available, ranging from very cheap and simple up toprofessional and full enterprise systems that will grow with you as you grow your business. But you do pay for whatyou get! Plus it can be very hard to export and move a list from one auto-responder provider to another as usuallythe new auto-responder provider will require you to get everyone to Opt In again so as to prevent people frombuying or creating lists of emails and spamming them without permission. Spamming can also lead to your InternetService Provider choosing to shut your account down – so don‟t be tempted!So we recommend using as their system is very Newbie friendly and usually comes with one monthstrial for only $1 with a full money back guarantee! It is easy to configure (we‟ll show you step-by-step anyway) butalso very powerful – plus it comes with a wide range of easy to configure Opt-In forms and integrates well withvirtually every Squeeze Page or website format available.We‟re not going to go through the details of joining as they do a great job online with a full set of greathelp videos and as before with the help of Google and YouTube you can find the answer to almost every query youmay have and failing that you can just email or call them!Stage 4: Your Compelling and „Must Have‟ FREE OfferHere is where the magic happens in the process, because people will only give you their email and join your list ifyou are offering something FREE that is of value that they „need‟ and you can give them instantly. The key here isto get them to act on impulse and give you their details without even a second thought.This is usually in the form of an instant free gift such an eBook, report, video, audio recording, software or shortemail course on a subject or niche that interests them, or helps them make or save money or simply helps themsolve a problem they may be having.Your offer must be compelling and presented in such as way as for them to take action and we‟ll go into more detaillater in the course on not only where and how you can find or create for FREE your own compelling free offers togive away– but we‟ll also show you how to present your offer to make it compelling on screen so they act.An important aspect here is to „delight‟ your customer and „over deliver‟ by giving them a quality gift that exceedstheir expectations. You only get one chance at making a first impression – that applies to your Squeeze Page andyour FREE gift!By doing this, in the eyes of your subscriber this helps build trust and sets you up an expert in your field. This firststep is massively important to your long term success and profits as you go along your list building journey andbuild your business into a firestormJust think how you‟d feel if you as a subscriber after giving away your email address and then you received apoorly presented cheap looking eBook as your free gift. Would you then trust the provider enough to maybe pay foran item along the road – I know that I sure wouldn‟t!Let me repeat myself - don‟t worry yourself about this aspect at this stage, as we will show you where you a find ahuge stash of free quality gifts to give away in fact with the List Building Firestorm course we will get you started Module 1: Foundations P a g e | 14
  14. 14. with a whole bunch of free reports and Squeeze Pages for you – a virtual business in a box. These gifts don‟t haveto be 30-50 page eBooks or a complete video course – they can be short 5-10 page eBooks or a few videos but theKEY is they must be well presented information and packed sky high with value!Stage 5: Your Squeeze PageOnce you have your FREE product the next step is designing and setting up your Squeeze Page. We cover this ingreat detail in the next section, so all we‟ll say here is that with both the free and recommended tools, resourcesand services we‟ll show you this is easy to do.As you become more experienced we‟ll also introduce you to some professional and labour saving tools andresources as well that offer great value in streamlining the process.Don‟t worry you certainly won‟t need to be a graphic or web designer or HTML expert to do this – we‟ll show youstep by step!Stage 6: Building trust and a long term relationshipWhen you are building lists for both growth and long term profits there is one vitally important step and conceptMUST understand. This is to build a positive and trusting relationship between you and your list.This is one vital aspect where many list builders blow it and burn out their list quickly rather than nurturing it for astrong and profitable relationship.It is important to provide value to your list members upfront by offering additional tips and tricks to help yoursubscribers BEFORE you ever try to sell anything! Value them as you would a friend or business asset not just aname or subscriber and then do everything in your power to really help them.Too many list builders race to build numbers and then simply just spam their list day in and day out and then theyquickly wonder why so many of their list members either unsubscribe or simply don‟t bother opening let aloneacting on their emails.It is also important to be consistent to your list, if you are someone who typically mails to your list every day thenget your list used to that so they know to expect it and be consistent in your approach. A mix of 3-5 tips to onepromotion is a good ratio to begin with and it‟s important to be prepared and to have planned and written your emailsets ahead.But if you are setting yourself up as a pure affiliate promoter, then make sure your list understand that you‟ll bemaking them aware of the latest products and offers available. But still make sure you add value and provide tipsand reviews of the products you are actually promoting as if you are promoting simple „rubbish‟ your list memberswill quickly start to unsubscribe if they buy a rubbish product based on your recommendation. Your reputation is onthe line based on what you recommend to your list. If someone recommended you eat at a restaurant that youfound serve bad food, then you‟d probably never take their recommendation again especially if they told you laterthey‟d never even been there – the same goes with your recommendations on products and offers!One great way to see what you should do and just as importantly what NOT to do, is to find and sign up for a rangeof other experts email lists that operate in your niche. Take a look and examine what they are doing. We Module 1: Foundations P a g e | 15
  15. 15. recommend keeping a „Swipe File‟ of good emails that grabbed your attention and then modeling and adjust themto fit your business and subscribers (not copying exactly).Learn from and model the ones that stand out and grab your attention, especially those that provide real value andalso make sure you learn from the ones who only spam you with affiliate offers or that are poorly written or laid out.We‟ll look at affiliate marketing in depth later in the course, where to find the best offers, how to promote them andalso how you can protect your affiliate business using tools such as .The relationship you develop with your subscribers is very much based on how you email and what you email, as itcan make or break your business!You don‟t want to come across as a spammer because not only will you not make any sales but you will get a LOTof people unsubscribing from your list quickly and you‟ll simply need to spend more time adding to your list! Thinkof your list as a bucket, it‟s better to minimize the holes in your bucket by plugging them with value rather than seemore holes appear and you simply have to keep filling it quicker!Once you have built your list and developed a great relationship of value and trust with your subscribers you‟ll beable to simply make money on demand literally at the push of a button!How To Make Your Emails Stand Out From the Crowd and Get Your Emails Them Opened.It‟s no good building a list if no one bothers to open your emails and then when they do you want them to act onyour advice and recommendations. Later in this course we‟ll also cover important aspects to get your emailsrecognized, stand out and get opened amongst the sea of emails some of your subscribers may be getting.We‟ll also look at the varying types of emails you can send and how you should structure write your email to makeit a value added tips or secrets to offer, or a product or offer you are promoting and most importantly act on it!We‟ll help you build a relationship where your subscribers trust you and even look forward to receiving your nextemail!A Quick Look At The Key Different List TypesLater in the course we‟ll look at the differing types of lists that we have already touched on above and differingmethods and techniques to move your subscribers through the sales funnel and along your lists. Think of your listsas going higher and higher in terms of value, both in terms of what you deliver to your subscriber and also in termsof what they pay you in return.You‟re building a relationship with your list, so after giving a way a free report don‟t expect to find that your new listmember will be very willing to suddenly see and pay for an offer of $297 right away – in fact that may scare themoff and simply unsubscribe straight away! However if you have already set a good example and given value withyour FREE offer, then some will be willing to spend $27 on another product, and so they will slowly start to climband then jump across and climb up your varying lists that go higher and higher in value and profit. Module 1: Foundations P a g e | 16
  16. 16. Let‟s look at some different types of lists:Freebie or Prospective List : This is your starting point and is where you make your first impression to your list. Everyone on this list will have signed up for your free offer. You know a few things about them already, probably their name and definitely their email address and the topic they are interested in. These are prospects or prospective buyers because some may or may not progress on to being a buyer. We cover a range of methods later in the course of how to ensure you are gathering quality prospective buyers and also known buyers. Your goal is to move them from being prospects to becoming buyers and so starting them on their journey through your sales funnel.Buyers Lists : These are customers who have spent money and have bought from you. It makes sense to split up your buyers into some categories because that way you‟ll be able to target them appropriately based on their budget „so far. Good practise is to separate them into „Low Value‟ and „High Value‟. You can offer a range of similarly related „low‟ offers to both lists and occasionally offer a higher value offer to the Low value offer as a „hook‟ to move them over to the High Value List. A High value list may stretch from $100 - $500+ depending on your market.This way you are only moving people across your lists that you know are targeted and can afford your respectivelypriced offers.VIP Buyers : You can repeat this process with your high end buyers list and offer a high value online video or physical multi-disc DVD course of say $697, or a $200+ a month subscription or even a $1997 high end coaching program or seminar to them. In fact being in the business at an advanced level we regularly see high end seminars attracting delegates from all over the world for prices from $1,997 up to $5,000 or above. Often these are packed with 50 or 100 delegates. These are your real VIP buyers, they are serious about their business and willing to invest heavily because they want to and can afford to get to the inner circle secrets and big tickets incomes fast. Many professionals are very happy to pay $2,000 for some 1-on-1 advice from an expert, especially when they know that just one new idea could generate $10,000‟s of extra income. Finally, the next list is another type of list that is linked to a section of the buyers list and that you will need to be very aware of and we‟ll discuss how to deal them later on in the course… Module 1: Foundations P a g e | 17
  17. 17. Retention/Reactivation List: This is one of your most important lists. You‟ll have probably heard in business that it is many times harder and more expensive to get a new customer than to keep and sell to an existing customer. As with all relationships, there are a wide range of reasons why a relationship may „fizzle‟ out that may or may not be as a result of your actions. This list is where you move your buyers who have bought from you before but have become inactive or buyers have unsubscribed. The objective here is to rekindle the relationship and get them back into the buyers list again. There are varying methods we will cover later in the course that will help you rekindle the flames through some extra „love and attention‟ through the use of discounts, bonuses and special offers. Module 1: Foundations P a g e | 18
  18. 18. 4. How to Set Up A Squeeze Page For FreeThe chances are you originally obtained this module yourself at some point via a Squeeze Page like the one below: The Squeeze Page in this example is quite an advanced one, but they come in all sorts of variations. You can even obtain free templates online or when you are more practised use some free online generators or templates to do this for. But for now we‟ll keep it simple - as a minimum you‟ll need: i) a „headline‟ (usually in red), ii) the „offer‟ (in the black) iii) a call to action (arrows and „enter your name‟), and iv) an email capture form that links to the auto-responderYou may also choose to include a picture of yourself, or perhaps the eBook or free gift itself. Later in the coursewe‟ll also look at some advanced enhancements such as Video Squeeze Pages, exit offers, redirects and muchmore.But to start with in this section we will take you through the steps in setting up your very own Squeeze Page usingfree tools, resources and templates.We will also show you how to add in your own personal auto-responder code onto the page so that each newsubscriber is automatically added into your list, how to add content to the page and how to upload the page ontoyour web hosting so the page will be live on the web allowing you to start building your own list of fans andsubscribers.In this Section We will show you how to do this all manually for free and using free tools, but even if after readingthe „step by step‟ notes below you‟re still a little scared then don‟t worry as in the Section 5. next we will also have abrief look at 2 recommended Squeeze Page themes for Word Press that will make the job even faster and muchmore easier to complete for the beginners amongst us as you can simply choose from a wide range of built inpowerful templates and then simply „cut and paste‟ your own auto-responder code into the appropriate sectionwithout even looking at any HTML code!However, We will first take you through using a free HTML editor to create your Squeeze Page.OK so let‟s get started!Creating Your Own Squeeze Page Using PageBreeze.The first resource we will need to download is a free HTML editor called Page Breeze. An HTML editor is a simpletool that is used to edit the HTML web-code on a web page.If you can type an email or write a letter then fear not, you can use an HTML editor as the one we recommend isWYSIWYG (What You See Is What You get) just like using a word processing package! You can download the freeeditor HERE Module 1: Foundations P a g e | 19
  19. 19. Once you have downloaded the editor, click on the desktop icon to run the application and this will begin installing the Page Breeze HTML editor onto your computer. Once the application is installed the program will automatically open up like in the picture on the left. Once we are on this screen what we want to do is create a new web page. To do this go over to the top left hand corner and click on the blank page icon like in the picture on the left. This will open up a new window where you can enter the title for your new project like below. Once on this screen just type in the title of your project and click OK. You will now be on the main screen where you can add in your titles, sub content and bullet points information. To edit the titles and add content just click in the text line and type your heading. We will cover how to properly write and layout your Squeeze Page so that it converts visitors to list members at over 30% in a later module, for now We will give you a very basic example of what the page should briefly resemble. Once you have your text added you can change the colour, centralise the text and even make the text bigger by using the top icon panel to do this.For example to change the colour of your text, just highlight your chosen text and then click on the “Art Pallet” iconlocated across the top icon bar and select your chosen colour just like in the picture overleaf. Module 1: Foundations P a g e | 20
  20. 20. The same applies to changing the size of your text and centralising your text simply highlight the chosen column and then click on the appropriate icon along the top of the icon bar. So once you have your text in place the next thing you will want to do is add in your images and also your auto-responder sign up box.Finding ImagesImages help bring your offer to life, they can also include symbols and devices like arrows that help guide thereader as to what they should do next. You can find a wealth of free images and graphics online that you can useon your Squeeze Page. Many are Copyright so don‟t copy them from someone else‟s page unless they give youpermission, you can easily find „Royalty Free‟ public domain graphics and pictures via a Google search or withinGoogle‟s own Images sections by doing an advanced search or by using and photo stock and picture sites . Later in the course we‟ll also show you some free or low cost professional resources for SqueezePage templates and graphics.You may also want to include a graphic of your eBook cover and we will cover this later in the course. There are arange of differing free or low graphics packages online such as or , or ifyou‟re not creative there are also a wide range of resources and low cost easy to use tools available for making a3D eBook cover. We used to create ours as it allows us to quickly makeunlimited eBook covers and other covers like software boxes, DVD or CD cases etc.Adding ImagesTo add an image to your page from your desktop simply click the cursor to where you would like to add the image,and then click on “Insert” located on the top menu bar. From here click on the option labelled “Graphic” like this one on the left. Module 1: Foundations P a g e | 21
  21. 21. You will now be presented with the screen to the left. All you need to do here is navigate to the folder where you have stored your image and double click on it to load the image into the HTML editor. Now click OK on the open window and your image will be inserted into your page like in the picture on the left.Adding Your Auto-responder Opt-In Web Form To Your Squeeze Page.Next we will look at adding your auto-responder web form into the web page so you can gather leads onto your listwhen they sign up for your FREE giveaway course, product or short report.Before you add in your auto-responder you will want to create a new list, follow up message and also a web form inyour auto-responder account. For all these examples we will be using to produce the Opt-In form.We will walk you through „step by step‟ how to first create the list, the web form and then how to add the form intoyour Squeeze Page using Page Breeze. The process and approximate location is the same if you choose to use aSqueeze Page template.Step 1. Creating A New List in AweberFirst of all log into your Aweber account and click on the menu option labelled lists. From here click on “Create a New List” as shown in the example picture to the left. You will be taken to the basic information screen page. All you need to do is fill in all your basic information including list name, list description and also fill in your notification email details. This way when ever you get a new subscriber onto your list, will notify you via email to the new sign up.Once you have filled in your basic information click on the “save changes” tab at the bottom. Module 1: Foundations P a g e | 22
  22. 22. Now head back to the top and click on personalise your list From here once again, fill in all relevant information including your website URL and email signature. For email signature you can just type your name here for now. Later in the course we‟ll touch on ways to use these fields for advanced methods to help your emails stand out. Once this section is complete click on the “save changes” tab at the bottom again and move onto the 3 rd tab along which is “Confirmed Opt-In” On the confirmed Opt-In page you can edit and personalise the message your leads will first receive to confirm their registration to your mailing list. If you are new to email marketing then you can leave this section alone and use the default message if you like. Also on this page you will find two more options. One option is labelled “require opt-ins on web forms” I would suggest you leave this option on “yes” as this will make sure your subscribers have to manually confirm their subscription to your list once signed up. This enables the „Double Opt In‟ methods we discussed earlier. The good thing with this feature is it will make your subscribers more active and engaged with your emails as you know they are interested because they have already signed up and then taken the second step of manually confirming their subscription.The last option is “Success Page” this can be used to direct your subscribers to a web page of your choice and isa great way to make money from your list by offering them a “One Time Offer” at a low price. This is somethingWe will touch on later in the course as it can be a highly effective way to build a list of targeted responsive buyersand get them onto the buying ladder and into your sales funnel in no time at all. But for now we can leave thatsection blank and click on “Save Changes” at the bottom.Step 2. Creating the Follow-Up Email and Delivering The FREE GiftWe will now explain to you how to create a follow up message and attach your free giveaway report so that it issent out to your subscribers automatically once they confirm their subscription.The first step is to click on the “Messages” tab on the top menu bar then click on the “Follow Up” option. Module 1: Foundations P a g e | 23
  23. 23. Now click on the “Create A New Follow Up Message” option. Once on the create your follow up message screen you can then add in a personal message to your subscribers.It‟s very important that you get this part of your list building campaign right as this can make or break your futurerelationship with your subscribers, get this part wrong and it‟s quite possible that your list will never open upanother future mailing from you ever again.We will cover the correct techniques to writing your follow up message and also your first 5 email sequences inanother module as this section is that critical that it deserves its own module! OK so once your follow up message is in place we now need to attach your free giveaway report. All you need to do is scroll down the page and click on the “Attach A File” tab, locate your free giveaway report and click to add it to your message. Now when subscribers join your list they will be emailed there first free report. In a later module we‟ll look at storing your report online as a download instead of attaching it to an email. This will enable you to display further offers and ads on the download page.NOTE: The selection and creation of your FREE product or report is an important part to giving your list valuableand quality information. This is another topic that will be covered in full detail in its own module as it requires a lot ofsmall details to get this part right, however the way we will show you how to do this will enable you to create reportsin as little as a few hours, all with quality sought after content – in fact in the full course we give you a greatselection free of charge to get started with!So now we have our list created and also have our follow up message in place complete with FREE giveawayreport. Our next step is Web Opt-In form creation that is part of your Squeeze Page.Creating Your Web Opt-In Form.We will now have a look at creating an Opt-In web form. Within your account we first need to click onthe top menu tab labelled “Web Forms” and then click on the green tab “Create A New Web Form”We will now be on the page seen in the picture below: Module 1: Foundations P a g e | 24
  24. 24. On this page we can edit the web form to best suit or Squeeze Page colours and design. includes a large selection of both professional and themed niche web form designs. To edit the form click directly onto the section you wish to change and then you can use the options across the top icon menu to make further changes just like I have done as in the example shown below.Once you have designed the form to your taste you can then click the “Save Web Form” and then click on the“Go To Step 2”You will then be on the “basic settings” page, name your web form for your own reference and click on save, andproceed to Step 3. You will now be on the publish page and have several options for adding your form to your Squeeze Page. The option we want to click on is “I will Install My Web Form” you now have two more option “Java Script” or “HTML” for this example we will need to select “Raw HTML Version” and click on the code shown in the box below to highlight the code. We then need to right click on our mouse and select “copy”Now that we have our web form complete we will now need to add it to our Squeeze Page using Page Breeze.4. Adding Your Web Opt-In Form To Your Squeeze PageWe will now walk you through adding your auto-responder form into your Squeeze Page using the HTML editoroption. Module 1: Foundations P a g e | 25
  25. 25. First we need to bring up the Page Breeze application so you can see the page you created earlier. From here we need to click on the page where we want to place our Opt-In Form. So that the cursor is clearly displayed on the page. From here go to the page menu bar and click on the tab “HTML Source” like in the example on the left. From here we can edit the HTML code and „paste‟ in our auto-responder HTML code we just copied from that will display the Web Opt-In Form on our Squeeze Page. See the example on the left. Where I have placed the red circle and arrow you can see my cursor icon in between the two arrow symbols > <. This is where we will be placing the HTML code that I have copied from So all I do is right click on my mouse and select paste. You can see in the example to the left where the code had been inserted. It‟s highlighted as starting at <!- - AWeber Web Form Generator 3.0 - - > Once this step is complete you will now have placed your Opt-In form onto your Squeeze Page. The form will display like below so don‟t worry this is on the left. However if you click on the option “Preview” next to the “HTML Source” tab then it will display your web form as it will be seen online.OK great so we now have our Squeeze Page completed and are ready to upload to your sites web hosting so wecan then begin driving traffic to our page and starting to collect subscribers on auto-pilot! Module 1: Foundations P a g e | 26
  26. 26. 5. Uploading Your Squeeze Page To The Internet.Before going any further you will want to save your work so far in case anything is interrupted and the applicationcrashes, as this would mean starting all over again! It‟s always good to practise „save‟ your work and files regularlybut to also create back-up copies „just in case‟ you accidentally break or delete something. This will also mean youstart collecting a library of Squeeze Page templates that you can quickly refer to and adapt as you need to.So to save your work select “File” in the top left of the Page Breeze screen and then select “save as” you canthen save the project to your desktop. It is always good practise to keep the webpage names simple, preferablyusing your keywords, without any gaps and in lower case. If you want your Squeeze Page to be automaticallyloaded as the „home‟ page when the web address is entered then you should name it index.html (i.e. it is effectivelythe index of the folder), or if you want use or for someone to enter the full address then it doesn‟t matter . It is always good practise to have some form of index.html file in the folder, evenif it is a blank page as this stops people from viewing the various files (or maybe even down loads) stored in … You will be amazed at how many people ignore this and you can see everything intheir folder by just omitting the …folder/ ”filename.html” !Once this is done we will now upload the page so that it is live on the web! If you have bought the PRO version then all you need to do to do this is click on the “Publish FTP” tab and a box like below will pop up. All we need to do here is fill in our FTP host name, our username and password to access your sites web hosting server. Your FTP and login details will have been emailed to you when you signed up for your web hosting. If you don‟t know them contact your hosting provider and they will email them to you.Once filled in correctly click the “connect” button and you will be connected to your hosting provider. From hereyou can browse to your saved Squeeze Page on your desktop by using the left hand column, just the same way weadded a picture earlier but this time once we have found the saved Squeeze Page we will, click on it and then clickthe “Publish” button which will transfer the file from your desktop and into your online hosting folder.Alternatively if you have not bought the PRO version of PageBreeze then you can also manually upload theSqueeze Page and its associated graphics using a separate Free FTP package. There are several freely availablefrom over the internet. I often use Filzilla to upload the Squeeze Page in the same way, this is a FREE web FTPUpload application I use quite a lot of the time to upload files to my web server.You can then select the file where you want to publish to usually the “Public_html” folder and click on the“Publish” button this will then upload the Squeeze Page onto appropriate folder that is visible on the internet andshould be live within seconds or a few minutes at the most.Once you‟ve uploaded the Squeeze Page .html file and graphics, then your Squeeze Page will be live on theinternet and accessible to all to come and take up your compelling FREE offer and automatically be added ontoyour email list. Module 1: Foundations P a g e | 27
  27. 27. BUT before you start driving traffic and promoting your Squeeze Page and compelling FREE offer, however manytimes you have done this - it is ALWAYS a good idea to „test‟ your new Squeeze Page, delivery process andemail(s).So go ahead and sign up as if you were a customer and follow and check everything works through to the end…and then go and make sure your details got added to the list!CONGRATULATIONS - You have now completed the first Foundations step on your path to creating your own ListBuilding Firestorm.Just To Finish OffAs you can see from the „step by step‟ walk through above it doesn‟t need to be difficult to get your first SqueezePage online and start gathering up subscribers. You can quickly and easily create Squeeze Pages this way; allthough they may seem basic they are a great way to get started when funds are limited.…Next Steps On Your Journey and How To Really Turn Up the GAS!!!Ok, so now you know the „ins and outs‟ of the free way of doing this, let‟s show you in Section 5. some of the lowcost tools we, other experts and even the mega list builders use to dramatically save time, increase productivityand push their conversions and list building results into hyperdrive! Module 1: Foundations P a g e | 28
  28. 28. 5. How to Set Up A WordPress Squeeze PageHaving set up dozens of Squeeze Pages and run many many email promotions, it can get quite tedious having tobuild new Squeeze Pages from scratch. That‟s why we would like to talk about two excellent products thatautomate 95% of the process and will make creating Squeeze Pages, offer pages and sales pages a walk in thepark – as well as boost your conversions from plain visitors to subscribers!In this section we will show you some much faster and easier ways to create very high quality and high convertingSqueeze Pages compared to the manual approach using two professional Squeeze Page generators that arebased around using the free WordPress system for quickly and easily creating websites.We are huge fans of using WordPress as this is a free platform that you simply install initially into your websitespace and that then allows you to quickly and easily create great looking websites using free or paid websitetemplates called „themes‟. There are also a wide range of professional WordPress providers like Woothemes thatboth give away FREE themes as well as some great low cost „instant‟ themes!We won‟t go into the mechanics of installing or using WordPress onto your website here as there is a vast wealth ofinformation and video tutorials available for free. Plus with the recommend hosting companies we mentioned earlieryou can quickly and easily „click to install‟ WordPress automatically from within your hosting companies controlpanel (cPanel) – it‟s that easy!One of the great features of using WordPress is that there are literally 1,000‟s of themes available over the internetthat you simply „click‟ to install or change, and can then tailor their content to your own needs. In addition to beingable to quickly and easily change your Themes, there are also 1,000s of free or low cost „Plug-Ins‟ that can you„click‟ to install so as to add a wide range of special features to your websites. Both of the two Squeeze Pagegenerators we will look at and recommend are the exact same ones we use every day ourselves and areWordPress themes. This means 90% of the „work‟ is done for you (plus their layouts have already been fine tunedand tested as good converters!). Plus it‟s also easy to backup, move around and restore your WordPress site usingtools like BackUpCreator or use tools like WP Member Champ to create membership sites, or use Optimize Pressthat we‟ll look at below.The two main WordPress based Squeeze Page generators we use in our business and recommend are calledOptimize Press and Squeeze Boss. Both provide highly customisable, high converting Squeeze Page themes andtemplates. They approach this from a slightly different angle so we‟re covering them here by way of an overview.1. Optimise Press The first product we want to mention is Optimize Press. This is a very user friendly WordPress theme that needs absolutely no technical skills what so ever to create high quality and high converting Squeeze Pages.It is a highly customizable theme that not only creates high converting, very professional Squeeze Pages that havebeen tested and shown to convert at 60,70%+ but also allows you to generate sales pages, product launch pages,membership sites and much much more literally within a few minutes. Everything is “click to activate.”Once you have bought and downloaded Optimize Press all you simply do is upload the theme onto an existingWordPress site that you host yourself in your webspace or you just create a new domain to host the theme andaway Module 1: Foundations P a g e | 29
  29. 29. you go, you can have a Squeeze Page up in minutes with no technical skills whatsoever. We put together anduploaded the original page we showed you earlier together in less than 10 minutes!Optimize Press also comes with a built in Search Engine Optimisation Plug-Ins and integrates well with GoogleAnalytics so you can not optimize your website to help maximise your search engine ranking, you can also monitorand analyse all the traffic to your site. Plus with it also has another feature that integrates with Google‟s FreeWebsite Optimizer and lets you automatically „split test‟ and compare the results from different Squeeze Pagedesigns in parallel – so you can establish and fine tune which one converts best!If you want to save a lot of time then we would highly recommend you pick up a copy of Optimize Press.Pros Of Using Optimize Press Cons Of Using Optimize Press No technical skills required May need separate Plug-Ins to meet all your 10+ built in Squeeze Pages needs Auto-responder integration You will need paid hosting with WordPress Step by step page builder installed Product launcher Sales funnel Facebook Integration Easily build membership sites iPad and iPhone support A vast video vault of step-by-step „how to‟videos 30 day money back guaranteeThere aren‟t many reasons not to use Optimize Press as it‟s a pretty simple product to use and will save you a lotof time and trouble when creating a Squeeze Page!If you‟re looking to also be able to do much much more than generate Squeeze Pages then Optimize Press is agreat tool for you and will be a great investment for when you are ready to ignite your list building efforts into a ListBuilding Firestorm!Let‟s have a look at product number 2 then.2. Squeeze Boss Whilst Squeeze Boss doesn‟t have the range of sales page and website features as Optimize Press, it is also becoming one of our favourite Internet Marketing products so far when it comes to „pure‟ Squeeze Pages.The ease of use is fantastic and the quality of Squeeze Page design is fantastic. Just like Optimize Press, SqueezeBoss will make Squeeze Page design a complete breeze, plus it has built in Split Testing capabilities. But the majordifference with Squeeze Boss is not only do you get a Squeeze Page but you also get a pre configured and contentrich blog directly underneath your Squeeze Page. Module 1: Foundations P a g e | 30
  30. 30. Why is this good? Well Google and the search engines are not keen on Squeeze Pages when it comes to rankingthem, this is because they usually have very little content (well there‟s usually not much room for it!) and they arenotsuch an enriching content based experience for the viewer (however good your offer is!) – Google knows you aretrying to sell something or capture information rather than provide value added content.So if you are happy to put the search engine and keyword optimisation work and content in and you are looking tobring traffic to your Squeeze Page by „ranking‟ it in the Search Engines organically - then the built in „blog‟ andoptimised content that Squeeze Boss provides will help your SEO efforts and make it theoretically possible to rankyour Squeeze Page onto Google‟s page one for your chosen keywords. This may take some effort on your part buthaving the pre configured WordPress blog as an integral part of your Squeeze Page will make this task a lot easierthan before. We have started to see some excellent conversions and a lot more organic traffic using the SqueezeBoss theme for WordPress. Squeeze Boss has pretty much the same pros and cons of Optimize Press.In Summary: Comparing Optimize Press and Squeeze BossThey both work great – pick the one that suits your style and the way you want to work best! Squeeze Boss isaimed more towards creating Squeeze Pages but aiming more towards creating a typical website or blogging lookwith content to help Google ranking, whereas Optimize Press is more towards creating Squeeze Page and being asales machine to maximise the sales funnel with product launches and many sales orientated features.Both Optimize Press and Squeeze Boss come with a 30 day 100% money back guarantee and are currently pricedat $97 at the time of writing!Both products have sales video presentations, and you can check them out below and make your owncomparison… Visit Squeeze Boss Here Visit Optimise Press HereJust To Finish OffIf you really want to minimise the time and effort you put into developing your Squeeze Pages and at the same timewant to maximise your conversions – then either of the above products will work great for you! Module 1: Foundations P a g e | 31
  31. 31. 6. Fast List Building Techniques: Part 1I will now show you a very effective way to building a highly targeted list of leads on complete autopilot and foryears to come from doing one simple thing. In fact once you unleash it‟s power it‟s almost unstoppable unless youtake down your Squeeze Page itself!This technique does involve some initial work at the start but once you have done the ground work this method willcontinue to build you a massive list of leads without you ever needing to tweak, check or change anything!The MethodThis list building technique involves creating a Master Resale Rights (MRR) product. Now you may be thinking“But I don‟t know how to create a product, let alone create a master resale rights product!”But don‟t worry as it‟s a lot easier than you may have initially thought and later in this course we will cover productcreation and how to create quality successful products that explode your list building with hundreds of new sign upseach and every day.The products we will show you how to create can be as little as 20 pages of a PDF report or full video courses it alldepends what you want to create, and if prefer you can also outsource the creation stage, but like I said before thiswill be revealed later on in this course so you know exactly how to best do this.Moving on to the actual method and how to build a huge list from your own MRR product. First of all we need todecide on the niche you will enter into and create the product in. Once this is decided and you have your product togo to market you will need to add some links and additional features into your product.But before that we will need to create a Squeeze Page as outlined previously that we will link to our MRR productand also we will need to create an email sequence in our auto-responder, ready for people joining our list.Now you can either use Optimise Press, Squeeze Boss or create your own Squeeze Page manually just like weshowed you earlier in this module.Once you have your Squeeze Page ready and live in the web and have also created a follow up message alongwith an email sequence, we can then link the web address of your Squeeze Page into your product.To do this we simply need to do the following:1. Have your Squeeze Page web address clearly visible in the footer of each page of your product.2. Add an introduction in your product which tells them about getting hold of more free quality information justlike the product they have and leave a link to direct them to your Squeeze Page.3. Just the same as above, include an ending to your product which explains the same as above and onceagain leave a link to your Squeeze Page web address.Now that you have your product fully loaded with links, your Squeeze Page is ready and your auto-responder is allset up with follow up message and email sequence we can now get the product out into the public arena. Module 1: Foundations P a g e | 32